Short Term Lets Manchester

Short Term Lets in Manchester

Short term lets in Manchester are readily available for business and leisure travellers alike courtesy the extensive portfolio of units at We offer impeccably furnished, comfortable and stylishly decorated apartment units for short term stays in the great city of Manchester, one of England and the United Kingdom’s biggest business, industrial and manufacturing hubs while also being home to numerous street shopping destinations, restaurants, cafes and other recreational landmarks. 

Our short term lets in Manchester are known for the sheer comfort, freedom, flexibility and privacy that they ensure during your trip. This is radically different from conventional hospitality accommodation options. Our units will help you enjoy a highly comfortable trip to Manchester by all means. 

Our Best Short Term Lets in Manchester 

There are several options available for short term lets in Manchester including the following: 

These are but some of the options available for short term lets in Manchester and you will find several top choices throughout the city in our portfolio. We offer apartments tailored to meet all your requirements to the hilt. Our award-winning reservations team will help you find the best unit for your needs without any hassles. 

Why Book Short Term Lets in Manchester? 

You should certainly consider booking short term lets in Manchester since these units offer impeccable furnishings, comfortable ambiences and most importantly, ample space for everyone accompanying a leisure or business traveller. Our units come with the best kitchen gadgets and all other necessary appliances in tandem with entertainment and leisure facilities, security and safety provisions and highly strategic locations. Our apartments are situated in close proximity to major places of transportation, tourist landmarks, historical sites, cultural attractions and major corporate and business hubs. Our apartments offer unmatched privacy and freedom during your trip which is something that adds a whole new dimension to your Manchester visit. 

Short Term Lets in Manchester for Corporate Travellers

Corporate and business travellers will greatly appreciate our short term lets in Manchester for their sheer space and attractive aesthetics. Our apartments will help you unwind and relax in style after hard days at work, meetings, events and post-work socializing. You will love the bevvy of amenities, facilities and other features on offer along with the comfortable beds, bathroom amenities, appliances and entertainment options. We have everything that you need for a memorable stay in Manchester and you will definitely enjoy your time here greatly. To add to the whole experience and enhance your overall convenience, we offer 24-hour support and redressal services for customers. This ensures that your queries are quickly answered without any hassles during your trip. 

Short Term Lets in Manchester for Leisure Travellers

Leisure travellers and families will love the short term lets in Manchester that we have in our portfolio. Our lineup of apartments has something to attract every traveller. From solo travellers and couples to families with children, we have apartments catering to almost every specific requirement. Our apartments are well-furnished, comfortable, spacious and come equipped with all necessary appliances, gadgets, security provisions and other entertainment options that you need during your stay. To add to your convenience, our apartments are situated in close proximity to major places of interest, tourist landmarks, sightseeing hotspots, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, shopping destinations and more. You can access transportation facilities easily from our units as well. 

Major Attractions Near Our Short Term Lets in Manchester

Manchester is home to numerous attractions including the following: 

  • Castlefield - Castlefield is a specially designated Urban Heritage Park and is a great place to start your exploratory journey throughout Manchester. Take a charming walk amidst the delightfully restored Victorian homes alongside the canals and also the reconstructed and marvellous Roman Fort. The experience will be heightened when you visit the Bridgewater Canal which was built in the year 1761 for enabling transportation of coal from the Worsley mines till Manchester. There are multiple old warehouses lining the strip along the canal and these have now been transformed into several shops, offices, restaurants and hotels. A Bridgewater tour on a boat is a wonderful experience that you can definitely consider. Some other key attractions for tourists include the Castlefield Art Gallery which showcases marvellous contemporary art exhibitions and also the Bridgewater Hall which is home to the reputed Halle orchestra and also several other concerts. You should also know that the Castlefield Bowl is a host to regular classic and pop concerts alike. 
  • Imperial War Museum North - The Imperial War Museum North is worth paying a visit, particularly if you have an abiding interest in warfare and its chequered history over the years. Opened in 2002, this branch of the museum is hugely popular amongst those who appreciate the collection of aircraft and fighting vehicles alike. Key attractions during your visit include the audiovisual presentations and the special exhibits that showcase the history of warfare over the years and its influence in shaping the growth of several civilizations. There are multiple displays that showcase aircraft, tanks, handheld weaponry and artillery alike while a café and shop are also situated at the location. 
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church - St. Mary’s Catholic Church is a major religious site that is worth paying a visit to. This is a marvel of an attraction located in Manchester and was built in the year 1794. It is situated right next to the famous Market Hall and is locally called The Hidden Gem. You should not be dissuaded by the rather simple look of the façade and exterior. Wander inside and you will discover multiple elegant and aesthetically appealing carvings from the Victorian Age along with other attractions like lovely statues of saints, marble high altar and the novel Expressionist-esque stations for the cross. Guided tours can be taken as well. 
  • National Football Museum - The National Football Museum is a great place for sporting and football fans, particularly those who are interested in the two biggest football teams of Europe housed in Manchester, namely Manchester United and Manchester City. The National Football Museum is a shrine for football fans with its interesting collection of memorabilia linked to football including some rare treasures like the first-ever football rulebook and also historical apparel and trophies alike. There are several short movies screened here, depicting the history of football down the ages while several hands-on experiences and fun activities are also available. You may also pay the visit to Old Trafford (home to Manchester United) after this or the Etihad Stadium which is the home of Manchester City. 
  • Chetham’s Library - Chetham’s Hospital, which is situated northwards from the Manchester Cathedral, dates all the way back to 1422. It was originally conceived as a residence for accommodating priests and now accommodates a music school along with England’s oldest public library, namely the Chetham Library. This library has been continuously in usage from 1653 onwards and has in excess of 100,000 books and more than 50% of them were printed prior to the year 1850 as well. Chetham’s Library is also famous for being the hallowed meeting ground for none other than Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx during the latter’s trip to Manchester. Other libraries that you can check out nearby include the Manchester Central Library which is located adjacent to the Town Hall and also the Portico Library which has the collections of Dalton and Joule, the reputed founders of the Manchester Library and Philosophical Society. The Victorian Rylands Library is a part of the Manchester University today and is worth visiting for its amazing collections of the Gutenberg Bible, medieval texts and fascinating collection of ancient prints by William Caxton. 
  • Chinatown - Chinatown is a vibrant and colourful home for one of Britain’s biggest Chinese communities. It is located near the Manchester Art Gallery and has a lovely archway that leads into the surrounding district. There are multiple restaurants and shops here which offer diverse and lip-smacking culinary fare from Beijing and Hong Kong alike. If you love shopping, you should look up attractive Chinese artwork and handicrafts at CFCCA or the Center for Contemporary Chinese Art. 
  • People’s History Museum - The People’s History Museum is known for being a national centre for the conservation, collection, study and interpretation of all material covering the history of professionals and working individuals in all of Britain. Situated at the site of an ex-pumping station, the museum lovingly displays the history of democracy in Britain and the overall impact of the same on its population along with wide collections of artefacts which are related to women’s suffrage and trade unions. Nearby museums include the Museum of Transport and Manchester Jewish Museum alike. 
  • Heaton Park - Heaton Park spans a whopping 600 acres and is the largest park situated at Greater Manchester. It is one of Europe’s biggest municipal parks as well, being developed in the year 1772 and is located at the heart of this lush park with the quaint Orangery. The park has been nicely restored over the years with multiple original structures retained here as well. Sports lovers will enjoy using the 18-hole golf course which has its driving range, tennis courts and mini-putt. Other attractions include the woodlands, animal farm, boating lake, observatory, decorative gardens and special adventure playground. The tramway cum museum is another major attraction here. 
  • Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden - You should pay a visit to the delightful Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden. This was founded in the year 1917 and is known for its vast green spaces which are a mixture of wildlife habitats and botanical gardens. This stands out in huge contrast to the bustling city centre with multiple walking trails and guided walks alike. You will greatly enjoy picnics and calming strolls here along with sporting activities such as football, rugby and tennis. There is a charming café within the premises as well. 
  • Platt Hall: Gallery of Costume - The Platt Hall is an aesthetically appealing and highly elegant Georgian structure that was built in 1764 and is a part of the Manchester Art Gallery. It offers a wonderful collection of English costumes and fashion between 1600 and the present times. It is the sole collection that stands out as a rival to the collection housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Some major plus points of the museum include numerous everyday dress instances and the Gallery of Costume has one of the biggest accessory and costume collections in the country. 
  • University of Manchester - The University of Manchester is known for being the foremost educational institution in the city, encompassing multiple halls of residence and institutions. The university has three Nobel Prize awardees including Ernest Rutherford, Sir John Cockcroft and James Chadwick. The Whitworth Art Gallery is accommodated within this university, showcasing a wonderful collection of British drawings, watercolours, contemporary sculptures, artwork and one of the largest wallpaper and textile collections housed outside the city of London. The Manchester Museum is located nearby and has a vast collection of art and various Egyptian exhibits. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Lets in Manchester

Manchester is home to numerous leading restaurants including the following: 

  • Dishoom - Dishoom is one of the most preferred restaurants in Manchester and comes after a successful sojourn at London where it continues drawing crowds greatly. It is known for its comfort food and homely dishes which are served within a highly eclectic setting. Classic items are given a major makeover here while the 1920s Manchester Hall is a major draw for architecture and design lovers. The cocktails are incredible to say the least while you can sample popular street food from India along with traditional fare rustled up by Mumbai’s famous Irani cafes. This is spicy, humble yet deeply satisfying fare for visitors. 
  • Kala - Kala is known for its humble yet classic dining experiences in Manchester and the Chef behind the top picks is the same one behind the amazing experience at Hispi. Everything here is immaculately cooked and you can feast on creamy burrata with smoked garlic honey, glazed carrots and braised and tender feather blade beef, complete with cavolo nero and parmesan chips and truffle that is also neatly cooked. The Sunday roast here is simply delicious! 
  • Baratxuri - Baratxuri is known for its backstreet Basque ambience and you can simply plonk yourself down on a stool and feast on the tantalizing snack options available prior to sitting down in the dining room. The Pereruela oven is wood-fired and is a major attraction, infusing a chargrilled and smoky vibe for huge meat cuts and whole fish which is dramatically carved right at the table itself. 
  • The Creameries - The Chorlton suburb is really trendy and draws fastidious diners in large numbers. It is where you will find numerous leading restaurants including The Creameries. This joint is spearheaded by a passionate trio including Chef Mary-Ellen McTague, the highly adored Chef and the kitchen dishes out nicely showcased menus for dinner and lunch alike. There are several thoughtfully crafted food plates including smoked white beetroot with hazelnuts, roasted local venison with buttered kale and parsnip puree and also home-smoked mackerel with pickles and mustard cream. 
  • Honest Crust - Honest Crust is known for being one of the top picks at the famous Mackie Mayor food hall. This joint should occupy pride of place in your go-to list for dishing out the best pizza in the city. The Neapolitan-esque base is succulent and light while being laced with charred bubbles as well. Toppings are excellent and you will love items like San Marzano tomatoes and fennel sausage which is locally crafted. 
  • Trove - Trove is the sibling of Erst and is located at Levenshulme and the South Manchester establishment initially started its life as a bakery cum café in the year 2011. It has now transformed into a successful bar and restaurant which remains open between Thursday and Saturday. You will love the appetizing cakes and bakery products here along with homemade flatbreads, roast lamb shoulder, curried and roasted cauliflower and turmeric vegan yoghurt which is a hot favourite. 
  • Habesha - Habesha is a major urban choice with its intriguing flight of steps leading up from the corner of a local kebab shop. This is a charming and hidden restaurant serving up Ethiopian cuisine and is frequented by culinary connoisseurs in large numbers. You can simply order top picks here like injera flatbread and lovely stews including doro wat along with other vegetarian fare. The in-house roasted coffee is worth trying as well. 
  • 63 Degrees - 63 Degrees is one of the most underrated yet stylish restaurants in Manchester. It is located within the Northern Quarter and you will find a charming piece of Paris tucked away within this family-operated restaurant. 

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