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Short Term Lets in Manchester

Short term rentals in Manchester are readily available courtesy our vast portfolio of units that cater to every need of yours with aplomb. We have the best rentals for short stays in Manchester that greatly benefit both leisure and business travellers alike. Our units are tailored to ensure comfortable and memorable stays in the city along with offering easy proximity to major tourist landmarks and business centres alike. 

Our team will help you choose quality short term rentals in Manchester that are equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities that you need during your stay. We make sure that you are covered round the clock with 24-hour customer support and service, ensuring that your queries are swiftly addressed minus any hassles whatsoever. 

Our Best Short Term Rentals in Manchester

There are several available options pertaining to short term rentals in Manchester that you should take a closer look at. These include the following:

We have several other options in store for travellers in prime areas of Manchester and that too at pocket-friendly rates. Our award-winning team for reservations will make sure that you find the best short term rental unit as per requirements and specifications. 

Why Book Short Term Lets in Manchester? 

You should certainly consider booking short term rentals in Manchester for a wide variety of reasons. Our units are comfortably furnished with the best amenities for ensuring enjoyable stays for you in the city of Manchester. You will love the extra space and flexibility on offer along with the sheer freedom and convenience of it all. Our rental units come with ample privacy during your stay and you will appreciate the strategic connectivity to all major destinations in the city of Manchester from the same. All in all, our short term units are ideal for extended and short trips to Manchester without burdening your pocket at the same time. 

Short Term Rentals in Manchester for Corporate Travellers

Corporate travellers will greatly appreciate our short term rentals in Manchester for numerous reasons. Our short term units come with a bevvy of amenities and other facilities that will add a whole new dimension to your stay in the city. Our apartments not only give you extra privacy and oodles of space but also ensure that you can relax in style after spending a long day at work. From all necessary gadgets to easy proximity to major corporate and business hubs, they offer all the conveniences that you will require as a traveller. 

Short Term Rentals in Manchester for Leisure Travellers

Families and leisure travellers will also like our short term rentals in Manchester greatly. There is ample room for everyone in the family along with all vital appliances and entertainment cum recreational facilities galore. Our apartments are well connected to major tourist landmarks, shopping destinations, restaurants and places of interest in Manchester. You will love the privacy on offer along with all vital kitchen and bathroom amenities in tandem with comfortable beds. While travelling with family or your spouse, do not compromise on space with our top-notch apartments at your disposal. 

Best Things to Do in Manchester 

Manchester is home to multiple attractions and you can indulge in a variety of fun activities during your trip. Some of them include the following: 

  • YES - Manchester has a highly important and vibrant musical circuit and this can be found in full abundance when you visit YES. The city is known for having been the birthplace of numerous big-ticket acts like The Smiths, Oasis, Chemical Brothers, Take That and M People among many others. The city has several bands performing here from almost all genres and catching a live performance at YES is a must. This is the hottest and most popular new music performance venue in Manchester and showcases local talent to the hilt while offering a lovely Soup Kitchen restaurant and rooftop cocktails galore for your enjoyment. 
  • Warehouse Project - The Warehouse Project in Manchester is one of the most famous nightlife destinations not just in Britain but the whole world itself. The huge success of this clubbing destination has made it shift towards the former Second World War shelter beneath the Manchester Piccadilly Station from its previous site near the Strangeways prison in a Boddingtons brewery. The nightlife joint shifted again last year to the Mayfield Depot and is now housed in a more impressive and considerably larger location. 
  • Victoria Baths - Victoria Baths opened its doors in 1906 and was previously known as one of the best municipal bathing locations in all of Britain. It has a plush swimming pool and when it closed down in the year 1993, everything was carefully preserved, right from the charming Edwardian tiles lining the structure to the vintage changing rooms alongside the swimming pool. This now hosts some of the city’s most vibrant events with the empty swimming pools filling up with food festivals and antique fairs galore. The Independent Manchester Beer Convention is truly the pick of the lot and space aims at finally transforming into a Turkish bath of sorts! 
  • Pankhurst Centre - The Pankhurst Centre is a venue of immense political and historical significance. The very first meeting of the Suffragettes or Women’s Social and Political Union was held in Manchester at this venue. This fascinating community and events centre offers insights into memorable political events and historical aspects over the years while there are attractive events taking place here regularly as well. 
  • HOME or Hope Mill Theatre - From inspiring and edgy theatrical acts to radical new performances, there is a lot in store for visitors to the Hope Mill Theatre or HOME, the new and swanky arts complex in Manchester. You will find famous global productions from around the world at these impressive venues. 
  • Northern Quarter - The Northern Quarter is one of the best places to soak in the true vibe of Manchester. The Northern part of the city is packed with several elegant and attractive galleries including the Manchester Art Gallery and Whitworth Art Gallery among other famous venues. The Northern Quarter is arguably one of the most happening places in Manchester with some of its pioneering artwork specially created for causes like Cities of Hope which is an art festival that celebrates street art and makes big statements on prevailing social issues of the time. 
  • Charming Record Stores - Manchester is also home to several quaint and tempting record stores including Eastern Bloc, Vinyl Exchange and also Piccadilly Records. These are stores which have vast collections which are popular with music enthusiasts and tourists and you may also find some hidden gems nestled a little away from the city centre including the likes of Sifters, Burnage and Kingbee Records. These have dozens of rare records over the years from a diverse range of acts. 
  • Ancoats - Ancoats is a famous place to start exploring the rapidly flourishing food circuit in Manchester. You may consider indulging in a fun restaurant tour of Ancoats which was earlier called Little Italy (for the influx of immigrants from the country here back in the 19th century). It is home to one of the hallowed names from yesteryears, namely Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza. They have also created the foundation for the unveiling of several independent bars, bakeries and restaurants in the neighbourhood including top names like Pollen, Sugo Pasta Kitchen and Mana which is the first Michelin-starred restaurant from 1977 in Manchester. 
  • Manchester International Festival - The Manchester International Festival is a must-visit if you can strategically plan your trip during this time. The city hosts innumerable festivals throughout the year, spanning multiple points of interest as well. The Manchester International Festival opens up once every couple of years and provides 18 days of fabulous global premieres by several leading names. From an event by Yoko Ono at its opening in Cathedral Gardens and a Janelle Monae appearance at Castlefield Bowl to several other top draws, you will love the eclectic ambience on offer here. 
  • Manchester Craft and Design Center - The Manchester Craft and Design Center is where every art lover should head without a second thought. The city has a flourishing scene for artwork and crafts and there are seemingly endless opportunities for picking up and learning new skills and buying some wonderful souvenirs while you are at it! The Manchester Craft and Design Center in the Northern Quarter offers invigorating lessons on watercolour painting, screen printing and making silver jewellery while the famous store named Form is where you will find regular workshops covering calligraphy, terrazzo tiles and embroidery as well. 
  • The Lowry - The Lowry is another place worth visiting while you are in Manchester. Quite a long time earlier, a group of visionaries thought of the area where Trafford and Salford intersect (a desolate quay) as a wonderful future leisure hub. The result is a lovely waterside area which is only 10 minutes away from the city centre and this is where you will find the Imperial War Museum North, Old Trafford Stadium and The Lowry, all within easy walking distance. The Lowry is the best place to catch premier theatre and several world premieres along with huge hits on the West End. There is a cinema, multiple restaurants, shopping destinations and multiple relaxation spots here as well. 
  • Coffee Trail - The coffee scene is also a flourishing one in the city of Manchester and if you are looking for some heady brew, you should head for Takk in the Northern Quarter. This is an Icelandic-inspired establishment where you will have a whale of a time by all means. Or else, keep going on Manchester’s coffee trail, checking out the huge and contemporary Foundation Coffee House and the charming Fig & Sparrow. The latter emphasizes greatly on produce which is locally sourced as well. At Deansgate, in the other half of Manchester, you will come across Pot Kettle Black at Barton Arcade. You may also consider the Heart and Graft establishment for a quick sojourn along with ManCoCo. 
  • Manchester Museum - The Manchester Museum is a refreshing and intriguing landmark for all visitors. The vast collection has several attractions and key highlights including the fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex which is called Stan and also the tomb-esque exhibition of more than 16,000 ancient artefacts from Egypt. There are 20 human mummies which originate right from Thebes and Luxor and were scanned using highly advanced technologies in the year 2012. The gift shop is another must-visit for picking up some memorable souvenirs from your trip. 
  • Band on the Wall - Band on the Wall offers a fascinating insight and glimpse into rich musical legacies and history of the past. The name is derived from the origin of the place as a leading pub back in the 1930s when the stage was erected by the landlord right on the wall and musicians performed above the heads of the crowd here. The music venue became immensely popular back in the 1970s and several iconic punk acts performed here including Joy Division, The Fall and Buzzcocks. It has won numerous awards over the years and is now known for showcasing cult icons and new local talent. You will find several acts by lesser-known sterling draws from across the globe at this venue. Popular picks include Soul Club and Craig Charles Funk among others. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals in Manchester

Manchester has numerous restaurants that are worth checking out without a doubt. Some of the top names include the following: 

  • Where The Light Gets In - Uniquely named and a huge draw for tourists and locals alike, Where The Light Gets In is a joint that is popular with those who seriously love their food above all else. The seasonal and globally inspired tasting menu is a major plus point here along with impeccable service. The extensive wine list is another attraction along with the lovely décor theme at the loft of the former Victorian coffee warehouse at Stockport. Several ingredients are impeccably sourced from nearby farms here as well. You will adore the pop-up bar here along with the special vinyl nights that go on regularly. This is hosted within the staff room for select weekends! 
  • Mana - Mana started operations back in 1977 and became the first Manchester restaurant to get a Michelin star in 2019. It offers thoughtfully created and inspiring dishes using locally sourced produce and quintessentially British ingredients. There is an open kitchen that serves up several attractions ranging from nixtamalized corn broth and even reindeer moss. The menu is highly radical and serves up a delicious mix of flavours that you will just love! 
  • The French at the Midland - The French at the Midland is one of the most popular restaurants in Manchester and it was always a hot favourite even after the departure of Simon Rogan. The French were then handled by the immensely capable and skilled Head Chef Adam Reid. He has since made this dining room a heady mixture of British contemporary flavours, complete with subtle fine dining touches galore. 
  • Hispi - Hispi is known for its delightful neighbourhood bistro ambience and lovely vibe. It is tucked away in the Didsbury suburb and is known for its confident, reliable and classic cooking atmosphere while being a go-to destination for all special occasions. The custard tart here should be sampled without a doubt. 
  • Erst - Erst is a space that has been neatly created and looks right out of a magazine cover as well. It is known for its sizzling open-flame grill that serves up dishes which may vary, based upon the season in question. You will love the offerings here including ice-cold oysters, plum and rosemary laced flame-grilled pork collar and confit squash complete with crunchy seeds and curds. 
  • Hawksmoor - Hawksmoor Manchester was the very first branch to open outside London for the premier steakhouse brand. It comes close towards aesthetic perfection with its frosted windows, spacious rooms with wood panelling and dark, classic vibe. Similar to its southern counterparts, this joint is a great place to bide your time with lip-smacking cocktails and the best grass-fed meat in Britain which is no overstatement! The Chefs and staff members are warm and friendly and the service is delightfully personalized.
  • Bundobust - Bundobust fuses delicious craft beer with gorgeous Indian street food picks for a fascinating experience. Having started its journey in Leeds, this brand has now come to Manchester for its second establishment and offers a hip and casual atmosphere with its retro-Bollywood theme, long dining table and dishes which combine Gujarati street food with northern local produce. The menu is strictly vegetarian although the flavours are truly delicious.

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