Accommodation in Melbourne CBD

Accommodation in Melbourne CBD

Seeking the best quality accommodation in Melbourne CBD? You will find plenty of options pertaining to plush apartments in Melbourne CBD for your perusal including options tailored for meeting diverse requirements. These cover everything from solo travelers and families to larger traveling groups and corporate travelers as well. We have apartments that meet every possible requirement in the best-connected area of the city. 

Stay near the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne in premium apartments which are homes away from home. They come equipped with everything that you could possibly desire inclusive of all necessary appliances and safety features alike. You can take the help of our team with regard to finding the best accommodation in Melbourne CBD without any hassles whatsoever. 

Why Book Accommodation in Melbourne CBD? 

You should certainly consider booking accommodation in Melbourne CBD for a variety of reasons. Our apartments come with all the space, freedom and flexibility that you desire. They have ample privacy that is far more than what you would normally expect at regular hospitality accommodation and you can also expect all necessary appliances, amenities and facilities for a comfortable Melbourne stay.

Our apartments are located strategically in the Melbourne CBD, offering easy access to major facilities of public transit along with key business destinations and offices aplenty. They are also well linked to key tourist landmarks and attractions in Melbourne.

You also get round the clock customer support and assistance courtesy of our skilled team. They ensure that all your queries are resolved swiftly without any hassles. This naturally ensures greater peace of mind for you throughout your stay. 

Below are some of the top Melbourne apartments in or near the CBD:

Accommodation in Melbourne CBD for Business Travelers

Business and corporate travelers should certainly think of booking our accommodation in Melbourne CBD. They will greatly appreciate the sheer space, security and flexibility on offer at our units in Melbourne CBD.

Our apartments are located within the CBD itself, ensuring easy access to major public transportation facilities along with several workplaces, business hubs and corporate offices alike.

You can expect plush furnishings and super comfortable beds to relax in style after a day spent at work along with all the facilities, amenities and other vital appliances that you require during your stay. Our apartments are the best options if you are looking to touch down in Melbourne for an extended period of time on work or business. 

Accommodation in Melbourne CBD for Leisure Travelers

You should check out our portfolio containing accommodation in Melbourne CBD which also includes the best apartments in strategic locations near key tourist landmarks and public transit facilities. You can expect an enjoyable stay at our apartments for everyone in the family including the children, spouse and even parents or in-laws.

Larger groups or families will greatly appreciate the abundant space on offer and even the large number of amenities, appliances and facilities for maximum convenience throughout their trip. Our apartments come with plush furnishings and considerable privacy and flexibility for guests. With an apartment booking from our portfolio, you can be assured of a great stay ahead in Melbourne. 

About Melbourne CBD

Melbourne was established in the year 1835 when John Batman, the key settler, declared at a particular point here on the Yarra River’s northern bank. In the year 1837, Robert Hoddle, the surveyor, designed the central grid pattern in the city of Melbourne which was in sync with the flowing Yarra River. It had key thoroughfares going up to 30 meters in terms of width with east-west service lanes as well.

This grid eventually transformed into the CBD or Central Business District of the city of Melbourne which is surrounded by Spring Street, La Trobe Street, Spencer Street and Flinders Street. This enabled a rather spacious and wide layout for the center of the city and the tram network has remained here over the years.

The city center is known for its spacious and tree-lined avenues along with its numerous tram lines going alongside. The retail precinct here is quite popular and has the likes of the Melbourne Shopping Center and a dedicated railway station underground. 

There is also the Bourke Street Mall, Swanston Street Mall, Collins Street and a bevy of exclusive jewelry and fashion outlets. Chinatown is situated at the eastern end of Little Bourke Street. This is where you will find several traditional dining and shopping outlets from China which were set up way back at the time of the 1850s gold rush.

Federation Square is a key landmark here which is situated right across the path from the station at Flinders Street and opens right onto the lovely Yarra River and there is parkland adjacent to it as well. This has several restaurants, cafes and a big central square too. Melbourne is a fusion of newer and older styles alike. There are premier shopping arcades dotting this zone including the famous Queen Victoria Market. 

There are several century-old historic attractions and landmarks fused here with contemporary skyscrapers and towers of major global corporations and other companies. The Collins Street-based Rialto Towers is the tallest such structure in the CBD, going up to a height of 251 meters. You will enjoy fascinating views of the skyline of Melbourne from the Eureka Tower, which is even taller and is located across the Yarra River at the neighboring precinct of Southbank or even the Docklands based Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. Melbourne has delightful parklands with several surrounding the lovely Yarra River towards the south-eastern zone of the CBD. 

Birrarung Marr, the newest park in the city of Melbourne, is situated right next to Federation Square. The Royal Botanic Gardens and Kings Domain are situated right between Yarra River and St. Kilda Road. These have the Sidney Myer Music Bowl along with multiple lakes, a huge collection of famous memorials and monuments and lovely pathways and all of these cross impeccably manicured lawns and gardens alike.

There is also the Shrine of Remembrance at Kings Domain and is the site of the annual dawn service for Anzac Day. There is a visitor center along with a balcony for spectacular views within the shrine. There is the Olympic Park and Melbourne Park across the river that have global sporting and entertainment zones of the highest standards. Melbourne, inclusive of its central city, has the largest number of businesses and other residents within a smaller area of the municipality.

The CBD is the financial and business center in Melbourne and this covers the zone between Spring Street and Spencer Street along with Flinders Street and Queen Victoria Market along with the Latrobe and Victoria streets. 

The CBD houses several financial, retail, administrative, legal, recreational, entertainment and tourist facilities and amenities. It functions on a 24-7 basis, serving several workers, residents and visitors alike. The vast supply of office spaces in the Melbourne CBD in the 1990s along with the Postcode 3000 initiative of the City of Melbourne led to a major revival in inner-city residences sometime back. The population in the Melbourne CBD is one of the fastest-growing figures for Australia. 

Key Points About Melbourne CBD

There are several fascinating facts about the Melbourne CBD that you should know. These include the following: 

  • The Central City is the core zone for the metropolitan area in Greater Melbourne. 
  • It is one of the biggest financial centers not just in Australia but also throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region. 
  • It is home to the famous alleyways and charming arcades in the city and is famous for its fusion of Victorian and modern architecture. 
  • It houses 5 of Australia’s 6 tallest buildings and in recent times, it has been recognized at par with Berlin and New York as one of the biggest hubs for street art in the world. 
  • UNESCO has also designated this zone as part of its City of Literature under the Creative Cities Network
  • The City Center is the core CAD (central activities district) for all of Greater Melbourne. 
  • It covers several destinations of importance including the Federation Square, State Parliament of Victoria, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne Town Hall and the Supreme Court of Victoria. 
  • It is also the key terminus for the Melbourne Metropolitan and Victorian regional passenger railway lines at the Southern Cross and Flinders Street stations respectively. 
  • It is also the Melbourne tram network with the highest possible density. 
  • The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens border the north-eastern boundary of the CBD along with the famous Melbourne Museum. 
  • The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, Arts Center Melbourne, Melbourne Casino and National Gallery of Victoria are located towards the south. 
  • The City Center is a key financial hub in Australia and the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. It is home to the corporate headquarters of two of the biggest mining entities throughout the world, namely Rio Tinto Group and BHP. It also houses two out of the top four banks in the country, namely National Australia Bank and ANZ and the two biggest gaming entities, namely Tabcorp and Crown. The biggest telecom company Telstra is headquartered here as well. 
  • Transurban and Toll, two of the biggest country-wide companies for transportation management, are also headquartered here along with Foster’s Group, the famous brewing company. 
  • This is the key administrative center for the City of Melbourne and the State Government of Victoria.
  • Two universities have big campuses in this zone, namely the RMIT University and Victoria University. The Victorian College of the Arts is also located nearby. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Apartments in Melbourne CBD

There are several top restaurants that you should check out in the Melbourne CBD. These include the following: 

  • Marameo - Marameo is a relaxed and charming Italian restaurant in place of the one-popular Sarti. You will find the best spritzes here along with tantalizing Wagyu tartare stuffing for the cannoli. The rooftop terrace is a must-visit here too. 
  • Cavendish House - Andrew McConnell is the star chef at Cavendish House, offering his signature for each Euro-centric dish including the anchovy Danish and clam-topped flatbread to the rhubarb cheesecake which is neatly woodfired. The bar sports a gold and black theme in marble with a wide range of spirits on offer. 
  • Embla - Embla has varied attractions in store for visitors. You will find some of the best dishes in Melbourne here along with novel wine pairings as well. 
  • Mrs Singh - A quirky yet Indian theme wine bar along Flinders Lane which serves up the best cheesy flatbreads? That is Mrs. Singh in a nutshell for you. 
  • Oysteria Ilaria - This is an acclaimed restaurant serving signature local cuisine next to the popular sibling brand Tipo 00. 
  • Mamasita - Mamasita is one of the highly acclaimed Mexican restaurant brands in the city. Owners Matt Lane and Nick Peters were among the first entrepreneurs in this space to offer classic and authentic Mexican food in Melbourne. This restaurant has been successfully operating from the year 2010 and you will love the delectable tacos here along with the grilled corn. 
  • Hazel - Hazel is where you will find the Higher Ground restaurant along with Top Paddock and Liminal. They specialize in churning out the very best sourdough along with premier toppings and seafood crafted over hot coal and lip-smacking vanilla sundaes with lovely smoked caramel. 
  • Daughter In Law - Daughter In Law is a bustling Indian diner that offers warm and appetizing naan pizza along with the best sweet and sour fried cauliflower along with pineapple cocktails that are Tandoor-fired. 
  • Di Stasio Citta - Di Stasio Citta is a wonderful restaurant by Rinaldo Di Stasio and is known for being a spectacular restaurant which fuses the best culinary delights, art and glamor. 
  • Bomba - An initiative by Jesse Gerner, the individual behind Green Park, Anada, this is all about savoring tapas delectably. 

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