Short Term Rentals Milton Keynes

Short Term Rentals in Milton Keynes

If you are looking for the best short term rentals in Milton Keynes, you will find them here at TheSqua.re. We have an extensive portfolio of rentals in Milton Keynes that are tailored to meet the needs of both business and leisure travellers alike. Our apartments are equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities for an enjoyable stay in this charming Buckinghamshire town and will help you access public transportation facilities along with major places of business and other tourist landmarks with ease. 

Our team will help you pick the very best short term rentals in Milton Keynes that meet all your requirements to the hilt. We offer apartments that are well furnished and come at really competitive rates, even during the peak seasons. Here’s to a memorable Milton Keynes trip by all means! 

Why Book Short Term Rentals in Milton Keynes? 

You should certainly consider booking short term rentals in Milton Keynes for a variety of reasons. Our apartments will help you enjoy extra space and flexibility during your stay without a doubt. Get ample privacy and freedom which is not possible if you book conventional hospitality based accommodation while you can expect all necessary amenities and facilities at your fingertips as well. Our apartments and rentals are situated in close proximity to all major attractions, entertainment and recreational facilities and public transportation facilities for maximum convenience. From more space to greater freedom, booking our short term rentals will certainly ensure a wonderful Milton Keynes trip for you. 

Short Term Rentals in Milton Keynes for Leisure Travellers

Families and leisure travellers wishing to explore the charming town of Milton Keynes should definitely consider our short term rentals in Milton Keynes without a second thought. Our apartments are immensely spacious while offering greater privacy and freedom for visitors as well. There is ample space for everyone in the family along with a bevvy of kitchen and dining amenities, appliances and all other facilities for maximum convenience. Our units are ideal for short term or extended stays in the town of Milton Keynes while giving you great proximity to major tourist landmarks, restaurants, shopping destinations and a lot more. 

Short Term Rentals in Milton Keynes for Business Travellers

Travelling to Milton Keynes on business? Our short term rentals in Milton Keynes should be right up your alley! We offer apartments that are well furnished and supremely comfortable while providing all possible bathroom, kitchen, dining, entertainment and recreational amenities that you could possibly desire on a regular basis. Our units help you relax and unwind in style after a long day while enjoying quality sleep courtesy the ultra-comfortable beds as well! We make sure that our apartments come with connectivity features to keep you engaged during your leisure hours. Our units are also well connected to major places of business and corporate hubs for maximum convenience during your stay. 

Learning More About Milton Keynes 

Milton Keynes is a big Buckinghamshire town which is situated approximately 50 miles towards the north-west of the city of London. The Great Ouse River forms the northern boundary of this charming town and the tributary called the River Ouzel wanders through its parks and other balancing lakes. A major chunk of this town is dedicated towards woodland or parklands. In the 1960s, the Government of the United Kingdom thought it reasonable to encourage the development of new towns in South-Eastern England for relieving congestion in the city of London. The town of Milton Keynes was planned as the largest such town with a 250,000 population target and a designated area spanning a whopping 22,000 acres in all. 

The Government set up its Milton Keynes Development Corporation for overseeing the design and construction of this new town. The landscape reflects modernist architectural themes without compromising on heritage value. The design team set up a more relaxed grid for distributor roads spanning a kilometre between the edges of major thoroughfares, leaving ample space for more organic development and lowering possibilities of future congestion. There is a wide network of shared pathways for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the town while a limit of three stories has been kept for the zone outside the planned town centre. Milton Keynes has its own 1,400 seat theatre along with the municipal gallery, multiplexes, central church, concert hall, teaching hospital, football stadium, indoor ski slope and even an open-air concert venue. 

The urban zone is served by 6 railway stations while The Open University is located here along with a campus of the University of Bedfordshire. The famous Peace Pagoda that looks onto Willen Lake was the first such structure to be built throughout all of Europe. Milton Keynes is known for possessing one of the United Kingdom’s most successful economies and has the 5th highest business startup count for every capita as per several reports. It is also home to multiple national and global companies. 

Top Attractions Near Our Short Term Rentals in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is home to numerous attractions for tourists including the following: 

  • Bletchley Park - Bletchley Park is a vital 19th century estate situated in the southern part of Milton Keynes. This is where secret communication took place via Lorenz and Enigma cyphers back in the Second World War with the likes of Alan Turing who successfully cracked these codes. Post-war, their achievements became clearer, particularly their pioneering role in lowering the overall conflict by up to a whopping 4 years. Bletchley Park remains open for the general public and a major renovation exercise took place for the main house and blocks/hutments back in the year 2014. The exhibits showcase attractions like star mathematician Alan Turing, Japanese Codes, Lorenz Cipher and Enigma Machines. You can view the offices used by Alan Turing along with Alastair Denniston, another feted breaker of codes along with the restored Bombe computer that they used. 
  • National Museum of Computing - The National Museum of Computing opened its doors in the year 2007 at Bletchley Park itself and is dedicated towards the acquisition and restoration of world-famous computing technologies and systems. Block H was the first-ever purpose-built computer in the world with 6 Colossus computers by the year 1945. These were made to enable cryptanalysis for the German Lorenz Cipher. There is also a restored Mark 2 Colossus machine dating back to 1944, which is part of the exhibit showcasing the fabulous code-breaking pursuits at Bletchley Park in the past. A computing timeline is also available for visitors along with the oldest functioning digital computer, namely the 1957 Harwell Dekatron/WITCH. There is also the Marconi Transistorized Automatic Computer, the Elliott 803 and restoration items like the PDP-11 based air traffic control computer which was installed in the 1980s at the London Terminal Control Centre. 
  • Woburn Abbey and Gardens - The Dukes of Bedford have resided here at Woburn Abbey ever since the Cistercian Abbey was relieved from the monastic order and given to them in 1547. From the mid-18th century, this abbey has been revamped in the Palladian architectural style, courtesy three top architects of the time, namely Sir William Chambers, Henry Flitcroft and Henry Holland. Woburn Abbey is also home to a fascinating private collection of artwork, showcasing masters like Murillo, Rembrandt, Hans Holbein the Younger, van Dyck and Velazquez among others. There are stunning collections of Joshua Reynolds and Canaletto as well. There are 24 rooms covering the abbey with 28 acres of lovely gardens including the beautiful Chinoiserie Chinese Dairy dating back to the 18th century. There is a lovely deer park with native species like fallow deer and red deer along with exotic animals like chitals, rusas, sikas, milus and barasinghas. 
  • Milton Keynes Museum - The Milton Keynes Museum is located at a model Victorian farm which is a complex built for encouraging agricultural research. The museum showcases the history of the countryside and town dating back till the 1800s and offers insightful glimpses into the industry, domestic and social life, agriculture and commerce of the period. You can take a closer look at the shop and home interiors, steam tractors, vintage grams, vintage tools of mechanics, printing machines and a lot more. 
  • Willen Lakeside Park - Willen Lakeside Park is situated in the eastern part of Milton Keynes with a huge open space that forms around the balancing lake on the lovely River Ouzel which was built for floodwater capturing and damage prevention downstream. There is a recreation zone on the southern part of the lake. You will find interesting knee-boarding, kite-surfing, wake-boarding and waterskiing lessons here. There is a park for children with 60+ water features as well including a water cannon, playing area for toddlers and water tunnel among others. The Treetop Extreme high ropes course is another attraction in tandem with the north lake which is held as a lovely sanctuary for migrating birds. 
  • Peace Pagoda - The Peace Pagoda looks onto the Willen Lake and is the first such Buddhist Peace Pagoda that was built in Europe. It was built in the year 1980 by monks and nuns hailing from the Nipponzan-Myohoji order and flanks a monastery and temple as well. The cherry trees here were planted for paying tribute to war victims and you will find the One World Tree which has several messages and written prayers attached to it. The temple also has charming Zen and Japanese gardens for tourists to visit. 
  • Stony Stratford - The Georgian homes and coaching inns will take you back in time to another era, being the oldest such Milton Keynes settlement, getting town status in 1215 and possibly going back to even Roman eras. This is where the Great Ouse River was formed by Watling Street, the Roman Road and later became a settlement on the coaching network prior to the development of the railway network. There are 350 independent businesses here along with the famous The Rose and Crown Inn at High Street where the child King Edward V was kept before being secretly taken to London by Richard III, his uncle, never to be found or seen anymore. 
  • Woburn Safari Park - Along the Abbey’s grounds, you will find this 360-acre safari park where the animals reside in huge enclosures. The Road Safari enables a drive through the Northern Plains zone which is home to zebra, bison and wild horses while the Savannah Grasslands has white rhino, antelopes, ostriches and other wildlife. The Kingdom of the Carnivores tour will take you past wolves, bears, tigers and lions while the Giraffe Junction and African Forest (housing monkeys and the endangered mountain/eastern bongo) are worth a visit too. A Foot Safari will enable viewing smaller wildlife including meerkats, ring-tailed lemurs, Asian short-clawed otters and a lot more. 
  • Milton Keynes Theatre - This theatre is the best place to visit if you are in the mood for some history and live entertainment at the same time. It is one of the most acclaimed performing arts sites in all of England and opened in 1999. The auditorium is absolutely top-notch and can lower/raise the ceiling on the basis of the production size. It thus hosts both personal plays along with West End hits. The Royal Shakespeare Company productions are performed here along with acts by leading comedians and the Milton Keynes City Orchestra in addition to hit musicals and covers. 
  • National Radio Centre - The National Radio Centre is a major attraction at Bletchley Park near the main entrance in a brand new building. It is under the management of the Radio Society of Great Britain and the main exhibition at this institution is a complete delineation of radio-based communications and technologies and their history over the years. You can check out the amateur radio station while watching several films, taking part in experiments or simply tinkering around with several displays of an interactive nature. There is a new exhibition which also showcases the history of the Great Britain Radio Society and the role played by the Voluntary Interceptors in the Second World War. 
  • Emberton Country Park - Emberton Country Park is situated within the Milton Keynes borough although it is technically a short distance away from the main town itself. This covers a whopping 200 acres of beautiful parklands and nature along the Great Ouse River. There are 5 kilometres of cycling and walking trails that go through woodland, meadows and 5 lovely lakes. You can visit the information centre for more knowledge about the facilities offered at the park along with the waterfront and wildlife here. All 5 lakes have fishing facilities while permits can be obtained in almost every season as well. There are two dedicated zones for summer barbeques and picnics alike. 
  • Xscape - Xscape is a popular indoor centre for adventure sports that is situated adjacent to the Milton Keynes Theatre and also The Centre: MK shopping mall. You will find a ski resort here that will give you a lot of fun, particularly when you are playing with real snow. This is possible here at Snozone that welcomes both snowboarders and experienced skiers for some free-styling while there are lessons available for newcomers too. There is a sledging piste available for children as well. iFly offers a great indoor skydiving experience that children will particularly love while there is a bowling alley with 18 lanes and a multiplex cinema named Cineworld. This comes with a 4DX screen for maximum movie viewing pleasure as well. There are several restaurants housed here along with several lifestyle retail stores and outlets. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is home to numerous acclaimed restaurants including the following: 

  • The Hub - The Hub is a bright and vibrant café, hotel and restaurant which has evolved into a major leisure destination in the town of Milton Keynes. This is a fabulous place where you can simply enjoy your night out with pals or simply grab a delicious and quick bite amidst a hectic day of sightseeing. There are numerous establishments that are worth checking out here. 
  • Calcutta Brasserie - Calcutta Brasserie is an award-winning South Asian establishment that is neatly housed within a chapel that dates back to the 17th century. This is one of the most popular restaurants at Milton Keynes. 
  • De Roka Turkish Restaurant - De Roka Turkish Restaurant is a completely family-owned and independent establishment which offers traditional and impeccable Mediterranean cuisine. 
  • Frosts Garden Centre Restaurant - With picturesque surroundings and a tranquil atmosphere in tandem with friendly staff members, Frosts Garden Centre Restaurant is a great place to check out in Milton Keynes. You should also check out the Market Kitchen here. This is a place which serves up the most delectable lunches and you will find something unique by all means. 
  • Maaya Indian Kitchen & Bar - Maaya Indian Kitchen & Bar comes with traditional dishes from India and a sumptuous buffet on Sundays. 
  • Miller & Carter Steakhouse - Possibly the best steakhouse in Milton Keynes, this is where you should head for a yummy brunch/dinner.

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