New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey is one of the smaller states in the US. With cities like Newark, Paterson, Jersey City and many others to visit, the state doesn’t deserve the gripe that New Yorkers give it. A wealth of fun activities, delicious restaurants, nightlife and corporate headquarters can be found in the state, as well as unique accommodation options that will complete the aspirations of any traveler. That’s where our New Jersey apartments come into it. They have all the features that corporate and leisure travelers require to have the most perfect stay. Plus, they can be found in all the top cities and locations that make New Jersey the popular destination that it is.

Our Best New Jersey Apartments

There are many apartments in our portfolio worth booking for short and long term stays in New Jersey. While each and every last one of them boasts the facilities and amenities of comfort and convenience, there are always going to be a few that go above and beyond the usual. These will have that added glow or cooler layout that will stand out. All apartments are a testament to our values, but there will always be a few that go that extra mile to impress.

Some of our top New Jersey apartments can be found below:

Facilities in Our New Jersey Apartments

All of our New Jersey apartments are fully equipped and stocked to provide the ultimate experience, no which city in the state that our guests book. They can expect to have a space that can pass off as a second home and feel like it has been built for them. A central location is always key but the amenities are what really sell the whole experience. Guests that love home cooking will be more than happy with our fully equipped kitchens, while the free Wi-Fi gives guests the opportunity to connect to loved ones back home as well as work from the apartment when needs be. Then there are the cozy living rooms and bedrooms that are ideal for a soft and soothing night in. Plus, the opportunity to have a balcony could mean a great view to drink the morning coffee.

Additional amenities like a gym, spa and sauna could well be part of the experience too if the apartment building has the facilities onsite. However, the extra features could well be available only to long term guests.

Types of New Jersey Apartments

There are many apartments that can be booked in our collection, and they come in different sizes so all groups or solo travelers can have the space that they need for their time away in New Jersey. From studios to 5 bedroom apartments, there are many choices to consider.

Below are the types of New Jersey apartments that can be booked:

  • Studio - An open-plan space is sometimes what a couple or solo corporate traveler wants. Not hard to see why with everything all in one easily accessible space. Fully equipped and ready to move in, they are more than ideal for any length of stay.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - When open-plan spaces don’t tick the right box, these apartments come to the rescue. Again, they have everything that short and long term travelers require, and everything has its own space for added privacy. 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - Suitable for small families and a couple of friends, these options have the extra space that such guests would need and the private bedrooms that they’ll desire when they all need to be apart.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartment - When there’s a very big family, group of friends or a project team coming to stay in New Jersey, they should go for the biggest of apartments. There will be more than enough space here to please all people. They’ll have the amenities to come together throughout the day and have a personal space to use whenever they need time alone.

Top Attractions to Visit When Staying in Our New Jersey Apartments

When it comes to the attractions in the state of New Jersey, there are a great many to choose from. While it may not have the icons that grace its neighbor, New York, it does have a surprising amount of cultural beacons that could well rival it if the state was given more attention. Naturally, the attractions are going to be spread across the cities of New Jersey, and won’t be in one place. Depending on which city a guest books, will determine the landmarks that they’ll be able to access easily. No matter where they choose to book, our New Jersey apartments are always centrally located so that guests will be able to attend the attractions in their new city.

These are the attractions that guests will find near our collection of New Jersey apartments:

  • Liberty State Park - This 1,212 acres of green space may be just what every family needs when they bring their kids along for the trip. It’s vast and will be more than suitable for a game of ball or even just a quiet picnic. Other guests may want to go for a run instead and enjoy the natural world around them including the common terns. 
  • George Washington Bridge - Connecting Manhattan to New Jersey, this is one of the busy commuter bridges that gets everyone to work every day. Forever packed with traffic, it will be quite a mission to walk it but will be worth it for the exercise it will generate. Nothing quite like staying fit by running or walking across the bridge every morning. Plus, there will be great views to go with the stroll.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino - Those that love to play their cards close to their chest will appreciate this gambling arena in Atlantic City. While there is so much more to see and indulge in here apart from trying one’s luck, it is really the slot machine and poker table that people come for. Naturally, there are events here every so often to spice things up, so everyone, even those that don’t necessarily gamble can be more than happy here.
  • Liberty Science Center - Home to a range of science exhibits and interactive displays, this hub of knowledge also includes the original Hoberman sphere, a silver, computer-driven engineering artwork designed by Chuck Hoberman, and the largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Overall, the museum has displays that cross the many fields of science from ecology, physics, and beyond.
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk - Open since 1870, this oceanfront boardwalk has many stunning views and shops that stretch along the whole length of it. While it is not the most fun place to visit in colder months, when the sun’s out, it really is a top spot for a sunny stroll with friends and family.  
  • Turtle Back Zoo - Featuring a vast array of the animal kingdom, those that love all things to do with wildlife will adore this place. Reptiles, mammals, amphibians and more can be found amongst the collection. A must-see for the children in the group. 
  • The Newark Museum of Art - Including works by Hiram Powers, Thomas Cole, John Singer Sargent, Albert Bierstadt, Mary Cassatt, Edward Hopper, Joseph Stella, Tony Smith and Frank Stella, this is one of the key galleries in New Jersey that needs to be seen. Everyone who admires the greats will appreciate this.
  • Six Flags Great Adventure - A theme park that will leave the kids yearning for another rise, may well excite the inner youngster, this is a day out that deserves to go on any itinerary when visiting the State of New Jersey. There are many rides to go that can bring adrenaline levels to their absolute peak.
  • Washington Crossing Historical Park - Marking the location of George Washington crossing of the Delaware River during the American Revolutionary War, this park naturally has a very special place in the American consciousness. It also includes 13 historic buildings including McConkey's Ferry Inn, which is where Washington and his aides made plans before crossing. A piece of history and a great day out, all ages will find this more than appealing. 
  • The Frelinghuysen Arboretum - Featuring collections of plant life, including ornamental grasses, spring-blooming shrubs and perennials, summer shrubs and cutbacks, fall fruit and foliage, shade trees, and a garden called the "promising plants garden", this is another great day out. Plus, the place has been known to house a concert or two during the warmer months.

Restaurants Near Our New Jersey Apartments

Eating out in New Jersey might not be as big an event as its neighbor, New York, but it still offers a diverse array of foods and treats that can really hit the spot. Like much of the East Coast, it has a diverse range of cuisines on hand for everyone to try, from traditional NJ dishes to ones from far away nations. Plus, no matter where our guests book in the state of New Jersey, they’ll find that our apartments will provide ample access to the best bites.

Our New Jersey apartments can be found near the following restaurants:

  • Aarzu - Offering traditional Indian dishes with a modern twist, guests can indulge in smoky, rich, classic butter chicken, and avocado mango bhel, a twist on a traditional Mumbai dish of puffed rice. With so much else to try and order, no one is surprised to find people coming in for seconds, thirds and fourths.
  • Café Chameleon - With a building that blends in on a nondescript street, the establishment stands out for its flavor and finesse. This can be found in a variety of dishes that include a roasted-onion tart with chicken mousse and a Goffle Road Farm egg, fine herbs and lobster, and hanger steaks. Not to be avoided under any circumstances, this is a must-visit for a good night out.
  • Elements - Featuring a regularly changing five-course meal for $125, a fine wine list is part of the mix too as is the excellent service. Given the flexible menu, it is difficult to list anything here as it may have changed upon arrival. However, what can be said is that the restaurant serves the finest local ingredients and is forever popular with residents.
  • The Frog and the Peach - Black-truffle ricotta gnocchi, pepper-crusted Wagyu skirt steak with green-peppercorn Cognac sauce and so much more can be feasted on here that will reward the senses. As ever, guests should book a table to avoid disappointment as the lush dishes here are very popular.
  • Heirloom Kitchen - A vibrant atmosphere more than complements the excellent food that is served here which features the likes of  crispy skate wing with caramelized cauliflower, and an upscale s’mores with dark-chocolate cremeux. Family, friends and work colleagues will more than feel right at home indulging in this restaurant’s exceptional food. 
  • Il Nido - This restaurant features three dining rooms and hosts an incredible menu that features lobster and crab salad sparked with citrus and mustard, mugnaia in a light sauce braced with cruschi peppers and garlic, so much more. The flavors here will really kick up and send the taste buds wild.
  • Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen - Four dining spaces on three levels (and almost as many menus), this little wonder is more than worth heading to, thanks to dishes like scallops in brown butter with corn pudding and lemon-verbena shrimp sauce, as well as the wine list that features a fair few surprises that will entice many.
  • Mistral - A luxurious treat for anyone that wants to venture to this establishment, it has the likes of duck dishes and so much more to go along with its delicate menu that guests will find it difficult to turn their nose up at this. 
  • Osteria Crescendo - Deep-fried octopus, Sicilian eggplant cappellacci, and whole branzino with smoked tomato and black-eyed peas are just a few of the many dishes that can be enjoyed here, while the cocktail list is nothing short of exemplary.
  • Poached Pear Bistro - Chef Scott Giordano’s New American food pulls you in with its sumptuousness and keeps you engaged with its nuances. Signature dishes like the braised pork chop with red cabbage marmalade and crispy spaetzle are as sumptuous as many would expect, while there is a great deal more to be savored by those that love variety.
  • Serenade - Jersey favorites like calamari salad and chicken parm are on this delightful menu, as well as lobster rolls, tuna tartare, steaks and cocktails. Those that want the ultimate New Jersey experience should come to this joint and get stuck in. Families looking for a spot to eat after a long day’s exploration should come here.
  • Viaggio - Another one of the key restaurants to eat at in the NY state, the chef here is full of finesse and skill, as well as winning numerous awards and being recognized for their supreme talent. With such praise, eaters can expect the very best food to be set right in front of them day and night. Everyone with a taste in great food will be rewarded handsomely here.
  • Zeppoli - A Sicilian menu is what to expect here. Some of the exceptional dishes to be indulged in will include tortellini filled with pureed pumpkin and butternut squash, cosseted in a sauce of sage and brown butter, pappardelle lavished with a cocoa-powder enriched ragù made from braised shoulder of wild boar and other treats.

Corporate New Jersey Apartments 

Business travelers that need to head to the state of New Jersey and travel around the many cities will find our apartments to be the ideal companion for the long journey. Ideally equipped with all the facilities for comfort, and more than capable of working from home thanks to the free Wi-Fi, corporate travel in New Jersey has never been easier.

New Jersey Apartments for Leisure

While the small US state may not be as popular as some, those that want a change from the usual American trips will soon discover their second home in our range of serviced apartments. Always centrally located and fully equipped, they are exactly what our guests need to return to after a long day of exploration in one of New Jersey’s cities.

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