1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn

1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn

One of the most popular boroughs of New York, Brooklyn has the second-highest population after Manhattan. Serene shoreline, safe neighborhood, delicious food, and happening nightlife, Brooklyn has it all. Thousands of people travel to New York every year either for work, travel, or business. Manhattan being populous and expensive, Brooklyn is the best choice for all those travelers, both in terms of affordability and spacious place to stay. Also, Brooklyn is well connected with all parts of NYC through road and subway. Traveling to a new city is always exciting, however, finding a perfect place to stay could be challenging, as you might not be sure about the location, the amenities, and the transport facilities. Our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in Brooklyn are there to provide you everything just with a few clicks. The food-lovers paradise, entertainment hub, and peaceful neighborhood, Brooklyn is always preferred by our guests. 

Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment in Brooklyn 

While making your travel plans for NYC, you will find thousands of staying options available online. However, finding the right place might be difficult and sometimes confusing as well. TheSqua.re team is there to make this process easier for you with just a few clicks. All you need to do is share your requirements and preferences and we will find the best ones as per your choice and pocket both. 

Our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in Brooklyn are perfect for both leisure and corporate travelers. No matter if you are looking for a place for days, weeks, or months, these fully furnished apartments are apt for both short and long duration. Located in almost all parts of Brooklyn, these are close to subway stations, which make your commute easy and quick. Loaded with facilities and amenities, our service apartments are designed to provide you the comfort of your home. 

And here they are:

Why Pick Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn? 

If you are looking for a place that you can call home while you travel to NYC, our 1 bedroom serviced apartments are the right ones for you. Thoughtfully designed with a comfortable bedroom, sleek and compact living room, and fully equipped modern kitchen, these apartments will definitely give you the comfort of your home. We make sure that you have a memorable staying experience at our service apartments, and for that from amenities like gym, swimming pool, and cafes to Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and Microwave, we kept it all ready for you. If you are traveling to NYC with your partner or friends, these compact apartments will be just what you need. Also, if you are a corporate traveler traveling for work then luxury and comfort, expect both in our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in Brooklyn. 

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn 

Bespoke luxury with spacious apartments, these 1 bedroom serviced apartments in Brooklyn are loaded with amenities and facilities. Aesthetically designed with all the required features and appliances, our 1 bedroom apartment serviced apartments in Brooklyn will give you the utmost comfort. A comfortable bedroom with an attached bathroom, a living room with sleek furniture like sofa, coffee table, and a flat-screen TV; fully equipped modern kitchen with microwave, fridge, hob, coffee maker, dishwasher, all required utensils and much more; a dining table with chairs for you to enjoy your meal with friends and loved ones; you can have it all. Keeping your safety and security in mind, we have smoke alarms, sprinklers, first-aid kit, spyhole at the door, and many more. If you are one of those who like to keep the fitness regime on even while traveling, we have an onsite gym available for you. 

Attractions Near Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn 

Brooklyn has most of the famous tourist spots of New York after Manhattan. One can visit all these and others in Brooklyn with easy commutes through the subway or by road. While you will love spending time in our well-furnished beautifully designed apartments, you can easily visit a few of the famous tourist spots that are near our service apartments in Brooklyn. 

A few of the best tourist attraction near our 1 bedroom apartments in Brooklyn are 

  • Brooklyn Bridge - One of the longest bridges in NYC, this historic suspension bridge was made in 1883. Connecting Brooklyn with the rest of New York, this is a good place for an evening walk. Also, carry your camera along for a few of the best shots as this place will give you an exceptional sunset view with the Manhattan skyline at the back. 
  • Prospect Park - Located at the center of Brooklyn, Prospect Park offers an array of activities and events all around the year. You can take a boat tour at the Audubon Center, go for a relaxed stroll, or fish here with family and friends. You can also take a walking tour or try horse riding. There are musical and food festivals happening on weekends which can be a good time spent with your loved ones. 
  • Brooklyn Museum - Having an amazing collection of great artists like Bierstadt, Monet, and many more, the Brooklyn Museum showcases some of the oldest and best artworks in the world. Spent a good few hours in the museum if you are a history and art lover. 
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden - For nature lovers this is the best place in Brooklyn. You can walk through the well-maintained gardens for a close to nature feel. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is packed with various types of gardens that include: Fragrance Garden, Herb Garden, Magnolia Plaza, Cranford Rose Garden, Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, Shakespeare Garden, and the new Woodland Garden.
  • Coney Island - If you are visiting NYC during summer, this is one of the most famous tourist spots in Brooklyn. A great place for both children and adults, there are plenty of things to see and experience at this fun place.
  • Barclays Center - Well-built place with an outer area giving the brownstone look, this is a center of attraction in Brooklyn. Barclays Center is used for many sports events and concerts and attracts many tourists and locals. 
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade - A pedestrian walkway next to the East River that continues from Downtown Brooklyn to Cobble Hill, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade has easy access from every street nearby. The promenade is part of Brooklyn’s first Historical District which is lined with impressive mansions and townhouses.

Restaurants & Pubs Near Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn

The hub of great food, drinks, and entertainment, Brooklyn has hundreds of options to satisfy your tastebuds. From world-class cuisine to the best craft beer, Brooklyn has it all. You will find both affordable and upscale luxury dine-ins here for your dinner and lunches. If you prefer takeaway and have it while watching movies or series at our 1 bedroom apartments in Brooklyn, you can do that as well. 

Few of the best restaurants and pubs near our serviced apartments in Brooklyn are: 

  • Mekelburg’s - If you are one of those who are always up for sandwiches, Mekelburg’s is one of the best places to go to in Brooklyn. Famous for its chicken, meatloaf, and beef, they have some great sliders that are worth ordering as well. Especially when paired with a good craft beer or a glass of wine. 
  • Franny’s - Delicious pizzas, seasonal, and locally sourced menu, Franny’s is quite popular not only in the neighborhood but in the entirety of Brooklyn. You can visit Franny’s with friends or colleagues and enjoy the irresistible food and fine cocktails over some great conversations. 
  • Blanca - You might find the setting a bit boring while entering this restaurant. However, behind the door, there is one of the best and most unique dining experiences you can have in all of Brooklyn. In a small cement-floored room with a few stools, a bright-white bar, and a shimmering open kitchen, Blanca offers a 19-course tasting menu. You can expect tiny yet mind-blowing courses. It's a special occasion kind of place so keep that in mind before heading to Blanca.
  • Fette Sau - One of the pioneers of New York City’s barbecue scene, Williamsburg’s Fette Sau is also home to some amazing food and the best American whiskey in the city. There might be long waiting, however, once the food is served to your table, you will forget it all. 
  • Marlow & Sons - Dark farmhouse vibe, closely nestled tables, and handwritten menus, Marlow & Sons is one of the best picks for dinners in Brooklyn. Opened in 2004, this remained a favorite for locals and tourists since then.
  • Red Hook Tavern - Apart from the best burgers in the city, Red Hook Tavern serves delicious gelato sundaes.  With the floral wallpaper and delightful wine, this is a go-to place for dinner with your loved ones. An open bar with no reservation, the dining room area is well lit and decorated with empty wine bottles and candles to give you a warm cozy vibe. 
  • Puerto Viejo - This Dominican eatery in Prospect Heights serves traditional Dominican foods with an exceptional lunch special menu. The Caribbean feel of this place will definitely make you feel relaxed and comfy. 
  • Rose’s Bar & Grill - Located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood, the look and feel of this place are just like a bar, however, there is a grill as well. The relaxing ambiance, great food, and classy wine menu make this place one of the best in the neighborhood.

1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn for Leisure Travelers

For someone traveling to New York for the first time, finding a safe and well-equipped place to stay might be difficult. No matter if you are traveling to NYC for a short or long duration of stay, our 1 Bedroom serviced apartments are perfect for you. Best suited for couples or friends traveling together, these apartments will give you all the comfort and facilities you might need. Close to tourist hubs, popular shopping, and entertainment places in New York, one can enjoy everything Brooklyn has to offer while staying at our apartments. 

1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn for Corporate Travelers

For guests who travel to New York for business or office work, staying in a well managed, with all amenities and facilities is necessary. While staying at our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in Brooklyn, you can easily commute to work as all our apartments are close to subway stations. As Manhattan is crowded and expensive, our guests can enjoy all the luxury amenities and spacious living spaces in our serviced apartments in Brooklyn. Serene and upscale neighborhoods with a safe and secured place to stay, these apartments have facilities like a gym, swimming pool, sauna, cafe, and more. 

Cost of Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn

Staying in New York is never cheap. However, as Brooklyn being comparatively affordable than Manhattan, tourists prefer to stay here. There are many affordable accommodations available in Brooklyn. Our 1 bedroom serviced apartments in Brooklyn are also priced keeping your budget in mind. 

Transport Near Our 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in Brooklyn 

All our serviced apartments are conveniently located near most of the tourist attractions and other important areas of NYC. With great transportation facilities, you’ll find Subways the most suitable way to commute to any part of New York. Whether you want to go to Times Square, the Empire State Building, or any of the corporate or business hubs; the transport system in Brooklyn is well established. You’ll find a subway station near all our sublet apartments in Brooklyn.

Some of the easily accessible subways from our sublet apartments are:

  • Bedford Avenue Station
  • Atlantic Terminal
  • Nostrand Avenue Station
  • Marcy Avenue Station
  • Grand Army Plaza Station

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