Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York

Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York

Finding accommodation in Brooklyn, New York will never be an issue when you’re booking with us. Our vast portfolio of serviced Brooklyn apartments will help you find something that is tailored to your specific needs for short or long term stays in the Big Apple. Staying in Brooklyn naturally means that you will be in close proximity to almost all of New York City’s major landmarks, commercial hubs and restaurants. Brooklyn is one of the most iconic and culturally vibrant neighborhoods in the city and one that you will love staying in by all means. We have a wide range of apartments for you to choose from at reasonable rates.

Finding Suitable Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York 

When it comes to available apartments in Brooklyn New York, we have innumerable options for you to check out. You can always take your pick from studio apartments which are ideal for couples, smaller families, and solo travelers or 1-bedroom apartments that offer slightly more room. We also have 2-bedroom apartments for bigger families or larger travel groups on business/leisure. Whatever be your requirement, our award-winning reservations team will help you find the best apartment for enjoyable stays in NYC. 

Here’s taking a look at some of the available apartments in Brooklyn. 

These are but some of our comfortable, spacious and premier accommodation options in Brooklyn, New York. 

Why Should You Book Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York? 

Booking accommodation in Brooklyn, New York is always a smart move, considering the sheer connectivity that you get along with proximity to historic landmarks, a thriving underground music and art scene, some of the city’s best eateries, pubs, bars and shopping places galore. Additionally, booking your own apartment will give you some much-needed freedom, personal space, privacy and flexibility to enjoy your vacation/business trip in style with your friends, family members or colleagues for company. 

We offer comfortable apartments that come with their own distinctive styles and designs tailored to ensure mesmerizing experiences for guests. Equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities, our serviced apartments make it possible for you to relax, unwind, and crash after hectic days at work or days spent scouring tourist landmarks in NYC. We also offer 24-hour management and assistance so that all your queries are swiftly addressed minus any hassles. 

Cost of Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York

If you were worried about the cost of accommodation in Brooklyn, New York, you need not be! We provide apartments at fair, competitive, and reasonable rates to all our guests. While there are peak seasons that see a greater rush of visitors to the city, we endeavor to keep prices light on your pocket at all times. You can expect quality accommodation with all the contemporary amenities at pocket-friendly prices. 

Available Facilities in Our Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York

There are several facilities that you can expect when you book accommodation in Brooklyn, New York. All apartments are equipped to serve the needs of corporate and leisure stays so that guests from both worlds can have what they require to sit back and relax with no hassle.

Some of them include the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Business center
  • Rooftop terrace
  • 24-hour reception
  • Private garden 
  • Communal lounge
  • Onsite gym 
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave

Amenities may vary from one apartment to another although every unit has its own specialized features that are sure to appeal to all travelers. 

Transportation Near Our Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York

Choosing accommodation in Brooklyn, New York means that you will be well connected to major airports like the John F. Kennedy Airport and LaGuardia Airport. Nearby train stations include the Macy Ave MTA Station, the Atlantic Terminal and others. 

The underground stations near our apartments in Brooklyn include the following: 

  • Prospect Avenue Station 
  • Bedford Avenue Station 
  • Grand Army Plaza Station 
  • Bedford-Nostrand Avenue Station 
  • Classon Avenue Station 

As can be seen, it will not be hard for you to get around NYC with public transportation facilities readily available in Brooklyn. 

Attractions Near Our Accommodation in Brooklyn, New York

Staying in Brooklyn means that there’s never a dull moment. The borough is filled with historical landmarks, cultural attractions and shopping, music and food joints galore. However, if you’re someone who wishes to skip the conventional monuments and get into unconventional territory while exploring NYC, Brooklyn is a sheer delight by all means! 

Here are some of the unusual yet thrilling attractions that you must not miss in Brooklyn. 

  • The City Reliquary - A cute and small museum in Williamsburg will instantly transport you back through history and time with its collection of unicorn figures, burlesque memorabilia over several decades and geological samples right from beneath the crust of the Brooklyn borough itself. This is as exotic as it gets! 
  • Brighton Beach - Have you heard of the Old World Community that is fondly remembered by New Yorkers? Well, this vibrant community is still alive and kicking at Brighton Beach, possibly the last place in NYC to sample authentic Russian vodka and borscht in almost every restaurant. The ocean-front park is a delight for the senses, particularly when you witness exciting games of speed chess amongst first-gen Russian-American citizens. 
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade - This waterfront promenade is the ideal destination for a walk or jog in NYC and you can simply plonk yourself down on a bench along the route. Take in the spectacular views of the skyline in Manhattan, the landmark Brooklyn Bridge and the glistening Statue of Liberty just across the East River. The night views are truly fabulous, to say the least! 
  • Green Wood Cemetery - If you can stomach the fright, the first rural cemetery in New York (established in 1838) is worth a visit. Situated at the heart of the neighborhood, it has a park that is still a weekend jaunt for locals, particularly for the promenade and carriage rides on offer. Green Wood Cemetery also offers a sightseeing tour for guests, covering the resting places of notable people like Henry Ward Beecher, Leonard Bernstein, Elizabeth Tilton, Emma Stebbins, Horace Greely, F.A.O Schwarz, Louis Comfort Tiffany, William Marcy Boss Tweed and Lola Montez. 
  • Coney Island Museum - If nostalgia is what drives you, a trip to the Coney Island Museum will be a delightful experience indeed. Visitors get a chance to savor a feel of Brooklyn as it was back in the day. The museum opens every weekend between 12 PM and 5 PM and some of the key attractions in the collection include antique souvenirs, classic bumper cars and other artifacts from the past. Coney Island itself is a major draw for tourists and you should not miss it too if you’re staying in Brooklyn. 
  • Brooklyn Public Library - Art-deco lovers will love just gazing upon the amazing central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Designed to resemble a book with lovely flaps opening onto the beautiful Prospect Park, the library will captivate you instantly when you visit. Venture indoors and find three floors of sunny rooms with gorgeous views and some of the best books ever! Bookworms and bibliophiles will simply have the best time ever at the Brooklyn Public Library! 
  • Prospect Park - Wondering where everybody is on a sunny afternoon? Simply find them all unwinding at Prospect Park, the largest one in Brooklyn. Designed by the same team behind the amazing Central Park, Prospect Park is where you can simply take relaxing walks through the lush woods, challenge your mates to fun games at the courts or gaze on the only lake in Brooklyn while venturing in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The whole environment is one of tranquility, serenity and peace. 
  • Brooklyn Flea - If you love shopping, then this is sheer paradise! The Brooklyn Flea Market is one of the hottest destinations for shopaholics. Find absolute treasures at the cheapest prices imaginable, right from handicrafts, antiques and art to vintage apparel. You can get absolute bargains on the most unique of items at this fabulous flea market. 
  • Red Hooks Piers - Brooklyn’s cobbled thoroughfares lead to the charming pier which comes alive at sunset with panoramic views of Manhattan. Follow the trail along the waterfront from Brooklyn Heights till you reach Red Hooks Piers. Discover a unique artist community in the area with innumerable little shops and galleries to explore as well. This destination makes for a great sunset jaunt and a long waterfront walk. 
  • Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn Brewery is arguably the most popular such brewery in New York City itself! Embark on an exciting tour, sampling the tempting local lager en route. Fun fact? Brooklyn Brewery was the first NYC company to make use of fully wind-generated energy for operations back in the year 2003. 
  • House of Wax - Possibly one of the most enigmatic attractions that you will find in Brooklyn, the House of Wax is nestled away in a rather nondescript downtown mall and within a bar at that! Enter and you’ll see one of the most remarkable anatomical wax collections that will take you back to Berlin in the 1920s. Go past the Target store and Trader Joe’s at the City Point center where you will find the sign for this museum. It is only in Brooklyn where a bar contains more than 100 anatomical models, wax depictions of syphilis, birth and tuberculosis of the lungs and more than 25 wax death masks installed inside. The collection was last seen at Berlin’s Castan’s Panopticum, a museum that eventually closed down in 1922. The historical collection was eventually saved in the year 2016 by Ryan Matthew Cohn, a collector of antiques and oddities. He found a buyer for the whole collection, Tim League, who is also the Alamo Drafthouse CEO. League found a connection to these oddities, finding them great ways to draw crowds at his new theatre-bar in Brooklyn. This is how the House of Wax came into being. Castan’s Panopticum was ahead of its time, being existent between 1866 and 1922. Anatomical waxes were then mixed with full-body wax from a serial killer and ethnographic busts were meant as a form of exoticization likewise. The Butcher of Hanover for instance is Fritz Haarmann, the serial killer, still showcased at the House of Wax and even putting his name to a specialty cocktail. The bar has drinks sub-divided into Anatomicals, Geographicals or Pathologicals. Two anatomical wax Venus figures may be seen at the back of the joint in a mid-birth state with their torsos open. There is a bar rail around the case where you can put down your beverages and simply gaze in wonder at the sheer artistry of these wax models. The graphic nature of exhibits may induce a little horror but there is nothing as fascinating in Brooklyn for sure! 
  • Robotic Church - Another one of Brooklyn’s bizarre yet strangely enticing attractions, the Robotic Church is a must-visit if you’re enamored by robots in general. Amorphic Robot Works, a mechanical art collective, has transformed a church in Red Hook that was built by an ex-Norwegian sailor, into a fascinating theater for robotic musicians. There are 35 kinetic robots here with the collection being started from the 1980s courtesy the leadership of multimedia artist Chico MacMurtrie. The old church is the studio for the collective and robots are arranged neatly on the floor, hung on the walls or even found looking over at the catwalk. Most robots have humanoid forms with varying sizes between 1-15 feet. Each robot has a unique task to perform which creates a singular noise, including strumming strings or clanging against the floor.  Some robots are activated through pre-programmed commands while others play live through computer-based commands. Every robot can be independently activated and the whole effect is mesmerizing, to say the least. The church opens them up for special performances at times which you can witness if you’re really lucky! 

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