Accommodation Near Cornell University

Accommodation near Cornell University

Cornell University is one of America’s prestigious Ivy League Universities, the very best of the nation’s educational institutions. Based outside of NYC, and in the city of Ithaca (in the State of New York), this is a whole new environment for students, postgrads and professors to study and lecture. The reduced traffic (human and vehicle) contrasts with the usual image that people have of New York (as in NYC). With famous alumni like Christopher Reeve, Ruth Bader, E.B White, Thomas Pynchon, Toni Morrison, Bill Nye and many others, this university has generated some of the top names in artistic and vocational subjects. And while there’s student accommodation throughout the city of Ithaca, both for undergraduates and postgrads, sometimes a bit more class is needed, as well as an extra splash of style that gets rid of some of the worst aspects about living in New York; extortionate rents and bad landlords. 

Those that are looking for other forms of accommodation near Cornell University should look up our portfolio of serviced apartments. From studios to 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments, we can cater for students as well as postgrads, professors, and visitors with small families. All of them have been built for every need and requirement, so guests can relax as well as to adapt the space to suit their mood. With each one situated not too far from the campuses, or city centre, the best of knowledge and leisure can be enjoyed within a few simple steps out the front door.

As the ideal choice to be near to Cornell University, our serviced apartments are elegantly furnished and exude the style that students and their professors love. But there’s more to our apartments than the surfaces. Take the length of stay. This can change at the last minute or can vary wildly from stay to stay. A week? A month? Only a few days? Maybe even a year? All of these options remain open, so however long a student, post-grad, lecturer or researcher needs to stay near Cornell University, time is not of the essence for us - only finding the perfect home is.

And then there are the features and amenities; the areas where our portfolio excels. Each one of our apartments near Cornell is fully equipped to deliver homely comforts to make the long study days feel a mile away. Some of the amenities include the likes of a flat-screen TV to watch the hits on Netflix, Wi-Fi to stay connected to loved ones, a fully equipped kitchen to make good old American meals and cosy living spaces to jump into after a long day. With all this and more, any apartment can be made into a space fit for leisure, fun, and study. Thanks to the kitchen and the state of the art facilities, guests can save on paying eye-watering restaurant and bar bills when they head on out. Plus, some apartments come with gym access as well for when students, etc want to keep their body as active as their study brain. 

Based in the Finger’s Lake region of New York, Ithaca may be named after the Greek island home of Odysseus, but its outlook is far more modern than its ancient christening. With the likes of Cayuga Lake, Museum of the Earth, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art and Clinton House, the city has plenty to offer in cultural institutions. And given that it is far beyond the noisy metropolis of New York City, the city is far quieter and tranquil. Just what students, postgrads, and lecturers need to come back home to after a day in the halls of knowledge.

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