Accommodation Near Hoboken University Medical Center

Accommodation Near Hoboken University Medical Center

Situated in New Jersey, Hoboken University Medical Center is another hospital where we have many apartments available for patients and loved ones that need to be close to the facilities. The hospital itself is highly rated in New Jersey and has played its own part in history, be it through the assassination attempt of New York Mayor, William Jay Gaynor (who was saved), WWI (where it was one of the first points of call for wounded soldiers) and the Great Depression (where it had its own soup kitchen to feed the unemployed). At TheSqua.re, we’ve made it our mission to ensure all guests have their needs and requirements ticked, which is why we have serviced apartments near the hospital for medical patients, their families, and medical professionals.

By choosing our extensive portfolio, patients and their friends and family can easily locate an apartment close to the Hoboken University Medical Center during the stages of recovery. From studios to 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments, we can cater for patients and family groups that need a bespoke apartment that can add a bit of light and stability during unstable times. All of our apartments have been built for every need and requirement, so that relaxing and chilling will come second nature, despite the trying times. 

Our apartments are the perfect choice for medical accommodation near Hoboken University Medical Center, being centrally located and walking distance or sometimes a few subway stops from the hospital. But there’s more to our apartments than their great location. For example, we know that operations and medical procedures can change and that patients and their families may well need to extend at the last minute. So, whether the stay ends up being for a week, a month, a few days or even a year, all of our apartments can be booked and used for any length of time until the medical procedures are over.

When it comes to the features and amenities, this is where our extensive portfolio excels. All of our apartments near Hoboken University Medical Center are fully equipped to deliver homely comforts so the stages of operation and convalescence seem far away. Some of the amenities include the likes of a flat-screen TV to watch the latest shows and sports, Wi-Fi to keep other friends and family in the loop, a fully equipped kitchen to make simple meals and cosy living spaces to relax into so the healing can begin. With all this and more, any apartment can be made into a space that’s fit for patients, their loved ones and other medial professionals. Thanks to the kitchen and the state of the art facilities, guests can save on paying eye-watering restaurant bills, while potential gym access ensures that limbs and minds can be fixed throughout the grey days. 

But our apartments aren’t just close to hospitals, they can be close to attractions too. Museums, galleries, parks etc have been proven to help during the healing process, and if anything, it’s better sometimes to be outdoors than in when recuperating from long illnesses. New Jersey is known as ‘the garden state’ thanks to its incredible selection of national parks, including Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, Thomas Edison National Historical Park and Sandy Hook. There is also a superb selection of cultural highlights in and around the cities, such as the Liberty Science Centre in Jersey City, Newark Museum, or the Montclair Art Museum. Those who prefer outdoor pursuits but wish to remain close to the urban areas may also wish to visit the Lakota Wolf Preserve, or simply enjoy the sunshine in Liberty State Park.

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