Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC

Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC

Founded approximately 250 years ago, the New York-Presbyterian hospital is one of the most comprehensive and integrated academic healthcare systems in NYC. From primary care to the most sophisticated surgeries, this hospital believes in providing the best care to everyone in need. New York is the world’s one of the best destinations for medical care. Over the years NYC has been promoted as medical tourism and attracted people from all around the globe. With state-of-the-art medical facilities and pioneers in finding the medical solution to many difficult diseases, New York is one of the best places to go-to for any medical concern. 

No matter if you are a medical student or practitioner or visiting NYC for treatment, a peaceful and fully-functioning apartment is the best place to stay. Our service apartments are strategically located near New York-Presbyterian to give you spacious living spaces with all amenities and facilities. Our accommodation near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC is designed with all safety and security measures, elegant and comfortable furniture, and modern amenities to give to a much-needed break from the gloomy feeling of hospitals. Just a few minutes away from New York-Presbyterian, these serviced apartments are designed keeping your comfort and requirements in mind.

Our Best Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC

Designed for both medical students, doctors, and patients, our apartments are loaded with amenities that you require for a speedy recovery or peaceful living environment. We have a huge inventory of apartments from studios to 1 bedroom to 3 or 4 bedrooms that are perfect for you to stay in, while you are in NYC for study or medical treatment. Our accommodation near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC ensures that you can enjoy all your comfort while you are away from home. With amenities like a fully functioned kitchen, a living room with a sofa and a flat-screen TV, a comfy bed with enough cupboard space, these apartments will make your stay a memorable and pleasurable one. 

A few of our best accommodation near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC are:

Facilities in Our Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC

All our serviced apartments are designed to serve doctors, medical students, patients, and their families. Decorated with sleek and elegant furniture, soothing linen and upholstery, and modern appliances, these apartments have everything to provide you a homely atmosphere. Ideal for both short and long duration of stay, these apartments are ready to give you the comfort and peace of mind you require after a hectic day. 

The bedroom has a spacious comfy bed with a bedside table, chest of drawers, a cupboard, and an attached bathroom. Providing you utmost privacy and comfort there are extra pillows, comforters, and premier linen available in soothing colors to give you a peaceful sleep at night. The living room has comfy sofas, chairs, a coffee table, and a flat-screen TV with an entertainment unit and High-speed WiFi for you to enjoy your evenings without worrying about the next day. The modular kitchen is fully equipped with all energy-saving appliances like hob, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee-maker, and essential utensils for you to cook a healthy meal easily without much effort. 

While all our serviced apartments are loaded with the mentioned amenities and facilities, one can request for more if the apartment or building has those facilities available. For someone who wants to continue their fitness regime, there is a gym, for a relaxing experience after a hectic day, there are swimming pools, a spa, and much more. 

Types of Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC 

We have a range of serviced apartments in our inventory, from well-equipped studio apartments to huge 4 bedroom apartments. Based on your requirement you can select the one that fulfills all your needs and the number of people accompanying you. All our accommodations near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC are located close by and offer great transport facilities and a safe locality. These apartments are close to many restaurants and take-aways so even if you do not want to cook your own meal, you will easily get delicious healthy food nearby. 

Here are the types of accommodation we offer:

  • Studio - Perfect for medical students these studio apartments have everything you might need within reach. Compact and well equipped, these apartments have an open-plan design that is apt for students. You can also have your privacy and comfort which you don’t get in a hostel or shared accommodation.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - If you are looking for a more spacious option than a studio, then these 1 bedroom apartments are just what you need. Fully-furnished, well-equipped with all amenities and enough space for a single guest or a couple of people, there is a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - Our 2 bedroom apartments allow more visitors to stay in one place. If you are staying with your family or sharing with another friend or colleague of yours, then these 2 bedroom apartments will be a perfect choice for you.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - Ideal for a group of friends, family, or large medical teams, these 3 bedroom apartments are there to give you ample space and privacy. With separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a living room with a dining area you can enjoy your stay here to the fullest. 
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - These apartments are huge. With 4 bedrooms these are suited for large groups. Our 4 bedroom apartments are well-equipped and spacious to cater to all your needs.

Attractions Close to Our Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC 

New York City is known for its numerous tourist attractions, be it the famous Empire State Building or Central Park or Times Square. Millions of people travel to New York every year to see the renowned attractions and experience the life of the city. While you might not be able to visit these places if you are staying in NYC for surgery or treatment, but medical students and doctors, these are the best places to take a break after the hectic schedule. Also, for patients, places like Central Park and other parks could be a great option to take a stroll in or enjoy a Sunday picnic with friends and family. 

A few of the attractions near our serviced apartments are: 

  • Empire State Building - This Art Deco building is one of the major attractions for NYC. The skyscraper has 102 floors and the view from the 86th-floor observation deck is completely breathtaking. While you are here gazing at the city and its skyline, you will definitely forget all the stress and tension you might have.
  • Times Square - If you want to experience the vibrant New York City then Times Square is the place for you. You will be mesmerized by the huge glittering billboards, shops, restaurants, and much more. The place is famous for the New Year’s Eve ball drop which you might have seen in many movies or TV shows.
  • Madison Square Park - For patients and doctors both, this might be a great place to take a stroll through the park or sit on the grass and relax. This park offers a calm and peaceful environment away from the city crowd. The serene environment, art installations, and colorful playground are perfect to soothe your eyes and rest your mind.
  • One World Observatory - You can get some great views from this observation deck especially from its 100, 101, and 102 floors. The glass building can be spotted from almost everywhere in New York.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park - This park offers a panoramic view of the surreal skyline of Manhattan skyscrapers. With the East River and Brooklyn Bridge on one side and the confluence of East and Hudson rivers on the other, this is a great place to enjoy your evenings. 
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - If you are an art lover or maybe not, you still might like this famous museum. Shown in many movies this museum with its huge art collections never fails to amuse its visitors. You can visit the museum and take a stroll through various exhibitions on a free day. 
  • Central Park - Away from the hustle-bustle of the city of Central Park is another nature lovers paradise. Admire the beauty of nature while taking a walk down the pathways of Central Park on a leisurely day. People who are not from New York can also enjoy a horse carriage ride, boating, visit Central Park Zoo, and visit Belvedere Castle.

Restaurants Close to Our Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC

New York is famous for its cultural diversity and cuisines from all around the world. From small cafes to roadside takeaways to elegant dine-ins, NYC is filled with delicious food options. While for many of our guest’s food plays an integral part of their travel itinerary, for patients it is advisable to avoid outside food and stick to home-cooked healthy meals. This is why we have thoughtfully designed the kitchens in our accommodation near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC to make sure that you can easily and quickly cook your own meal. From coffee maker to toaster to hob and microwave, there is everything for you to enjoy a healthy meal at our serviced apartments. However, you can always have a good healthy meal outside at some of the best restaurants in the vicinity. Also, for our guests who are medical students, practitioners, doctors, and medical staff, there are various options available for you to enjoy your lunches and dinner. You can explore various cuisines while you stay at our serviced apartments as these have excellent transport systems nearby and close to many of the best food joints and dine-ins of NYC. 

Our accommodation near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC can be found near the following restaurants:

  • Elio’s - This Italian style restaurant serves some of the best house-made pasta with fresh ingredients. The elegant decor and delicious food make it one of the must-visits in this neighborhood. 
  • Divya’s Kitchen - Famous for its vegetarian Ayurvedic cuisine, this restaurant prepares everything in the house. The freshness of the ingredients and overall food is taken very seriously here. 
  • Daniel - You can pick Daniel’s for a pleasant evening dinner for its top-level wine and delicious food. This French restaurant is as classy as it gets and the ambiance speaks elegance.  
  • The Organic Grill - A vegan, gluten-free restaurant in New York City, The Organic Grill uses organic and seasonal produced ingredients in all their dishes, drinks, and desserts. You can have great food, a great time, and great conversations in this place. 
  • Oceans - A well-known seafood restaurant that serves the freshest catch, this is a go-to if you are a seafood lover. 

Our Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC for Medical Students

Known to be one of the most difficult courses of all, students pursuing medical studies need a place to stay where they can have a peaceful environment to study. All our serviced apartments near New York-Presbyterian are there to provide comfort and privacy. With a quiet atmosphere and high-speed Wi-Fi to study, a cozy bedroom to rest, and a living room with a TV and a comfy sofa to enjoy sometime in the evening, we have kept it all. The well-equipped kitchen with the dining area is designed perfectly so that you don’t skip your meals and have a great time with friends over the weekend. 

Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC for Doctors

You will definitely crave a peaceful sleep and complete rest after a long shift at the hospital and this is why all our apartments are loaded with comfortable furniture and modern amenities. A place that you can call home and have a calm peaceful time after a hectic day at work. Our accommodation near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC is designed with all amenities and facilities you need for a comfortable stay. The spacious living room, kitchen, and dining area for you to enjoy with your friends and colleagues, facilities like gym, swimming pool to have a memorable stay, there is everything kept in mind while designing these accommodations. 

Our Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC for Patients 

A peaceful and spacious place with all amenities and facilities is what you require for your speedy recovery. Our apartments are designed with special care for all our guests traveling to NYC for any treatment or surgery. From the comfortable bedroom to the fully equipped kitchen to cook a healthy meal, there is everything arranged as per your need. 

Transportation Near Our Accommodation Near Presbyterian Hospital in NYC

All our apartments are located close to New York-Presbyterian, which makes it easier for patients, doctors, or medical practitioners to commute. Also, the NYC subway is a suitable way to travel for any part of the city and our serviced apartments are strategically located close to these subway stations. 

Here are some of the subway stations near our serviced apartments: 

  • Fulton St
  • Frankfort St/Pearl St
  • Pearl St/Fulton St 
  • Pearl St/Peck Slip

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