Accommodation Near Times Square

Accommodation Near Times Square

One of the most instantly recognisable cities in the world, New York’s iconic skyline and wealth of trade and tourism opportunities makes it a popular destination for millions of travellers every year. From Central Park to Times Square and the Empire State Building, there is just so much to see and do in The Big Apple that it can often be hard to fit everything into a single visit. Fortunately then, there is a huge range of long term and short term accommodation options available throughout the city’s many neighbourhoods, with serviced apartments from TheSqua.re growing increasingly popular among tourists and business travellers due to the privacy and come-and-go flexibility they offer. The Midtown district in Central Manhattan is a particularly sought-after location, as apartments here benefit from close proximity to many of the best attractions on the island, including the Rockefeller Center, Carnegie Hall, and Grand Central Terminal.

Functioning as self-contained travel hubs, all serviced accommodation from TheSqua.re ensures a perfect blend of comfort and convenience to make guests feel at home in a foreign city. Warm, plush interiors and a range of modern amenities allow all visitors to get out and see the sights of New York at their own pace, without needing to worry about check out times or housekeeping services. Professional travellers can be downtown in a matter of moments, allowing them to conduct their business in the city with ease, and families or group travellers will find plenty to keep them entertained both inside and out. Why not hop on the subway at Times Square and take a tour of Wall Street? Or get out and explore the attractions of Queens and Brooklyn? And if ever an extended visit is desired, TheSqua.re’s flexible rental rates means that longer stays can always be accommodated, with some guests even gaining access to exclusive benefits like free parking or discounted entry to local events.

Veritable homes away from home, serviced apartments from TheSqua.re guarantee every visit will be a restful one, no matter the length of stay or number of guests. The living and sleeping quarters are elegantly furnished and well-lit, granting the feel of returning to a personal palace at the end of every day. The inclusion of flatscreen TVs and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi means that quiet nights in will never be without entertainment, and for those visitors who are always on the go, all serviced accommodation comes with a fully equipped kitchen featuring stoves, ovens and microwaves to allow for home cooking whenever it fits in with that busy schedule. Guests can recline in peace and comfort away from the hubbub of Times Square and nearby Midtown streets, ensuring a fully energised start to the next day. After all, who wants to sleep away a week in New York when there’s so much to take in? Whether business or pleasure, TheSqua.re can help make the most out of that Big Apple visit, while always leaving guests wanting more.

When it comes to planning that New York city break, a great location can be crucial in finding the right accommodation. Many apartments near Midtown offer huge benefits in terms of proximity to the city’s best sights. Tours of the Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building provide stunning views over the entire metropolis, and visitors can walk from the bright lights and bustle of Times Square to the tranquillity of Central Park to take in two distinct and different sides of the city (or jump in a traditional yellow cab to travel like a true New Yorker). Central Park is also a great location for family days out due to the likes of the city’s Natural History Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and zoo all located along its boundaries. Ferry services to Ellis and Liberty Island can be enlisted from Manhattan Island’s south side near the Tribeca district for those who wish to take a step into the country’s past, and this part of time also plays host to ample bars, restaurants and clubs for any party-hardy night owls. The borough of Brooklyn by contrast provides a more serene, suburban feel. Comprised of many neighbourhoods itself, Brooklyn is the site of the architectural marvel the Brooklyn Bridge, a 19th century hybrid suspension bridge and national historic landmark, as well as the fairground nostalgia of Coney Island and the smaller but no less serene Prospect Park. And no matter the location, every neighbourhood across the three main islands will be easily traversable, thanks to NYC’s intuitive and world-famous subway system.

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