Accommodation Near Yeshiva University

Accommodation near Yeshiva University

Offering a dual curriculum inspired by Modern-Centrist-Orthodox Judaism's hashkafa (philosophy) of Torah Umadda, this university combines traditional values with vocational qualifications to enrich minds as well as souls. Its alumni include the author Chaim Potok, and diplomats/politicians like Howard Dean, Sheldon Silver and Daniel C. Kurtzer, and Nobel laureate Paul Greengard. With campuses around the Washington Heights and Murray Hill neighbourhoods, the university is always buzzing with students, lecturers etc that are waiting to combine their faith with a vocational purpose. But when all that winds down, they will need the ideal home to come back to. And that’s where TheSqua.re comes in.

Students, lecturers and postgrads that are looking for accommodation near Yeshiva University will find our apartments more than satisfactory. From studios to 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments, we can cater for anyone and any group that will be calling the university home during their stay. All of them have been built for every need and requirement, so that relaxing and chilling will come second nature. With each one situated not too far from the university campuses, or city centre, guests can study, prepare, explore and shop whenever they want to.

Our apartments are the perfect choice to be close to Yeshiva University, being centrally located and also only walking distance or sometimes a few subway stops from the main campuses. But there’s more to our apartments than their distance. Take the length of stay. We all know it can change at the last minute or vary wildly from stay to stay. Whether the stay is for a week, a month, a few days or even a year, all our apartments are open to every option, so however long a student, post-grad, lecturer or researcher needs to stay near Yeshiva University, time isn’t pivotal to us.

When it comes to the features and amenities, this is where our extensive portfolio excels. Each one of our apartments near Yeshiva is fully equipped to deliver homely comforts to make the long study days feel a mile away. Some of the amenities include the likes of a flat-screen TV to watch the latest hits on Netflix, Wi-Fi to stay connected to loved ones, a fully equipped kitchen to make good old American meals and cosy living spaces to jump into after the day ends. With all this and more, any apartment can be made into a space fit for leisure, fun and study. Thanks to the kitchen and the state of the art facilities, guests can save on paying eye-watering restaurant and bar bills when they head on out. Plus, some apartments come with gym access as well for when students etc want to keep their body as active as their study brain.

Washington Heights is an underrated NYC neighbourhood and doesn’t get as much fanfare as the likes of Upper East Side or Midtown. However, it holds a special place in American history thanks to Fort Washington, constructed on the highest natural point in Manhattan. Aside from that, it has been going through a state of urban renewal and regeneration - the kind of areas that are popular with students. However, the campus in Murray Hill benefits from the trendy demeanour and its reputation as “Curry Hill” (there are many curry houses that spread down the streets), as well as its popularity with young people. Within these two neighbourhoods, our apartments easily blend in and add their own splash of character to the surroundings.

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