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If you are seeking apartments in Brooklyn, NY, you will find suitable options courtesy of our vast portfolio. We offer apartments tailored to your preferences ranging from studios to one and even 2-bedroom units. All necessary amenities are provided for contemporary travelers in addition to central locations that link seamlessly to major points of interest, business hubs and restaurants. 

Finding spacious and attractively designed apartments in Brooklyn, NY is a breeze with our award-winning reservations team at your service. We help you get the best unit at the most competitive price point by all means. Here’s to an enjoyable stay in Brooklyn, New York. 

Finding Apartments in Brooklyn, NY 

We have multiple options available in terms of the right apartments in Brooklyn, NY. Each apartment has its own distinctive vibe, ambiance and USP that attracts travelers immensely. Here are some of the options that are definitely worth considering in this regard: 

Get swift assistance from our reservations team and book your comfortable and cozy Brooklyn apartment today. 

Why Book Apartments in Brooklyn, NY?

You should definitely consider booking apartments in Brooklyn, NY if you are heading to the Big Apple for work or leisure (or a bit of both!). This is because Brooklyn is one of the most historic, culturally enriched and aesthetically diverse neighborhoods of the city, not to mention the potpourri of art, music, restaurants, cafes and historic landmarks all around. Brooklyn also offers great connectivity to almost all major business/leisure haunts in NYC. 

We have an extensive portfolio of apartments in Brooklyn, NY that will make your stay in NYC more memorable to say the least! Come back home to your own apartment and unwind in style after a hard day at work. Spent hours sightseeing? Chill with your loved ones or crash on the couch with your flat-screen television and cable for company! You can indulge in everything you want right at your own home away from home in New York. 

Cost of Apartments in Brooklyn, NY

Wondering about the cost of booking apartments in Brooklyn, NY? You need not worry at all since we offer our units at fair and reasonable prices. While we do have peak seasons at specific times of the year owing to a rush of travelers to the city, we keep our rates competitive. We also throw in 24-hour management, support and assistance to keep you safe, secure and happy during your stay. 

Facilities in Our Apartments in Brooklyn, NY

Each of our apartments in Brooklyn, NY is equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities for modern travelers. While amenities may vary from one unit to another, here are some of the ones that you will generally find at our Brooklyn apartments. 

  • Air conditioning
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Business center
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Private garden 
  • Onsite gym 
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Onsite security 
  • 24-hour management 

Every apartment has its own characteristic appeal that will draw its own special set of travelers to New York City. 

Best Things to Do in Brooklyn 

Locals put it aptly when they say that Brooklyn is no longer an upcoming neighborhood of NYC. It has finally arrived and made its mark in the legion of historically and culturally rich localities frequented by the swish set. When in Brooklyn, here are some of the things that you must do by all means. 

  • Have a thrilling experience at the Green-Wood Cemetery - A cemetery will give you the chills (quite obviously) but this 478-acre oasis of green is actually a National Historical Landmark situated between Sunset Park and Prospect Park. It was founded in the year 1838 and is the counterpart to the Pere Lachaise in Paris. You will find that several icons like Leonard Bernstein, William Boss Tweed, Horace Greeley and Jean-Michel Basquiat lie buried here while there are several fascinating walking tours offered along with lectures, exhibits, concerts and more. Learn about the intriguing history behind the Green-Wood cemetery while enjoying the amazing views of the famous green monk parakeets nesting here since way back in the 1960s. With the lovely glacial ponds, valleys and hills along with one of the biggest collections of 19th-20th century mausoleums and statuary, you will find it worth a visit. 
  • Satiate your cravings at the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg - Picture one of the most enticing destinations where you can relish innumerable homemade delicacies by local artisans and vendors. These include everything from pickles and pulled pork sandwiches to sausages, sliders, chocolates, grilled cheese, granola, mustards, bagels and doughnuts. At the same time, shop your heart out, picking up antiques, vintage apparel, art, handcrafted jewelry items and a lot more. Since the year 2008, this has been the spot for hundreds of local artisans, craftsmen and vendors each week and is held at DUMBO (80 Pearl Street) and Industry City (241 37th Street). Held indoors and outdoors (in winters and summers respectively), with bars serving up delightful craft beers and cocktails alike, this is one fabulous destination for stylish unwinding with your pals for company! 
  • Take a historical journey through time at the Brooklyn Museum - It goes without saying that if you’re in Brooklyn, NY, you should not leave without experiencing the acclaimed Brooklyn Museum, the city’s second-biggest such repository of history after the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is home to one of the biggest and most fascinating Egyptian art collections along with works by legends like George Bellows and John Singer Sargent. Note that Mondays and Tuesdays are closed for visitors. 
  • Admire the views at the Brooklyn Bridge Park - This is a pleasing and aesthetically appealing stretch of waterfront going till the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan Bridge. A preferred spot for adults and children alike, it is dotted with numerous playgrounds, meadows and stalls from local delights including Ample Hills Creamery, Lizzmonade and Luke’s Lobster. Those into physical activity can indulge in full-court basketball, sand volleyball, swimming and kayaking here (the zone also has a locker room). Chill out with the sandy beach and tiki bar and grill for company along with taking in a bout of roller-skating with the little ones! Jane’s Carousel, a lovingly renovated attraction, has been here from 1922 and looks onto the water with a glass pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel. If you didn’t know, he is a French architect who has won the Pritzker Prize for his acclaimed creations. The Ed Center is a key highlight with its 10-inch scale replica of the Brooklyn Bridge and the 250-gallon aquarium that has critters from the lovely East River filling it up. Pier 2 even has ping pong tables for that quick little game before you resume your stroll! 
  • Pamper your inner gastronome at Williamsburg - Brooklyn is now home to some of the city’s biggest and best restaurants, particularly in nearby Williamsburg. One of NYC’s true-blue restaurant hubs, you can start with breakfast at Egg followed by some coffee and bites at Blue Bottle. Lunch could be at the iconic Diner while Lemon’s is where a rooftop cocktail will get your spirits energized instantly. Find delicious champagne accompanied by oysters at the Maison Premiere raw bar while piping steaks at St. Anselm can be equally tempting by all means. 
  • Walk around Brooklyn Heights - Once you’ve taken in all those calories, it’s time to burn them off courtesy an energizing walk around the famed Brooklyn Heights. There are several neighborhoods that are delightful to explore on foot including Park Slope, Williamsburg, Cobble Hill and of course, Brooklyn Heights. The lovely tree-lined avenues are the previous site of the Revolutionary War and where many of the city’s most famous cultural icons and writers resided. From Arthur Miller and Truman Capote to Carson McCullers and Norman Mailer, the list is rather long! You will love the quaint cobblestone streets, gorgeous mansions, eye-catching brownstones and antebellum wooden-framed row houses alike. Venture onto the Promenade, a one-mile pathway offering stunning views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. 
  • Sample unique brews at Brooklyn Brewery - High alert for beer lovers! Brooklyn Brewery (founded by Tom Potter and Steven Hindy) is a one-stop jaunt for sampling some of America’s best craft beer along with local favorites inspired by the tantalizing brews of the Ireland, Germany and Belgium. The signature Brooklyn Lager is worth a try along with several other artisanal beers alike. Technical tours, tastings and other events make the experience doubly memorable for visitors. 
  • Tap your inner art lover at DUMBO - DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is where all the action is, particularly if you love art! Brimming with talent and stocked with fascinating local galleries, it will definitely be a great place to visit. Drop by United Photo Industries and check out the amazing exhibition space, public installations and more. Venture onto Minus Space with its lovely contemporary reductive abstract art collections and thereafter at Artists in Residence (A.I.R.) Gallery that set up shop in the year 1972. This was the USA’s first-ever fully female cooperative art gallery. Talk about history! 
  • Relax at the charming Prospect Park - Prospect Park is one of Brooklyn’s most popular attractions and a lazy afternoon stroll through this oasis of calm is highly recommended! Designed by the acclaimed Frederick Law Olmsted post the completion of the equally famous Central Park, this park covers a sprawling 90 acres covering open and wide fields for soccer and baseball along with running trails, horseback riding trails and bike riding paths. There are summer concerts held at the park every year (Prospect Park Bandshell) along with an ice skating rink that opens seasonally at the LeFrak Center. There are multiple playgrounds while people are also drawn to the 1912 Prospect Park Carousel. One of the largest green markets in NYC can be found here each Saturday near the Grand Army Plaza. 
  • Shop till you drop at Atlantic Avenue - Atlantic Avenue is a true paradise for shoppers! No exploratory trip in Brooklyn will be complete without checking out the fascinating wares on offer here. There is something for every shopper and most importantly, every budget! Check out Goose Barnacle if you’re a man in need of a complete makeover while Kaight is where women can sample eco-friendly apparel and accessories. Meg is the desired stopover for fabulous dresses while Written by Forest is the place to be for jewelry aficionados. 
  • Have a ball at Coney Island - Coney Island is situated in the southern part of Brooklyn and one of NYC’s biggest draws for locals and tourists alike. It is known for its amusement park, lovely beach, boardwalk and lip-smacking hotdogs as well! Coney Island has been getting innumerable visitors way back from the 1830s, particularly Manhattan locals who think of it as a highly convenient weekend getaway. There are tons of exciting rides here along with circus shows, carnival games and so on. Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Luna Park, Scream Zone, Eldorado Bumper Cars & Arcade, McCullough’s Kiddie Park and Coney Island Arcade & Games are key attractions likewise. The Cycle Rollercoaster is one of the most thrilling rides you will ever find (apparently Charles Lindbergh stated that this was more exciting than even his first solo Atlantic flight!). There are several eateries and shops along the sandy beach too. 
  • Traverse your own version of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory - Jacques Torres Chocolate is a modern-day Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, established in a transformed brick warehouse in the DUMBO zone. This is the flagship of Jacques Torres, the highly acclaimed French patisserie with a resume boasting of the famous Le Cirque at New York. Dishing out tantalizing milk and dark chocolates, the place also offers croissants and champagne-filled chocolate corks along with menageries of chocolate creatures and chocolate lollipops alike. Feast on the huge chocolate bars with the eponymous Big Daddy brand name along with cookies and ice cream alike. Jacques Torres is a globally acclaimed name today and is known as Mr. Chocolate. He has 5 more locations in Manhattan already including one at the bustling Chelsea Market. 
  • Enjoy the vibe at Carroll Gardens - A charming neighborhood that is nestled in South Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens was originally included in the working-class locality of Red Hook which is a few blocks southwards from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Settlements by Dutch farmers followed by the Italian, Irish and Norwegian merchants and then American citizens, French immigrants and aging couples have made this a highly cosmopolitan neighborhood. Carroll Gardens is a peaceful oasis of independent boutiques, cafes and antique stores with most of them nestled along Smith Street. Named after Charles Carroll, one of the most prominent heroes of the Revolutionary War and Maryland Senator (also the sole Roman Catholic signer for the Declaration of Independence), the area has Carroll Park at its center. The Carroll Gardens Historic District is situated near this beautiful tree-lined park and has iconic 19th century brownstones with expansive front gardens. 

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