Apartments Near Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Apartments Near Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Seeking apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York? You have certainly arrived at the right destination. We offer immaculately designed, comfortable and serviced apartments near the landmark Brooklyn Bridge in the Big Apple. We make it a point to equip all our apartments with the best amenities and facilities for the convenience and comfort of our guests. You will find centrally located and well-connected units near Brooklyn Bridge that also offer access to major public transportation facilities. 

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the biggest tourist attractions in New York City, covering the East River between the Brooklyn and Manhattan boroughs. It was opened to the public in 1883 and was the first-ever fixed-crossing across the river and the world’s longest suspension bridge at the time. It was originally known as the East River Bridge, getting its current name in the year 1915. Being the southernmost out of all the four bridges linking Long Island and Manhattan (Williamsburg, Manhattan and Queensboro bridges slanting northwards), it witnesses thousands of pedestrians, passenger vehicles and bicycles on a daily basis. The bridge has been used as a location for various performances, stunts and other events along with being an officially designed National Historic Landmark, a landmark for New York City and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. 

Our award-winning reservations team will help you find the best apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York, complete with all amenities that you desire. We help you plan ahead for memorable stays in the Big Apple. 

Finding the Best Apartments Near Brooklyn Bridge

We have a wide range of options pertaining to furnished and well-designed apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Each apartment comes with its own distinctive vibe, ambience and special USPs that appeal greatly to all travelers. Here are some of the options that are worth checking out on your part: 

These are but some of our apartments near the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. We have diverse options ranging from studios to 1, 2 and even 3 bed apartments, depending upon your preferences. Studios are ideal for solo travelers or couples while the other apartments offer more room for slightly bigger groups or families traveling to New York City for extended periods of time. 

Why Book Our Apartments Near Brooklyn Bridge? 

You should always consider booking our apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York, since they come with all the facilities that you require for an enjoyable and convenient trip. From rustling up delicious meals and enjoying your downtime with your family to inviting friends over, you can do it all in your very own apartment in NYC. Additionally, these apartments are located near one of the biggest tourist landmarks in the city and several other attractions including the best restaurants, shopping zones, bars and historical landmarks. They are also well linked to major places of business and technology hubs in the Big Apple. Booking an apartment means that you get your own place to call home for an extended stay in the city. This ensures more comfort and convenience along with greater privacy and freedom as compared to conventional hospitality accommodation. 

Facilities in Our Apartments Near Brooklyn Bridge 

There are several amenities offered at our apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Every apartment has its own plus points although amenities may differ from one unit to another. Here are some of the common facilities that we offer at our apartments. 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

All apartments have fully equipped kitchens and necessary appliances in tandem with the best bathroom amenities and toiletries for a comfortable experience. Most units come with lovely views and plush furnishings while being centrally connected to public transportation facilities and tourist attractions. Some apartments may even come with onsite facilities like fitness facilities, swimming pools, community lounges and recreational areas, rooftop terraces, balconies, bars, cafes, restaurants, spa facilities and even sauna and Jacuzzi provisions. It all depends on the location, type of unit and other parameters. 

Apartments Near Brooklyn Bridge for Corporate Travelers

Corporate travelers will find it hugely advantageous to book apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York for various reasons. Firstly, you can get a comfortable apartment to call home for long and extended periods in NYC without any hassles. Secondly, you get easy access to all major public transit options nearby along with major business and commercial hubs in the Big Apple. Thirdly, you can access some of the city’s biggest tourist landmarks and cultural centers nearby from these apartments along with its best restaurants, shopping centers, pubs and more. What’s more, our apartments come with the best views and plush furnishings to help you enjoy your New York sojourn in style. We offer all the facilities that you could possibly want during your trip including flat-screen televisions and cable packages for nightly unwinding after long days along with complimentary Wi-Fi that keeps you seamlessly connected to friends and family. Some units even have additional features like conferencing facilities and business centers that you can consider. 

Apartments Near Brooklyn Bridge for Leisure Travelers

Leisure travelers and families will also find greater value in booking our apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York. We offer spacious and roomy apartments for the whole family including 1, 2 and even 3 bed options. So what if the kids, spouse and even the in-laws decide to tag along? We help you find ample space for everyone along with the freedom and convenience that you will not find at conventional hospitality options. We offer fully equipped kitchens for hearty meals along with all necessary appliances, bathroom amenities and comfortable beds, complete with every security and safety provision that you can think of! Complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, cable packages and other facilities keep everyone happily engaged during the trip as well. Staying for extended periods in NYC will prove most enjoyable with our serviced apartments at your disposal. 

About The Brooklyn Bridge

Arguably the biggest landmark in the Brooklyn borough and one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge has a chequered history of its own. Finished in the year 1883, it is one of the USA’s oldest suspension bridges covering a whopping 1600 feet in entirety. Linking Brooklyn and Manhattan, it was earlier called the East River Bridge. The name Brooklyn Bridge was first used in a letter to the editor of the local newspaper back in the year 1867. The formal usage of the name was made official in the year 1915 by the government and it became a National Historic Landmark back in 1964. 

The bridge has become a major cultural landmark in its own right, having been shown in numerous films and depicted in various pioneering texts including The Bridge by Harry Crane. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is one of the most important cultural and artistic initiatives surrounding the bridge while other famous works include the Photo of the Brooklyn Bridge by Walker Evans, From Bridges to Text: Brooklyn Bridge, Myth and Symbol by Christopher B. Hoskins and the famous Brooklyn Bridge Stamp which was issued back in the year 1983. 

Top Things to Do Near Brooklyn Bridge 

If you are at the Brooklyn Bridge, after taking in the magnificent views and walking across it, preferably at sunset, here are some of the other things that you can do nearby. 

  • Eating at a Famous Pizzeria - Grimaldi’s is the most famous pizzeria in all of Brooklyn, having started its journey back in 1990 under the aegis of Patsy Grimaldi. It has earned a reputation for its coal-fired sumptuous pizzas and the queue of diners can get notoriously long here as well! The nearby Juliana’s Pizza opened by Grimaldi again in 2012 is situated at the original site of the famous Grimaldi’s joint. 
  • Waterside Park Relaxation - The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a beautiful space covering 85 acres which looks over Manhattan and covers 1.3 miles alongside the East River. The park comes with gardens, a lovely beach and grassy lawns along with bocce and basketball courts and a roller rink. There are numerous events taking place at the park around the year, mostly in the summers including yoga, kayaking, theatre and stargazing. 
  • Cultural Rendezvous - St Ann’s Warehouse is where you should head for a fabulous lineup of concerts and stage performances including the likes of acclaimed hits The Jungle and Hamlet. This venue is situated in Brooklyn Bridge Park, within the famous Tobacco Warehouse. Classical music enthusiasts will love paying a visit to the multifaceted venue named Bargemusic beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. You can listen to music composed by legends such as Bach, Handel and Beethoven here. 
  • Brooklyn Walking Tours- You can go on a walking tour of some of the most charming and aesthetically appealing neighborhoods in Brooklyn. DUMBO is a famous, artistically inclined and lovely area between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, right near the equally historic Fulton Street thoroughfare. The acronym itself translates to Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This is one of the swankiest areas in Brooklyn at the moment. The location is also where you will find the Brooklyn Flea Market with vintage apparel, antiques, furniture, local artwork, crafts, jewelry and more up for grabs. The Brooklyn Roasting Company is where coffee lovers will appreciate the fine blends, fair trade coffee and espresso greatly. The Brooklyn Heights area offers amazing views of the Lower Manhattan area from the Promenade. The New York Transit Museum falls on our route while Vinegar Hill is another charming locality with Geek Revival themed row houses and lovely antique and dining joints. 

Tourist Landmarks Near Our Brooklyn Bridge Apartments

Our apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York, are located in close proximity to several tourist landmarks. Some of them include the following: 

  • Green Wood Cemetery - A National Historic Landmark between the Sunset and Prospect parks, this cemetery spans 478 acres and was founded back in the year 1838. It is where icons such as Leonard Bernstein and Horace Greeley lie buried and where you will find several concerts, book lectures, walking tours, exhibitions and other educational pursuits on offer. The area is also known for being home to the rare green monk parakeet along with rolling hills, tranquil pathways and glacial ponds. 
  • Brooklyn Museum - New York City’s second-biggest museum after MoMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art), the Brooklyn Museum is worth a visit, particularly for its vast Egyptian art collection and works by legends such as George Bellows, John Singer Sargent and others. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park - A charmingly revitalized oasis along the waterfront, it is filled with gorgeous meadows suitable for picnics and playgrounds aplenty. There are local businesses here including Luke’s Lobster, Ample Hills Creamery and Lizzmonade, serving up delightful fare along with activities like kayaking, basketball, sand volleyball and more. The famous Jane’s Carousel is worth a visit (dating back to 1922) that is accommodated in the stunning glass pavilion designed by none other than Jean Nouvel, the acclaimed French architect. Other attractions include the 250 gallon massive aquarium, ping pong tables (Pier 2) and of course, the 10’ Brooklyn Bridge Park scale model at The Ed Center. 
  • Brooklyn Brewery - Founded by Tom Potter and Steve Hindy, the brewery is known for churning out some of the USA’s best-ever brew while integrating craft beer techniques from far-away shores like Belgium, Germany and Ireland. This historic brewery is where you will relish signature Brooklyn Lager along with other artisanal offerings that promise to delight true connoisseurs. Events like tastings and technical tours are readily available throughout the year. 
  • Prospect Park - Spend a day traversing the charming Prospect Park which covers 90 acres of soccer and basketball fields, running and walking trails, horseback riding tracks and more. This is where several landmark concerts take place while the 1912 Prospect Park Carousel is a popular landmark for tourists. The Prospect Park Bandshell is the seasonal ice skating rink here at the LeFrak Center. 

Restaurants Near Our Brooklyn Bridge Apartments

You will find several restaurants near our apartments near Brooklyn Bridge, New York. These include the following: 

  • Cowgirl Sea Horse - A quaint hangout for food lovers, this is where you will relish oysters and blackened fish tacos, complete with baby back ribs and nachos, guacamole, black beans and sour cream. 
  • Nelson Blue - From free-range lamb and New Zealand special sauvignon blanc to green-lipped mussels, this is a must-visit for exotic fare dished out by expert chefs. The lovely view at South Street Seaport makes this hip restaurant even more attractive to tourists. 
  • The Paris Café - The East River breeze is even more compelling at this artsy pub which opened doors back in 1873. From Buffalo Bill Cody and Teddy Roosevelt to other famous patrons, everyone relished/relishes the fish and chips, buttermilk fried chicken and delightful burgers here! 
  • Gran Electrica - Dig into the best of Mexican cuisine at Gran Electrica that offers margaritas with fresh and natural ingredients, quesadillas, tacos and more. The esquites (corn stripped right from the cob) with cotija cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, cilantro and epazote are worth a try for sure! 

Staying near the Brooklyn Bridge ensures access to several top restaurants both on the Manhattan and Brooklyn sides of town. 

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