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You don’t have to be a Friends fan to have heard of Central Park. The USA’s highest visited urban park attracts close to 40 million people every year along with being the world’s most filmed location. This oasis of peace, greenery and tranquility is nestled between the Upper West and Upper East Side of Manhattan, being the city’s 5th biggest park spanning a whopping 843 acres. It goes without saying that finding apartments near Central Park is the best thing to do for tourists, business travelers and families looking for some much-needed fun, relaxation and unwinding during their time in New York City. Our award-winning reservations team will help you choose the best apartments near this mega landmark that are located centrally and close to some of the city’s biggest landmarks and hippest areas. 

About Central Park

A little history is in order before you book apartments near Central Park for your extended stay in the Big Apple. Central Park obtained approval way back in 1853 and a design competition was eventually won by reputed landscaping architects Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted in 1857. Construction commenced likewise with the first public areas being opened from 1858 onwards. The final completion of the park was in 1876 while it was majorly refurbished from the 1980s onward through the Central Park Conservancy program. 

Some of Central Park’s biggest attractions include the Ramble and Lake, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Hallett Nature Sanctuary, Sheep Meadow, Central Park Carousel, Wollman Rink and the Central Park Zoo which has since become a landmark in its own right. There are several other zones that draw tourists like the Bethesda Terrace and Central Park Mall along with the charming Delacorte Theater. Chance upon hundreds of species of fauna and flora while taking a delightful carriage-horse ride or bicycle tour through the lush greenery. There are several events and concerts held around the year including Shakespeare in the Park for instance. There are multiple walkways and roads along with public transportation facilities available for the benefit of visitors as well. Central Park is a National Historic Landmark and is owned by the Department of Parks and Recreation, New York City. 

Our Apartments Near Central Park 

We offer a diverse range of apartments near Central Park for guests. You will find everything from compact studio apartments to spacious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments that come equipped with all necessary amenities for modern travelers. Here are some of our locations near Central Park where you can book comfortable and premier apartments at reasonable rates. 

These are only some of our innumerable serviced apartments near Central Park that you can choose from. Our reservations team will help you find the best apartments for stays ranging between a few days to even months in New York City at your desired budget. It goes without saying that staying in proximity to the 843 acre Central Park definitely comes with its own advantages. 

Facilities in Our Apartments Near Central Park 

Our comfortable and spacious apartments near Central Park are often accompanied by premium facilities including gorgeous panoramic city views, stunning furniture, fully equipped kitchen units and smart televisions in tandem with premier wireless speakers and on-site amenities like fitness facilities and outdoor recreational areas. Facilities vary from one apartment to another yet each unit has its own special USP and vibe that will definitely create a home away from home for visitors to New York City. 

Here are some of the other facilities that may be enjoyed at our apartments in this stretch: 

  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning 
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Lift access
  • Wooden floors
  • Alarm clocks
  • Additional pillows, blankets and linen 
  • Complimentary gym access
  • Flat screen television with cable package
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi network 
  • Coffee machine
  • Washer/Dryer machine
  • Intercom system

Why Should You Book Apartments Near Central Park? 

Booking an apartment near Central Park means that you stay in close proximity to one of the biggest landmarks in New York City. From that early morning jog to exploring a beautiful green oasis with a casual walk, there’s always plenty to do at Central Park which has several delightful attractions of its own. Add to that the convenience of staying near major subway and train stations, easy airport access and proximity to major landmarks in the Big Apple. From hip restaurants and Broadway to pulsating nightlife, there’s always a lot going on nearby for you to sample.

Our diverse range of apartments in one of New York’s most prime locations are designed to cater to the needs of every traveler. Enjoy living in spacious and comfortable apartments with all the necessary amenities in one of the city’s best locations. Having your own apartment to come back to is always a major plus point, particularly when you’re looking for a space to unwind with family or even brainstorm with colleagues after a long day outdoors. Our studio apartments are ideal for solo travelers or a couple looking for a compact and well-equipped place to stay in New York while 1 and 2 bedrooms cater to the needs of slightly bigger travel groups or families, depending on specific requirements. 

Cost of Apartments Near Central Park 

Finding apartments near Central Park need not always be a costly affair; we ensure that all business and leisure travelers get accommodation that is tailored to their needs without pinching their pockets. Although there are some seasons that are busier than others, we strive to offer quality apartments at reasonable prices to all our customers. 

Additionally, our team is available round the clock to address all your queries or offer assistance whenever required, thereby enhancing the value you get from your apartment booking in or around Central Park. 

Fun Things to Do in Central Park 

Now that you’ve had your fill of history, here’s taking a look at the top fun things to do while you’re in Central Park. 

  • Enjoy gorgeous views from Belvedere Castle - Visit this stone castle perched over Vista Rock, offering panoramic views of the city and park from the rooftop including the Great Lawn and Delacorte Theater where famous artistes perform Shakespeare plays each summer. The Ramble forest is located towards the south from the majestic castle built in 1869. A gift shop and visitor center inside will keep you happily busy as well. Fun fact? The weather in the park is measured from the top of Belvedere Castle! 
  • Prepare to be amazed at the charming Central Park Zoo - This zoo features a variety of beloved animals from various regions of the world including snow leopards, red pandas, snow monkeys, penguins, California sea lions, lemurs, grizzly bears and more. The 4D Theater is a major attraction along with the Delacorte Musical Clock which is a hit with kids. 
  • Pay tribute to a musical legend at Strawberry Fields - Beatles’ fans treat this memorial to John Lennon as a pilgrimage of sorts within Central Park. The word Imagine etched on the pathway mosaic and the surrounding landscape will give you goosebumps. There are 161 plant species (one from each global country) at this Peace Garden and designated quiet zone (which is a jolly good thing!). 
  • Take gorgeous pictures at the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace - One of Central Park’s major attractions, the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace is nestled between the Mall and Lake with the fountain being dedicated in 1873. The Angel of the Waters statue was built in 1842 and you will love the Spanish-esque double staircase with friezes and tiles while the terrace is where the photographic action will be! 
  • Relax amidst lush greenery at the Conservatory Garden - This oasis of peace is filled with thousands of shrubs and trees as the sole formal Central Park garden spanning 6 acres. A big wedding favorite (that is if it is available), the Conservatory Garden is divided into Italian, French and English sections with the French portion featuring the Three Dancing Maidens bronze fountain by the noted Walter Schott. 
  • Savor your downtime in style at the Loeb Boathouse- The Loeb Boathouse on the Lake is a fascinating restaurant with a charming indoor dining room and outdoor seating zone on the edge of the water. An afternoon with a warm coffee or a piping hot meal is immensely therapeutic here as you gaze out onto the tranquil waters and rowers. Paddling around the lake (boats are available for rent) is another enjoyable activity, particularly if you’re in the mood for a little romance with your companion. 
  • Go back in time at the Mall and Literary Walk - Contrary to what you might perceive, the Mall is a wide and straight path running below a huge tree-lined canopy, offering a peaceful jaunt away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Winters are when you can join the Literary Walk through a captivating ambiance lined with statues of literary icons like Robert Burns, William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott and many others. 
  • Treat yourself to the famous Central Park Carousel - This iconic carousel is something of a tradition in New York City, having opened for business in the year 1871. Hundreds of people take a ride on the carousel every day which has been masterfully restored to its former glory. 
  • Enjoy shimmering calm amidst the Conservatory Water - Also known as the Model Boat Pond, the Conservatory Water is situated in proximity to 72nd Street towards the eastern half of Central Park. From spring to fall, this is where visitors gather for racing and sailing model boats. Benches line the shore, shaded by gigantic trees that create an amazing ambiance of relaxation and tranquility. The Alice in Wonderland sculpture is a treat to behold at the northern end while Kerbs Boathouse has a quaint café for you to sample at the eastern end. 
  • Go ice skating with your loved ones - Come late October and all the way till April, families visit Central Park for their regular dose of ice skating. Take a gorgeous summer’s day and a skate and you’re all sorted! Treat your loved ones to the Wollman Rink outdoor skating experience in a lovely outdoor setting while the Lasker Rink is a winter rink that doubles up as a summer swimming pool as well. 

Transportation Near Our Apartments in Central Park 

Our apartments near Central Park are not just comfortable and spacious; you also get access to a whole host of transportation facilities without a hitch! Here are some of the subway stations that are located in close proximity to our serviced apartments in this stretch. 

  • 50th St Station 
  • Pier 11 Ferry Landing
  • 23rd St Station 
  • 86th St Station 
  • 2nd Ave Station 
  • 18th St Station 
  • 33rd St Station 
  • Wall Street Station 
  • Chambers Street Station 

Some of the nearby train stations include: 

  • Wall Street Station 
  • Broad Street Station 
  • 14th Street Station 
  • Park Place Station 
  • Chambers Street Station 

You can also access the Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia Airport easily from our serviced apartments near Central Park. Rest assured that the drive to the airport won’t be as long as you’ve previously imagined.

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