Apartments Near Columbia University, New York

Apartments Near Columbia University, New York

Ranking 3rd in the top colleges in America for both English and Global Studies, this Ivy League University welcomes students from over 100 countries. Morningside Heights encompasses the huge college campus making it New York’s largest student neighborhood. Considering the evergreen popularity of the prestigious institution and our thorough knowledge of the surrounding area including the Upper West Side and Harlem, we have come up with our exquisite range of apartments near Columbia University, New York. 

About Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is the oldest institution and Ivy League university for research in NYC and the 5th oldest in the United States of America which imparts higher education. It sits majestically on the Trinity Church grounds in the most popular borough of Manhattan. Spread in a lush land of 299 acres, the world-renowned university was established in the year 1754. With over 200 research centers part of the institution to over 6000 undergrad students enrolled here, the reputation of the university and the popularity of this Manhattan area stands strong even today. 

Our Best Furnished Apartments Near Columbia University, New York

Students and professors look for homely abodes within walking distance from the university. After collecting multiple feedbacks and analyzing all possible needs of travelers wanting to stay in the area, we have made available a whole range of urban pads. From studio apartments for complete privacy and compact outlook, 1-bedroom sets to 2-bedroom sets for a twin-sharing basis for affordability, apartments cater to all budgets alike. While there is no hidden fee and complete transparency in the costs, one can be sure of long term comfort and availability as well. 

Out of your excitement for moving to Columbia University, quickly skim through our finest picks of TheSqua.re apartments below:

Accommodation Near Columbia University for Students & Teachers

From short term courses to internships, long term diplomas and degrees to temporary or permanent positions in the teaching, marketing, or management department, Columbia University sure witnesses immense demand from people from all backgrounds and countries. While some fear homesickness, others are insecure about not knowing the college area enough. Our service team is always ready to guide you and come up with the best recommendations to make the stay quite fun and entertaining. From spacious almirahs to organize all your stuffed bags just like home to fluffy beds with alarm clocks on the bedside to wake you up like good old times, expect a complete student-friendly experience with a focused environment at our wonderful abodes. 

Why Should You Book Our Apartments Near Columbia University, New York?

When shifting to a new college or a city, every family back at home worries about your security. This is the case especially with international students coming from across seven seas. Each of our accommodations not only guarantees pleasant and neat surroundings, but the eye for security and comfort is real too. From the comfort of home-cooked food with a complete kitchen at your disposal to a walking distance from the University, we will give you plentiful reasons to trust us. You can even visit the NY Public Library or Central Park in less than 5 miles from your doorstep.

Believe it or not, we are equally particular about your comforts while you are living with us away from home. With grocery bags to make the most of our fully-equipped kitchen to a sunlit study area for those rough assignments, you can count on us for a stress-free ambiance in and around the house. 

Facilities in Our Apartments Near Columbia University, New York

Based on your budget and duration of living, you can choose from multiple apartment types curated by TheSqua.re. You can either choose a private studio abode if you don't want any fancy list of amenities. If a twin-sharing basis is something you are looking for, you can always share the rent and upgrade your list of amenities like a dishwasher or washing machine. Studio accommodation or luxurious condo, you will always get a comforting air-conditioned abode which ensures the most comforting living ambiance. From freshly filtered coffee to a quick cereal grabbed from the refrigerator, Wi-Fi for those online lectures to Netflix and bed to ease you by the night, expect a homely range of amenities to greet you here.

If you are trying to picture what all will our apartments near Columbia University, New York will exactly have, below is a list of our top amenities to check out:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Apartments Near Columbia University, New York For Families

If yours is the case where a complete family is aiming to settle near this student-friendly neighborhood, our team has curated a whole set of apartments to cater to your needs as well. From 2-bedroom to 3 and even 4-bedroom apartments, TheSqua.re is well-equipped to welcome bigger groups as well. Some of the special amenities ranging from an in-suite washer to CCTV cameras, free parking spot to gym access together ensure all those little details to be well-covered for a secure stay with your fam. Our stylish homes will always be equipped with the finest kitchen equipment, dining area, and fresh groceries to make it feel like a complete home. 

Best New York Attractions Near Our Columbia University Apartments

A whole selection of marvelous churches can be spotted all around Morningside Heights, Upper East Side, and the surrounding Manhattan neighborhoods. Whether you wish to relive those Sunday prayers when missing your fam back at home or just explore newer beliefs and the rich history of the city, our accommodations can safely take you to most of them in a matter of minutes. Apart from that, several legendary parks, neighborhoods, and art galleries can be conveniently accessed from our abodes around Columbia University. 

From a secluded evening at Riverside Park, below are some of the handpicked attractions around our apartments near Columbia University, New York, that you must know:

  • Riverside Park - From soccer fields to flower beds, this fun park is full of locals enjoying their evenings by being close to nature. You can always go for a walking tour of the beautiful park lined with flowering trees.
  • Riverside Church - With stained-glass windows and marvelous architecture, this incredible church was built by Rockefeller Jr. Don't miss out on the excellent balcony view here which makes it such a loved attraction here.
  • Central Park  - One of the highest visited attractions of New York and Manhattan is just 2.8 miles from Columbia University. Explore several tours here, go to the zoo, eat at an array of restaurants, or just watch the birds and the reservoir from a distance.
  • Miller Theater - Ge the opportunity to hear some of the classical and jazz legends performing live at Columbia University. While the seating is always limited and on a first come first serve basis, the experience nonetheless is fantastic!
  • Times Square - At just 4 miles from the University, this epicenter of nightlife and all the Manhattan action can be enjoyed. On weekends when you want to party with your friends or colleagues, this is a heaven for food, partying, theater, and even shopping.
  • General Grant National Memorial - Learn a lot about the celebrated General U.S Grant who is known to be the sole man behind the North’s victory in the Civil War. The gift shop is quite a gem for all those in-depth information and souvenirs. 
  • St. Paul Chapel - Head here and be witness to the historic cemetery and gorgeous chapel that stands in all its glory. Visit here and pay your tribute to the American spirit. It is even more celebrated because it survived even after being right below the twin towers. 
  • St John Cathedral - This magnificent church is arguably one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world. The area inside is incredibly huge which makes the concerts here even more fun. The vintage Gothic architecture is worth a patient visit.
  • Harlem - Known for its heritage, this neighborhood closely brushing with Morningside Heights has so much to offer. Choose from some very extensive tours here and get to know the city and its rich history from a little closer. 
  • Miriam & Ira D. Wallace Art Gallery - Head to the Lenfest Center within Columbia University and immerse in the highly informative exhibit here. From a breathtaking live performance to Black Model Exhibit, you never know what the popular art gallery will surprise you with. 

Best New York Restaurants Near Our Columbia University Apartments

What makes the food scenes of Morningside Heights stand apart is the eclectic variety of Asian cuisines. The elaborate list of restaurants that are popular among locals for their incredible taste and are also affordable can be reached in a hop from your doorstep. A whole array of delicious restaurants surround the campus of the university. From Vietnamese to Japanese, all your tastebuds will get to experience a whole new pack of flavors on every outing. After all, the food of a city tells a lot about its legacy. On most days, our full-fledged kitchen back at home will make a hot home-cooked meal as effortless as it could be. 

While you are all excited about shifting to Columbia, our apartments near Columbia University, New York are snuggled near the most loved restaurants of Manhattan listed below for you:

  • Tom’s Diner - Are you a fan of the TV show Seinfeld? If yes, then you must have spotted this representative diner in the show. It is a perfect spot for the first brunch in the city while you are here. 
  • Max Soha - This cozy Italian restaurant is most loved for its intimate setting and pleasant menu. When parents come to visit you, this is the perfect place to take them to. Each dish is a classic made to perfection. 
  • Junzi Kitchen - What they call it is the Sweetgreen-style which is one of the newest additions to the food family around Columbia University. Enjoy a very unique face of Chinese cuisine where you can choose your greens and proteins yourself.
  • Saiguette - This will end up being your staple every day for a quick legendary sandwich. Locals hang out here for small bites all the time. Don't go on the outlook of the little eatery, it is the taste that surpasses all standards. Their pork dishes are a must-try here.
  • Taqueria y Fonda La Mexicana - Who wouldn't like a giant burrito on the go now and then between lectures? This wonderful Mexican restaurant serves the most delicious small dishes that are both affordable and satiating. 
  • Dinosaur BBQ - Another loved place near Columbia University, this rowdy restaurant serves exceeding well bbq dishes. A little heads up that you might or might not like the flashy settings of the restaurant. In that case, you can always pack and go. 
  • Malaysia Grill - A perfect spot for dinner that serves a whole bunch of cuisines from all around Asia. It is named Malaysia Grill after its specialty lemongrass-flavored local dish called Beef Rendang. 
  • Hungarian Pastry Shop - After tasting the flavors of Morningside Heights, head to this delicious hub of desserts from around the world to complete your food experience. From cream puff to baklava, find this hidden gem in Columbus Avenue.
  • Doaba Deli - Get a taste of South Asian heaven with a whole bunch of Indian flavors partying in your mouth. From palak paneer to butter naan, there is everything for the desi Indian traveler missing food away from home.
  • Go! Go! Curry - This authentic Japanese curry place is a very popular chain in Japan that has made it to Morningside Heights. An absolute delight serving the finest ramen, curries, and all Jap delights. You will love it even more if you are a baseball fan. Don't forget to know the story behind the name when you visit.

Transport Near Our Columbia University Apartments

The main subway station that handles most traffic heading to and from the prestigious University of Columbia is Columbia University 116th Street. The standard fee per ride hovers at $2.75 while the neighborhood is well-connected to every part of New York City. Apart from the ease to explore the city easily and affordability, our apartments near Columbia University, New York, are directly connected to three major NYC airports. This makes our accommodations highly convenient for all national and international students studying at the university. 

You can easily reach our apartments near Columbia University, New York, from anywhere in the city through the following public transport stations nearby:

  • 34 Street Herald Street
  • 96th Street
  • M at 23rd Street
  • 50th Street Station
  • 59 St- Columbus Circle
  • Grand Central
  • 53rs Street
  • Lexington Avenue/59th St
  • C, E at 50th Street

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