Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals

Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals

If you are seeking Bay Ridge furnished rentals, then you are definitely at the right place. We offer immaculately designed and ultra-comfortable apartments for both corporate and leisure travelers in Bay Ridge, one of the best places to live in New York City. Find your own charming place to stay for extended stays in the Big Apple while enjoying the very best amenities and facilities at the same time. 

Bay Ridge is a premier residential locality situated in the southwest of Brooklyn, the historic New York neighborhood. It is bordered by areas like the Narrows, Sunset Park, Belt Parkway and Dyker Heights along with the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and Fort Hamilton Army Base towards the south. The stretch which runs southwards from 86th Street is often regarded as a part of the Fort Hamilton neighborhood by locals. Bay Ridge stands out from a geographical perspective with the site of the famous Fort Hamilton (named after the Founding Father), seeing sizable action in the War of 1812 and the American Revolution alike. By the turn of the mid-19th century, some of the wealthiest people in New York City were attracted to Shore Road for its amazing views and surrounding hills. They built elegant and stylish homes on this thoroughfare likewise. The 20th century had the subway train networks arriving here while residents came from almost all parts of the world. Popular amongst fans for being the setting for the acclaimed Saturday Night Fever, the neighborhood has a highly cosmopolitan and diverse population including families which have been living here for several generations. 

You can find the best Bay Ridge furnished rentals courtesy our award-winning reservations team. We ensure that you have a comfortable and convenient stay in New York City while on your trip. 

Finding the Best Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals  

You will find several Bay Ridge furnished rentals in our extensive portfolio. We have centrally located apartments in some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn and these offer excellent connectivity to public transit systems, tourist landmarks and more. Here are some of the options worth checking out in this regard. 

These are only some of the options available in the Bay Ridge neighborhood. We have studios that are tailored to meet the requirements of solo travelers or couples. Cozy and comfortable, they offer a great accommodation option for those seeking more privacy and good amenities during their stay in NYC. At the same time, there are 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for bigger families and traveling groups. They also come equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities. 

Why Book Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals? 

Booking Bay Ridge furnished rentals is always a good idea for several pertinent reasons. Firstly, you get your own place to stay away from the madding crowds of New York City and its core business and commercial zones. Secondly, you get various advantages pertaining to freedom, flexibility, privacy and comfort that you will not find at any other conventional hospitality accommodation option. Lastly (but not least!) you will always have the best amenities and facilities at your disposal along with stylish furnishings and fixtures. As a result, your stay in New York City will truly be more memorable while you will enjoy superb connectivity to the biggest business and commercial destinations in the Big Apple. Bay Ridge is also a great neighborhood to access major tourist and historical landmarks in Brooklyn and other parts of NYC along with public transit facilities, pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and more. 

Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals for Corporate Travelers

Corporate travelers will love our selection of Bay Ridge furnished rentals which are situated in close proximity to major business and commercial hubs of the city. You will enjoy excellent connectivity to major public transportation systems along with a thriving nightlife, restaurant and entertainment circuit nearby. There are several amenities and facilities that will keep you supremely comfortable including fully equipped kitchens, complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions and a lot more. From chilling with your folks or colleagues to crashing on the couch with American television, it is totally up to you! Enjoy living with full privacy and convenience during your time in New York City. 

Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals for Leisure Travelers

Bay Ridge furnished rentals also make for excellent choices as far as leisure travelers and families are concerned. We give you that extra space and privacy that you require when you’re traveling with the spouse, kids and even the parents or in-laws. From additional bedrooms, balconies and ample interior space to comfortably furnished living rooms, stylish bathrooms and all necessary toiletries and bathroom amenities, you are fully covered when you stay at any of our serviced apartments. We have round the clock management and support for resolving your queries swiftly while offering other amenities like all necessary appliances, flat-screen televisions, complimentary Wi-Fi, cable packages and a lot more. It is now possible to keep the entire family engaged and happy during your extended stay in the Big Apple. 

Facilities Offered in Our Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals

There are several amenities and facilities available at our Bay Ridge furnished rentals. While amenities may vary from one location to another, there are some basic facilities that you can expect. These include: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

These are only some of the amenities offered to guests at our rentals in Bay Ridge. Some apartments may also have additional onsite facilities like fitness facilities, swimming pools, balconies, rooftop terraces, community lounges, spa and Jacuzzi facilities and sauna. There may also be cafes, restaurants and bars attached to some of our apartments which help you relax and unwind in style after long days spent traveling, sightseeing or working. 

Cost of Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals 

If you were anxious about the cost of our Bay Ridge furnished rentals, you need not worry at all! We make it a point to provide our serviced apartments at fair and reasonable prices to all our guests. Yes, there are special times of the year and peak seasons when we get a heavy rush of travelers. However, we always keep our prices in sync with industry rates while doing away with any hidden costs or exorbitant charges. The whole point is to keep things pocket-friendly for you while providing the very best amenities and facilities for comfortable stays in New York City. In keeping with our mission of ensuring greater value for money, we offer 24-hour management, support and assistance to our guests. You can get your queries resolved swiftly round the clock without any hassles. 

About Bay Ridge 

Gentrification has heralded a major transformation as far as Bay Ridge is concerned. In fact, this change has been noticeable throughout a large portion of Central and Northern Brooklyn. The locality itself has become synonymous with premier and cool restaurants, graffiti, street art, artists, eclectic and creative residents, specialty coffee and charming cafes and thriving localities such as Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick and even Boerum Hill. For older residents of New York, Brooklyn was synonymous with a place that typified community living, being a great place to raise a family, play outdoor games, enjoy community events and the like. The same vibe has still been preserved in Bay Ridge which is a slightly different and unique part of Brooklyn. It is home to more native New York families and a rapidly growing population of people from different parts of the world. 

It is located just next to Fort Hamilton which is an active army base serving New York City. The neighborhood also has its specific advantages including the short traveling time to Manhattan and the Financial District. The locality is also comparatively reasonably priced which may benefit first-time homebuyers and renters alike. Doctors’ Row is one of the most charming avenues in the locality with rows of homes showcasing Renaissance Revival architectural templates along with colonial design tweaks as well. The neighborhood is home to a fast-growing Italian, Norwegian, Chinese, Latin American, Soviet Union and Asian population. There are several beautiful parks in the area while the locality is bordered by the Belt Parkway, Shore Parkway, Owl’s Head Park and Shore Road Park. 

The King’s County Softball League is highly popular here along with the Dyker Heights Golf Course. The area was once called after its soil (in terms of color) and the Yellow Hook acronym went away in the future. The current name derives from the gorgeous views of the New York Bay from the neighborhood. There are several apartment buildings and single-family homes dotting the locality as well including former country estates and summer homes for affluent New York 

Major Landmarks Near Our Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals

There are several tourist landmarks in Bay Ridge including the following: 

  • Verrazano Bridge - Once the biggest suspension bridge across the world, this was one of the achievements of feted city planner Robert Moses. Some parts of the area were damaged previously including several blocks, owing to the development of this bridge. However, today, it is the signature landmark in the neighborhood and has been featured extensively in Saturday Night Fever. It is also the place where the New York City Marathon begins. 
  • The Gingerbread House - One of the most distinctive accommodations in NYC, it is located along Shore Road in Bay Ridge. The home itself is right out of an interesting modern-day epic like Lord of the Rings or so, having been designed by James Sarsfield Kennedy, the reputed architect. He designed this home in 1916 and it was constructed in the year 1917, sporting a signature faux thatch roof along with immaculate landscaping. There is a rotating car garage along with quarters for guests and servers. This is a great place to visit for architecture lovers. 
  • Narrows Botanical Garden - One of Brooklyn’s most under-estimated public spaces, this is an oasis of greenery along with being a sanctuary for monarch butterflies and their favorite milkweed plants. There are movie nights during summers while the American Veterans Memorial Pier is nearby and offers panoramic views of the Lower Manhattan skyline. 
  • Kaleidoscope Toy Store - Kaleidoscope is a charming neighborhood attraction that has still remained relevant in today’s digital age. It offers toys for little children that are mainly educational in nature although adults will find game-night attractions aplenty as well. The store aims at enriching little minds with quality offerings and the staff members are really welcoming and friendly. Treat the little ones in your life to classic stuffed animals and magic kits or even color-mixing sets. You can even pick up Monopoly or any other game night pick for yourself as well. This charming neighborhood toy store is definitely worth a visit by all means. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals

Bay Ridge is home to several acclaimed restaurants including the following: 

  • Yemen Café - Walk alongside 5th Avenue and you will find the irresistible Yemen Café, dishing out several Middle-Eastern top picks including salta, haneez or spiced lamb and even fatah which is lamb porridge with bread. These are shareable and lip-smacking dishes that will infuse greater warmth into your day for sure. 
  • Hazar Turkish Kebab - A strong neighborhood favorite, Hazar Turkish Kebab is where you can seamlessly satiate your endless love for the best kebabs. As neighborhood dwellers will tell you, they also have the best ever falafel in all of NYC while the yumurtali pide is a specialty Middle-Eastern pizza that will literally melt in your mouth! 
  • Cedar’s - Hop over to Cedar’s and taste sheer goodness at one of the best bakeries in Bay Ridge. Baklava is liberally dished out for patrons here along with several other enticing treats including dondurma or Turkish ice cream with a thick and taffy texture that will be radically different from any ice cream that you have ever tasted before! This is one of the few places in NYC where this specialty ice cream can be enjoyed. 
  • Leske’s Bakery - Prior to Middle Eastern influences finding pride of place in the neighborhood, Bay Ridge was a major Scandinavian hub and traces of those times remain through joints like Leske’s Bakery. From classic white and black cookies and Danish goodies to jelly-filled donuts, this is a charming, old-school neighborhood bakery that has a sizable loyal clientele to boot. 
  • El Puente - Bay Ridge is also where you will find some delicious tacos and other Mexican fare courtesy El Puente. This is a simple yet welcoming family-friendly joint that serves up affordably priced and sumptuous tacos while other attractions include beef tongue and even al pastor or tortas. Filling up with breaded chicken will complete a rather sinful yet fulfilling treat here! 
  • The Owl’s Head - One of the most famous joints in Bay Ridge, it is one of the newer hangouts that draw a sizable young crowd throughout the week. A natural wine and craft beer establishment, this is ideal for a weeknight with pals, sipping on a heady brew to the tune of tempting small plates. It is one of the most low-key and friendly places in Bay Ridge for visitors. 
  • Pizza Wagon - A classic pizza place is a must in every popular New York locality. Pizza Wagon plays this role to perfection in Bay Ridge, having opened its doors in 1966 and retaining its old-school yet charming flavor. Grab the Sicilian or plain cheese pizzas here and you will come away incredibly satiated! This establishment is worth trying during your stay here in Bay Ridge. 
  • Brooklyn Beet Company - One of the few places in Bay Ridge that offer farm to table offerings, it also rustles up the area’s best burgers according to locals. Try the Original Korzo, which is essentially a beef burger with bacon toppings, pickles, Emmenthaler, mustard wrapped up in Slovak dough and the whole thing is delightfully fried as well. This deep-fried delight goes well with the house-crafted ketchup that makes use of beets and is a healthier alternative to your regular tomato ketchup. Korzo beer is an exclusive hoppy-brew that is crafted only for Brooklyn Beet Company in Staten Island over the bridge. That is what we truly label as local and organic produce. 

Transportation Nera Our Bay Ridge Furnished Rentals

Living in Bay Ridge means that you have full access to major public transit points in the area. There is the R train that can be availed on the BMT Fourth Avenue Line of the subway network of NYC right between 95th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue. There are several MTA express buses passing through the neighborhood and major routes include X27, X37, X38, X28 and more. Being surrounded by the Gowanus Expressway and Belt Parkway, the locality is readily accessible via roadways while local bus routes include B63, B9, B1, B8, B4, B37, B16, S53, B70, B64, S93 and S79. Bay Ridge is also a terminus for the South Brooklyn route of the New York City Ferry.

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