Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments

Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments

If you were seeking Bed Stuy furnished apartments, then you have certainly come to the right place. We offer the best serviced apartments in Bed Stuy that ensure comfortable and convenient stays in New York City. 

Bedford-Stuyvesant or Bed-Stuy is a well-known neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough, surrounded by areas like Flushing Avenue, Broadway and Atlantic Avenue. The Fulton Street shopping hub runs near the neighborhood along with Nostrand Avenue and Bedford Avenue. The neighborhoods here include Weeksville, Bedford, Ocean Hill and Stuyvesant. The locality is known for its gorgeous Victorian architecture and beautiful homes. Approximately 8,800 buildings were built in this style here back in the pre-1900 period. There are several historically acclaimed brownstones in the neighborhood which were developed in the 1890-1910 period. From aesthetically appealing detailing to finely finished interiors and classical architectural elements like quoins, brackets and finials, they are a treat to the eyes for sure. 

You will find several Bed Stuy furnished apartments with the best possible amenities and facilities courtesy of our award-winning reservations team. We make it possible for you to have a more fulfilling and enjoyable stay in the Big Apple. 

Why Book Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments? 

Booking Bed Stuy furnished apartments will always be a smart choice for contemporary travelers. These apartments are located within a historic and beautiful neighborhood surrounded by classic and elegant homes. They offer all the necessary amenities and facilities that you could desire including all safety and security features. Additionally, you remain well connected to several attractions including shopping zones, restaurants, bars, tourist landmarks and museums in Brooklyn and other parts of New York City. You can also access several public transit facilities which enable you to swiftly travel to major business and commercial hubs as well. Our apartments give you the space, freedom and flexibility that you desire, particularly when you are staying for an extended time period. 

Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments for Corporate Travelers

Our Bed Stuy furnished apartments are great choices for modern travelers who prefer relaxing and unwinding in style after long days at work or meetings. Our serviced apartments are comfortable and impeccably furnished, giving you ample space for get-togethers with pals in NYC or brainstorming sessions with colleagues alike. Enjoy chilling with a cold beverage (or two!) on the couch along with flat-screen television and American cable for company. Or even stay connected to your friends and family members via complimentary Wi-Fi. Whip up that perfect meal for yourself courtesy of our fully furnished kitchens and other appliances as well. It all depends on what you want at any given point in time! Additionally, you stay in close proximity to major business hubs, tourist landmarks and shopping streets along with the best restaurants, pubs and entertainment zones in town. That should certainly be a major plus point! 

Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments for Leisure Travelers

Bed Stuy furnished apartments are also suitable for leisure travelers and families who desire greater comfort and flexibility for longer stays in the Big Apple. Our serviced apartments come with all the necessary appliances, fully equipped kitchens, ample space and bathroom amenities to keep you comfortable at all times. Have the kids tagging along or even the in-laws or parents? No problem! We offer a wide range of amenities from security provisions and flat-screen televisions to cable packages and complimentary Wi-Fi that meet all your requirements to the hilt. You also stay in close proximity to all major tourist landmarks in the city, particularly in Brooklyn, which is one of NYC’s most historic and famous neighborhoods. There are entertainment, recreation, shopping and dining hubs nearby as well. 

Cost of Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments 

If you were worrying about the cost of our Bed Stuy furnished apartments, you need not fret at all! We endeavor to keep our prices reasonable at all times, even during peak seasons when we witness a higher rush of travelers. Our prices continue to be fair and in sync with market rates at all times. We refrain from charging exorbitant rates from our guests along with maintaining our zero hidden costs policy. For any queries regarding pricing, you can get in touch with our team for clarification and resolutions. We also provide the best amenities and facilities at all times along with 24-hour management, support and assistance. Our focus remains on the creation of greater value for our guests. 

Facilities Offered in Our Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments

There are several facilities on offer at our Bed Stuy furnished apartments. While amenities vary from one location to another, here are some of the common things that you can expect. 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some units may even have additional onsite facilities including swimming pools, rooftop terraces, balconies, community lounges, cafes, bars, restaurants, sauna and Jacuzzi provisions and spa facilities. It all depends on the location, type of apartment unit and other parameters. 

About Bedford-Stuyvesant

Bedford Stuyvesant or Bed Stuy, as it is popularly known, is made up of two key localities, namely Bedford and Stuyvesant. Parts of the area are landmarked in order to ensure the future preservation of the historically important buildings and late-19th century architectural motifs. You will find beautiful rows of elegant brownstone homes lining leafy avenues along with plenty of fresh air and open sky (buildings are mostly between 4-5 stories at the most) along with famous structures, the community library and churches. The area has transformed into a hotspot for culturally inclined families and young artists alike over the last few years. 

The population is highly cosmopolitan and includes the vibrant African American community of New York City. Bedford Stuyvesant has long been regarded as a major hub of cultural and political life in the city. Gentrification has changed the face of this locality ever since the late-1990s and several people have visited here from other parts of New York City and Brooklyn for buying homes. They have found comparatively reasonable and gorgeous 20th century brownstones which have turned out to be better alternatives than costlier New York neighborhoods. A large chunk of the neighborhood has already been landmarked as mentioned. 

Things to Do in Bedford Stuyvesant

If you have rented Bed Stuy furnished apartments, you will naturally have plenty of things to do in this historic and charming neighborhood. Here’s taking a look at some of them. 

  • Church Tours - The Bed Stuy neighborhood is home to some of the most charming and architecturally splendid New York churches. These include the historically important Bridge Street AME Church which has a lovely community feeling on Sundays that is rare elsewhere in NYC. Churches here form part of vibrant communities in the locality. 
  • Restoration Plaza - The massive Restoration Plaza complex is housed on Fulton Street between NY Avenue and Brooklyn. At first glance, it will resemble a regular office complex from the mid-20th century. However, there is a lot of history attached to this structure since it was built with the approval of former senator Robert Kennedy Jr. in the late 1960s. This was when the civil rights movement was gaining steam and the development of the structure was deemed as the federal response to widespread riots in the locality which were in turn spurred by lack of employment and public services. This was once the political nerve center of the locality and now houses a supermarket, banks, administrative offices, the well known Billie Holiday Theater and a charming art gallery. 
  • Park Hopping - The Fulton Park is an enchanting oasis of greenery and calm in Brooklyn and you will love the tranquil ambiance here. The local community takes great pleasure in picnicking here, reading and enjoying local festivals. The annual summer art fair, October parade during Halloween and other family events are major draws as well. The Herbert Von King Park is located on Tompkins Avenue and was designed by none other than the globally acclaimed Frederick Law Olmsted team (the names behind Central Park and Prospect Park). The community center comes with a fitness facility, recording studio and indoor dance studio along with the Eubie Blake Auditorium. The Magnolia Tree Earth Center is a must-visit along with the Prospect Park, the largest in Brooklyn. 
  • Brownstone Gazing - Go brownstone gazing throughout the lovely tree-lined avenues of Bed Stuy. Architecture lovers will greatly appreciate the preservation of these elegant homes that were all built between 1870 and 1900. Strolling down Jefferson Avenue and till Tompkins Avenue or Malcolm X Boulevard, you will realize that living in a historic neighborhood naturally has its perks. Stop by MacDonough Street which is known as one of Brooklyn’s greenest blocks. 
  • Dog Parks - This is a Bed Stuy specialty, namely dog parks and runs. You will find them all over the neighborhood. Go over to Thompkins Park, the beautifully tree-lined oasis close to Lafayette Avenue and you will find even an amphitheater and a warm community as well. The dog park here will delight you and your pet if you have him/her for company! 

Best Restaurants Near Our Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments 

There are several top restaurants in Bedford Stuyvesant that you should definitely check out during your trip. Here’s looking at some of the best ones. 

  • Swell Dive - Enjoy tasty treats at this Filipino and Tex-Mex joint where piping fresh tacos are rolled out, even during the wee hours of the night. The food is brisk and the ambiance is perfect for hanging out with pals. You can land a table at the back or a booth and play board games as well. The backyard works fine when the weather seems tempting enough. 
  • Peaches - Southern charm is abundant at Peaches which is a casual yet comfortable dining joint serving up catfish, grits, cornbread and ribs along with sumptuous family brunches that are drool-worthy to say the least! 
  • Peaches Hothouse - A continuation of Southern-style fiery dishes, you will love the Nashville-style fried chicken here. The ambiance is slightly more intimate and relaxed and the food quite similar. Comfort food is the focal point at this friendly neighborhood joint and you will appreciate beer-worthy bites like fried green tomatoes, barbecue shrimp and even burgers at this restaurant. The fried chicken is the main draw here of course! 
  • Hart’s - Have a date or charming dinner to plan? Head out to Hart’s which is the ultimate dining destination in Bed Stuy with 2000s R&B and tantalizing Mediterranean-American cuisine for company. From lamb burgers and clam toast to optional anchovies, there’s a lot in store for foodies here! 
  • Saraghina - How could we have left out Italian? Saraghina is a delightful joint with small plates, pastas and pizzas of course in the Neapolitan style. They come all fluffy and charred, tempting you to have a few more bites than you normally would! The antique store meets farmhouse décor theme and ambiance is another major draw along with the lovely backyard which is a favorite place to be in the summers. 
  • Samurai Papa - Getting past the unusual yet quirky name, the ramen here is the best in town (no questions asked!). The broth has ample stock and extra concentration for a lip-smacking treat by all means. The tiny yet welcoming space is perfect for sudden weeknight delights. 
  • Toad Style - A vegan place that everyone will adore is Toad Style which also sports a charming kung fu inspired theme. The veggie burger, pizza fries with almond cheese and eggplant parm are fun and innovative junk food options for vegans. The veggie hot dog on baguette or banh mi should be a must-have for visitors. 
  • A&A Bake and Doubles - Sample delicacies from Trinidad such as doubles, bakes and aloo pie. The doubles are hugely popular and you should get here early in order to land your fair share! This is one of the most inexpensive restaurants in town. 
  • Ali’s Trinidad Roti Shop - Ali’s is another great place for picking up fantastic Trinidadian takeout in the neighborhood. They have aloo pie and doubles along with rotis. You will have delicious flatbread with chicken curry or goat/oxtail stew. Vegetarians have a dedicated chickpea version as well. 
  • L’ Antagoniste - This is a charming and quaint French joint in the locality which is quite welcoming without being overtly formal. Find the best duck l’orange and steak frites here along with an extensive menu. 
  • Chilo’s - One of the best taco places in Bedford Stuy, Chilo’s is the name of the taco truck on the back patio of the bar here and also the bar itself. In the summers, check out the delicious margaritas and fresh tacos rolled out from the truck. The picnic tables and ambiance make it a great place to hang out with buddies. 
  • Grandchamps Kitchen & Market - Looking for tempting Caribbean food in Bed Stuy? This is where you will find the most fascinating grub including fried plantains and crispy pork among other favorites. This place remains packed throughout the week so be prepared for a slight wait. 

Transportation Near Our in Bed Stuy Furnished Apartments

Bedford Stuyvesant is served by the C and A trains which are superfast trains while the G line is also available for residents. The eastern side of the locality puts you in close proximity to the M and J trains which ensure a ride to Manhattan in only half an hour. There are ample buses throughout the neighborhood as well. Major subway stations include the ones at Flushing Avenue, Nostrand Avenue and Utica Avenue. It is very easy to connect to New York City by major roads, buses, subway lines and trains. It goes without saying that booking Bed Stuy furnished apartments is a highly convenient option for business and leisure travelers seeking a historic, charming and well-connected place to stay in NYC. 

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