Brooklyn Studio Apartments

Brooklyn Studio Apartments

From bagels to experimental theatre, endless restaurants to comedy clubs, Brooklyn is the most populated of all New York Boroughs. Living here is like living right in the center of all the NYC fun and the best possible choice that you could make on your upcoming trip. Whether you are here for a quick business meeting or a short term course, or even better, a solo trip, our Brooklyn studio apartments come straight to your rescue. 

In the housing industry in such an expensive city, it is the experience that matters, which is exactly what we are proud to have. Thanks to the thousands of serviced apartments that we have curated over the years across the world, Brooklyn deserves that kind of expertise, and so do you. 

Our Best Brooklyn Studio Apartments

Wooden interiors, elite seating area, balcony with a cozy view of the residential street full of greenery, smooth wooden kitchen furnishings, such are the details of the comforts and the luxuries that our Brooklyn studio apartments come with. With a spacious attached bathroom and a spacious bed snuggled inside our apartments, each of our cozy abodes can be found in the most elite locations of the Borough. 

Out of everything else, there are 2 most important factors that we take most care of. First, the sense of security that every traveler must feel inside the apartments that we curate especially for them. Second, the ease of traveling to any and every part of the city from where they are staying. With precise locations chosen for each accommodation, the distance from the nearest subway station is almost negligible. Even if you are a student planning to travel daily to your college, this is your best shot at it. It saves time, money, and all that extra hassle. 

You can skim through our range of Brooklyn studio apartments spread evenly across the best parts of the neighborhood right below:

Why Should You Book Brooklyn Studio Apartments?

While Dumbo and Cobble Hill are in a constant battle to be the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhood, there are more affordable parts as well. It is because of the variety of the two extremes that it offers, Brooklyn should be the top on your list of neighborhoods to consider for a stay in NYC. Now, why should you consider our Brooklyn studio apartments? First, because we are affordable. By the very virtue of the compact size that we offer, we can offer you the most competitive prices in the entire city. Second, because of the plethora of amenities that we offer at that very price. The luxuries that most travelers don't even expect at that price are what makes them trust us trip after trip. This rare combination of both is what makes us stand out from our competitors. 

From a fully-stocked kitchenette that is ready to use to a freshly packed grocery bag coming right at your door, your meals are sorted. While the excellent toiletries let you enjoy a bath, thanks to the well-connected locations of our abodes, you can enjoy that bath for as long as you like as there is no way you are reaching anywhere late. The proximity to the night clubs and endless restaurants keep your dinners, booze, order-ins, and weekends sorted while the cost beds and Netflix await you for a good night's sleep. The little abode in Brooklyn’s heart sure sounds fantastic already, doesn't it?

Facilities in Our Brooklyn Studio Apartments

If you are wondering about whether a serviced apartment experience will be able to match up to a hotel experience, let's get you a brief. A bunch of things that we will take care of for you on your much-awaited trip includes your bed linens, apartment cleanliness, groceries, and so much more. If it is the post-work or travel time that you are worried about, our fluffy beds come with a direct view of the widescreen TV and, of course, Netflix and Apple TV subscriptions. For all your internet needs, free Wi-Fi is always present to your rescue. All possible appliances that you might need are well-covered in the kitchen, like a toaster and microwave. From bone china to American oak floors, your elite vibe of the trip is quite sorted as well.

As far as the additional facilities are concerned, both our concierge and service teams are available for you 24x7 for all your last-minute needs. The CCTV and entry door cameras let you keep better track if you are leaving your partner and kid back for an errand. I know this gets slightly worrisome in the first few days in a new place. Once you have mastered the area and are more confident to move around on your own, our easily accessible urban pads are the easiest to reach even in the dead of the night. 

With all these wonderful amenities, we are sure that your experience with us in the heart of Brooklyn is going to be fun. 

Where Can You Find Our Brooklyn Studio Apartments?

From enjoying the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Park to being surrounded by Street art, our eclectic range of studio accommodations offer it all. Most of our top recommendations are brimming with single-families which makes it an ideal area for studio homes. You can even interact with neighbors over your long stay here. Our elite abodes are finely set up to let you access the best parts of each neighborhood with maximum ease. 

Our Brooklyn studio apartments can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • DUMBO - Arguably one of the most popular neighborhoods of Brooklyn, it is a mix of art, restaurants, warehouses, brick lanes, and all of this combined with the very pricey high-end vibe. From the popular Grimaldi's Pizzeria to endless art galleries, this is a very popular area to go for.
  • Cobble Hill - Even though it competes for being the most expensive neighborhood, it is known for its village-vibe with leafy streets and a closely-knit community living in brownstone houses. 
  • Williamsburg - Choose this hip neighborhood for its indie vibe, endless local stores, and traditional outlook. With Bedford Avenue garnering a lot of attention for being a shopping gem, it is quite a fun place to live in Brooklyn. 
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant - With cozy bars, Caribbean food, and live music, this African-American hub is popular for an easy lifestyle which gives you a lot of insights into the local culture. It is called Bed-Stuy as well.
  • Brooklyn Heights - Not to forget the representative neighborhood of the Borough. Move along Henry Street or the East River in the evenings. Soak in the richest possible view of the Statue of Liberty and even brushing Manhattan. 

Corporate Accommodation in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has a plethora of co-working spaces which makes it quite a popular hub for business officials. With endless restaurants adorning the place, the Borough has enough sites to host client meetings and share proposals over a brunch. Living amid such a cluster of opportunities and work meetings is nothing less than a boon. If you are wondering how to bag affordable accommodation here, our fine range of Brooklyn studio apartments will solve that for you. 

From getting your apartment cleaned amid your busy schedule or buying groceries for those healthy meals that you manage to cook once in a blue moon, our homes have it all covered for you. We understand that managing an entire house can get difficult while juggling with work in a new city. From Wi-Fi to kitchen, TV to Netflix, bathroom, to bed linens, you are all sorted for your business stay in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Studio Apartments for Families

With fun and interactive attractions like the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the Borough is quite popular among families with kids. If yours is a nuclear family looking for a cozy stay at a studio apartment that lets you have the warmest living experience with your partner and your kid, you have hit the jackpot, my friend! With a cute kitchenette for all those untimely feeds, a compact setup for all possible conveniences of keeping your luggage in the almirah, and whatnot, our studio abodes are carefully designed. 

While the CCTV and sturdy safes keep your confidential items safe, you can always trust our concierge desk to help you with cabs to tickets to the nearest theatre show. Even if you are worried about your workouts over the month-long trip here, our gym access provides you that facility as well. 

Attractions Near Our Brooklyn Studio Apartments

Flea markets, museums, beaches, and historical sites, you name it and Brooklyn has it for you. The access to each of these attractions has been made easier than ever before by the closest possible access to the Subway stations mushroomed across Brooklyn. We understand that traveling to the attractions is the least favorite bit for all, and we have tried our level best to spare you the expensive cabs due to the shorter distances from our accommodations. Whether it is a 4-day trip or a month-long one, we assure you that you will be able to make the most of Brooklyn around our studio apartments. 

The following are our top recommendations for the Brooklyn attractions that you must check out on your stay here:

  • Brooklyn Bridge - Worthy of being the top on the list is this historic tourist attraction here. It is charming, it is huge, and it lets you take a stroll or bike across it while it takes you to Manhattan.
  • Brooklyn’s Flea - Before you jump over to the museums and historical sites that Brooklyn has, let's get to the fun stuff. Head here for vintage souvenirs, modern furniture, clothing, and everything that you wish to shop and take along. 
  • Coney Island - What better getaway in NYC than a beach on a sunny day? Enjoy the sandy beach and chill with the tourists and locals here. 
  • Brooklyn Museum - This iconic place to visit is equally popular across the globe. It has a magnificent and huge collection of both contemporary and Egyptian art. Its interactive exhibits keep changing over time and you must check their website for their opening weekdays. 
  • Transit Museum - One of the top specialty museums to visit in the city, it takes you back to the 20th-century subways. A great place to go with kids and bag souvenirs.
  • Brooklyn’s Children's Museum - As the name suggests, a must-visit place with kids. It was established in 1899 and has been a wonderful attraction ever since. It has been quite ahead of its time with several interactive activities catering to special children as well.

Best Restaurants Near Our Brooklyn Studio Apartments

From Middle Eastern Shawarmas to Thai porridge, Italian dishes looking back at the traditional flavors to a Japanese restaurant with an earthy ambiance, Brooklyn is a gem for all your taste buds. The food variety here is fulfilling, wholesome, and impressive. From high-end fine dining restaurants to tiny ones with blue, white, and pink tiles; with fairy lights and rustic wooden walls to the most lavish smooth wooden table tops, expect to get surprised by the variety here. What will add to your surprise is that you will not have to travel very far to taste the most iconic local recommendations, thanks to our research team. 

Some of the best restaurants near our Brooklyn studio apartments are: 

  • Hometown Bar-b-que - It is known for the popular combo of its delicious slow roasts and rustic decor. The wooden interiors and fairy lights combined with craft beer, flavorful platters, and live music are what make it such a hit in Brooklyn. 
  • Olmsted - Surely a lot of restaurants claim to use fresh ingredients but none use it straight from their organic backyards. This restaurant does it with the wonderful team of a farmer and a chef working together. It has a very cozy, romantic vibe to itself.
  • Queen - This is the Italian gem in 84 Court St. known to serve lip-smacking traditional Italian dishes. It is romantic, cozy, tourist-friendly, and also historic for proudly serving since 1958.
  • Rule of Thirds - Head to this Japanese restaurant which has a very unusual and innovative menu to offer with its exotic hojicha bubble tea and several skewer delicacies. 
  • Noods n’ Chill - Hands down the cutest of them all is this little eatery with seating available for just 12 people. It serves comfort food from Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore particularly. Its brunch menu on the weekends is quite loved and it only serves lunch and dinner. 
  • The Hihi Room - This popular restaurant is another one of the attractive eateries with unusually named menus. Known for their sandwiches across Brooklyn and an affordable menu combined with wine under $55 only. 
  • Pastrami Masters - When craving Middle Eastern dishes, go and have meaty shawarma at this cozy little restaurant on Grand St. Extremely popular across the entire NYC for their acclaimed brisket, they are also known as David's Brisket House across multiple locations.

Transports Near Our Brooklyn Studio Apartments

With almost 170 Subway stations in Brooklyn alone, it quite evidently offers a very extensive transportation network. While most of its attractions like Coney Island are just a train away from Manhattan, it is quite convenient to move across Boroughs and around the entire New York City from Brooklyn. While we have carefully placed our Brooklyn studio apartments in the most convenient neighborhoods like DUMBO, Williamsburg, and more, exploring the rest of the city is as easy as it could get. 

One thing to note is that 24-hour transportation is available in almost every neighborhood and the subway station area where our eclectic range of accommodations have been chosen. 

Some of the most popularly used subway stations near our Brooklyn studio apartments include:

  • York Street
  • Utica Avenue
  • Beverly Road
  • Clark Street
  • 59 Street
  • Lafayette Avenue
  • Classon Avenue
  • Carroll Street

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