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If you are looking to stay in New York City for an extended duration, you should certainly consider Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments. We have a wide selection of apartments available in the neighborhood for corporate and leisure travelers alike. Our apartments come well equipped with all necessary furnishings, appliances and amenities for comfortable and enjoyable stays in New York City. 

Bedford Stuyvesant or Bed-Stuy is a charming locality in Brooklyn and is surrounded by areas like Flushing Avenue, Classon Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street which is a well-known shopping street as well. The locality comprises four smaller neighborhoods, namely Weeksville, Ocean Hill, Bedford and Stuyvesant Heights. Parts of Clinton Hill also come under the aegis of this neighborhood. The neighborhood is famous for its sterling collection of Victorian buildings including several historic brownstones as well which were built between the 1890-1910 period. This is certainly one of the most historic and aesthetically appealing localities in NYC for travelers. 

You can take the help of our reservations team for finding the best Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments. We take all necessary measures to ensure comfortable and fulfilling stays in the Big Apple for all our guests. 

Finding Bedford Stuyvesant Furnished Apartments

There are several available options in terms of Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments in our portfolio. Some of the units worth considering include: 

These are only some of the apartments in the neighborhood that you can opt for and we help you narrow down the choice, going by your specific requirements. There are studios which are ideal for solo travelers or couples while 1 and 2 bedroom apartments cater to the needs of slightly bigger families or traveling groups. 

Why Book Bedford Stuyvesant Furnished Apartments?

You should definitely consider booking Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments for their highly strategic location, in close proximity to major historical and tourist landmarks in Brooklyn and other parts of the city. You will also enjoy staying near the best pubs, restaurants, bars and shopping streets in Brooklyn. Additionally, our apartments come with the best amenities and facilities for extended stays in New York. They offer that additional space, freedom and convenience that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, particularly at conventional hospitality accommodation choices. Our apartments are also well connected to major public transit systems, thereby ensuring an enjoyable trip to New York City for you and your companions. 

Bedford Stuyvesant Furnished Apartments for Corporate Travelers

Corporate travelers will naturally find greater value in booking Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments. These apartments are well decked out with all necessary amenities and appliances for a comfortable stay in the Big Apple. Find everything you need here including complimentary Wi-Fi for staying in touch with your loved ones to flat-screen televisions and cable packages for lazy evenings on the couch after hard days at work. Get ample space to call colleagues and friends over for much-needed brainstorming sessions as well. Our apartments will also help you easily access public transportation facilities along with major commercial and business hubs in the city. All in all, they make for the perfect option to spend your time in NYC. 

Bedford Stuyvesant Furnished Apartments for Leisure Travelers

Leisure travelers and families will also enjoy spending time at our Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments. Our apartments come with the extra space for accommodating all your fellow companions including your spouse, kids and even your parents or in-laws should you need the same. We offer ample space and comfortable furnishings along with the best bathroom amenities, toiletries, fully equipped kitchens and amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions to keep everyone engaged. Our apartments are well connected to major public transit points along with several tourist landmarks in Brooklyn and other parts of NYC. Find the best bars, restaurants and pubs nearby along with ample shopping options as well. At the same time, come back home to your own apartment away from the hustle and bustle of the city that literally never sleeps. Your stay in NYC will be more memorable with our thoughtfully tailored serviced apartments. 

Facilities in Our Bedford Stuyvesant Furnished Apartments

Our Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments come with a bevy of amenities and facilities for guests. While amenities may differ from one unit to another, here are some of the features that you may expect. 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some units may also have additional onsite facilities including swimming pools, spa facilities, rooftop terraces and balconies, lounges, sauna and Jacuzzi facilities, cafes, restaurants and bars among others. It all depends on the location in question along with the type of apartment unit and other factors. 

Cost of Bedford Stuyvesant Furnished Apartments 

If you were worrying about the cost of Bedford Stuyvesant furnished apartments, you need not fret at all. We make it a point to offer accommodation at fair and reasonable prices to all our guests. Even during the peak seasons which see a massive rush of travelers to the city, we make sure that our prices are in line with industry rates minus any exorbitant or hidden charges. We also provide 24-hour assistance, support and management for swiftly resolving your queries during your stay. You can also expect to find the very best amenities and facilities at our serviced apartments in Bedford Stuyvesant. 

About Bedford Stuyvesant

Bedford Stuyvesant is a distinctly charming neighborhood with its own local vibe that you will fall in love with. In fact, several leading magazines have named it as one of the coolest places to live in the whole world and not just the USA. Time Out has kept it high up in its list of the 40 coolest neighborhoods across the globe for the year 2020. The community spirit and historic factors have propelled Bed Stuy towards achieving this unique distinction, with its leafy tree-lined residential streets, history jutting out at almost every corner, community bonding and rows of classic Victorian brownstones. A major cultural center in New York over several years, the area has seen the birth of major movements and social benefit programs including Bed-Stuy Strong for safeguarding vulnerable members of the community. Local businesses have also flourished here including the likes of Peaches HotHouse, Harold and Maude Vintage and The Billie Holiday Theatre among others. 

Bed Stuy is something of a rarity in New York City and Brooklyn. It is one of the biggest neighborhoods and almost a mini-city within Brooklyn. However, it still retains its intimate, slow-paced and small-town sense of community. There are charming stores and restaurants dotting the area along with the elegant rows of brownstones, making it a delightful place to stay by all means. Bed Stuy was developed first by prosperous Dutch and German immigrants back in the 19th century although it has transformed rapidly in several ways. It has often been called Brooklyn’s Little Harlem while being a source of inspiration for new-age cultural icons like Jay-Z, Lil Kim and Duke Ellington among others. 

The area is still home to several musicians and actors along with other artists, with its delectable spread of diverse culinary offerings covering everything from Nashville fried chicken and cocktails to the Neapolitan pizza and even draft beers. MacDonough Street, Bainbridge Street and Decatur Street collectively make up the rather charming Stuyvesant Heights Historic District, one of the biggest halts on the brownstone-lined thoroughfares of Bedford Stuyvesant. Homes here have signature detailing including wrought iron fences, bowed windows, turrets, animal motifs and more. Montrose Morris, the reputed architect, has played a major part in the development of these classic homes in Bedford Stuyvesant. The near-pastoral ambience is truly delightful along with the warmth of living in a convivial and happy community. 

Top Things to Do in Bedford Stuyvesant

Bedford Stuyvesant offers several attractions for travelers without a doubt. Here’s taking a look at some of the best things to do here. 

  • Shopping - Bed Stuy is home to numerous shopping joints including the rather unique TNT Concept Store where they offer artwork and apparel. You can pick up hip gear at Sincerely, Tommy or BedStuyFly. Vintage apparel can be purchased at Harold and Maude Vintage while Peace and Riot is the place to be for premier home and housewarming items. 
  • Café-Hopping - Bed Stuy is home to numerous quaint cafes including the local Starbucks. There are several homely and chic establishments offering the best ambience and lattes for company. Daily Press Coffee, Zabka Eastern European Café and several others call the shots in the daily life of the neighborhood as you will soon find out! 
  • Running - You can take long walks around the charming avenues of Bed Stuy, admiring the architectural splendors on offer. You can also go for running events hosted at the Restoration Plaza along with bike rides. Swimmers should head to the YMCA in the neighborhood for classes and activities galore. 
  • Admiring Art - Bed Stuy is an art lover’s paradise for sure! Find abundant displays of artwork almost everywhere, right from the notable Biggie mural on the Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street corner to several chic galleries. 448 Franklin Avenue is where you will find the smashing mural that pays tribute to OBD, one of the Wu-Tang Clan’s founding members. Richard Beavers Gallery and The Bishop Gallery are other top picks as well. 
  • Dancing - You will have a blast sampling R&B, indie music, jazz and music from other upcoming artists in Bed Stuy. Jazz lovers will appreciate the vibe at Bar Lunatico while other favorites include Cmon Everybody and Tilly’s Bklyn. 
  • Historical Jaunts - Bed Stuy is one of the most historic places to stay in New York City. Take a walking tour to delve deeper into the chequered past of Brooklyn or check out the historical structures along with several well-known churches, the previous location for the Boys High School (832 Marcy Avenue) and other attractions. 
  • Nightlife - There are several joints to truly relish your drink in Bed Stuy. Bed-Vyne Cocktail is a fabulous place worth visiting on Halsey Street along with Bed-Vyne Brew on the bustling Tompkins Avenue as well. Other popular options include Doris, Moloko and The Holler. 
  • Attractions - The Richard Beavers Gallery has an interesting collection of majorly comprising artists showcasing various hues of life in urban environments across multiple genres. The artwork draws inspiration greatly from the cultures of these local communities along with several political and social issues in society. The Billie Holiday Theatre is a special community theatre that offers a platform to upcoming writers for showcasing new artwork. The 19th century brownstones in Bed Stuy are major attractions, particularly Beaux Arts and Queen Anne which fall within the Bed-Stuy Historic District. 

Best Restaurants Bedford Stuyvesant Furnished Apartments

There are several top restaurants in Bedford Stuyvesant. Some of them include: 

  • Pilar Cuban Eatery - Pilar Cuban Eatery offers a variety of lip-smacking delights including shredded steak plates with avocado and black beans, Cuban sandwiches and a lot more. 
  • Chez Oskar - Chez Oskar is a signature French-themed bistro in the neighborhood that was once a staple in Fort Greene with amazing food. The salmon nicoicse and burgers are stellar options here along with escargots or moules frites. 
  • Chinantla Restaurant - Savor the tantalizing Mexican cuisine at this friendly neighborhood joint that serves up huevos rancheros and burritos along with tortas. 
  • Calaca - Calaca is a fabulous place offering fabulous tequila and margaritas in tandem with the fish and cochinita pibil tacos. 
  • 750 Myrtle Diner - Japanese cuisine comes alive at this warm and charming café that also throws in free Wi-Fi. There is an extensive menu list that has several favorite picks like Pon-Kara. 
  • Moloko - Run by the successful team behind the popular Dynaco bar in the neighborhood, Moloko comes with lip-smacking delicacies including highlights such as seared tuna sandwiches and burgers. 
  • Eva Jean’s - Eva Jean’s offers a great ambience for special occasions and date nights along with offering delightful brunches and happy hour specials. The cuisine is modern American dishes and top picks include the white bean soup and pastrami eggs Benedict. 

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