Williamsburg Furnished Apartments

Williamsburg Furnished Apartments

What started as an integral part of the Town of Bushwick as early as 1827 is a very exciting part of the popular Brooklyn borough of NYC today. With an active nightlife, close-knit community, a history of change, and a present full of business and academic opportunities, Williamsburg is one of our most focused areas in the city. Our furnished apartments here have a very different vibe and cozy feel to them. From sleek interiors to homely comforts, precise details, and years of experience, our modernly curated abodes wait to host you for a memorable stay with us. 

Our Best Williamsburg Furnished Apartments

Whether it is a business meeting in Williamsburg or an intelligent choice to be around the warm people of the neighborhood on an awaited vacation with kids, our best accommodations here have a complete checklist ready. Right from child-friendly attractions, parks, essential stores at walking distance to bars and nightclubs for some adult fun with friends, our abodes facilitate proximity to all kinds of experiences. 

Our gym memberships and hygienic kitchens take care of your health while our local discount coupons and reception desk guide you best for a bright day out. Such is the totality of living experience that makes us the proud best in the industry. 

While looking for serviced apartments in Brooklyn, skim through our exclusive Williamsburg furnished apartments below:

Types of Our Furnished Apartments Available in Williamsburg

When booking online, every traveler has multiple questions and insecurities popping up. From the said location of the apartment to the picture shown on the website. Especially when planning a stay with a tight budget, the question of the hidden fee also bothers a lot. Since we use such a personal approach to our process of curating and even booking, we have made sure to divide each of our abodes into three distinct categories. This not only eases the process of choosing but also satisfies every traveler about their investment. 

  • Standard - Whether it is a work trip that is calling you to New York City or it is an academic course or internship that needs you here, our standard apartments are a perfect fit for you. The budgeted studio abodes and one-bedroom sets are what majorly fall under the standard category. The comfort of cooking, ordering in, traveling, and even sleeping is well ensured. 
  • Executive - This is the category of fully furnished apartments that have taken the interior game to a level up. More stylish decor and more prominent locations are two major add-ons. With top-notch kitchen appliances, oak floors to a considerable extension in the list of amenities offered to you, you can expect a perfect stay in our executive range. 
  • Deluxe - Our deluxe apartment range climbs the summit of the most luxurious abodes in the heart of Brooklyn. With the poshest locations of the borough to the ultimate hotel-like experience, by choosing our deluxe range you are in for a highly sophisticated stay. You can choose from studio apartments to even 4 bedroom pads, the view from the balcony and the luxuries will count the most. 

Why Should You Book Our Williamsburg Furnished Apartments in NYC?

With the majestic East River taking you directly to Manhattan on the West and Greenpoint offering you the most earthy weekends in its lush green land on the North, Williamsburg sits perfectly snuggled in the middle. While the dynamic people and cozy cafes and restaurants adorning the neighborhood have already made it a globally preferred site, our exquisite collection of serviced apartments make it all the more tempting! 

From the luxurious hotel-like amenities winning hearts all around the globe, it is the rare touch of personalization that makes us deserving of hosting you in this gorgeous city. With the central locations easing your travel to exquisite interiors adding style to your stay, the passionate team behind our comfort pads give you all the reasons to trust us with your most-awaited staycation in Williamsburg!

Facilities in Our Williamsburg Furnished Apartments

When living in such a vast borough like Brooklyn, one surely needs a lot of facilities that count as staples for a long term stay. While you might use a rented car to move around, our free parking lets you do that without any hassles. You will get ready microwaves and quick breakfast restaurants nearby for early office mornings while our lockers and concierge desk can rescue for the nights when you are partying away. Our saunas and balconies take care of calming you after a stressful day full of traveling around NYC. Our in-suite washers for both clothes and dishes with our cleaning team take away all your worries for any other home-like responsibilities at all. 

With the most luxurious amenities awaiting you at our exquisite abodes, and by the impeccable reviews of our customers, we are quite confident about hosting you. 

You must consider picking from our Williamsburg furnished apartments that come with the following list of 5-star amenities:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Corporate Accommodation in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is proudly popular as the creative outlet of the Brooklyn borough. Considering the dense opportunities that the neighborhood offers in all its dynamic ambiance and creative glory, our corporate abodes here have been cautiously designed to complement the varied and vibrant tastes of our travelers. While Manhattan’s Financial District is the nearest from here, your home will have the closest access to most modes of public transportation. 

We understand how traveling for work is poles apart from a family vacation. Keeping that in mind, we have made sure to provide extra comfort in our corporate accommodations. From the easiest to use modern appliances in our stocked kitchen to doing your grocery shopping for you, your hunger pangs will be taken good care of. While the Bluetooth speakers come with our luxurious widescreen television facility and our velvety couch right in the front, we plan to pamper you with movie nights at home as well. 

Williamsburg Furnished Apartments for Families

With so many ethnic groups inhabiting the neighborhood of Williamsburg, it is one of the most inclusive places you could consider in New York City. Considering how welcoming it is with the combination of a very active nightlife that the area enjoys, it is a fine choice to stay with family. 

While the surroundings will take good care of you, our cozy accommodations snuggled here have been curated with the highest quality standards. From the security of the chosen localities to proximity to parks and food, especially with kids traveling along, we provide a complete living experience here. You can count on us for your safety, cleanliness, fresh farm groceries, hygiene, and everything that you require. For every other last-minute requirement, our concierge desk and service desk will always be active and ready at your service. 

Best Attractions Near Our Williamsburg Furnished Apartments

From a rich history of the African American revolution and the New World that was formed, to endless places to spend some private time with friends and family, Williamsburg is an entire city in itself. From the most romantic parks and bridges that come with age-old legends to museums and shopping sprees, there is so much to do that you should probably think about extending your duration here. While you are still deciding, what we can assure is that even if it takes a very tight itinerary to make the most of the neighborhood, our luxurious apartment facilities will always be up to date to comfort you every night when you are back home. 

From a quaint stroll on the Williamsburg Bridge to a shopping spree on the streets of Williamsburg, below are some of the handpicked attractions of Brooklyn that you must know:

  • Williamsburg Winery - Spread in a huge 300 acres of land, this legendary winery has a whole selection of award-winning tastes that have been curated and preserved for ages. 
  • Williamsburg Bridge - This historic suspension bridge is your best shot at a dreamy Manhattan view on a brisk morning jog. You can always take your CitiBike for an evening workout.
  • Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum - Observing the intricate paintings, fragile pieces of art, textiles, and even furniture in all its glory is one very loved experience for the lovers of history and art. One must not miss it. 
  • Bedford Avenue - It is one of those attractions which are quite trendy and vibrant just as they are. The hip music scene here along with popular markets and restaurants promises you a good time. 
  • Crim Dell Bridge - The legends say that if a couple kisses here, they get married in the future. You can enjoy a romantic secluded moment here within the increasingly popular William & Mary's campus. 
  • Smorgasburg Food Market - This is surely a food attraction that no tourist should miss. Even if you are not a foodie, this is the best way to know the street food of New York in and out. You can enjoy it during summers and springs every year. 
  • Jamestown Beach Event Park - The good part about Brooklyn is that it has several smaller rivers to look at. The James River is one such calming one which can be adorned from this romantic park in Williamsburg. 
  • McCarren Park - This is one of those attractions that present the best picture of the Williamsburg community and the Brooklyn vibe at large. From a public swimming pool to a coffee house and open BBQ, it has them all. 
  • Colonial Williamsburg - It is hands down the most romantic of all attractions here. Book in advance a carriage ride here to enjoy the picturesque setting here. If you both admire art, the Rockefeller Folk Art Museum here will be a jackpot!
  • Berkeley Plantation - If you are a history buff, this attraction will take you back to the inception of the New World and the first official Thanksgiving ever. The gorgeous Georgian Mansion will lead you to the James River.

Best Restaurants Near Our Williamsburg Furnished Apartments

No matter where in New York, your plates will always be full of the most satisfying meals. Whether you like your food the traditional way or it is the generational food legacy of the restaurant that impresses you best, there are plenty of restaurants to win your heart. From the Southern-style taste of the iconic Amber Ox Public House to the legendary recipes of Captain Geoge’s restaurant, Williamsburg is full of food varieties and the most authentic taste in all its nooks and corners. Thanks to our centrally located abodes, most of the breakfasts and brunches will be a hop away. 

While you contemplate on choosing our Williamsburg furnished apartments in Brooklyn, skim through the best restaurants available nearby:

  • Captain George’s Street Food Restaurant - This delicious buffet spread shares the secret taste that has been consistent for 35+ years and still going strong. They have a bar as well and can also accommodate a children's menu. 
  • Rocka Rolla - Head here for evenings after a hectic meeting when you need cheap booze and an all-nighter with an incredible DJ playlist! As the name suggests, Rocka Rolla gives you all of that on a platter with great food. 
  • Amber Ox Public House - This on-the-go eatery serves unmatched Southern-style cuisine in a very stylish setting. The owners and chefs are extremely creative with the menu and their fried wings are a specialty. 
  • Kings County Imperial - If you are someone who spots Chinese restaurants almost everywhere you go, this is a high-end version of the most stylish Chinese dishes complimented with fancy cocktails, right in Williamsburg.
  • Traditions Restaurant - Along with an advanced Golf experience on the side, their breakfast and lunch buffet is a delight with all the traditional tastes coming together. Their Seafood Feast on Fridays shouldn't be missed at all. 
  • DeStefano’s Steakhouse - When tired of trying all the fancy restaurants and diverse cuisines, this steakhouse is your cue to get back to the basics. Tender meats and an impressive taste will go a long way in Williamsburg. 
  • Egg - When in Brooklyn, head straight to this comfort restaurant serving the best egg menu in the borough. It is quite fascinating to see how delightful getting back to those perfect breakfasts after a week in a new city feels. 
  • Surf Bar - If you thought nothing could take you by surprise in Williamsburg, this bar and restaurant will prove you wrong with its excellent and inexpensive beach menu! 
  • Union Pool - From concerts to food trucks, this popular gem shows you the authentic picture of the bustling vibe of Williamsburg. The food is great and the decor is all soothing with those fairy lights. 
  • Casa Pearl - If you are a fan of oysters, this is the ultimate oyster heaven to check out. From avocados to tunas, the flavors here are quite refreshing as the chefs are quite innovative in their approach.

Transport Near Our Williamsburg Furnished Apartments

Transportation in Williamsburg is all about to and fro from Manhattan. The neighborhood enjoys the advantage of sharing proximity and direct access to Manhattan’s business hub as well. The L train takes you straight in no time but the Bedford Avenue train station is the busiest of them all at Williamsburg. Apart from trains, thanks to the calm waterfront, the ferry is quite loved by locals and tourists because of its ease and overall travel experience. When staying with us, you can easily track any of the four most popular transport modes right from your doorstep. After all, Williamsburg is quite a convenient neighborhood to move around and explore as you like. 

Some of the nearest public transport stations near our Williamsburg furnished apartments include:

Subway & Trains:

  • L Station at Bedford Avenue
  • L Station at Lorimer Street
  • Metropolitan Avenue
  • Hewes Street
  • Flushing Avenue
  • Grand Central
  • Wythe Ave


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  • B32
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  • B39

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