Bushwick Furnished Rentals, Brooklyn

Bushwick Furnished Rentals, Brooklyn

If you are seeking Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn, then you have certainly come to the right place. We help you find the best apartments for extended stays in Bushwick, which is one of the most well connected and charming neighborhoods of New York City. Your stay will be made more memorable with the plethora of amenities and facilities available at our furnished units here. 

Bushwick is now held synonymous with a more hip and accommodating vibe, possessing innumerable top-end fashion and art stores, collectives, buzzing music scenes and bustling restaurants in tandem with rock concert venues and galleries set up in refurbished warehouses as well. There is a thriving street art scene here along with a rather attractive nightlife circuit too. Bushwick is situated strategically in the northern part of Brooklyn, in close proximity to Bedford-Stuyvesant and also the charming locality of Williamsburg. The L train can be taken to Morgan Avenue for finding this beautiful neighborhood where there is also a flourishing Latin precinct and authentic classic taquerias, several national flags and bodegas. 

You can take the help of our award-winning reservations team for finding the very best Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn. We ensure enjoyable and memorable stays in New York City for corporate and leisure guests alike. 

Finding the Best Bushwick Furnished Rentals 

Getting hold of the very best and spacious Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn, is no longer difficult. We have an extensive lineup of apartments in the neighborhood for you to choose from. Some of the best options worth considering include the following: 

These are only some of the apartments that we have in the neighborhood and surrounding areas. You can take help from our team with regard to finding the best possible option for yourself with a personalized approach and all the amenities and facilities that you desire during your stay. 

Why Book Bushwick Furnished Rentals? 

You should definitely consider booking Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn, on account of their sheer convenience and flexibility. We make sure that you get impeccably serviced apartments with comfortable beds, immaculate furnishings and top-notch amenities and facilities for travelers. Our apartments not only help you stay connected to major tourist landmarks, business hubs and entertainment and recreational options, but they also help you easily access public transportation facilities. You will appreciate the attention to detail in every apartment along with a specific set of USPs that appeal to each traveler. 

Bushwick Furnished Rentals for Corporate Travelers

Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn, are ideal for corporate travelers looking for a comfortable place to wind down in New York City. After a hard and long day spent working or in meetings, relax in style with a chilled beverage, flat-screen television and cable packages for company. Enjoy brainstorming or ideating with colleagues in your living room or simply wind down for the night in the comfortable bed. Fully equipped kitchens and other necessary amenities keep you satisfied all throughout your stay as well. Our apartments are well connected to major NYC business hubs and places of interest along with vital public transit networks as well. All in all, they promise an enjoyable extended stay in the Big Apple for business travelers. 

Bushwick Furnished Rentals for Leisure Travelers 

Leisure travelers or even families will like the additional room and privacy offered by our Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn. Our apartments come with all the facilities desired by any family including well-equipped kitchens, all appliances, bathroom amenities, safety and security features, flat-screen televisions, cable packages, complimentary Wi-Fi and more. Get that extra space to accommodate your entire family or traveling group without jostling for space or being starved for room. Enjoy having your own accommodation in bustling NYC and that too in one of its most historic and charming neighborhoods. Find several cafes, restaurants and nightlife destinations nearby along with galleries, tourist attractions and other landmarks. 

Facilities in Our Bushwick Furnished Rentals

There are several facilities available at our Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn. Some of them include: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some apartments also come with additional onsite amenities including swimming pools, fitness facilities, rooftop terraces, cafes, bars and restaurants. Some may also offer sauna and Jacuzzi facilities along with spa facilities as well. It all depends on various parameters including the specific location, type of apartment and so on. 

Cost of Bushwick Furnished Rentals

You need not worry at all about the cost of Bushwick furnished rentals, Brooklyn. We make sure that our apartments are offered to all guests at competitive, fair and reasonable rates. There are no hidden costs and even during the peak season, we keep our prices in sync with industry standards as well. To top it off, you can always get your queries resolved swiftly with our 24-hour support, assistance and management facilities. 

About Bushwick 

Bushwick has seen a transformative journey over the last few years with Hispanic populations growing rapidly here along with other communities including Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. The neighborhood is known for its flourishing artistic endeavors including the noted Bushwick Collective, a beautiful outdoor gallery which was founded by Joseph Ficalora, the local resident who has owners donating their spaces in buildings for the purpose of showcasing street art. One of the key areas in this context is the Troutman Street thoroughfare right between the Irving and Cypress Avenues. Bushwick sprawls all over northern Brooklyn with its elevated train network and the boundary with the equally charming Bedford-Stuyvesant locality. The boundary with Broadway goes well into the north till Flushing Avenue and all the way till Stewart Street. 

It also runs into the lovely Evergreens Cemetery and then till Irving Avenue. The locality’s northern boundary is near Queens, Ridgewood, St. Nicholas Avenue and Wyckoff Avenue. These avenues are dotted with quaint art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and bars, majorly owing to proximity to the L train network. The area located just north of Myrtle Avenue has more industrial hubs along with more traffic. South Bushwick is home to several three and two-family homes which are majorly clapboard units although there are a few limestone and brick dwellings along with brownstones. This portion of the neighborhood is heavily residential. 

There are several attractions spread throughout Bushwick including NurtureArt, which is a nonprofit art gallery located at Bogart Street, which showcases multiple emerging artists. A diner on Flushing Avenue, Tina’s Place, has been a family-owned joint from the 1930s onwards. It is now a hotspot for several young artists and musicians as well. The same holds true for Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen which opened on Irving Avenue sometime earlier. Syndicated on Bogart Street also houses a movie theater with 50 seats within the premises in addition to a restaurant and bar as well. The Kings County Brewers Collective is a fledgling attraction on Troutman Street while locals love Maria Hernandez Park with its handball and basketball courts along with several playgrounds. A subway ride will take just half an hour till Midtown Manhattan with the L train passing Wyckoff Avenue and onwards till Manhattan’s 14th Street. The M train runs through Midtown Manhattan along with the Z and J lines which go till Lower Manhattan. 

From the 1890s till the year 1915, Brooklyn was regarded as the USA’s beer capital and it had almost 50 breweries back then. Owing to this history, the Brewers Row was also built along Bushwick Avenue where several charming homes were built by owners of breweries and other industry titans. Some of them still exist to this day, being major photographic delights for tourists and locals alike. Bushwick has its own special charm, something that instantly captivates those who move to the neighborhood or stay here for shorter periods of time. 

Top Attractions Near Our Bushwick Furnished Rentals

Bushwick is home to numerous attractions for tourists including the following: 

  • The Lipsius-Cook Mansion - The affluent legacy of Bushwick at the turn of the 19th century, led to several beautiful and massive mansions being built along Bushwick Avenue. The Lipsius-Cook Mansion is one of the most charming ones, constructed especially for the owner of one of the most profitable breweries in the area at the time, Catherine Lipsius. It was sold to Dr. Fredrick Cook in 1902, who claimed to be the first American citizen to scale Mt. McKinley at Alaska and also reach the North Pole. The building is easily distinguishable, located near the JMZ over the ground subway network. The structure was also a convent for Catholics sometime in the 20th century. It became an NYC landmark in 2013 courtesy the efforts of the Preservation Commission. 
  • South Bushwick Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Complex - Right along Bushwick Avenue, you will chance upon this complex with signature spires that are hard to miss. Finding a place in the National Register of Historical Places back in 1982, this landmark has a rich history in the neighborhood and the home of the Bushwick Reformed Church that goes back to 1654. 
  • Silent Barn - A big draw for tourists, the Silent Barn is a reputed community center for visitors to interact and engage with mainstream art. The new space is a crowd-funded initiative and is located on Bushwick Avenue as well. It comes with a bar, communal table and stage along with hosting several musical performances at night. It is also a space that doubles up as a gallery and artist incubator or residency program. Silent Barn stands out for its multidisciplinary nature, hosting sound, art or visual art exhibits at various times. 
  • Know Waste Lands - Know Waste Lands has beautifully transformed the stretch between Cedar and Dekalb along Myrtle Avenue. The area is a community composting site and garden where you will find plenty of flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. Environment-friendly neighbors drop off their compost here while enjoying this tranquil oasis of peace at the same time. 
  • Maria Hernandez Park - Bushwick is famous for its Maria Hernandez Park which is named after a former community leader who strived to clear drug dealers from the neighborhood. She was tragically shot in her home and the park is a memorial to her efforts for the neighborhood. Maria Hernandez Park has large trees with refreshing shade and flowers along with being surrounded by several restaurants, bodegas and bars. There is a sporting zone and playground along with a dedicated dog park as well. 
  • NURTUREart - This is a dedicated art gallery that offers ample resources and scope for local curators, artists and students to participate in enjoying and showcasing mainstream artwork. The mission here is to support upcoming talents and those who are a part of the community. It is situated near the Morgan L stop at Bogart Street. 
  • Vander Ende Onderdonk House - The attractive Vander Ende Onderdonk House is located between Ridgewood and Bushwick and is the oldest surviving house in New York from the Dutch Colonial period. Built sometime in 1709 by Paulus Vander Ende, it has been symbolic for the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society from 1975 onwards. The house is a museum for architecture lovers, offering invaluable insights into the histories of Dutch colonial settlers along with housing a research library and several interesting exhibits. The museum also has the Arbitration Rock, a much-discussed border that once demarcated the boundaries between Queens and Brooklyn. 
  • Central Avenue - Central Avenue is one of the best places to simply relax and spend some enjoyable evenings and afternoons. There is OMG Pizza right at the intersection housed in a well-known building that occupies a whole triangular block next to the same. Go upwards from Myrtle Avenue and find Gotham City Lounge, a special comic themed joint and also the Bushwick Public House. Here you will find the very first Kava bar in Brooklyn, Kava being a traditional tea beverage in the South Pacific and consisting of medicinal properties. The House of Kava is quite popular in the neighborhood along with the Firs tLive Studio and Coffeehouse. This started as part of an expansion drive of the Knitting Factory at Williamsburg. The space comes with video and audio production facilities along with recordings and also doubles up as a café with its Slayer Express. There is abundant outdoor and indoor space for seating visitors along this residential and charming thoroughfare. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Bushwick Furnished Apartments

Bushwick is also home to numerous acclaimed restaurants patronized by tourists and locals alike. These include the following: 

  • Carthage Must be Destroyed/Like a Prayer Yoga - The location at Bogart Street may be perceived quite uniquely by visitors. This is an Australian organic restaurant named Carthage Must be Destroyed and also doubles up as the setting for Like a Prayer Yoga which is a noted yoga studio. The restaurant sports a charming pink décor theme and is highly Instagrammable by all means! It offers a relaxing ambience with good food and beverages. Like a Prayer Yoga offers classes for 5 days each week and there is a meditation class held on Sundays as well. 
  • Syndicated - A former warehouse that has transformed into a popular bar along with being a movie theater and restaurant, it is situated along Bogart Street. This is located in close proximity to the L train stop on Morgan Avenue. The outdoors are rather simple although the interiors are quite charming and aesthetically appealing. It was built from an intrinsic mission towards fusing together dining and drinking with the immersive experience of a theater. Syndicated has a wonderfully designed bar zone where you can watch sporting hits on projectors while the back theater room comes with niche film screenings and television shows as well. The kitchen offers lip-smacking bar grub along with a wide selection of wine, beer and other cocktails. Filmmakers can submit their creations here or even host special viewing parties for guests. 
  • Bunker - After opening its doors in a larger area back in the year 2017, Bunker is now located in close proximity to the L train. This has pleased fans of the acclaimed Vietnamese street food maestro, Chef Jimmy Tu. The menu has ample options including home-smoked bacon banh mi sandwiches and delicious summer rolls, fried whole fish and pho bowls. The restaurant stays buzzing round the year. 
  • Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos - This warm and appealing restaurant comes with deliciously appetizing tortillas. The specialty Tortilleria has been opened by the successful team behind the next-door Tortilla factory. There are delightful warm maize taco shells that are served on neat plates crafted from crimped paper. Fillings for tacos have been narrowed down to several varieties including carnitas and chorizos which are served on lovely corn disks along with a lime wedge and a sprinkling of home-crafted green and electric red salsas. 

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