Bushwick Studio Apartments

Bushwick Studio Apartments

A dedicated place to call home during your stay in New York City is always welcome, particularly if there are hectic days in store either traveling for work or exploring the city’s plethora of landmarks. We offer compact and convenient Bushwick studio apartments that are generously spaced and come with all necessary modern amenities and facilities for contemporary travelers. 

If you’re a couple traveling to the Big Apple or a solo traveler, a studio apartment is just the right fit for you. If you’re even a couple of colleagues or business partners visiting New York City anytime soon, you can consider our apartments for their welcoming ambiance and central locations. Whatever be your requirements, our award-winning reservations team will make sure that you find the best studio apartments in Bushwick, one of the most historic and culturally vibrant neighborhoods in Brooklyn, for your stay. 

About Bushwick

When you book our Bushwick studio apartments, you are in for a fun ride since this is one of New York City’s most culturally uplifted neighborhoods situated in the Brooklyn borough. It is bordered by Queens, East New York, Williamsburg, Ridgewood and Highland Park along with Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville. The town has its own rich history, having been founded by the Dutch when they colonized America back in the 17th century. In the 19th century, the area became a German community and by the late 20th century, it transformed into a Hispanic neighborhood owing to another rush of immigrants. 

Today, Bushwick is a culture lover’s paradise, being home to numerous artist collectives, galleries, hip and premier cafes, converted industrial units and warehouses and numerous popular shopping hubs galore. Bushwick has a feel quite similar to Williamsburg, another popular neighborhood nearby. Some pockets have gentrified rapidly in Bushwick and are now home to several residential and commercial structures. Interestingly, Bushwick was once called the Brewing Capital of the United States since it had more than 50 breweries even back in the late 1800s! The beer culture is still prevalent with ample urban taverns, neighborhood dives and multi-bar complexes creating a vibrant nightlife circuit here. There are famous pizzerias and Parisian bistros aplenty for delicious meals along with artisanal coffee joints and classic boutiques to pique your interest. 

Where Can You Find the Best Bushwick Studio Apartments? 

We offer numerous Bushwick studio apartments that are located strategically in close proximity to major landmarks in the city along with transit points and key commercial hubs. Here are some of our apartments in the area: 

These are but some of the Bushwick studio apartments in our portfolio. Our team will help you find the best option as per your specific needs and requirements. Every apartment comes with its own dedicated USPs including panoramic views, central locations and impeccable furnishings and fixtures. 

Facilities in Our Bushwick Studio Apartments 

Our Bushwick studio apartments are embellished with multiple amenities and facilities for guests. That way, they can enter our apartments and have everything that they need in easy reach and not want for anything. Some of them include the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary onsite gym 
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Flat-screen smart televisions with cable 
  • Central heating
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • 24 hour management and support
  • Intercom system 

Some apartments may also come with onsite amenities including swimming pools, fitness facilities, outdoor and indoor recreational zones, terraces, Jacuzzi, sauna and food and beverage facilities, depending on the location, type of property and several other parameters. It should be mentioned that amenities may vary from one apartment to another. 

However, each apartment has its own special vibe and ambiance that is bound to appeal to travelers. Our reservations team will help you chance upon the apartment that caters to your needs perfectly. 


Why Book Bushwick Studio Apartments? 

Traveling to New York City means that you will desire a dedicated place to stay for a few days or even months at a time, depending upon your specific needs. Our studio apartments are well furnished and come with the best amenities to make you feel at home instantly. You will enjoy coming back home to your own apartment after a hectic day at work or a day spent traveling to the city’s numerous tourist landmarks. 

From brainstorming with colleagues to catching up on a movie with your friends or family members on flat-screen televisions, enjoying your time in New York is guaranteed with our thoughtfully tailored Bushwick studio apartments. Total privacy is guaranteed with our apartments in addition to greater flexibility and freedom. 

Cost of Bushwick Studio Apartments 

While we acknowledge that there are peak seasons in every year when demand is understandably high for accommodation, we endeavor to provide studio apartments at fair and reasonable prices to our guests without venturing into exorbitant territory. 

You can expect well-furnished and feature-packed accommodation at a price that does not pinch your pocket by all means. We also seek to offer greater value by ensuring round the clock support and assistance courtesy of our trained team. This helps us address all your queries swiftly without any hassles. 

Top Things to Do Near Our Bushwick Studio Apartments

Bushwick is a hotbed for everything artistic, creative, culinary and fun! From a thriving nightlife hub to an art lover’s preferred haunt, it is everything and more. Here’s are some of the most fun things to do in Bushwick during your stay here. 

  • Indulge in style at the House of Yes - Seek a rather exciting and wild night on the town with your pals in tow? House of Yes is the place to be! From aerialists and cage dancers to exciting DJs and even tarot card readers, this joint is a mixed bag of fun, adrenaline-pumping music and oodles of excitement. This restored warehouse turned club comes alive with mega theme parties on Fridays and Saturdays while the rest of the week has scintillating acts including burlesque nights, DJ nights and circus variety hours alike. 
  • Sip exotic brews at Kings County Brewers Collective - If you love your brew and want to try some new picks, Kings County Brewers Collective is where you’d rather be! This 15-barrel taproom and brewery is located next to the Jefferson L stop in Bushwick and spans a rather generous 5,000 sq. ft. It is helmed by the brewing trio Zack Kinney, Tony Bellis and Pete Lengyel and is the very first brewery in the neighborhood in 40+ years (the brick and mortar variety that is!). 
  • Satiate your cravings at Le Garage - One of Bushwick’s classic favorites for nice and comfy dinners (particularly if you’re on a date), Le Garage is an intimate and welcoming restaurant run by Catherine and Rachel Allswang (daughter and mother in that order). The art-deco cues, distinct Parisian influence and neo-bistro dishes will leave an imprint on your mind along with simple yet appetizing meals like organic chicken with thyme crushed potatoes and confit garlic. 
  • Give wings to your artistic desires at The Bushwick Collective - The Bushwick Collective is where you can truly give wings to your artistic impulses, being one of the most invigorating art galleries in New York City. Drawing inspiration from the industrial roots of the neighborhood, this collective was founded by Joe Ficalora and has a vast outdoor space that welcomes visitors with an eclectic collection of street art and graffiti alike. 
  • Head to Roberta’s - Roberta’s has become something of an iconic joint in Bushwick, being a true-blue Italian pizzeria that is decked out in hip-hop inspired art and graffiti. The interiors are however sleek and chic while pizzas are served in pies instead of slices. There are some additional attractions including cabbage sea lettuce salads, coffee-roasted beets and then some more! Roberta’s has weekend brunch and takeouts till midnight along with lunch and dinner menus galore! 
  • Visit Maria Hernandez Park for a feel of the local community - Nature combines beautifully with local cultural mores as you visit the Maria Hernandez Park behind Flushing Avenue. Packed to the brim with playing kids, lounging locals and skateboarders, the pavements here are delightfully decked out in graffiti while local families congregate and relax here in bliss, particularly on sunny summer days. 
  • Go boho chic at Better Than Jam - Better Than Jam is your ultimate stop for cool clothing from local artists and designers and at jaw-dropping prices. Find a wide variety of handcrafted products including apparel, accessories, jewelry and more. 
  • Enjoy fiery meals at Tortilleria Mexicana - Another one of Bushwick’s famous meal stops for visitors, Tortilleria Mexicana is a popular taco stand within a refurbished warehouse/factory space. Local, delicious and accessible, this joint offers a scintillating menu of tacos, tortas and taquitos that you will absolutely adore! Simply arrive, put your name down and place your order! That’s all you need to enjoy a fiery yet strangely comforting Mexican meal here.
  • Savor late-night drinks at The Narrows - Bushwick is home to some of the finest and most intriguing bars and pubs in all of New York City. The Narrows is one such establishment that is ideal for that late-night drink with a few lip-smacking snacks in tow. This dimly-lit charming establishment is art-deco all the way with its delicious craft beer and exclusive cocktails at really pocket-friendly rates. The Brooklyn vibe is unmistakable at this bar which also has a lovely outdoor patio for savoring warmer climates. 
  • Shop till you drop at The Loom - Find 20 boutique stores and shops at this elegant and minimalistic zone which was previously a textile mill. Find gallery space to a tattoo parlor, yoga studio and even a cycle shop. Artisanal purchases can be gleefully made here at cheap rates and you’ll find some fabulous things to take back home for sure. 
  • Enjoy an artisanal café ambiance at Little Skips - Little Skips is where you finally settle down and enjoy the classic artisanal café that is so intrinsic to local culture in this part of town. Sit down for heady conversations and freshly brewed cappuccinos with attractive foam art for company! The menu is diverse with vegan chais, matcha tea lattes and more in store for connoisseurs.
  • View some of NYC’s best-emerging artists at Gallery Hop Gallery Hop is another Bushwick landmark and one of its fast-emerging art galleries that showcase works of newly emerging artists making waves in the NYC art scene. From contemporary and local work in rather unexpected settings to a few hidden gems, you’ll find it all here. 
  • Catch jolly performances at Silent Barn  - Rather quirkily called the Silent Barn, this concert hall in Bushwick is where you’ll find performances by upcoming artists and musicians. From gigs and exhibitions to art installations, this cooperatively run space is a visitor’s delight! 

Transportation Facilities Near Our Bushwick Studio Apartments 

Our Bushwick studio apartments are located near several subway stations. Some of them include the following: 

  • 50th St 
  • Pier 11 Ferry Landing
  • 23rd St 
  • 86th St
  • 96th Street
  • 2nd Ave
  • 28th St

You can also access train stations like the 14th Street and 50th Street stations along with connecting seamlessly to airports like the LaGuardia Airport and the John F. Kennedy Airport. 

Getting about in New York City is a breeze if you are staying at our studio apartments in Bushwick and nearby locations. All necessary public transportation facilities are readily available likewise. This naturally helps in terms of connecting smoothly to all major landmarks in NYC and key business destinations. 

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