Chelsea Luxury Apartments

Chelsea Luxury Apartments

One of the most trendy neighborhoods in Manhattan and NYC itself, Chelsea prides itself on its array of eateries, art galleries and hipster locals that give the neighborhood its reputation. But when corporate and business travelers want accommodation that puts them right in the heart of everything hip and goes above and beyond expectations, they choose our Chelsea luxury apartments. Each one is fully equipped to bring comfort and convenience to every guest, while being centrally located in the neighborhood so they can get around. What makes even more special is the range of added amenities that they can enjoy alongside all the usual features. 

Our Best Chelsea Luxury Apartments

Within a portfolio that features over 150,000 apartments, it can be hard for some guests to pick the perfect apartment. When it comes to our luxury apartments in Chelsea, we know the ones that require immediate attention and will be beyond perfect for any short or long term stay in NYC. They represent the very best of our collection and will be the perfect home to walk into at the end of a long day walking and exploring the city.

Our top luxury apartments in Chelsea are the following:

Facilities in Our Chelsea Luxury Apartments

As to be expected, the word luxury carries with it many definitions. What one person finds luxurious, another person will simply call modern. Nevertheless, we are sure that every corporate or leisure guest that is looking at calling our Chelsea apartments home will more than conclude that they are the pinnacle of luxury. With divine interiors that are as elegant as the sleek, guests can enter the apartment and indulge in a sumptuous living space that has their every need taken care of. Whether it’s the fully equipped kitchen which makes home cooking and healthy eating more convenient and inexpensive to the flat screen TV that has all the channels necessary to catch the best of US entertainment and sport, as well as a cozy living and sleeping space that will be simple to unwind in with a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee or tea. In short, our luxury apartments have all the key features that bring home along for the ride.

Then there are the extra features that lend a more luxurious feel to the whole experience. A gym, spa, sauna, business center and other facilities can be added for an extra charge, or can come with the whole package. Keeping fit in NYC and winding down in free time will be super simple with the likes of these additional amenities.

Types of Chelsea Luxury Apartments

When it comes to our vast portfolio, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Every traveling experience is unique, and when it comes to Chelsea, we know that groups will come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why we have a few options for our guests to consider. All apartment varieties are furnished with all the necessary amenities for a great NYC experience.

Below are the types of luxury apartments in Chelsea that we have in our award-winning portfolio:

  • Studio - A more compact space, these are more than ideal for those that want a luxurious living quarter where everything is in easy reach. Suitable for single travelers and couples.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - The next stage up are these apartments. Unlike studios, they will have separate areas and will be more spacious. Again, these are a good choice for couples and solo travelers.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - When there are a few more along for the trip, then these apartments are the go-to option. They have a lot more space and have another bedroom added on so small groups can stay together. Suitable for small families, two couples and a small working team.

Attractions Near Our Chelsea Luxury Apartments

Like any part of NYC, Chelsea is full of attractions that make any stay here truly magical. While the neighborhood is renowned for its art galleries and eponymous market, there are other features nearby that form the ideal New York experience. So, when guests are settled into their apartment, they can go outside and venture the streets to see what the local area has to offer.

Some of the attractions near our Chelsea luxury apartments include the following:

  • Empire State Building - One of the most renowned attractions in the whole of NYC, this has the best views of the entire city. Guests can take the elevator to the top and marvel at the expanse below them. It’s always best to go when the sky is clear. Plus, there may be loved up couples proposing which can add an extra bit of magic to the whole experience.
  • Flatiron Building - While it may not be the landmark that the Empire State Building is, the awesome design of this building has led it to appear in blockbuster and groovy indie films. Visitors can take a snapshot and send it to their social media feeds to get a few likes.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - See a wide variety of paintings, sculpture textiles and so much more from Tibet, Bhutan and other Asian nations. Rotating exhibits ensure that there is always a variety on display here. While it may not be The Met or the MoMA, it is more than worth the eyes of art lovers.
  • Chelsea Market - The eponymous market has many foodie delights and shops that will keep tourists coming back for more. Book stores and other trendy establishments are all here to enjoy.
  • The Museum at FIT - With a range of changing exhibitions and a permanent collection of garments and accessories, this is a small but treasured treat. Plus, the museum itself is free, so visitors don’t have to pay the fees that they would for other NYC attractions. 
  • The High Line - For views that are as charming as they are tranquil, and a seating area that is as quiet as it can be crowded, this 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park is a must for anyone. Visitors will need to book time slots to come here.
  • Doosan Gallery New York - Another trendy and modern gallery that deserves attention, contemporary art is spread out over the exhibition space for everyone to admire the best work coming out of the new artists dominating the art world. 
  • Whitney Museum of American Art - Founded in 1930 by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, this gallery specializes in 20th and 21st century American art. The esteemed collection includes 25,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, films, videos, and artifacts of new media by more than 3,500 artists. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Times Square - A cornerstone of the New York experience, the vibrant sounds and the hectic traffic, human and vehicular, give it the reputation as one of the most crowded areas in the city. Take a picture of the madness and move onto the delightful sights closeby. 
  • Macy’s - A major departmental store, there are many floors here filled to the brim with boutique goods that are worth taking home to show to friends and family. While the price tags may be a bit much, carrying a Macy’s bag around the city shows that visitors are in the higher tier of a spender. 
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - the USS Intrepid, USS Growler and the Space Shuttle Enterprise are all here to show how the US dominates the waves, the air and space itself. Visitors can walk around the submarine, the aircraft carrier and explore some of the top-secret spy planes from the Cold War. Those that love their planes and war vehicles will find this place to be a delight.

Restaurants Near Our Chelsea Luxury Apartments

Eating out in New York is always a treat, and never more so in Chelsea, an area that is full to the brim with restaurants that show off the global prestige of the city. Guests can bask in a plethora of tastes and smells that make the city what it is. They eat Indian food, Chinese dishes, American meats, French delicacies and so much more. All they have to do is wander out of their luxury apartment in Chelsea and see for themselves what the district has to offer.

Some of the restaurants near our luxury apartments in Chelsea include:

  • Los Tacos No. 1 - A stand-in Chelsea Market, this place tends to be busy, but for those that love their Tacos, this is undeniably the place to get them. In fact, it is rated as one of the top spots to get tacos in the whole of New York.
  • Los Mariscos - A Mexican seafood spot, some of the best fish tacos in the city are ready to be indulged in. A tasty, quick and super affordable meal for corporate and leisure travelers on the go, this will hit the spot in no time at all.
  • Cookshop - A neighborhood staple,  there’s even a patio for those that like a bit of sun to go with the grub. An ideal spot for friends, couples and family to gather for an evening of great tastes, this shouldn’t be left off any list.
  • Motel Morris - With a 1960s-motel theme,  dark blue walls, fancy light fixtures, and velvet banquettes along the wall, this establishment is an interesting place to come for an evening meal. With burgers and steaks as well as healthy eating options, everyone can be catered for with ease here.
  • Miznon - One of the newest stalls inside Chelsea Market, it specializes in pitas filled with steak, lamb, and ratatouille. While there are other things that can be ordered, the above is the best bet to fill any whining appetite.
  • Momoya - One of the best places to go for sushi in Chelsea, the food is excellent, top quality and is easily affordable next to other extortionate options that are in the area. It’s of no surprise to see the endless queues here.
  • Citizens of Chelsea - Another Australian-owned coffee shop, tourists can come here for avocado toast, get a salad, and hang out with friends or family while the rest of Chelsea’s residents rush off to work in their claustrophobic offices.
  • Empire Diner - While it isn’t actually a diner, this fantastic establishment has been remodeled on a dining car, so visitors can sit in a booth and eat a burger or some roasted chicken while they take a break from the trials and tribulations of the outside world.
  • Tia Pol - A tapas place that is super stylish and very popular with the locals, their plates are even smaller than the standard tapas plates but the taste is beyond anything else. While there are many tapas places in the area, this one is surely the best one for our guests. 
  • Aroqa - A modern Indian restaurant, visitors can expect their food to arrive in a basket or on the back of a miniature tricycle. While that isn’t the same for every meal here, it does show off what kind of a trendy place it is.

Corporate Luxury Apartments in Chelsea

When corporate travelers want to stay in a trendy district that has good connections to Wall Street, but also has a bit of spice, they stay in Chelsea. We know from our own experience that business travelers want more than standard accommodation. They want to feel like they’re the cream of the crop. That’s why our luxury Chelsea apartments are ideal for them so they can be close to the office and have a space that is ideally furnished for their stylish tastes. 

Luxury Apartments in Chelsea for Leisure

Relaxing in New York requires an apartment that has the perfect view, gym access and lush interiors to show off to friends and family. That’s where our luxury apartments in Chelsea swoop in to provide all the dreamy comforts that first-class trips to New York are made of. They have the swanky spaces to act as the perfect second home, and they have all the amenities needed for short and long term living in the Big Apple. 

Transportation Near Our Chelsea Luxury Apartments

Like London, New York prides itself on being able to get its residents and visitors around the city with ease via its subway system. Fast and efficient, visitors will forgive the cramped nature of rush hour if the carriage gets them to the attractions or the office on time. To make things even easier, our luxury apartments in Chelsea are situated close to the key stations in the area so our guests can go from A to B with no hassle at all. Subways stations, train stations - all of these are covered.

Some of the subway and train stations near our apartments include the following:

  • 34th St-Hudson Yards Subway Station
  • 34 St - Penn Station
  • 28 Street
  • 23 Street
  • Times Sq-42 St Station
  • 33 Street Station
  • Eighth Avenue - Fourteenth Street
  • 14 Street Station

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