Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments

Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments

Our Clinton Hill furnished apartments are readily available for travelers visiting NYC for extended periods of time. We offer serviced and fully furnished apartments for guests that come well equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities for comfortable and memorable stays. 

Clinton Hill is a locality situated in the north-central part of Brooklyn, bordered by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway northwards, Brooklyn Navy Yard and also Williamsburg which is more towards the northeast. Atlantic Avenue, Prospect Heights, Classon Avenue and Bedford-Stuyvesant are also surrounding areas along with Fort Greene and Vanderbilt Avenue. Clinton Hill or The Hill as the area is colloquially called, goes up to a maximum of 95 feet in terms of elevation and this is the highest in the entire area. It was believed to offer specific health benefits in the past since many held the belief that diseases were commoner in low-lying localities. The area is named after Clinton Avenue which was named after DeWitt Clinton, the former New York Governor. 

DeKalb Avenue is the key street here while there are several affluent localities and landmark high-rises along with brownstones, mansions and brick row-houses dotting the area. The St. Joseph’s College and Pratt Institute are major landmarks in Clinton Hill as well. You will readily find Clinton Hill furnished apartments easily with the help of our skilled reservations team. We go the distance towards making your stay in NYC more memorable to say the least. 

Finding Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments

You will find several Clinton Hill furnished apartments as part of our vast and extensive collection. Some of the top picks include the following: 

These are only some of the apartments that we have in our collection. Our team will help you find something that is apt for your needs in terms of locational benefits, amenities and other features. 

Why Book Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments? 

You should certainly consider booking Clinton Hill furnished apartments since they offer the utmost comfort, convenience and flexibility to guests. You will like the ample space and room on offer at our furnished apartments along with the best fixtures, bathroom amenities, fully operational kitchens and more. Everything that you require for a comfortable stay will be provided in tandem with all vital appliances that we require in our day to day lives. Our apartments help you enjoy convenient stays in NYC complete with proximity to major public transit networks, entertainment and recreational facilities and tourist landmarks nearby. 

Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments for Corporate Travelers

Corporate travelers should definitely consider booking Clinton Hill furnished apartments on account of the sheer freedom and privacy that is undoubtedly a major plus point. You will appreciate the extra room on offer along with the freedom to indulge in some cooking courtesy the fully equipped kitchen or simply unwind and brainstorm with colleagues and associates in your living room. You can also relax with American television and a chilled beverage at the end of the day or stay connected to loved ones with our complimentary Wi-Fi offerings. Your stay in NYC will be more memorable and hassle-free as a result. You will also like the convenience of connecting seamlessly to the city’s corporate and business hubs through readily available public transit networks nearby. 

Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments for Leisure Travelers

Leisure travelers and families will also love our Clinton Hill furnished apartments greatly. The apartments offer just that extra bit of room and privacy that every family needs, particularly ones with kids and parents/in-laws tagging along. Our apartments come decked out with all the vital appliances, fully operational kitchens, complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, comfortable living room furnishings and beds and other safety and security features. They are tailored to meet the needs of families perfectly during extended stays in the Big Apple. Of course, you will also love the proximity to major tourist landmarks, shopping streets, family entertainment zones and more. 

Facilities in Our Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments

There are several amenities and facilities available at our Clinton Hill furnished apartments. Some of them include the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some units are also accompanied by onsite facilities like business centers, conferencing provisions, swimming pools, rooftop terraces, community lounges, cafes, bars, restaurants and more. It all depends on the location, apartment type and several other parameters. 

Cost of Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments

You should not worry at all about the cost of Clinton Hill furnished apartments. We strive to offer our apartments at truly reasonable and fair prices to all guests, even during the peak season which witnesses a sizable rush of travelers. We also throw in 24-hour support and management for speedily resolving your queries during your stay. 

About Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill has a rich European history dating back to the 1640s when colonists from the Netherlands started setting up tobacco plantations in proximity to Wallabout Bay. Nearby Bedford Corners was established in the year 1663 while settlers from France and the Netherlands bought surrounding land tracts in 1670. In 1776, the Road to Jamaica (today’s Atlantic Avenue and the southern edge of the locality) was used by the British army for marching overnight towards outflanking the American troops that retreated back towards Gowanus Creek. Two nights on, they went back to Manhattan. Post the war, the Dutch kept building on their land that sloped towards the East River, offering lovely views of Manhattan and the waterfront. The Clinton Avenue which is lined with lush greenery and trees was built as a major boulevard along the hillcrest in the year 1832 and within 1840s, Clinton Hill and the adjacent Fort Greene became coveted areas for wealthy citizens of Brooklyn who could easily reach Manhattan via stagecoach till the Fulton Ferry. 

The locality was originally conceptualized as a somewhat pastoral getaway for people who were looking to find an escape from the bustling NYC life. George Washington Pine had purchased land in the area and then partitioned it into lots, selling them off to people who wanted to live near the Navy Yard and yet wanted a quieter life. Walt Whitman, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle editor, compiled his iconic Leaves of Grass here while the address was identified later on as 99 Ryerson Street which still remains. Post the Civil War in the 1860s, the area was developed with several row houses that dominated the landscape here and drew affluent professionals to live in the neighborhood. 

Development continued steadily in the locality post the development of a spectacular mansion at 232 Clinton Avenue by oil executive Charles Pratt. This is now a part of the St. Joseph’s College campus. Pratt also built homes for his sons which were given as wedding gifts. Other mansions were built by migrating merchants from New York City to Brooklyn. The area was then referred to as the Gold Coast of Brooklyn. The Pratt Institute was founded back in the year 1887 and the campus still remains a centerpiece of the neighborhood. Post-1870, Clinton Hill was a stop on the Coney Island, Brooklyn and Flatbush Railway and many families would venture here for charming days of recreation. They would stop at the Brighton Beach Hotel for the summer while commuting for work by ferry towards New York during this time. Apartment buildings started coming up on Clinton Avenue by the year 1900 and this served as a replacement for the previous mansions here and also along Washington Avenue throughout the 1920-40 period. Alongside, several mansions were transformed into rooming houses over the next few decades. Robert Moses had a rebuilding program here that cleared five blocks southwards from the Pratt Institute, taking down the brownstones likewise. However, brownstones witnessed a revival from the 1970s with several restoration initiatives while gentrification covered the area in the 2000s with affluent people shifting here again. Clinton Hill is held synonymous with a youthful and compelling vibe today and is a tree-lined college town with a gentle and charming atmosphere that still draws younger families. Brownstones and historic buildings are still coveted here along with the wide roads and cobblestone thoroughfares. 

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is a steadily developing neighborhood with several shops and restaurants opening steadily here. There are bustling retail zones along with new structures that are dotting the skyline of low-rises. Affordably priced homes and a wide selection of train networks has totally transformed the neighborhood, making it a coveted proposition for people who formerly resided in Manhattan. They desire proximity to the main city while seeking a youthful, vibrant and charming place to reside. Prospect Park is the gravitational center point of the whole area with several trails intersecting across 526 acres, making it suitable for biking, running and walking. There are spacious lawns all around which invite residents for pick-up soccer jaunts, picnics or simply a spot of quiet reading. Visitors can also savor sumptuous Caribbean cuisine at De Hot Pot or four-star dishes served up at Camillo. There are several big box stores here along with other retail outlets like Wholesome Gourmet Market, Key Food and Labay Market. 

Top Things to Do and See Near Our Clinton Hill Furnished Apartments

Clinton Hill comes with a bevy of things that you can do and see during your time here. Here’s taking a look at some of them. 

  • Body By Brooklyn - Encompassing a specialty martini lounge, 10 treatment rooms and gourmet spa meals, Body By Brooklyn is a fabulous experience and ensures total relaxation. You can get body or massage treatments done while relaxing by the fireplace, watch television or simply get hold of a cocktail and salad in between. Along with the wet lounge (the sole one in downtown Brooklyn), other attractions include Swedish and Russian saunas, Jacuzzis, Turkish aroma steam rooms and soaking pools. 
  • Brooklyn Pop-Up Market - Debuting in April 2015, the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market is an outdoor marketplace hosting various vendors, ranging from vintage artifact sellers to jewelry manufacturers along with artisanal food creators and bakers. Every weekend comes with a special theme here including special attractions for Easter (Easter egg hunt for children, garlic festival and more). Other events held here include National Pretzel Day with several pretzel vendors. The market was created as a platform for smaller start-ups for unveiling their products and was started by Andy Belle and Misty McCauley. 
  • Pratt Institute - Those who attend the Pratt Institute usually prefer living in the area as well. Open from the year 1887 onwards, the institution is known for its acclaimed design and art programs along with the reputed architecture school as well. The rose gardens and green lawns are huge attractions during summers while yearly events, the rotating display of 60 sculptures by top artists and the landmark building are top draws as well. The library is also the first such free library in NYC although it became a private one back in 1941. There are several programs and lectures which are open for the public as well. 
  • Brooklyn Tap House - 40+ beers on tap and 15+ televisions make the Brooklyn Tap House widely popular amongst visitors. Outdoor and indoor seating options are abundant and the indoor zone features a sports bar while the former comes with a corn hole, picnic tables, fire pit, dart boards and projector screens. This is a favorite joint for New Yorkers to simply relax with a beer on tap and enjoy their preferred sporting events in style. 
  • Corkscrew Wines - A landmark in Clinton Hill and founded by Karin Torres, Corkscrew Wines is a boutique wine store which emphasizes greatly on the farm to table concept for production. The store is fully green, made of recycled items and wood that has been repurposed. The products mainly focus on family produced variations and family-friendly items. Corkscrew Wines has an extensive selection of wines that will delight you immensely as well. 
  • Green in BKLYN - Green in BKLYN offers environmentally sustainable products including energy-efficient and fair trade items along with items that are biodegradable, organic, natural, hypoallergenic, solar-powered and recycled. You can pick up several eco-friendly cleaning and kitchen products here along with sustainable natural beauty gifting products, books, crafts, blankets, towels, teas, coffees and chocolates. 
  • Urban Vintage - Urban Vintage finds pride of place in the neighborhood as a boutique and classic café which fuses the best grub with rare elements. The comfort food on the menu draws from several classic family recipes while offering everything from vintage and new jewelry items and accessories to handy stationery items along with top picks like the curry chicken wrap with sliced almonds and golden raisins. There are sumptuous croissant sandwiches with brie, oven-roasted turkey and honey mustard. 
  • The Mayflower - The Mayflower is nestled within the Aita Italian restaurant which is a charming little bar, complete with an intimate dining experience. Offering several innovatively crafted cocktails and seasonal beers and wines, this joint is the best place to savor a preferred drink and relax. The décor theme is immensely quirky and attractive. 
  • One Last Shag - One Last Shag is for the adventurous and young residents looking for a pulsating nightlife experience. One Last Shag is a vibrant bar that hosts several parties along with local DJs and abundant musical entertainment as well. You can jam with local music while sipping on the best local brews and cocktails as well. Margaritas can be tried and are made in ten unique ways as well. The patio in the backyard comes with charming picnic benches and aesthetically appealing hanging lights as well. This makes the joint ideal for enjoying your summers. 
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music - BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) offers fabulous performing arts experiences and comes with three locations at Clinton Hill, offering top-notch entertainment in multiple varieties. The Peter Jay Sharp building is a historical landmark, offering a grand opera house and hall for concerts, which has now been divided into multiple movie theaters. Live performance are major attractions here along with the in-house BAM Café which was once a former ballroom. The building has been renovated for contemporary entertainment purposes while the original detailing has been retained as well. The BAM Harvey Theatre is the second such location of the establishment with a chequered history of its own. 

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