Corporate Housing in Chelsea, New York

Corporate Housing in Chelsea, New York

Our corporate housing in Chelsea, New York is not difficult to find, provided you check out our extensive and vast portfolio of apartments in the neighborhood. We have several options available for discerning travelers to Chelsea, which is one of the most coveted areas in New York City. Our apartments offer great connectivity to major tourist and historical landmarks along with major entertainment and recreational centers as well. 

Chelsea is regarded as the prominent art district in Manhattan. You can spend a lot of time by yourself here, exploring the neighborhood with its charming galleries that showcase artworks of emerging and well-established artists. The High Line which is a park developed over an elevated railroad track, is another artistic creation by itself along with the fashionable boutiques and retail stores in the neighborhood. You can then venture to the acclaimed nightclubs in Chelsea along with its bustling bars and performing arts locations. The area is one of the best places to savor scintillating local grub as well. The nightlife circuit is also diverse, offering a wonderful lineup of speakeasies and dives alike. Flea market enthusiasts can look for several handy items and antiques in Chelsea across indoor markets such as Artist & Fleas. 

The E, 1 and F trains go till Chelsea, right till 23rd Street and Ninth Avenue. The High Line is the centerpiece of the Chelsea neighborhood, being a lovely elevated promenade offering great neighborhood views to boot. This is a mixture of new contemporary buildings and industrial landmarks. It goes right through the former landing dock of the well-known Nabisco factory which now accommodates all the shops and eateries in Chelsea Market, another major attraction for tourists and locals alike. In winters, the High Line transforms into a venue for hosting several dance and live music performances. You can take the help of our award-winning reservations team for finding the best corporate housing in Chelsea, New York. We have abundant options in the neighborhood while going the extra mile to ensure that your stay in NYC is truly comfortable by all means. 

Why Book Corporate Housing in Chelsea? 

You should certainly consider booking corporate housing in Chelsea, New York, owing to the sheer advantages offered by our apartments. We offer apartments that are comfortable, well-furnished and come equipped with all necessary appliances and amenities for your stay. You will stay in close proximity to major places of business, corporate and commercial hubs along with public transportation facilities as well. The privacy, freedom and convenience that you get with our corporate housing units is unmatched elsewhere. This is the biggest reason why you should venture to book our apartments during your extended stay in New York City.

And these are some of the best corporate properties to book in Chelsea:

Facilities in Our Corporate Housing in Chelsea 

When you book corporate housing in Chelsea, New York, you will get access to a wide range of amenities and facilities. Some of them include: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some apartments are also accompanied by special onsite facilities including swimming pools, rooftop terraces, community lounges, sauna, spa and Jacuzzi facilities, cafes, restaurants and bars among others. Some even have business centers and conferencing facilities too. It all depends on the type of apartment, location and various other factors. 

Top Attractions Near Our Corporate Housing in Chelsea 

Chelsea is home to numerous attractions for travelers. Some of them include the following: 

  • Atlantic Theater Company - The Atlantic Theater Company is a well-known theatrical entity that operates two venues in the Chelsea locality. The first one is the 199 seater Linda Gross Theater while the second one is the 99 seater Stage 2 black box theater, housing the new development program for plays along with hosting workshops, readings and stage productions alike. The Atlantic Theater Company has produced in excess of 120 stage plays while also running the Atlantic Acting School which has both its undergraduate university program and private components under New York University. Witness exciting performances here on your visit. 
  • BEC Chelsea - Contemporary with rustic benches and a bright vibe overall, a lovely boardwalk, counter service and marble top tables, BEC Chelsea simply oozes relaxation. Find the best egg sandwiches in NYC at this joint and in fact, you should be prepared to wait it out for Sunday brunch at this popular establishment. Egg sandwiches may be crafted any which way you desire including 12 combinations of eggs, cheese, bacon and several other items. The BEC Classic is arguably the most popular option here, served with two organic eggs, New York sharp cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon. The bun is where the actual secret lies, i.e. in its bacon and cheese laced fluffy texture that soaks up the juicy delights within. A piping hot coffee accompanies the sandwich well from the Brooklyn Roasting Company or even some orange juice or beer. 
  • The New York Beer and Brewery Tour - This is a well-known half-day tour by bus that covers multiple neighborhoods in New York City. The tour takes in some of the very best breweries of NYC along with places that have a vital role to play in mainstream beer history over the decades. Spearheaded by expert guides, the tour offers great insights and information along with a glimpse into historic artifacts and plenty of fun as well. The tour encompasses Paulaner Brewery along with Brooklyn Brewery and the Old Brewers Row along with SingleCut Beersmiths and Spuyten Duyvil. From neatly baked pretzels to refreshing beers, there is a lot in store here. 
  • Madison Square Park - The Madison Square Park is a famous public park that is situated within the historic Flatiron District. Skilled gardeners who grow the lovely redbuds, hydrangeas and hollies here, maintain the 7 acres of tranquility impeccably throughout the year. The park has also undergone massive renovation with newer fountains, artistic sculptures and other decorative items. Ever since the year 2004, Madison Square Park has officially commissioned and showcased in excess of 30 art installations to visitors. The park is also the site for several programs and events, many of which can be enjoyed by the entire family for free. Nature walks, concerts, art tours and other activities always take place at Madison Square Park throughout the year. 
  • Empire Diner - Situated in West Chelsea, Empire Diner is a famous art-deco structure that underwent renovation back in the year 1976. It looks like a classic vintage diner externally although the interiors are more luxurious, resembling a plush dining car with its booths and cozier dining rooms for guests at the back. Chef John Delucie rustles up his own unique interpretations of American comfort dishes crafted from the very best ingredients as well. Empire Diner is where children will have a blast dining out owing to its quirky décor theme along with the excellent sourdough pretzel fried chicken and mac and cheese. Freshly pressed juices are also served to visitors here. 
  • Down to Earth - This is a famous farmers’ market in Chelsea that brings together all local food producers and local farmers from the neighborhood. All ingredients are locally sourced by these growers. The fusion of these two kinds of vendors will hugely increase the availability of these products in comparison to regular farmer’s markets. Shoppers will also discover several tempting local foods and produce at this market which gives a major boost to regional agriculture as well. The market is where you should head for chance upon the best broths, spreads, chutneys, olive oil and baked goods among other delicious treats. It remains open till mid-December and you should visit every Saturday. 
  • Chelsea Park - A tranquil and charming city park in Chelsea, it has been a much-loved spot for New Yorkers over the years. It is one of the most popular green spaces in NYC, with its centerpiece being the Chelsea Doughboy or the World War I memorial. There are multiple sports courts and fields encompassed within the park which include baseball diamonds, basketball courts, handball courts and multipurpose paved zones. There are children’s playgrounds along with ample fitness equipment available for adults to use. This makes Chelsea Park an amazing zone for entertainment and recreation alike. 
  • Cinepolis Chelsea Theater - The Cinepolis Chelsea Theater is a 9-screen movie paradise located at the very heart of the locality. It offers the latest movies released on screen along with using cutting-edge projection and sound technologies. It also has Hedda Presents the Classics, a classic film based series where noted drag queen Hedda Lettuce hosts the same. The famous Tribeca Film Festival is hosted here while there are several traditional seating choices along with reserved options and 3D movie options too. 
  • Joyce Theater - The Joyce Theater is a wonderfully designed performance theater with 472 seats which is situated in the famous Elgin Theater, hosting memorable dance performances regularly. It supports artists along with educating the general public about dance and its status as an elevated art form. The theater has its own foundation which commits towards various community initiatives including several activities for school students and families in the city. There are several events taking place here, showcasing almost every dance style that you can think of. The overall ambience here is delightful to say the least. 

Best Galleries Near Our Corporate Housing in Chelsea

Chelsea is known as the true art lover’s paradise in New York City. It is home to a whopping 200 galleries and counting! Chelsea has it all lined up for art lovers, right from thought-provoking abstract and contemporary art to edgier picks and even classic masterpieces by legends. Chelsea is a mega museum for art lovers where you will find almost every conceivable art form in front of you. You should explore the stretch between the 20th and 28th Streets right between the 10th and 11th Avenues. Here are some of the best art galleries in Chelsea: 

  • Pace Gallery - Located on 25th Street, this gallery has four locations in NYC with three of them being in Chelsea. They emphasize mostly on contemporary artwork from leading artists including Kiki Smith and Chuck Close. Top exhibits here have included the Mark Rothko exhibit Dark Palette and many others. 
  • Luhring Augustine - Located on 24th Street, this art gallery is where you can view thrilling large-scale sculptural masterpieces along with performance art, photographs and video installations as well. 
  • Lisson Gallery - Another 24th Street landmark, Lisson Gallery is where you will find multiple shows including those by conceptual and minimal artists including Richard Long and Sol LeWitt. 101-year old minimalist Carmen Herrera has also seen an exhibition held here in his honor. 
  • Gagosian Gallery - Located on 21st Street, this gallery displays a fine selection of contemporary and engaging artwork by leading European and American artists like Richard Serra and Julian Schnabel. 
  • 303 Gallery -  Situated at its 21st Street location, this gallery has been around from way back in 1984 onwards. It has played a vital role in bolstering the careers of star artists including Mary Heilman, Doug Atkin and Rodney Graham. 
  • David Zwirner Gallery - Located on 19th Street, the David Zwirner Gallery has been a centerpiece of the gallery circuit in NYC, being representative of 40+ artists and several estates as well. Top draws like Chris Ofili and Jeff Koons have shown their artwork here. Two out of the three David Zwirner locations in Chelsea come with their own in-house bookshops as well. 
  • Jack Shainman Gallery - Located on 20th Street, this gallery emphasizes on representing, exhibiting and supporting artists from across the globe including those from East Asia, Africa and North America. 

When you embark upon a tour of Chelsea’s art galleries, do not forget the Rubin Museum. This Himalayan art paradise is definitely a major pit stop for art lovers in the neighborhood while hosting several tours, events and activities as well. 

Shops Near Our Corporate Housing in Chelsea 

Chelsea is a shopper’s paradise, being known as a glitzy neighborhood for the best boutiques, apparel stores and retail outlets of the best global brands. Here are some of the best shopping destinations in Chelsea: 

  • Maison 140 - Located on Ninth Avenue, this shopping paradise has a historic past of its own and is a charming joint that can be accessed via a wrought-iron fence coming straight into the ground level of the famous townhouse. This is a place where you will lose yourself in the charm of splendid gifts and artifacts including throws, pillows, candles, soaps, dishes and a lot more. 
  • Chelsea Market - Shopaholics will find themselves enjoying the wonderful experience at the famous Chelsea Market. This has a shopping mall, food hall and office building within the premises along with a television production facility in the previous National Biscuit Company premises. This is where the very first Oreo cookie was made. As you explore the building, you will relish the vibe of a previous industrial unit or factory. The Blackbarn shop is amazing for buying home-made items that have been sourced globally along with an accompanying café. Pearl River Market is a one-stop store for slippers, chopsticks, kimonos and everything Chinese under the sun! Foodies will certainly love their time here! 
  • Artists and Fleas - Situated right below the High Line and upon the southeast corner of the above-mentioned Chelsea Market, Artists and Fleas is where you will chance upon continually evolving, creative and highly unique vintage items, design picks, artwork and fashion items galore. New talent is rotated periodically and buyers and creative entrepreneurs have found this to be the best place to give vent to their expression and sense of taste! This is one of the most unique attractions that you will find in NYC. 

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