Corporate Housing in Gramercy Park, New York

Corporate Housing in Gramercy Park, New York

If you are looking for corporate housing in Gramercy Park, New York, you should check out our portfolio of serviced and furnished apartments in this location. We have a plethora of choices available, ranging from studios to 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. Our team will help you find the best units with premier amenities and facilities tailored to your requirements. 

Gramercy Park is a highly private and charming park that is the centerpiece of the Gramercy neighborhood. It is situated in the Manhattan borough of New York City. The 2-acre park, situated within the Gramercy Park Historic District, is one of two private parks in NYC, the other one being Sunnyside Gardens Park in Queens. It is one of only three private parks in New York State. Only those living around the park have keys and pay annual fees for using Gramercy Park. The general public is mostly not allowed although the sidewalks around the oasis are popular for strolling, dog walking and jogging alike. The locality is situated within the Manhattan Community District with a smaller area within the Community District. It is one of the safest and most tranquil zones in NYC and the neighborhood has always been favored for its tranquil charm. 

The New York City Landmarks Preservations Commission is known for creating the Gramercy Park Historic District back in the year 1966. Gramercy Park was laid out in a manner that is reminiscent of early-era city planning attempts. As a park that was given to prospective landowners surrounding the same and held in trust for those building their homes around the same, Gramercy Park is a unique addition to the city as per NYC experts. Gramercy is also known for its cozy village-esque charm and the locality is a warm place to reside as well with friendly locals. Back in the 1800s, Gramercy Park was designed to accommodate elite and fashionable families of the USA with the Roosevelt family residing here for several decades with the keys to the exclusive Gramercy Park as well. Throughout several years, it has been home to many politicians, artists, writers and students alike. Gramercy feels more secluded and almost like a private neighborhood in itself although it is located in the heart of Manhattan. Life is more easy-going and relaxed here with fewer tourist landmarks. Our award-winning reservations team will help you find the best corporate housing in Gramercy Park, New York without any hassles. Here’s to an enjoyable and comfortable stay in the Big Apple! 

Finding the Best Corporate Housing in Gramercy Park

When you think of corporate housing in Gramercy Park, you can be rest assured of finding several attractive accommodation options in the neighborhood. Some of our top picks include the following: 

These are only some of the choices that we have in the neighborhood. While browsing through our vast portfolio of properties in the neighborhood and its surrounding areas, you can reach out to our team for assistance in finding suitable accommodation likewise. They will help you find a home away from home for extended stays in New York City. 

Why Book Corporate Housing in Gramercy Park, New York? 

New York is one of the most famous and biggest global business hubs and corporate centers. It is home to many of the world’s biggest financial institutions, conglomerates and MNCs along with several Fortune 500 companies as well. The Financial District is often regarded as the global financial powerhouse along with the iconic Wall Street. Several global conglomerates have their corporate headquarters in New York City while there are several industrial and manufacturing biggies present here as well. Technology companies have also consolidated and expanded their presence in NYC which is fast becoming a major startup hub in the country as well. It is natural that the Big Apple draws thousands of business travelers annually for extended durations of time ranging from a week or two to several months at a time (or even longer!). 

Booking corporate housing in Gramercy Park, New York is a good move since our serviced apartments come with all the bells and whistles to keep business travelers comfortable during their stay. From the extra space, privacy and freedom of your own apartment in the Big Apple to amenities like conferencing facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions and fully equipped kitchens, you will get everything you need for a memorable time in the city. Relax, recharge and refresh yourself in style at your own apartment, brainstorm with colleagues, work on projects or spend your weekends exploring the tourist landmarks, bars, cafes and restaurants nearby. Of course, staying in the tranquil and exclusive Gramercy Park neighborhood is a delightful experience as well. You also get access to all public transit networks along with major business hubs as well. 

Facilities in Our Corporate Housing in Gramercy Park

If you book corporate housing in Gramercy Park, New York, you can expect to find several top-notch amenities including the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some apartments may even have additional facilities including swimming pools, rooftop terraces, business centers, conference facilities and spa facilities. It all depends on the specific location and type of apartment. 

Top Attractions Near Our Corporate Housing in Gramercy Park 

Living in Gramercy Park puts you in close proximity to several major attractions including the following: 

  • Birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt - The birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt is a major attraction nearby. He is the sole President of the USA to have been born and raised in New York City and the family brownstone house is now open for guided tours (absolutely free of cost!). A re-creation of the original structure, it was built some years after the original dwelling came down. History lovers will like exploring the gallery on the ground floor before the tour along with checking out famous artifacts including the 50-page speech which saved him from being assassinated. A rare photograph with Abraham Lincoln’s signature is also on display here along with vintage period rooms and exquisite furniture set in the master bedroom (the legend goes that it was bought for a staggering $3000 even in 1865). 
  • Gramercy Park Hotel - A neighborhood landmark in its own right, staying at the Gramercy Park Hotel will land guests the coveted key to the Gramercy Park. The hotel offers rustic charm and a warm ambience along with the Jade Bar and Rose Bar which have a lip-smacking menu of beverages and grub. You will find interesting artwork here by the likes of Richard Prince and Keith Haring along with a unique collaboration between Jean-Michael Basquait and Andy Warhol. You may even look at the Entourage cast and other stars that frequent this hip hotel. Maialino, the on-site restaurant, is one of the biggest draws for locals here. 
  • Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theatre - Irving Plaza, the famous concert hall, has its own replica of the original marquee offering along with several famous performers doing the honors on stage. The historic ballroom here has hosted several rock music legends including the White Stripes and The Strokes at the height of the boom in garage-rock acts. Green Day has performed its acclaimed American Idiot here as a concept album while Paul McCartney has put in a surprise performance or two as well. The Gramercy Theatre, which was previously a theater off-Broadway and a movie theater, started hosting rock music performances in the year 2007, about 70 years after formally opening its doors. The 600 capacity venue has several biggies like Gary Numan performing here along with Charlene Yi and many others. 
  • Vintage Shopping Stores - Shopping in Gramercy is more of a classic and vintage affair. You will find several thrift stores and consignment outlets here, particularly Vintage Thrift which offers classic home-ware, apparel and furniture. The sales are used for benefiting the Lower East Side United Jewish Council. The City Open Thrift Shop has everything from the baby grand piano by Hardman to a lot more. The Housing Works Thrift Shop sells a wide range of used apparel, books, art and furniture along with home-ware items. The mission of the store is to ensure full support for the wellbeing of those diagnosed with AIDS. 
  • Flatiron Building -This is one of the most iconic buildings in New York City with its signature triangular shape and beaux-arts décor template. It is one of the very first skyscrapers in NYC and was built in the year 1922 by Daniel Burnham, the architect based in Chicago. It goes up to 22 stories, standing proudly at the intersection of multiple streets like Fifth Avenue, Broadway and the East 23rd and 22nd Streets. The hotel is an office building today and is considered a major tourist landmark as well. 
  • Gramercy Park - Undoubtedly the biggest attraction in the locality, Gramercy Park is one of just two private parks in the city and has been a playground for the well-heeled from 1831 onwards. Only residents with keys can access the park which surrounds several residential structures, institutions, hotels and clubs. Christmas Eve is the only day when the gates of the park are opened for the general public. 
  • The Players Club or National Arts Club - There are two gorgeous mansions from the Victorian era which stand opposite to Gramercy Park. These mansions house the National Arts Club and Players Club. The former has been here from 1906 and the heads of Goethe, Shakespeare, Milton, Dante, Michelangelo, Benjamin Franklin and others decorate the structure’s façade and its members include three ex-Presidents of the United States, namely Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Players Club is the oldest in NYC and members included the likes of General William Tecumseh Sherman and Mark Twain in the past. New members are accepted at both clubs and several public events are hosted here including lectures, exhibitions, classes and multifarious performances. Both clubs are certainly worth a visit on your part. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Corporate Housing in Gramercy Park 

Gramercy Park is home to several surrounding restaurants that promise a wealth of flavors and unique culinary experiences for foodies. They include the following: 

  • Maialino - Possibly the most famous restaurant in Gramercy Park, Maialino is situated within the Gramercy Park Hotel and overlooks the park itself. The pastas here are incredible and so are the brunches and breakfasts with the surrounding panoramic views for company. The cuisine itself is fantastic and the Gramercy Park view lends it that special exclusive touch that regulars crave. Do not be surprised if you run into a celebrity guest or two here during your visit. Maialino is an uber-exclusive experience and one that you will relish immensely. 
  • Upland - Serving up a delicious mixture of American cuisine and pasta, Upland is the best place for a true-blue NYC dining experience. Situated alongside 26th and Park, it is widely regarded as one of the best joints in the neighborhood for culinary connoisseurs. 
  • L’Express - L’Express is one of the most frequented restaurants in Gramercy Park, being an affordable option for diners and offering an ambience that fits everything from casual and relaxed dinners to swanky business lunches with clients/colleagues. The location is really convenient, tables are readily available and the array of French dishes is really tempting to say the least. This is a cool and hip joint to visit in the neighborhood by all means. 
  • Casa Mono - NYC has a few iconic Spanish restaurants and Casa Mono certainly deserves pride of place on the list. The extensive menu fuses everything from innovative smaller plates to traditional offerings including the Ensalada Mono, bone marrow, octopus and skirt steak which you should definitely taste here. 
  • Bar Jamon - Bar Jamon is the prelude to Casa Mono, being a charming space that offers finger-licking snacks and delightful wine. You can use this space while waiting to land a table at Casa Mono although it is also helpful when you have to meet somebody after work for a quick drink or two! It is also one of those places where you can skip a full dinner if you wish and simply get along with finger food. 
  • The Little Beet Table - The Little Beet Table is truly a cute and charming restaurant, offering the most amazing Brussels Sprouts and scallops. This is one of the coolest offerings nearby and could be a farm to table concept that simply has not stuck to convention. Food is tasty here with everything being healthy and sufficiently reliable. Suffices for many, to say the least! 
  • Lamazou - Looking for the best sandwiches? Try Lamazou, particularly if you are living anywhere around Gramercy Park or Lower Murray Hill. This tiny joint has a wonderful range of cured meats and cheeses in tandem with the fantastic sandwiches that will brighten up your day immensely without a doubt. 
  • Yama - This is the more conventional yet affordably priced sushi joint in Gramercy Park where you can sample high-quality fish or sashimi anytime you wish. The nigiri is also delectable here while the ambience is more of comfortable solo dining meets cozy date nights. 
  • Dhaba - In the mood for some scintillating Indian cuisine? Dhaba is part of what local Murray Hill residents call Curry Hill. It is one of the most popular restaurants located right above 27th Street, offering a large and expansive menu with several options ranging from curries and chaats to several types of daals and tandoor delicacies. The crowds are sizable at both lunch and dinner, particularly when there are hugely affordable yet tempting buffets on offer. 
  • Chote Nawab - Owned by the same team behind the hugely successful and popular Dhaba, Chote Nawab has slightly lesser crowds. However, the dining experience here is truly delightful to say the least! There is sustained emphasis on rustling up the best meat-based dishes from across India. This includes several breathtaking lamb and chicken items served in a setting that is quite friendly and contemporary to boot. Indian food lovers will instantly feel at home in this joint which is fast earning a name for itself in Gramercy Park. 

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