Corporate Housing in Murray Hill, New York

Corporate Housing in Murray Hill, New York

Our corporate housing in Murray Hill, New York, can be readily found by business guests looking to stay in the Big Apple for extended periods of time. We have a vast inventory of properties in Murray Hill, one of the best places to stay in New York City. Our apartments offer both comfort and convenience, en route towards ensuring a memorable stay in NYC for business travelers. 

Murray Hill is a well-known locality towards Manhattan’s eastern side. It is mostly bordered by the Kips Bay and East River along with Midtown Manhattan. You will find people enjoying themselves till the early hours of the morning here or even people walking or jogging along the East River in the neighborhood. The diverse locality enjoys access to the Grand Central Station along with tree-lined avenues, Koreatown and Curry Hill. The area was named after the former head of the mercantile Murray family, Robert Murray, who settled here back in the 18th century. The Murray home was positioned atop a hill that had its peak between Broadway and Lexington Avenue. All throughout the 19th century, Murray Hill remained comparatively isolated from other parts of NYC which were centered then around Lower Manhattan. Murray Hill eventually transformed into a premier neighborhood in the 20th century with several cultural attractions, consulates and missions along with proximity to the headquarters of the United Nations as well. The area basically covers the zip code 10016 covering 40th Street till almost 27th Street and then from Fifth Avenue until the East River. Murray Hill also overlaps slightly with the Rose Hill neighborhood and this is also called Little India or Curry Hill by locals. This area was earlier known as Little Armenia. The Landmarks Preservation Commission at NYC has marked Murray Hill as the area finishing at 34th Street, Second Avenue, East 40th Street and Madison Avenue towards the south, east, north and west respectively. 

You can take the help of our award-winning reservations team with regard to finding the best corporate housing in Murray Hill, New York. We help you enjoy more convenience during your trip, complete with furnished and serviced accommodation, premier amenities and more. 

Finding Corporate Housing in Murray Hill

If you were looking for options pertaining to corporate housing in Murray Hill, New York, we have several options lined up for your perusal. Some of the top picks include the following: 

These are only some of the available choices for business guests and corporate travelers in Murray Hill. Living in this highly affluent and coveted neighborhood definitely has its perks, particularly for art, culture and dining enthusiasts. 

Why Book Corporate Housing in Murray Hill? 

You should certainly consider booking corporate housing in Murray Hill, New York for the sheer convenience and comfort at hand. Our apartments come with the best furnishings, fixtures and all necessary appliances to make life simpler during your stay. That’s not all; you also get all the necessary entertainment and recreational features during your time in the Big Apple, not to mention the extra space and flexibility that you will cherish. Such privacy and freedom are not to be found elsewhere, particularly at conventional hospitality accommodation. Our apartments are also well connected to all the major transit points, corporate hubs and historical sites that you wish to access. 

Corporate Housing in Murray Hill

Business travelers putting up in NYC for extended periods of time should definitely consider renting corporate housing in Murray Hill, New York. There are several advantages that you can enjoy in this regard. Firstly, our apartments are well connected to most of New York City’s tourist and historical landmarks like the Empire State Building and even to the lovely East River promenade where you can walk or jog to your heart’s content. You can easily access public transportation facilities including buses, cabs and the extensive subway network in tandem with major technology, industrial, corporate and business clusters including the Financial District and Wall Street. Additionally, many of our apartments come equipped with facilities for entertainment, work and recreation alike. From complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions and cable packages to well-furnished and comfortable living rooms, entertainment, dining, work and collaboration become a seamless affair indeed. 

Facilities in Our Corporate Housing in Murray Hill

When you are booking corporate housing in Murray Hill, New York, you should know that there are several amenities and facilities on offer. Some of them include: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some apartments also come with additional onsite facilities including rooftop terraces, conferencing facilities, lounges, business centers, swimming pools and spa facilities. Some even have sauna and Jacuzzi provisions along with attached cafes, bars or restaurants. It all depends on the type of apartment chosen, the locality and several other parameters. 

About Murray Hill

Murray Hill has a distinct vibe of its own that deserves special mention. Back in the 1900s, the locality was considered a premier place to reside with its charming brownstones and charming streets. It has become younger in terms of the look and feel and the nightlife circuit has thrived exponentially over the years. This is the portion of NYC that is nestled between the East River and Madison Avenue as you now know and also between the 32nd and 42nd Streets. The Murray family was the first settlers here and the neighborhood has its own chequered history going well back to the 1800s. It has evolved into a posh locality with its own landmarks, tourist attractions and famous buildings in the current scenario. 

The ambience is family-friendly and quite youthful, depending on the season, occasion and time of day. There are vintage brownstones lining the blocks and many of them have been given a contemporary facelift as well. The college town vibe persists all throughout the neighborhood with several things to do, shops to check out and several eateries offering a wide selection of food and beverages. Being a comparatively tinier neighborhood than several other parts of NYC, Murray Hill offers ample scope of easily walking to most of your must-visit destinations nearby. The location makes it absolutely suitable for several professionals working in Midtown. Commuters appreciate the proximity to the iconic Grand Central Station as well. Murray Hill is also a top pick for post-work merriment and happy hours. Daytime engulfs Murray Hill with a sleepy, charming and village-esque vibe with tranquil and quieter neighborhood blocks. It is dotted with intimate and charming bagel shops, cafes and brunch spots which are loved by residents. The East 20s has a noted area named Curry Hill once by locals and this offers a mélange of Indian restaurants while down the 30s, you will find Koreatown, popular for the classic and authentic Korean dishes and karaoke lounges alike! 

Nights are lively in Murray Hill, thanks to the vibrant nightlife circuit. The ambience is friendly, down to earth and there is plenty of bonding amongst frequent patrons and regulars at the bars, pubs and clubs here. Murray Hill has its own cultural landmarks including the New York Public Library and also the pristine Bryant Park among others. There are numerous events and programs taking place at these locations throughout the year. There are several elegant townhouses that are located in the area along with the historical brownstones and mid-rise condos alike. High-rises such as Biltmore Plaza and Windsor Court have also shaped the skyline of the neighborhood in recent years. 

Top Attractions Near Our Corporate Housing in Murray Hill 

Murray Hill has various attractions for you to explore. Some of them include the following: 

  • Library Way and Library Walk - One of the best things in NYC is that you do not always have to buy tickets for some fascinating experiences. Opened in the year 1911, the family favorite New York Public Library has already been listed as a National Historic Landmark. Library Way covers the 41st Street stretch, right between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue. It winds till the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building that has the New York City Public Library which is guarded by the majestic Fortitude and Patience lions. You will find plaques and quotations along this route from legends like William Butler Yeats, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, Samuel Beckett, Dylan Thomas and Virginia Woolf. 
  • The Morgan Library and Museum - Listed as a National Historic Landmark cum New York City Landmark, the Morgan Library and Museum or the former Pierpont Morgan Library, is the legacy of the well-known financier and industry tycoon J.P. Morgan (1837-1913) who was a big collector. His collection of artwork and books is housed here in the building that was gifted to NYC in the year 1924. The institution serves as a vital educational and community resource today. The interiors are truly spectacular to say the least! 
  • Scandinavia House - Operated by the American-Scandinavian Foundation or ASF, this charming building is where you will find a vast collection of artwork and even performances from artists hailing from Scandinavian countries. There are educational services available including the Heimbold Family Children’s Playing & Learning Center, language construction programs and cultural events including films, exhibitions, concerts, lectures, performing arts attractions and language courses. 
  • Sniffen Court Historic District - One of the tiniest historic districts in NYC and listed as part of the National Register of Historic Places, the Sniffen Court Historic District has a collection of vintage carriage houses which were transformed into apartments later on. Several famous people have reportedly lived here including iconic composer Cole Porter. The controversial Sniffen Court Players, one of the longest-running theatrical acts in New York City, is housed here. The area was used as the backdrop by The Doors for its Strange Days studio album that came out in 1967. 
  • Empire State Building - One of New York City’s biggest ever landmarks, the Empire State Building is located in close proximity to Murray Hill. The building was finished in 1931 and gets its name from Empire State or the nickname of New York State owing to its vital role in American history over the years. It was the city’s tallest building for four decades at 1,454 feet until the north tower of the World Trade Center outstripped it in the year 1970. Post 9/11, it became the tallest building in NYC once again until the One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower surpassed it again. It is the 7th tallest structure in the city at the moment. It is held as a symbol of New York City, particularly with its art-deco design style. There are two observation decks from where you can expect panoramic views of the city along with the Rockefeller Centre. This has also been the backdrop for the famous movie King Kong in 1933. 
  • St. Vartan Park - St. Vartan Park is where you will come across the biggest playground in Murray Hill. This is a charming family park with ample equipment, lovely trees and delightful picnic tables. You will also find racquetball courts for people to use here along with a fieldhouse with shuffleboard courts and bathrooms alike. Named after the well-known St. Vartan’s Cathedral nearby, this lovely park is where you can simply enjoy a refreshing lunch or walk your dog or simply laze around. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Corporate Housing in Murray Hill 

There are several well-known restaurants in Murray Hill that you should definitely try. Some of them include: 

  • Kokage by Kajitsu - Kokage and its sibling joint Kajitsu (which is vegan) are unique restaurants in Murray Hill. Japanese aesthetics and minimalist ambiences are perfectly complemented by the rather eclectic menus here. The unique saba-zushi preparation which makes use of sushi is a somewhat oversized inside-outside roll with thin-sliced and cured mackerel along with several pickled and preserved condiments. Other options include noodles and tempura among others and you can even relish a bowl of delicious soba here with a fusion of tart, sweet, floral and herbal notes across the broth. True bliss is found at very few places. You may find it here. 
  • Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner - One of the last Jewish delis in New York City, this famous joint opened its doors back in 1964 and was renovated after an unfortunate fire earlier. It has always been known for its delightful pastrami which is even held better than 2nd Avenue stronghold Katz’s or anybody else! The menu also has several popular picks including Kreplach or chicken soup along with burgers. This is one restaurant that stays open for 24 hours and this is a major plus point that you should note. 
  • The Shakespeare - Retaining the vibe of the erstwhile Williams College club, this actually comprises a couple of restaurants, namely a pub serving beer and burgers and a more extensive selection of dishes upstairs. The latter is more on the lines of a sophisticated gastro-pub with a highly English theme, precise and accurate cooking and excellent quality control. The menu keeps evolving each month and you can enjoy top picks like the steelhead trout which seems to resemble salmon quite uncannily as well. For a taste of British elegance and charm, it is recommended that you visit this place. 
  • Momosan - This is a bustling and vibrant noodle bar that has been tailored on the lines of something like Momofuku, with its eclectic chefs and open kitchens. The restaurant is helmed by Masaharu Morimoto who goes by the acronym of the Iron Chef. It is packed on weeknights with people relishing the pork-belly ramen bowls that are heavenly to say the least! You will love the taste of rich broth, complete with fatty, silky and enticing meat chunks and garlic-oil flavors. Get a beer to wash it down and realize how affordable the meal really is! This has to be the best affordable place to dine in Murray Hill by all means! 

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