Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

From Fulton Street Mall to multiple business towers, tree-lined Instagrammable streets to Michelin-starred lavish restaurants, Downtown Brooklyn is a fantastic neighborhood to live in NYC. To be able to make the most of all possible features of this part of the city, our Downtown Brooklyn apartments allow you to experience it from up close. Have a look at our entire range of cozy accommodations available here and let them convince you to live in the most homely environment with the most hassle-free setting. Not just that, with the advantage of living in the center of all the fun here while staying among the locals, enjoying all the hidden gems during your stay comes handy as well. 

Our Best Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

The best feature that makes our urban pads based in this part of Brooklyn so irresistible is the dense variety of its catalog. From cozy converted spaces that replicate your home to sophisticated penthouses oozing luxury at its finest, Downtown accommodates them all. This allows us to cater to both the extremes of housing budgets. 

If you are looking at corporate accommodation on a budget, even if the apartment is cheaper but lightly away from your workplace, go for it because daily commuting can easily be managed with the proximity to public transport stations from every abode. If looking for a vacation home with family, choose the most central location of Downtown Brooklyn as it is the holistic comfort that comes first with the fam. This will keep you closer to food, entertainment, and daily essentials. Even if you have a long term stay in mind, do remember that even if the investment looks a little on the higher scale, the complimentary amenities that come with it will make it all worth it. No matter which apartment suits your priorities best, expect everything between lift and gym access to a fully-functional kitchen, lavish furnishings to a beautiful view to wake up to. 

Skim through some of our top picks from our elaborate catalog of Downtown Brooklyn apartments below:

Cost of Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

To give you a fair overview of Downtown Brooklyn as an area for living, the cost of living index in Brooklyn is quite high. While utilities range above 151, transportation can go as much as 192. While this is the case with the borough in general, we have managed to squeeze in a lot of advantages in our Downtown Brooklyn apartments.

To do justice to the fair prices and make Downtown stand out from the borough, our team of experts of the specific neighborhood has compiled the best possible locations offering maximum proximity to the must-visit landmarks and restaurants here. This will cut on a lot of additional transportation costs and the hassle of traveling long distances. With our groceries coming to you, appliances ranging from microwave, fridge, and even oven, you can easily rely on home-cooked food and balance your budget. 

Why Should You Book Downtown Brooklyn Apartments?

Unlike most parts of NYC, Downtown Brooklyn is all about business officials and students coming over to enjoy the dense variety of food, its culture, and to shop. With the absence of a very active nightlife, this is a great place for staying with family, for a work trip, and especially for a holiday with kids. 

Talking about why you should consider our Downtown Brooklyn apartments here is simply because of how convenient each of our accommodations is. Not only can you reach the best parts of Brooklyn like Fulton Street, Brooklyn Borough Hall, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, but also reach most parts of the city. While the location is sorted, it is the privacy of each abode that makes us the top priority of most of our travelers. We respect your privacy, comfort, and security more than anything else. With the finest residential areas chosen for you, the most elaborate set of amenities selected exclusively for you, and 24x7 availability, by all means, you have all the reasons to see Brooklyn from our eyes.

Facilities in Our Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

While your security is well ensured right from the sophisticated locality to CCTV surveillance, we also make sure that your stay is as comforting and undistributed as possible. From a sunlit living room to a spacious bedroom, modern kitchen to the thoughtful dining area, each part of the apartment feels like home but with an additional hint of hotel-like luxury. Our holistic vision of the apartment facilities allows you to count on us for every little thing ranging from the cleaning of the fine wooden floors to changing your bed linens, and even for your fresh weekly groceries. From enjoying Netflix with high-speed broadband on the widescreen TV with Bluetooth speakers to having your freshly-brewed evening coffee with a view, allow our Downtown Brooklyn apartments to treat you with the most comforting foreign stay of your lives. 

The elaborate list of amenities that make our Downtown Brooklyn apartments stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Espresso Machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony

Corporate Accommodation in Downtown Brooklyn 

With endless office skyscrapers stuffing the tree-lined neighborhood, Downtown is one of the most sought-after business centers. This part of Brooklyn has innumerable business opportunities, internship opportunities, and a favorable ambiance for corporate meetings and proposals to offer. No wonder our corporate accommodations in Downtown have been so popular among business travelers from around the world. 

While the neighborhood gets 10/10 for that, it is the elaborate comforts within the Downtown Brooklyn apartments that have a solid role to play in that popularity. A very thoughtful and personalized approach has gone behind the placing of everything ranging from the home furnishings to the kitchen appliances. The availability of even the smallest amenity has been decided only after the personal approval of the experts. With seamless Wi-Fi to cover you for your WFH (work from home) days and the kitchen for those lazy pancakes; whether it is the fridge to store the leftover lasagna or the microwave to reheat it, your long stay with us here is more than sorted. 

Downtown Brooklyn Apartments for Families

Thanks to the serene ambiance and the clean outlook of Downtown Brooklyn, our serviced apartments here have managed to do justice to the temporary homes they claim to be. Without the bustle of endless party nights and clubs surrounding our apartments, and with a lot of convenient kids-friendly attractions to go around with family, the neighborhood is ideal for family accommodation.

With the sky-high standards of hygiene, comfort, and variety that form the ultimate pillars of our vision for our travelers, we are proud to welcome your families here just like our own. With toddlers in the house needing a run to the kitchen almost every 30 minutes or with teenagers by your side fighting for the remote, our fully-functional kitchen, Wi-Fi, and Apple TV subscription on the flatscreen TV makes sure to keep everyone happy. Even though with kids being happy parents automatically get happy, we still have other plans for the adults. You can easily keep our concierge team in-charge and head out for a romantic dinner while you can conveniently keep a tab on the kids with our CCTV and door cameras on work. Now, that will make it a genuinely happy family vacation!

Attractions Near Our Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

From the most loved places to shop to historic gems like the Brooklyn Bridge, from the food cluster at City Hall to something as passionately celebrated as BAMcinématek, our apartment curators are proud to share the neighborhood with such fine attractions of Brooklyn and especially in Downtown. With some of the most happening hubs of food, art, and entertainment surrounding your cozy accommodations here, traveling is the last thing you should be worrying about. Not only are you open to expect to save a lot on commuting as a tourist, thanks to the shortest possible distances of these must-visit places from your doorstep, but also a very memorable trip to a city like NYC. It is surely going to be one of those rare vacations in which you can explore the city at your own pace.

Some of the best attractions near our Downtown Brooklyn apartments include:

  • Dekalb Market Hall - From live shows to custom show kitchen, Dekalb is the ultimate Downtown hub of food and entertainment. With over 40 food businesses being a part of the collective food heaven here, this is one of the first attractions any traveler goes to. 
  • Brooklyn Borough Hall - This Greek-style effortlessly gorgeous piece of architecture boasts of being the oldest public building of the borough. The beauty of this building dates back to the 1840s. Head here to immerse in its detailed overview and take pictures as souvenirs back with you.
  • Brooklyn Bridge - An iconic representative of the entire borough, our Downtown Brooklyn apartments proudly offer proximity to this historic gem. While you walk on the elevated pedestrian across the East River and the view of the Manhattan skyline, you will be able to recall its endless movie features. Don’t forget to get clicked here.
  • City Point Brooklyn - It boasts of being the ultimate center of food, entertainment, and shopping in the entire Brooklyn. At a strategic location at the intersection of DeKalb Avenues and Fulton, it is nearest to most of our luxury Downtown Brooklyn apartments.
  • BAMcinématek - If you are a film enthusiast, consider this your gem to hold on to. From annual independent film features to special screenings, latest premieres to hosting legends, this is the Downtown’s hub of art and cinema. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

From New York’s best cheesecake to its most iconic ice cream parlor, from the highly celebrated American cuisine at Junior's to authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of Brooklyn at Ganso, Downtown will leave you wanting for more. We recommend our living pads to families and business travelers in the first place only because of our precise location. 

We have spent months in Downtown to find the most conveniently priced accommodations and curate them for you which can ensure proximity to restaurants for all your food requirements. From quick breakfasts to late evening snacks or midnight cravings, we assure you that you will be covered for them all. 

Some of the best restaurants near our Downtown Brooklyn apartments are: 

  • Junior's - This is surely a showstopper of Downtown and a household name since the 1950s. With tremendous consistency in quality and taste, this American restaurant serves everything from all American grub to NYC’s best cheesecake.
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - With a stand-alone bar, 2 floors of theatre, and oozing sophistication, this 7-theater complex brings to you the experience of Texas food and cinema experience together at once.
  • Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare - Head here in your business formals and enjoy a hearty and a regal 15-course meal in this 19-seater exclusive restaurant. This Michelin-star restaurant is an absolute delight in all its royale outlook and eating experience.
  • Bedouin Tent Restaurant - I hope you wouldn't expect only American cuisine to be on the Downtown list. With a patio and soothing warm interiors, it is a cozy place to consider. Enjoy the Middle Eastern cuisine here with freshly prepared pita bread, hummus, and of course, all the fantastic spread of dishes. 
  • Ganso - This cozy restaurant serving comfort Japanese food will take you straight to the taste of Boston's Dream Workshop. The iconic Ramen noodles here with beef, seafood, thick noodles are adored by the locals. However, it is way more high-end and sophisticated than the latter.
  • Ample Hills - Is a list of restaurants even complete without an ice cream parlor? Head to Dekalb Market Hall and enjoy the representative ice cream place of Downtown. It is something that the rest of the city residents remember their childhood by. The flavors are fun to read and comforting to taste.
  • Dulcinea - This is another fantastic treat for your sweet tooth and taste buds with its finest berlines and churros. Enjoy the cinnamon and sugar rubbed warm and freshly made churros dipped in chocolate here. 

Transport Near Our Downtown Brooklyn Apartments

As we discussed above, Downtown Brooklyn is a star when it comes to the central and highly strategic location that it enjoys. You can easily reach Downtown Manhattan in just 6 miles from here, isn't that fantastic?  Not just that, even if you wish to enjoy a more happening night on the weekend, more trendy neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights can be conveniently reached as well. 

Brooklyn Bridge can be easily reached by train 4, 5, and 6 respectively. City Hall Stop and Chambers St. Stop are two of the few central stations here. The R Line will take you directly to Downtown at the Atlantic Avenue Station. 

Apart from the subway, some of the commonly available bus stations near each of our Downtown Brooklyn apartments include:

  • Greyhound
  • Tillary Street
  • Fulton Street and Jay Street
  • Livingston Street
  • Atlantic Avenue

Some of the common public transport stations near our Downtown Brooklyn apartments include:

  • L Station at Bedford Avenue
  • L Station at Lorimer Street
  • Metropolitan Avenue
  • Hewes Street
  • Flushing Avenue

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