East Village Short Term Rentals, New York

East Village Short Term Rentals, New York

East Village short term rentals in New York can be readily found at TheSqua.re and we have a vast collection of properties in the locality for your perusal. The East Village is one of the top locations to stay in New York City and we have short term rentals that suit business and leisure travelers alike. Stay in your own dedicated apartment unit for stays ranging from a few days to a week or slightly more without worrying about privacy, regulations and other aspects. Your stay in the Big Apple will be made more memorable courtesy of our impeccably furnished and well equipped short term rentals in the East Village. 

The East Village is a coveted locality situated on Lower Manhattan’s East Side and is known as the stretch towards the east of the Bowery and also Third Avenue, right between Houston and 14th Streets. It has three divisions, namely Alphabet City which indicates the one-letter avenues towards First Avenue east and also Little Ukraine along with the Bowery. Initially, this area was occupied by the native Lenape Americans and the Dutch then came up with divided plantations here. In the early 19th century, it had some of the most affluent estates in NYC and by the middle of the 19th century, it expanded to cover a major population of immigrants who made it synonymous with the Little Germany acronym once. It was also considered a major part of the Lower East Side and by the 1960s, several musicians, artists and students started moving into the neighborhood while gentrification took over from 2000 onwards. 

Our award-winning reservations team will help you find the best East Village short term rentals in New York and that too as per your specific requirements. Your NYC sojourn will be made more enjoyable with our thoughtfully designed and tailored apartments. 

Finding the Best East Village Short Term Rentals in New York 

You will not have a problem in discovering the best East Village short term rentals in New York. Here are some of the options worth taking a look at: 

These are only some of the options that we have for you in the East Village. You can take your pick from studios that are suitable for couples or solo travelers and 1 or 2-bedroom apartments. The latter are more suitable for larger families or traveling groups. Whatever be your requirements, we have it all lined up for your benefit! 

Why Book East Village Short Term Rentals in New York? 

You should definitely consider booking East Village short term rentals in New York since we give you a memorable and comfortable experience during your stay. Think of the sheer privacy, freedom and comfort that you get at your own mini home during your stay in NYC. This is not possible anywhere else including conventional hospitality accommodation. Keep your own schedules, invite friends over or simply relax with the best amenities for company including flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi and more. Our apartments are also reasonably priced and well connected to major places of interest in NYC along with business hubs, public transit networks and more. 

East Village Short Term Rentals in New York for Corporate Travelers

If you are a business traveler, East Village short term rentals in New York will certainly be a godsend! Check out the inviting and spacious apartments that are excellently furnished with comfortable beds, spacious living rooms and contemporary décor themes. Every apartment is well equipped with fully functional kitchens, all necessary appliances and all the other amenities that you strongly desire. You will also benefit from easy proximity to major business hubs in New York City and Manhattan along with systems of public transportation. For after-work enjoyment, you can simply sprawl on the couch with your flat-screen television and American cable for company. Or fix yourself a drink and get chatting with family and friends courtesy complimentary Wi-Fi. The choice is all yours! 

East Village Short Term Rentals in New York for Leisure Travelers

Leisure travelers and families will greatly enjoy living in the East Village locality. Our East Village short term rentals in New York are tailored to meet the needs of families consisting of spouses, children and even the parents or in-laws if they decide to tag along! We have all the facilities that you desire including bathroom amenities, appliances, fully functional kitchens, flat-screen televisions, safety and security features, complimentary Wi-Fi and a lot more. Along with the extra space for everyone and the sheer privacy and freedom, you also benefit from easy access to means of public transit, historical and tourist landmarks and other family-friendly spots including playgrounds, parks and community centers. 

Facilities in Our East Village Short Term Rentals 

Our East Village short term rentals in New York have several available amenities and facilities for the convenience of guests. Some of them include: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some apartments are also accompanied by a bevy of onsite facilities such as swimming pools, rooftop terraces, conferencing facilities, spa facilities, business centers, fitness facilities, bars, cafes, restaurants and more. It all depends on the specific location and type of apartment among various other parameters. 

About the East Village 

The East Village has always been known as the place where the punk rock movement gained greater ground. It has remained a diverse and charming neighborhood with several bohemian creators and artists, Beat poets and avant-garde movie makers living here over the years. The rich heritage is a major draw along with the plethora of dining and recreational options including comedy, blues, indie-rock and folk clubs along with several premier dining zones with innovative cocktails as well. It was once a part of the Lower East Side and is known for its multi-cultural vibe which makes it somewhat similar to Williamsburg. There are several subway lines connecting directly to the East Village including the 6 which goes till Astor Place. You can also take the R and W which runs till the NYU-8th Street station or the F which goes till 2nd Avenue. 

The atmosphere is charming straight away and you will see students and artists flocking around the numerous entertainment, dining and recreational options in the neighborhood. The presence of New York University (NYU) makes it a bustling and busy college locality with vintage stores, fabulous restaurants and a perennial stream of events throughout the year. 

Top Things to Do Near Our East Village Short Term Rentals

Here are some of the best things that you can do in the East Village: 

  • St. Mark’s Place - From the 1950s to the 1970s, St. Mark’s Place has always been a home for numerous musicians and artists. It is majorly filled with the best restaurants, bars and stores today although the edgy and somewhat funky vibe still exists. 
  • Astor Place - Check out the art schools and architectural offices in the locality where Abraham Lincoln conducted his famous speech back in 1860. Cooper Union is situated here. 
  • Proletariat - One of the biggest favorites for locals although somewhat inconspicuous by its presence, Proletariat certainly deserves a special visit on your part. 
  • McSorley’s Old Ale House - This is the oldest such pub in the city and one that is a quintessential NYC joint that you must not miss out on. 
  • Strand Book Store - This bookstore is one of the biggest used bookstores not just in NYC but the whole world! Book lovers will find some of the most appealing bargains here on rare editions and titles galore! 
  • Barcade - Ever been a fan of arcade games? You will love Barcade which gives you plenty of scope to revisit your childhood years. The East Village location comes with all the vintage arcade classics that you will simply love including Donkey Kong, Tetris and Pac-Man. However, the only addition to your adulthood now is the beers on tap! 
  • Bowery - If you are up for a little stroll, try Bowery, the lovely neighborhood beside the East Village. It is a tiny locality and you can find some of the hippest lounges, bars and restaurants here by all means. The outdoor food court is tiny and dishes out delectable sushi and tacos as well. 
  • Yoga to the People - Fitness and health freaks can consider paying a trip to this lovely yoga studio. You can rent an affordable yoga mat and water bottle as well if you do not have them on your person. The yoga session is absolutely free, which is the icing on the cake. 
  • St. Mark’s Comics - Comic lovers and fans should visit St. Mark’s Comics in the East Village for its diverse and gargantuan collection of titles. This one is a great place to devour all those comics you wanted to lay your hands upon! 
  • Webster Hall - This ex-speakeasy and club for rock and roll is now a venue for holding concerts and events. It was founded in the year 1886 and is known for hosting several memorable programs throughout the year. 
  • Turntable Lab - Music lovers will love this classic and vintage store that has a sizable vinyl archive along with ample equipment for decking up your home studio as well. 
  • Russian & Turkish Baths - Russian & Turkish Baths is a great place to unwind with a relaxing spa session. 
  • Tompkins Square Park - This is a small East Village Park but has several festivals going on throughout the year in tandem with possessing a charming children’s playground and courts for handball and basketball alike. 

Shopping Attractions Near Our East Village Short Term Rentals 

The East Village shopping scene is quite eclectic although you do need to know your way around to truly savor the finest that the locality has to offer! There are fewer departmental stores with a mainstream touch. However, you will find several second-hand thrift stores, cool vintage apparel and accessory shops and the like. These stores have clothing from various generations which is up for grabs at jaw-dropping prices. You can check out Metropolis Vintage or L Train Vintage for a unique shopping experience in the East Village. 

Museums Near Our East Village Short Term Rentals

The East Village is a better place to indulge your love for visiting museums and checking out artwork by upcoming and established artists alike. Here are some of the best places to visit: 

  • Museum of the American Gangster - The name is all you need to envision the vibe of this place! This is a tiny museum that possessed a speakeasy during the time of prohibition. There are several mobster clippings, the death mask of John Dillinger, actual bullets from the tragic St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and more. This joint was previously visited by the likes of John Gotti and Al Capone as well. 
  • Ukrainian Museum - Another specialty museum, it is the biggest museum for getting insights into Ukrainian heritage, artifacts, articles and exhibits in the USA. You will love the beautiful exhibitions running throughout the year here. 
  • Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space - Another unique establishment for tourists to visit, this museum pays a tribute to activists in the East Village who have converted abandoned zones into gardens and spaces for the community. 
  • Anthology Film Archives - If you are a movie buff with a penchant for using quotations from famous movies, you should pay a visit to the archive in the neighborhood. You will find several independent movies that are hard to come by elsewhere! 

Best Restaurants Near Our East Village Short Term Rentals

The East Village has several delightful restaurants for you to check out. These include the following: 

  • John’s of 12th Street - An Italian restaurant worth visiting, this one has a vintage ambience with murals, tile flooring and the overflowing candle that dates back to the Prohibition era. From linguini with clams and eggplant parmesan to pizza and spaghetti with meatballs, you will be immensely satiated here! 
  • Jeepney - Authentic Kamayan treats including prix fixe group dining can be enjoyed at Jeepney, the one-stop solution for Filipino cuisine in the neighborhood. Some of the best picks also include pork lumpia and fish with escabeche sauce. 
  • Hearth - Hearth is another top pick for lovers of Italian cuisine. This neighborhood joint is known for its eclectic items on the menu including gorgonzola, New York strip with greens and cherry peppers as well. This is also known for the broth to-go specialty counter named Brodo. The apple cider doughnuts here are worth a mention too! 

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