Furnished Apartments in NYC

New York City is such a massive city and an extremely popular tourist destination in the entire world that a lot of decisions about visiting the city can get daunting. Choosing a place to stay here is one of those decisions for many with its large boroughs to choose from, the sky-high prices of hotels and properties in general, high living expenses, our serviced apartments here aim to ease the process for you. With our experience and expertise in the hospitality industry, garnered over the years, we are pleased to share with you how fully furnished apartments in NYC look like. 

Our Best Furnished Apartments in NYC

Before luxury and variety, it is the comfort that steals the show. It is exactly why your comfort has been our top-most priority since the year we entered the housing industry. We have been travelers all our lives, and our biggest disappointment was that curators never gave comfort enough priority, especially in short term rentals. We are glad that we made it to the neighborhoods of NYC before the city could welcome you. 

Our lavish bedrooms come with spacious almirahs with sturdy safes, lots of sunlight, attached bathrooms with bathtubs, luxury toiletries, and a lot of space. Our living rooms are vibrant, dynamic, and quite homely with your widescreen TV right in front and sitting area on the side. With a bright view from the balcony on the one side and a modernly curated kitchen on the other, your time within the house is well assured of utmost comfort. While our microwave and dishwasher take care of other little things, the CCTV keeps you secure. With every little detail taken care of, and of course, free high-speed Wi-Fi, your entire stay in our furnished apartments in NYC looks quite promising already.

Out of an entire range of some of our finest accommodations spread across NYC, some of the top recommendations of our furnished apartments in NYC include:

Types of Furnished Apartments Available in NYC

From studio apartments to luxury suites, 1-bedroom abodes to 2-bedroom urban pads, we can easily help you choose furnished apartments in NYC as per your preferences. While some accommodations accept a minimum stay of only 5 nights, others have a bare minimum of 30 nights. The customizations can be done in each apartment based on your convenience. One thing that we can assure you is that the apartment type would never come in the way of your comfort. The satisfaction of each traveler is equally important to us, irrespective of their investment. 

Why Should You Book Furnished Apartments in NYC?

The culture and the vibe of New York City are irresistible. It cannot be experienced from the 30th floor of some posh hotel away from the bustle of the city. It deserves to be explored by staying in the center of the most popular neighborhoods here. That is exactly why you should consider a rental in the heart of the city. Our furnished apartments in NYC have been carefully curated to assist you in staying in the right part of the city. By staying near the attractions, transportations, and restaurants, you can let yourself loose in the trendy ambiance of the NYC streets without a care in the world.

Worrying about the thickness of your mattress or finding an espresso first thing in the morning are some of the last things that you would want to do on a vacation. Our fully furnished abodes come with comforts ranging from lavish queen size beds to dynamic interiors, from clean and large bathrooms to a widescreen TV in the living room. You can cook anything you like in our full-fledged kitchen. Head anywhere you wish to from our centrally located apartments while our spacious almirahs take care of your shopping bags. From a side table to a sleepover couch, find everything carefully placed to not let it feel like anything less than home. 

Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in NYC

Whether you are looking for homely amenities like your hot morning espresso on the balcony or it is the luxury of a jacuzzi that you expect, our eclectic range caters to all preferences alike. From the most comfortable furnishings which have been curated with the utmost detail to proximity to the finest attractions of the respective neighborhood and the city, our furnished apartments in NYC come well-prepared to win you over. You have accessible options to go for a swim if you like or hit the gym every other day. If you are with us for a longer stay, such are the things travelers crave for.  At TheSqua.re we try our level best to keep our abodes prepared for all your needs and expectations to make your trip as comforting as possible.

Skim through the list of some of our most detailed facilities below that make us stand apart: 

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony

Where Can You Find Our Furnished Apartments in NYC?

One thing that we never compromise on is the location of our apartments. We are very precise with our choices of the location of our furnished apartments in NYC and make sure that it offers proximity to the best parts of the chosen neighborhood. With public transportation available at walking distance from your doorstep, we try our level best to make you fall in love with your chosen part of NYC. 

Our furnished apartments in NYC can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Midtown - This central neighborhood needs no introduction. It has everything that one could ask for. With restaurants, clubs, high-end vibe, and some iconic attractions of the city, Midtown is a delight.
  • SoHo - This trendy neighborhood is all about high-end boutiques, fancy lifestyle, and endless art galleries. All the latest fashion trends in the city can be spotted here. If you like charming variety, this is the one to check out. 
  • Chelsea - With gay bars, high-rise apartments, High Line, and Redstone houses, Chelsea is a sophisticated West Side neighborhood of Manhattan to stay in. 
  • Greenwich Village - With brownstone buildings, jazz clubs, and endless experiences to try, this family-friendly neighborhood is ideal for a classy stay that introduces you to the NYC culture. 
  • Brooklyn Heights - This elegant Brooklyn neighborhood is lined with leafy trees, has a wonderful view of the East River on the side, and is a classy residential area to opt for. 

Corporate Accommodation in NYC 

We do our research to pick an apartment building and then gradually curate it to make it look like home. A very personalized approach goes behind the process which completes only after thorough research. From where the study table should be to how the storage boxes in the kitchen should be kept, what kind of furniture would be most comfortable for a business traveler, and a hundred other things become a part of the process. 

With such a thorough use of research and details, each of our corporate accommodation has been designed with every minute detail in mind. With a study area, sunlight coming in, fresh grocery packs, vibrant wall paints, minimal furniture designs, free Wi-Fi, and the coziest beds possible, your upcoming business trip is going to be a success with us. 

Furnished Apartments in NYC for Families

Families coming to NYC adore the lavish kitchen that each of our furnished apartments in NYC has. Food is the most challenging part of any staycation with kids and our fully-equipped kitchens take care of that. With groceries, a coffee machine, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and whatnot, families staying with us have nothing to worry about. While the CCTV lets you keep a track at the house while you are away for some errands, the pool access ensures that you make up with the kids after you come back to them. Even if this is a romantic trip with your partner, our abodes provide the most romantic sofas and beds to enjoy your private time in the heart of NYC. You can even expect to gym together or enjoy the bathtub while you stay with us, thanks to the detailed amenities that our family accommodations enjoy. 

Attractions Near Our Furnished Apartments in NYC

From watching the reflection of the Manhattan skyline in the calm waters to the sky-reaching billboards of Times Square, the NYC attractions have an extreme set of varieties to offer. Our furnished apartments in NYC allow you to reach all the popular clusters of the cities in the least possible time. Each accommodation would be no more than 15-20 minutes from most of the finest attractions which fall under the same borough. We are sure that the traveler in you will be thrilled at such convenient travel times and distances from your chosen urban pad. 

Some of the lovely attractions near our furnished apartments in NYC include:

  • Times Square - This entertainment hub in Manhattan borough is an ideal place to head on your very first day in NYC. Enjoy a Broadway show, eat in some classic restaurant, or just shop your heart out, the massive billboards will give you a bright welcome. 
  • Grand Central Terminal - Marvel at the beauty of this expansive attraction, gasp at the variety of restaurants that it has, and explore the brimming culture and history that this place has. Repeat all these things every time you visit this place over your duration here and allow it to impress you each time. 
  • Rockefeller Center - What better than a massive view of the beautiful borough of Manhattan from the Top of the Rock? With the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, Art Deco skyscraper, and the popular ice rink, this is an iconic attraction to check out. 
  • Trailer Park Lounge & Grill - If you have had enough of the fine-dining and sophisticated vibe, head to this quirky and vibrant eatery for an in-house food truck vibe and shimmery decor. Their strawberry margarita is a hit. 
  • High Line - When in Chelsea, you simply cannot miss this peaceful spot. With art, lovely scenery, wildflowers, and a pleasant vibe, this urban playground is one of the most-loved attractions in the neighborhood. Spend a sunny day here with kids or your partner.
  • East River - Officially known as Marsha P. Johnson State Park, this is a very popular site in Brooklyn. Enjoy the view of Manhattan from here, feel the calm waters, and just enjoy around the park in its 11 acres of complete glory. 
  • Gagosian Gallery - If you have already spotted MoMA almost 10 times this option might sound refreshing. The art gallery is full of contemporary artworks from some of the quirkiest artists and the art installations are extremely fascinating. Andy Warhol and Ellen Gallagher are a few artists whose work can be spotted here. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Furnished Apartments in NYC

New York City is all about trendy neighborhoods and their food. From Italian to Cuban, Moroccan to traditional American, every street of this wonderful city is full of flavors which one must try. We understand that going through the entire variety is practically impossible, our furnished apartments in NYC let you be as near as possible to most local favorites. At a walking distance from your doorstep in all directions you can easily find some very popular eateries and iconic restaurants. If something really has to go wrong, expect NYC food to be the last thing to disappoint you ever.

Some of the best restaurants near our furnished apartments in NYC are: 

  • Los Tacos No. 1 - This is hands down the most popular franchise across London. Its street-style tacos are an absolute delight. It serves a bunch of other Mexican bites to get you on with the day. 
  • Salumeria Biellese - This Italian Deli is one of the finest you will come across in Manhattan. Those who have tried it know how fantastic they are at what they do. Their passion for food reflects in their dishes. Their meats and Valdostano sandwiches are to die for.
  • Cheryl's Global Soul - As the name suggests, head here for dishes from around the world, quite literally. Moroccan, Asian, French, you name it and they have it. It even hosts live music performances on weekends and happy hours start at 4 pm onwards. 
  • Superiority Burgers - A compact eatery for lip-smacking on-the-go bites. It is one of the local favorites which is popular for its all began menu. The white-tiled restaurant is cozy and Instagramable. 
  • The Half King - Cozy setting, wooden interiors, candle-lit tables, and a whole rustic vibe is what the first impressions include. The lip-smacking food that they serve, especially the lamb steak and pork roast are heavenly. 
  • Le Bernardin - This gorgeous French restaurant is elite in its decor, in its service, and serves delicious food. The presentation of each dish is noteworthy and does justice to the high-end vibe of the restaurant.
  • Momofuku - This Asian restaurant serves spice-laden dishes and lives up to the high Asian standards of taste. With a simple presentation, the chef here just focuses on providing premium taste. Its pork dishes are a must-try. 

Transport Near Our Furnished Apartments in NYC

Each of our furnished apartments in NYC has been curated at the locations which are extensively connected to the rest of the neighborhoods, and the city at large. Most bus and subway stations can be reached within walking distance from your chosen TheSqua.re accommodation. 

With the MTA TripPlanner, getting around NYC through the subway has become easier so do install it. However, due to the lack of signals underground, internet connection might not be established at all times. Keeping a digital map saved on your phone is a must here. Buses are any day the cheapest mode to travel with fares starting from $2.75. Express buses charge way higher than standard ones but you can always consider them for a comfortable ride.  

Some of the common public transport stations near our furnished apartments in NYC include:

  • 49 Street
  • Lexington Avenue 53rd Street
  • Fulton Street
  • Union Square
  • 14th Street
  • 23rd Street
  • West 60th
  • 96 Street Subway Station
  • Grand Central Station
  • Nevins Street at Flatbush
  • Wall Street

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