Furnished Apartments in West Village

Furnished Apartments in West Village

New York has many neighborhoods that can delight every kind of guest. From the stylish to the artsy and the modern, all requirements and dispositions can be more than accounted for. West Village, however, is one of the super hip and trendy areas of the city that just keeps on giving. From the art galleries to the characteristic restaurants, there is something for everybody here. That’s why we have a range of furnished apartments in West Village that can tick the many boxes of everyone that chooses to book with us. They exemplify the very next bits of the neighborhood, including its modern and hip vibe, and are fully furnished to bring the feel of home to every guest that is far from their own.

Our Best Furnished Apartments in West Village

Of course, when it comes to our extensive and award-winning portfolio, we have a range of options that can suit. But as with any collection, there are the gems amongst the standard apartments. Our very best furnished apartments in West Village have all the amenities that our guests can expect from serviced accommodation but have that special niche or vibe that can only be expected from the top range. Whether it’s the additional amenities or the luxury design or even the inspired location and apartment building, there are many ways to measure what the best is.

Some of our top furnished apartments in West Village are below:

Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in West Village

No matter what furnished apartment in our portfolio is booked, it will come with the complete range of amenities that our guests know and love. When we say that a serviced apartment is a second home, we’re not exaggerating. With all the usual amenities that anyone would associate with their own home found within our furnished apartments, West Village can be the ideal getaway both inside and outside. A fully equipped kitchen makes cooking healthy meals all the easier and provides a great place for friends and family to help out and dine together. Then there’s the free Wi-Fi, that not only enables families and friends to connect over long distances, but also helps corporate travelers to work from home if needs be. No more do they need to head into the office and brave the commute on the packed subway. The living and sleeping quarters, meanwhile, are always aptly furnished with modern conveniences and feature high quality linens and furniture. 

Then there’s the additional features and amenities that can be found in some of the serviced buildings. From the likes of a gym to a sauna and spa, to other fine things, they can complete any short or long term stay in West Village. These aren’t a guarantee and can depend on the building as well as the length of stay. Either way, some guests may find themselves to be very lucky indeed.

Types of Furnished Apartments in West Village

Our experienced team knows that every stay with us will be different and that everyone has their own needs and requirements that need to be met. That's why we offer a variety of accommodation options that can suit any group size and fit the desires of business and leisure in New York. Whether it’s a spacious apartment for a project team to live together or a couple that needs a studio to themselves so they can have the much-needed privacy that their romantic getaway requires, we have everyone covered. 

Below are some of the types of furnished apartments in West Village that all guests will be able to book at their convenience:

  • Studio - These open plan and handy spaces are the go-to choice for solo travelers and couples that want an environment where everything has its place and where they can relax on their own terms.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - The next level up are these apartment types. Like the studios, they are good for solo corporate guests and romantic couples that want a space all to themselves and not have to have an open-plan arrangement.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - When there’s a friend tagging along for the ride, or a small group needing an apartment to house them all, or two couples that want to experience the highs of New York and West Village together.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - Arguably the best pick for project teams and bigger groups of business and leisure needs, these spacious apartments are fully equipped and can be the ideal spot for everyone to bond with group meals whilst also retaining their own level of privacy as needs be.

Attractions Near Our Furnished Apartments in West Village

When it comes to New York, we all know what the top attractions are. However, each neighborhood, including West Village, has its own range of amenities and places to visit that might not always be on the top 10 lists. Due to the location of the neighborhood in Manhattan, some of the big sights are also nearby too so guests can see the best attractions and experience new ones that they wouldn’t normally. From art galleries to markets, parks and so much more, West Village has a wealth of sights to see and explore at your will. Plus our furnished apartments in West Village are close to some of the key sights of the area so guests don’t have to venture far to have the perfect NYC adventure. They can wake up, make breakfast and head on out to see the top sights at their leisure.

These are some of the attractions near our furnished apartments in West Village:

  • Washington Square Park - While some avid 19th century literature readers may recognize the name from the Henry James novel, this is a smaller and quieter park to connect with nature and is far less intrusive and manic than the likes of Central Park that is always full to the brim with the public and tourists.
  • Whitney Museum of American Art - Specializing in 20th and 21st century American art, its 25,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, films, and videos are something that can truly be marveled at.
  • Chelsea Market - Foodie treats and stalls that sell unique goods are just some of the things that await guests in this cozy and ever so popular attraction. It is a perfect place to go on a weekend or rainy weekday. There’s much to indulge in.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - Tibet, Bhutan and other Asian art exhibits are collected here that could easily rival some of the biggest art names in the city. Those that don’t believe us are welcome to see for themselves. It’s unmissable.
  • Broadway Theater District - Comedies, musicals, tragedies and more are waiting for eager eyes. No matter which of the big shows are booked, everyone is guaranteed a great time that will leave them in tears of joy, laughter or heartache. Whatever world theater bookers want to be transported to, Broadway will surely make it happen.
  • Flatiron Building - A stunning bit of NYC architecture, it may not be the Empire State Building but it certainly has a unique finish that more than deserves a bit of appreciation. It may be recognizable from the silver screen and it may have been on the cover of a few magazines. Getting the perfect snapshot of the building is easier than what many will think and an imposing pic is more than simple.
  • The High Line - A 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, this is one of the underrated attractions of New York. But that shouldn’t put travelers and guests off. It has good views of the city and can be an ideal spot to head to for some reflection after a long day.

Restaurants Near Our Furnished Apartments in West Village

Savoring the tastes of NYC is a unique experience, like everything else. With a wide range of restaurants and cuisines to pick from, the city basks in a global glow of delicacies and treats that business and leisure guests will find to be divine beyond measure. They can take their friends and relatives out for a scrumptious adventure like no other. Regardless of what the allergies and tastes may be, everyone will find something that ticks their diverse or restricted palette. Also, our furnished apartments in West Village aren’t too far from some of the top picks either meaning that when guests want a change from their home-cooked meals, they can head out and find another top place to eat in no time at all.

Our furnished apartments in West Village are near the following array of restaurants:

  • I Sodi - With some of the best Italian food in West Village on its menu, negroni and traditional foods are in abundance here so every customer gets the taste of Italy that they love most. Ideal for friends, families and work colleagues.
  • 4 Charles Prime Rib - Tucking into big hunks of prime rib, scrumptious burgers, and fries is how things are done here. With classic American foods donning the plates and service, everyone can have their own slice of the USA to enjoy.
  • Sushi Katsuei - Scrumptious fish, firefly squid, ocean trout, and toro take up the menu here. More than perfect for those that live to taste the ocean floor, this will hit the spot in no time with a rich mix of flavors and textures that will be difficult to find anywhere else.
  • Via Carota - Yep, it’s another Italian restaurant. Fine pastas and other institutional favorites that give the nation its deserved reputation are here and waiting to be savored in all their sublime flavors.
  • Llama San - One of the few Nikkei restaurants in New York, the illustrious clientele can indulge in duck nigiri, lobster with beef heart, and hamachi tiradito with uni and matcha foam. Not to be missed off any list, this place really is a marvel of taste and splendor. 
  • L’Artusi - A long-time favorite of locals,  its immaculate pasta dishes are part of the reason why so many venture here, and keep coming back. While many will roll their eyes at another Italian restaurant, this is one that noses shouldn’t be turned up at. 
  • Anton’s - Martinis and broiled oysters fill the candlelit rooms that are donned with oil paintings and wood-paneled walls. It may not be appetizing for everybody, but it is one spot that won’t be forgotten any time soon for those that care to venture here. 
  • Emily - Thin, crispy pizzas and thick, cheesy Detroit-style pies are the nature of the game here. In true American fashion, the clientele can tuck into big portions that will struggle to leave room for anything else. Friends and family groups will find this place to be right up their alley after a long day out in the city. 
  • Rahi - Whether it’s the prawn curry with uni butter, housemade paneer with guava compote, and duck over a mildly sweet green curry, there are a wide range of curries and flavors to choose from when this is selected as the evening hang out. 

Corporate Furnished Apartments in West Village

When corporate guests require somewhere that’s trendy and the perfect antidote to the modern corporate world, they choose our West Village furnished apartments. They are in the best neighborhood to relax in during the evenings and long weekends, whilst the apartments themselves have all the furnishings and makings of a second home so that business can take a back seat in the evenings. And when corporate guests don’t want to head into the office, they will have the free Wi-Fi to work from home whilst they put their feet up on the cozy furniture.  

Furnished Apartments in West Village for Leisure

West Village is a top spot in NYC to relax and chill in. The nightlife is awesome and there are plenty of unique attractions that make the area such a popular place. When it comes to our accommodation, we can cater to all guests that are looking to go wild in the Big Apple, no matter what the group size. Families are also well catered for with apartments that have all the modern conveniences that they require including a fully equipped kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, cozy beds and so much more that will cause the arguing to cease immediately. 

Transport Near Our Furnished Apartments in West Village

New York is easier to get around than most would believe, and this is thanks to the likes of the New York Subway and other transport networks that connect everything together. While the subway is well documented for its ridiculous rush hour foot traffic, it is nevertheless simple and efficient at getting from A to B. As we know all too well that the subway will form a part of our guests’ experiences, we have ensured that our apartments are never too far from the top stations in the local area. That’s travel made simple.

These are the nearest subway stations to our furnished apartments in West Village:

  • Christopher St - Sheridan Sq
  • Christopher St/Waverly Pl
  • 7 Avenue 
  • W 4 St 
  • Christopher Street 
  • Av of the Americas
  • 14 Street

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