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Greenpoint NYC Apartments

This Williamsburg’s neighbor is hip, trendy, and Polish to its core. From being the setting area for Globe-winning TV show Girls to having its local grocery store on the Harpers Bazaar cover, it has been quite in the news. With real estate booming here like never before, and endless bars on the go; from leisure to work travel, romantic to family vacation, Greenpoint is the ultimate Brooklyn destination to choose in NYC.

Our Greenpoint apartments have been cautiously curated for all your living comforts, needs, preferences, and lifestyle choices. From vacations to work travels, our serviced apartments range from the most vibrant homely abodes to the most sophisticated and minimal urban pads. With amenities like a full-fledged kitchen to gym access being on our list of comforts, we ensure to introduce you to this Brooklyn beauty at its absolute best!

Our Best Greenpoint Apartments

Greenpoint apartments curated by TheSqu.re are all about sophisticated interiors, convenient locations, and unmatched comfort. What helps us get an edge in the highly competitive housing industry in Brooklyn is our forte of squeezing these fine amenities in the best possible budget. This is something very difficult to achieve in Brooklyn which is otherwise quite an expensive borough to consider. Thanks to our long experience, commendable traveler feedback, and expertise in the industry that we have managed to curate such a fine range of serviced apartments for you. 

Below are some of the top picks of our most thoughtfully curated Greenpoint apartments in NYC:

Types of Greenpoint Apartments

This classic northernmost Brooklyn neighborhood is very generous when it comes to variety. We are grateful for the endless opportunities that it throws before us and lets us curate services apartments for all budgets and preferences alike. From the poshest and the tallest skyscraper in the neighborhood to the coziest and trendiest area with a hip ambiance, the choice of area, and the subsequent budget that comes with it are astonishing in its variety. 

Based on this kind of opportunities to play around, below are the topmost heads under which our apartment types have been divided:

  • Studio Apartments - You can choose from our range of cozy home-like abodes to tech-savvy urban pads. While you can find the most affordable apartment under this category, you can also expect the most premium one. It has everything from a kitchenette and a lavish bathroom attached to a single room and is ideal for a solo traveler or a couple.
  • Standard Apartments - You can choose from the number of bedrooms, majorly ranging between 1 to 4, in our fully-furnished standard apartments. With a separate kitchen and a living room that comes along, the standard apartments are ideal for family groups, couples, friends, and even business travelers. All budgets are welcome with amenities like gym access and lift access at your disposal.
  • Deluxe Apartments - This range of TheSqua.re is all about luxuries at its finest. You can expect anything from a jacuzzi to a swimming pool access, the topmost view of Brooklyn, and East River to everything that comes to your mind. It is ideal for lavish holidays and you can customize it to as much extent as you like. 

Why Should You Book Greenpoint Apartments?

Greenpoint is one of the most rapidly evolving neighborhoods of the popular Brooklyn borough of New York City. The Polish-American community residing here is warm, hip, and welcoming. Being the 14th most expensive neighborhood in the entire city to the 3rd most pricey one in Brooklyn, Greenpoint is a fine area to go for. With everything ranging from culture, markets, community to restaurants, this wonderful area, lovingly called the ‘Little Poland’ gives you all the reasons to go for it. 

Talking about why to consider our living experience here, one thing that makes us stand apart is our thorough knowledge of the neighborhood. If you are willing to see this high-end side of Brooklyn, we will guide you the best way to do it. With us, it isn't just about having a big budget and willingness to spend for comfort. If something that you need can be accommodated in a lesser budget, our priorities by default keep your satisfaction first. With exquisite interiors like the most lavish wooden decor and expert-designed apartment, amenities like; an in-house jacuzzi, bathtub, or a sauna, your dream location and all your comforts being taken care of, you have all the reasons to instantly book our Greenpoint serviced apartments.

Facilities in Our Greenpoint Apartments

Whether you are visiting Greenpoint for a business stay amid the industrial rush that it has always enjoyed or it is the aesthetically pleasant ambiance of the neighborhood that has attracted you to itself, our exclusive apartments are available for you. There comes free Wi-Fi, sunlit areas in the apartment to work, study, or just be yourself, and a fully-equipped kitchen with each of our apartments. With appliances like microwave, oven, toaster, and even a dishwasher, the cooking, eating, and living experience is at its finest. While the CCTV surveillance and in-house safes take good care of your security, our concierge desk and proximity to transportation and nearest attractions make living with us the smoothest experience ever. 

With such a detailed set of facilities chosen only after thorough research, we are sure that by the end of your trip you will be sipping on some great wine in our crystal wine glasses on your apartment balcony and appreciating how convenient your entire vacation has been with us. We look forward to hearing that in person already. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our Greenpoint apartments stand out includes:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony

Corporate Accommodation in Greenpoint 

With Greenpoint Global and a handful of other giants at work here, it becomes a very potent area for a corporate stay. However, it is also a fact that the industrial capacity that it once enjoyed is not there anymore. Despite that our corporate accommodations here are as loved as ever because of the business opportunities that Brooklyn offers in general. 

With minimal furnishings, clean interiors, sleek wooden floors, an endless range of apartment types, and a hyperactive service team, solo travelers coming to NYC for work adore living with us. Thanks to the seamless connectivity to the rest of NYC and the unbelievable proximity that each of our Greenpoint apartments enjoys, even if the travelers are working in any other business district of Brooklyn, they cautiously choose to stay closer to the aesthetic living experience in Greenpoint.

Greenpoint Apartments for Families

From a Brooklyn ice cream factory to several play areas for kids, Greenpoint is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. Each of our accommodations has carefully taken into consideration the family groups and the special requirements that they might have. You can expect everything from wide cozy beds to play around with the kids to a velvet couch in the living area to enjoy a fun movie night with your partner with Netflix and Wi-Fi on the widescreen TV right in front. 

While CCTV and video cameras on the door keep you posted even when you are not around, the dining table, sunlit living room, and a homely vibe lets you make the most of your time when you are at home. The minimal but careful furnishing keeps you sorted for all that luggage while the fully-functional kitchen takes care of keeping you healthy amidst the endless order-ins. Such is the wholesome experience that you can expect while trusting us with your families. 

Attractions Near Our Greenpoint Apartments

A great deal of this wonderful neighborhood is about specialty attractions and experiences. With art galleries, food museums, parks, and lots and lots of bars to explore and enjoy, what makes Greenpoint so unique is a bunch of unusual things. Places like a sanitation site or a cookbook store or something like a vinyl tape shop making it to the list are not the kind of things you read on a list of attractions to see, do you? The fact that they count as an attraction in the first place tells you how fantastic and closely knit is this neighborhood that celebrates its local culture with such vigor. 

Some of the notable attractions near our Greenpoint apartments include:

  • Museum of Food and Drink - No, it is not the restaurant list. As weird as it may sound, but this is our showstopper for Greenpoint attractions. Look and experience how the tastes have evolved over 170 years, particularly Chinese-American restaurants. While the general ticket is $14, you can always buy the iconic Chinese meal for a little higher price here.
  • Archestratus - From special Sicilian dinners on Thursdays to cookbooks from around the world, this is a gorgeous store to head to. Experience everything from wine tasting to home-made cookies, multiple talks and events to their iconic pistachio cookies, this is a castle of experiences.
  • The Greenpoint Gallery - Funded by the iconic Shawn James, it is your best shot at Greenpoint to get a closer look at the larger NYC art scenes. From artists to performers, it is a fine and highly affordable platform in the heart of Brooklyn.
  • Co-op 87 Records and Tapes - If you are a lover of old vinyl and pop culture, this is an absolute old gem for all your vintage fantasies. Grab a memorable souvenir from here in the form of a valuable gift from the iconic past. 
  • WNYC Transmitter Park - With a nautical-themed playground for your munchkins to a splendid view of the East River waterfront and Manhattan skyline. The lush green park is a step closer to the natural and more beautiful side of Brooklyn.
  • St. Vitus Bar - This carefully designed bar is gold for rock music and heavy metal lovers. With a signature drink named after their bar to midnight karaoke and endless fun, this is a fun spot to check out when in Greenpoint.
  • Newton Creek - It might sound unusual to see a sanitation facility on the list of attractions but the multiple award-winning egg design of a whooping 140 ft makes it worth it. It doesn't end there as it glows in the dark. The tours are free but limited tickets are available for a few chosen particular weeks and months. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Greenpoint Apartments

Since Greenpoint is Polish heaven, our Greenpoint apartments have mushroomed around some of the finest Polish restaurants. You can grab a quick bite to a hearty brunch at walking distance from your doorstep. However, don't expect to try only the native cuisine. From pizza slices to a Jewish deli, Mexican delicacies to truckloads of donuts, expect to take your taste buds on a real rollercoaster ride in this magnificent heart of Brooklyn. With our lavish serviced apartments right in the center of the neighborhood, your food cravings will be well taken care of.

Some of the best restaurants near our Greenpoint apartments are: 

  • Krolewskie Jadlo - Known as one of the three iconic restaurants owned by Krzysztof Drzewiecki. It comes with inexpensive brunch deals that are hearty and eclectic. The Mediaeval pub vibe adds to its advantages.
  • Tørst - It is Brooklyn's best bar for beers and surely a passionately built restaurant. The interiors are quite classy, minimal, and has high chairs. A hot dog on the go is a must-try here.
  • Frankel’s - A perfect Jewish deli for hearty breakfasts. It is proudly here for 3 good years now. While its pastrami is to die for, the sandwiches, bagels, all kinds of cream cheese and eggs collectively make it popular. 
  • Oxomoco - This Mexican delight in Greenpoint is famous for its pendant lights, neverending variety in the menu, commendable cocktail menu, and a lavish white and plant-based decor. It will be a fine addition to your list. 
  • Di An Din - For the love of brisket and the Vietnamese cuisine in general, head to this gem of a special gem in the heart of Greenpoint. The interiors are both Instagram and Pinterest-worthy while the taste overpowers it all. 
  • Achilles Heel - If mythology and food excite you, this is the most unusual and frankly, the most unlinked possible combo of them both. The cozy bar is always full of locals enjoying the vibe, the fireplace, and the delicious food here. Dinners and oysters go quite well here. 
  • Chez Ma Tante - For the finest and the fluffiest pancakes ever to a very well balanced and thoughtful meal, head straight here with your date. Brunches are a hit among locals here. 
  • Paulie Gee’s - With Hell Boy and the most delicious pizza slices in the whole of New York, let alone Brooklyn, this is the ultimate pizza place to head to for quick bites. However, because of its extreme popularity, expect to wait in a long queue here. 
  • Good Room - If all you did throughout the list was wait for a club-like restaurant then the lord has granted your wish (lol). Buy tickets online and head to this club restaurant with multiple rooms and respective DJs. It is one of the few in the low-key Greenpoint neighborhood.
  • Peter Pan Donut & Pastry - How can the Greenpoint food scenes end without a classic Polish bakery? Peter Pan is your bae if you adore sweet fluffy donuts. They might run out because of the insane local love for them so go early to grab your box.

Transport Near Our Greenpoint Apartments

This northernmost neighborhood of the city offers you a cozy stay with picturesque surroundings. Even though it takes you to one end of the city but at no point, it restricts you from traveling and making the most of the rest of New York City. 

Greenpoint Avenue is the main station of the neighborhood which is well connected to all parts of the city. It falls on the IND Crosstown line and G-train is available here at all times. Apart from the subway, ferries are a very popular mode of travel here. The East River route is the most preferred one as it directly connects to Manhattan. It can be easily boarded at India Street West. 

The following are the bus numbers available here under NYCT:

  • B24
  • B32
  • B43
  • B62

Some of the common public transport stations near our Greenpoint apartments in NYC include:

  • Greenpoint Avenue
  • L at Bedford Avenue
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • Classon Ave Subway Station
  • Prospect Av Station

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