Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments, New York

Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments, New York

Seeking Greenpoint Brooklyn apartments, New York? We have a wide portfolio of apartments in this location, ensuring comfortable and convenient stays for all travelers in New York City. Our apartments will double up as a home away from home, keeping you happy and relaxed at all times. 

Greenpoint is the northernmost locality in the NYC borough named Brooklyn, one of the most iconic and popular areas of the city. It is bordered by McCarren Park, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Williamsburg and East Williamsburg along with Newtown Creek, Long Island City and East River. The neighborhood has a diverse population including a thriving Polish-American residential community. It is often called Little Poland affectionately by locals. The area was originally farmland with the earlier owners having streets named after them now including Calyer, Messerole and others. The residential part of the neighborhood was developed on land parcels that were divided back in the 19th century. There were several lumber yards and rope factories lining up alongside the East River towards the west and the northeastern part alongside Newtown Creek became a highly industrialized maritime zone. 

Greenpoint has always been a working-class locality and initially housed several workers and families alike, particularly those working in sectors like manufacturing, longshoreman or docks, heavy industry, factories and so on. However, the real estate boom from the 2000s made this neighborhood a nightlife hub while rapid gentrification transformed it considerably. A rezoning exercise in 2006 also facilitated the development of high-density residential structures along the waterfront bordering the East River. Efforts have also been made for reclamation of the East River waterfront for recreational purposes while enabling the extension of the promenade well into the Newtown Creek zone. Our award-winning reservations team will help you find the best Greenpoint Brooklyn apartments, New York. Whatever your requirements, you can be assured of getting the best options at TheSqua.re without any hassles. 

Finding Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments 

You will find several Greenpoint Brooklyn apartments, New York courtesy of our vast portfolio of options in the neighborhood. Some of the top picks include the following: 

These are only some of the available options in our kitty; you can rest assured that you will find something that is suitably tailored to your specific needs and requirements minus any hassles whatsoever. There are studios which are ideal for solo travelers and couples while 1 and 2 bed apartments are preferred by slightly bigger traveling groups and families. Our apartments are centrally located and promise a memorable stay in the Big Apple for all travelers. 

Why Book Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments? 

You should definitely consider booking Greenpoint Brooklyn apartments, New York, for their convenience and comfort alike. Come to your own mini home away from home during your stay in NYC. Our apartments offer ample space and flexibility along with full privacy during your sojourn. Staying for extended durations means that you will naturally require the best amenities and facilities for modern living. We offer everything you need, right from fully equipped kitchens to complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions, bathroom amenities, safety and security provisions and a lot more. Additionally, you get ample space to accommodate everyone without a space crunch while you are here. Our apartments will also help you easily access public transit facilities along with tourist landmarks, bars, cafes, restaurants, business and corporate hubs and other entertainment zones as well. 

Facilities in Our Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments

There are several facilities available at our Greenpoint Brooklyn apartments, New York. Some of them include: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

Some apartments also come with several onsite facilities including rooftop terraces, swimming pools, fitness facilities, conference facilities, spa facilities, sauna and Jacuzzi provisions, business centers, community lounges and more. It varies, depending upon parameters like the location, type of apartment and so on. 

Cost of Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments

If you were thinking about the cost of Greenpoint Brooklyn apartments, New York, then you need not worry at all! We offer apartments at fair, competitive and reasonable rates to all guests, even during peak seasons which have a sizable rush of travelers. Our rates are always in sync with industry standards without any hidden charges whatsoever. We also offer 24-hour management, support and assistance to swiftly resolve all your queries during your stay. 

About Greenpoint 

Greenpoint was marked as a historic district by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in the year 1982 with some of its core blocks earning this distinction. This was awarded since the streets here still possessed landscapes which remained the same ever since the beginning of the century as per the committee. It is still quite true for the protected portion of Greenpoint although the skyline changed after the rezoning in 2005, particularly along the waterfront. It has now become a highly coveted residential neighborhood that has now come under the radar of NYC citizens. 

The neighborhood is deemed to have a prospective and bright future and the community feel here is incomparable according to several locals. The waterfront here is where Neziah Bliss first came in the 1830s and as an entrepreneur, visualized the potential of the area for shipbuilding and industrial development. In 1832, he purchased a major portion of the locality and married a Dutch woman who brought another sizable chunk of land here as her dowry. Shipbuilders and manufacturers started coming to the area in large numbers from Manhattan, ultimately transforming it into an industrial hub for Brooklyn. The Civil War Ship named the Monitor, was built and launched from the waterfront at Greenpoint itself. The area was once home to the now landmarked attraction, namely the Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory. This was the historic site where the idea first came about the eraser being attached to the pencil. This idea is what propelled the company towards becoming the USA’s most popular and profitable pencil manufacturer. Kickstarter is now housed in one of the landmarked buildings encompassed within this factory. 

Bliss ended up selecting the best possible street in Greenpoint, named Kent Street, for building his own house at number 130. The home still stands today, a few blocks away from the waterfront and with an imposing presence complete with columns and other architectural touches. It is still a reminder of the interesting origins and legacy of the neighborhood itself. People working along the waterfront and at the factories resided in humbler houses near the founder’s mansion and several of these structures are still intact as well. The neighborhood is welcoming and cosmopolitan. 

Top Things to Do Near Our Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments

Greenpoint has a plethora of things that you can do during your trip. These include the following: 

  • McCarren Park - Williamsburg and Greenpoint share this popular playing field that hosts several leagues and sporting events. The outdoor zone has a lot more in store for visitors. In summers, you will love relaxing at the huge swimming pool or watch 90s classics under the twinkling stars on movie nights. There is a lovely farmer’s market here selling local produce, baked delights and seasoned meats alike. 
  • Word - A charming and quaint bookstore, this is a great place to attend talks and events by fast-growing illustrators and authors. There are several modern titles and classic novels that you can browse here. 
  • Dobbin Street Co-Op - An afternoon here can prove to be immensely delightful indeed! Dobbin St. Vintage Co-Op is where you can splurge on antiques and affordable home décor items right from the 1960s and 1970s. The Instagram page will give you an idea of what to expect! 
  • Archestratus - Aspiring chefs and foodies come to Archestratus for its gargantuan collection of culinary material from across the globe. This includes everything from classic cookbooks and food biographies to local works as well. There is an in-house café that rolls out an extensive selection of tea, beer, coffee and wine as well, accompanied by home-made cookies and savories including the popular pistachio lace cookie. Thursday nights are when a charming Sicilian dinner is hosted between 7 and 9 PM. 
  • Di An Di - Di and Di is a contemporary interpretation of tasty and highly appetizing Vietnamese cuisine. The meals here are truly refreshing, whether you are dining outdoors or indoors. The dishes here like the chicken and cabbage salad filled with fresh herbs and greens are light and lip-smacking in that order! 
  • Chez Ma Tante - You will absolutely fall in love with the gorgeous pancakes here and the Montreal themed décor and ambience is refined yet casual in its own way. You will feel right at home with the refreshing cocktails and dishes like toast with anchovies and tomatoes. 
  • Spritzenhaus - This huge beer hall is owned by the owner of Fat Baby and Spitzer’s Corner, Robert Shamlian. There are 100+ specialty craft beers for the taking in addition to an extensive list of wines and cocktails as well. The spiked cider goes particularly well in colder climates. The 6,000 sq. ft. gastro-pub is an experience in itself, offering charming wooden tables for accommodating smaller and bigger groups alike. Finger food here includes pretzels, sausages and French fries among others. 
  • Saint Vitus - Fans of heavy metal will get their appetites satiated at this specialty joint. This bar in Greenpoint comes with fully black walls and dead roses that are positioned right over the bar, staying true to iconic rock and roll stars of the past, albeit with a New Brooklyn touch. Rockers come here for satiating their cravings for the finest Marshall amplifiers, wailing guitars and scintillating live performances. The front bar sometimes transforms into a rather sophisticated clubhouse for those who truly love their heavy metal legends like Black Sabbath among others. 

Shopping Near Our Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments

Shopping in Greenpoint is always a delightful experience. You can take your pick from various events including the Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar, Wanted Design Holiday Market, American Fine Craft Show and the Artists and Fleas events. You can shop for plenty of items including souvenirs and gifts, at some specialty stores in the neighborhood. They include the following: 

  • MOCIUN - This is where you can splurge to your heart’s content on charming jewelry or even premier home décor items. The unique handcrafted ceramics here are among the best ones you will come across almost anywhere! MOCIUN also ships to buyers if you are anxious about getting your stuff across safely. 
  • Bedford Avenue Cheese Shop - Getting a cheese subscription from the Bedford Avenue Cheese Shop is the coolest thing you can do in Greenpoint. Every month, you will then get a hand-chosen lineup of the best artisanal cheeses being crafted locally. The shop also has a wide selection of sinful artisanal chocolates, cured meats and even uniquely tailored kitchen tools that will tempt you immensely. This is a must for all cheese lovers and tourists alike! 
  • Catland Books - Mainstream works are not found in abundance at Catland Books, a one of a kind store in Greenpoint. This is a charming independent book store that thrives on its philosophy of the mystical and talismanic things in life. If you are interested in tarot card readings, astrology or even incense, you can venture into this store for some advance shopping! 
  • Goorin Bros Hat Shop - Check out a vast collection of hats and other vintage headgear at Goorin Bros Hat Shop. There are several wool-based options available for the winters and are supremely classy, to say the least! 
  • Word Bookstores - This is quintessential Greenpoint and the reason why it gets another mention! This bookstore is slightly more conventional compared to Catland Books. It offers books that delve deeper into the spirit and ethos of New York City, talking about its history and also showcasing books written by authors from New York. If you are into craft workshops or reading sessions, you can check out the events taking place here throughout the year. 

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