Greenwich Village Apartments

Greenwich Village Apartments

What better way to explore NYC than the epic 19th-century Bohemian Capital. With all the fun vibe, jazz clubs, and an artsy outlook, Greenwich is your best choice for a trendy experience of the city. While you would need a good week-long stay to explore this gem of a neighborhood in West-Manhattan, a fully-equipped serviced apartment is a must. Manhattan is anything but cheap but it is also a fact that it is irresistible. With our Greenwich serviced apartments, effortlessly curated with all our skill and passion, you can expect all possible luxuries and comforts. While you can be at peace about exploring the entire city at your pace now, we will make sure that our modern pads allow you a precise mix of home and hotel.  

What makes Greenwich Village such a lovely choice to stay in New York City is its smooth connectivity to the rest of the city. No wonder it is among the top few most preferred neighborhoods in the city. We have clustered most of the fully-furnished accommodations for both leisure and business travel here because of the unique combination that it offers. The trendy and hip lifestyle of Manhattan as it is a part of Manhattan Borough, combined with the posh surroundings of the red-brick buildings here. Don't be surprised if you end up spotting a few familiar buildings from some of the other movies or TV shows. 

Our Best Greenwich Village Apartments

A wonderful view of the adjoining red brick buildings, clean wide roads, and a good variety of experiences at proximity are some of the few things that you can expect from our urban range of Greenwich Village apartments. While the neighborhood is already one of the best to live in the entire city, we couldn't let our accommodations fall back at any cost. Our team has been quite thorough with everything ranging from the interiors of the house to the set of amenities that every traveler enjoys with us. 

There is enough room in all our Greenwich village apartments from Studio to Deluxe. If NYC has called you for a client meeting or you have chosen it for a vacation, TheSqua.re apartments will make sure that you return for another. 

You can skim through our range of Greenwich Village apartments already evenly across the best parts of the neighborhood right below:

Why Should You Book Greenwich Village Apartments?

Apart from historic hippie and artistic roots, Greenwich Village is known for being the witness of iconic talents like that of Bob Dylan. It is here where he lived and gained popularity over time. While there is so much to explore in this part of Manhattan, our Greenwich Village apartments let you be closer to most of the attractions here. 

Despite being such an expensive neighborhood, we offer to take care of your living experience with posh interiors, urban furnishings, eclectic services, and a lot of quality comforts at the best possible prices. Even then Greenwich seems to be the perfect area to check out because it balances your budgets on itself. Enjoy tours which are free and even under the category of pay what you like. All its experiences do not cost a bomb which makes it even smoother to explore. On top of every other perk, it is warmly open to LGBTQ+ (so are our apartments), and an artistic mine for all the travelers with artistic inclination. 

All these highlights when combined make it fully justified for the kind of popularity it enjoys along with that of our Greenwich Village apartments.

Facilities in Our Greenwich Village Apartments

Have you ever considered something like fine oak wood floors, CCTV surveillance, amplifiers, or grocery packs while looking for a short term rental? I am sure not. You must have not gone into such details ever but we have taken the living experience with us to the next level. By providing exquisite amenities just like home, our Greenwich Village apartments have made sure to provide you with the finest comforts and services possible. From a modern kitchen to fresh farm groceries, video door entry to sturdy in-house lockers, we have taken care of every little detail.

As far as the living comforts are concerned, you are free to expect lavish interiors and spacious bedrooms that ensure cleanliness and unmatched comfort. The velvet couches, fresh linens covering your luxury beds, top-class toiletries, and the luxury of a widescreen TV together make your living experience a fine mix of your home and a lavish hotel. That is the level that only a serviced apartment in a neighborhood like this which is curated by the utmost experience can offer. We are glad that we fall into that category. 

Below is a crisp list of amenities to give you an idea of the facilities that you would be provided with:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony

Corporate Accommodation in Greenwich

While it is a fact that Greenwich Village is known for its hip and artsy vibe, it is also true that imaging it as a site for corporate accommodation is slightly unusual. However, we understand how boring the financial districts of the city can get. That is exactly why we have set up our corporate accommodations in this very neighborhood that not only allow you to travel seamlessly to and from the workplace but also ensures exciting weekends. The interiors of the urban pads have been designed in a way that makes living away from home easier. From modern furnishings to minimal decor, grocery bags in the stocked kitchen to high-speed Wi-Fi for work from home days, all your requirements on a business trip have been duly catered to. 

Greenwich Village Apartments for Families

With SoHo, East Village, and a couple more neighborhoods brushing with Greenwich, the living experience here is quite full of variety. The clean residential areas make living with family a lot of fun here. Our premium Greenwich Village apartments have incorporated innumerable comforts from the kitchen to bedrooms. You can plan to enjoy home-cooked food with your extended family in our lavish kitchen and dining spread on our fine bone china crockery. Enjoy the view from the balcony or just pass the weekend on the couch before your flat screen and Netflix. Sounds like a weekend plan after a tiring travel week, doesn't it? Even if you have to leave kids back home for a quick errand or a meeting, our concierge desk team and CCTV will take good care of them. 

One of our biggest driving forces has been the thought of providing your families with an abode that doesn't feel unfamiliar and anything less than home. We realized that a hotel stay never provides that warmth, especially if your trip extends over a week. Our Greenwich Village apartments aim to tackle that exact insecurity in the huge city of New York with our highly comfortable abodes in the heart of Manhattan. 

Attractions Near Our Greenwich Village Apartments

This is hands down a very unique list of attractions when it comes to a city neighborhood. With a mix of monuments and museums, you have the iconic Friends house and Gay Street to explore. Isn't that fantastic? From the legendary sitcom to the groundbreaking Stonewall Riots, your Greenwich stay with us will let you explore the utmost details of the city from the past to the present. Whether you are a history buff, a queer supporter, or a lover of nature, each attraction surrounding our wonderful accommodations ensure to please all kinds of travelers alike. That is exactly the kind of NYC trip that you should look forward to. 

Some of the notable attractions near our vibrant Greenwich Village apartments that together promise a highly satisfactory trip to NYC include:

  • Washington Square Park - With history from the 1960s, the vibe of this iconic NYC attraction still reflects the folk love from back then. Find people singing, kids playing around, have the best time of your day here and join them for an authentic Greenwich experience.
  • Bedford Street - You are a Friends’ fan, aren't you? You will be surprised to know that their iconic apartment is right here in Greenwich. Head to 90 Bedford Street where you will often find quite a few people clicking. However, the interiors of the house were shot on a set in LA. 
  • Rubin Museum of Art - If Buddhist art and meditative practices calm you, head straight to this peaceful museum for its massive collection of art. Immerse in the views of the Himalayas and the intricate Mandala arts here. 
  • Gay Street - What once used to be called Christopher Street today stands as the icon for freedom and LGBTQ+ rights. The smallest street of the city witnessed several celebrations all year long because of its key significance from the Stonewall Uprising. It is no less than a festival here during pride month. 
  • Comedy Cellar - A star affair inside a Greenwich cafe is this representative attraction of NYC. This is your best shot to feel like a true New Yorker and a lover of comedy. The unusual but exciting comedy sets will surely remind you of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Grey Art Gallery - Head to the NY University to know about human culture. Interact with a lot of displays and note the artifacts collected with a holistic approach to understanding what went behind the development of various cultures and art. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Greenwich Village Apartments

From Japanese pork sandwiches to an eatery where Bob Dylan once ate, the variety available near our Greenwich Village apartments is highly impressive. Jazz clubs are what the locality is particularly famous for. While the list of restaurants to consider for a wholesome experience is endless, the best part is that the precise locations of our accommodations let you access most of them in the least possible times. Untimely cravings are the last thing you should be worrying about while staying with us.

Some of the best restaurants near our Greenwich Village apartments are: 

  • The Olive Tree Cafe - This iconic restaurant is all about unbelievably great comedy sets, delicious food, and a star-studded show. If you get lucky, you might get to spot Chapelle or Jon Stewart.
  • Fat Cat - It is everything that Greenwich promises to be. With jazz playing live to a delicious variety of food, and quirky interiors, this is one of the top restaurants to visit with friends. 
  • Cafe Wha - Head here for Bob Dylan, Lenny Bruce, and Jimi Hendrix among several others. Experience how it feels to be where such legendary artists once used to eat. 
  • Boucherie West Village - Ranking 5th in the finest French restaurants in the city, this is a wonderful option for a cozy family dinner. The service is particularly commendable while the steak dishes stand out. 
  • OTTO Enoteca e Pizzeria - This is a prime spot for larger groups with space to accommodate about 150 people. From gelato to pizza flavors like truffle-egg, this is a very popular pizzeria for its unusual pizzas. 
  • Loring Place - Pastas, pizzas, burgers, and whatnot, this aesthetic restaurant is known for its wood-fired delicacies. With minimal decor and seasonal dishes, this upscale restaurant is great for some healthy eats.
  • Num Pang - With roasted yam, honey, and pork flavors to lovely baguettes arranged in some of the finest sandwiches available in Greenwich, this is a gem for Japanese cuisine lovers. Among the endless restaurants offering American cuisine, this is a fresh option to explore to enjoy a break from the burgers. 
  • Boucherie - With outdoor seating, a highly upmarket setting, and rich wooden decor, this popular restaurant is known for its varied steak menu. With a happy hour and rustic presentation, head here for a perfect evening meal which is cooked for hours on low flavourful simmers just for you. 
  • Amelie Wine Bar - When hungry near Washington Square Park, this is the local favorite to check out. With small plates and an eclectic wine bar, this is an ideal recommendation for solo travelers or anyone looking for a restaurant to eat alone. 

Transport Near Our Greenwich Village Apartments

Even if you are staying in Greenwich, we don't expect you to just move around the same neighborhood for the entire trip. Hopefully, you aren't too. The precise locations of each of our Greenwich Village Apartments make moving around the city seamless. Bus, cab, bikes, or subway, we have made sure that no station for any public transport is farther than 1-3 kilometers or so. You can always leave your shopping bags or your essentials safely at home, or even locked in the safe, and just move around without even a single worried thought. 

Buses are the cheapest to move around unless you have a rented Citi bike. Subways, even though slightly more expensive than buses, can cut your travel time by exactly half. You can get a Subway ticket for central NYC anywhere between $10 to $22. Expect to reach in 56 minutes by this mode. Buses on the other hand will take over 2 hours for $6. You can decide for yourself based on your preferences. 

Some of the common subway stations near our apartments include:

  • 96th Street
  • Wall Street
  • 86th Street
  • 2nd Avenue
  • 50th Street
  • 42 Street
  • 28th Street

Buses are the 2nd most popular medium in the city at large. Thanks to the connectivity of this neighborhood with the most ideal attractions of the city, buses can surely be considered for fun, local, and affordable travel. Some of the available buses that can be boarded at the shortest possible distances include:

  • M3
  • M8
  • M20
  • M55

With so much to explore in this highly aesthetic neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, you can expect a posh and Instagram-worthy stay with us here. The Greenwich Village full of parks and museums awaits to welcome you and let you enjoy the most memorable stay with TheSqua.re.  

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