Hell's Kitchen Apartments

Hell's Kitchen Apartments

Hell's Kitchen is the other name for the very popular Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan, NYC. This is a small yet celebrated part of West Manhattan known for being a melting pot of multiple ethnicities. Extremely popular for being the less expensive alternative of the otherwise very expensive borough, Clinton is a wonderful choice to stay close to all the central fun and action even on a budget. Our Hell's Kitchen apartments propose exactly that. With the luxuries of smooth oak wooden floors, satin-matte walls, exquisite interior design, fine furnishings, and whatnot, expect a luxurious stay in the heart of NYC curated by a dedicated team of housing experts of TheSqua.re. 

Our Best Hell's Kitchen Apartments

Hell's Kitchen apartments are all about sophisticated interiors, cream locations, and proximity to the endless restaurants in the neighborhood. We offer every possible comfort ranging from a spacious almirah to a bathtub in our luxury abodes to a king or queen-size bed and a kitchen exactly like your home. Whether it is your morning espresso in the living room or a peaceful early morning meditation on the balcony, a hearty home-cooked breakfast of pancakes and hot chocolate (don't forget it is a vacation after all), our finest range of Clinton serviced apartments have it all. Each of our accommodations makes sure to make the best possible use of our decade-long experience to offer you nothing but the best on your NYC trip. 

Some of our top picks from the wide range of Hell's Kitchen apartments and the surrounding Midtown area include:  

Why Should You Book Hell's Kitchen Apartments?

You should consider us primarily because of the highly convenient location that each of our Hell's Kitchen apartments enjoys. You can easily hop to the Theatre District or have fun at the trendy Chelsea neighborhood, and not to forget, the Upper West Side is easily accessible as well. I am sure you are wondering where that weird name came from. There are multiple stories behind that, the notorious motorcycle gang from the 19-the century and a popup restaurant’s name are the two prime reasons believed by the locals. 

From athletic fields to waterfronts, affordable flea markets to basketball games, such is the comforting and closely-knit ambiance to expect around our Hell's Kitchen apartments. While there is so much to enjoy around, you will always have plenty of comforts which will get hard to resist. From queen size beds to lavish sunlit living room, high-end modernly-furnished kitchen to a balcony with a direct view of the neighborhood, Netflix and free Wi-Fi to oven and whatnot, you will have enough reasons to stay in and make the most of your time off here.

Facilities in Our Hell's Kitchen Apartments

Each of our accommodations has been cautiously designed to suit not only families and friends on vacation but also business travelers. We use a classic combination of minimal furnishings, to ease the convenience of living at a new place and round the apartment in the lowest possible budget for you, and vibrant interiors. From that poppy living room wall to that bright painting in the bedroom, we pay utmost attention to such details to not make the house look dull from any angle. 

While the interiors are taken good care of, we have paid equal attention to what all could you possibly need during your stay in a foreign city. Whether it is a washing machine and dishwasher to ease the daily chores or a door camera and CCTV to keep you well assured of your security, the holistic amenities go to all possible extremes. While we are equally particular of the view from the balcony, we also make available the best possible quality of everything ranging from the mattress to the upholstery. Espresso Machine, microwave, oven, fridge, toaster, and a lot of appliances ease the cooking experience for you while the gym and lift access promise you the most comforting long stay with us. At the end of the day, we are low-key proud of such a holistic approach for our travelers. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our Hell's Kitchen apartments stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Dining table
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony

Corporate Accommodation in Hell's Kitchen

The neighborhood forms the best possible center between Central Park and Hudson River. With immediate proximity to Manhattan and easy accessibility to all other parts of the city, Hell's Kitchen is a much-preferred neighborhood for corporate stays. One major reason for its popularity among business travelers is its feature of offering the best of both worlds. It lets you enjoy your weekends and nightlife everyday post work with its wonderful and the most exciting range of pubs and nightclubs. It offers all the Manhattan fun but at way lesser costs as it doesn't have the tag of a posh neighborhood like Times Square or Chelsea. 

We make sure that you don't have to worry about anything while you are at work or out enjoying your weekends. From cleaning to groceries, we take care of them all. Even if you are running late for the office, the toaster and in-house espresso machine will take care of a quick breakfast on-the-go. The microwave lets you make a quick mug cake for your sweet cravings while popcorns and Netflix on the widescreen await you for a movie marathon. 

Hell's Kitchen Apartments for Families

When talking about the features of this wonderful neighborhood, it stands ideal for a family vacation. With multiple theatres mushroomed all around our Hell's Kitchen apartments, you can enjoy endless theatre plays with your partner. If you and your friends love nightclubs, thanks to its proximity to Manhattan’s action-packed gems, you will get plenty of options to choose from. From Hudson River Park to high-end restaurants, endless pubs to proximity to the Theatre District, Hell's Kitchen is a hit neighborhood for all kinds of family stays. Not to forget, the rising gay culture here makes it a very inclusive and highly loved place to live in. Overall, the old NY charm that this closely-knit area of Manhattan retains makes it a very irresistible location to stay in, especially with us arranging everything for you. 

Attractions Near Our Hell's Kitchen Apartments

The neighborhood is famous for its endless restaurants, wonderful modern architecture, and lots and lots of theatres. These are exactly the attractions that our Hell's Kitchen apartments offer proximity to. From a day full of scientific insights at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum to an evening show at the Westside Theatre, the most happening food festival on the 9th Avenue to the shopaholic paradise of Times Warner Center, our eclectic catalog of serviced apartments let you stay closer to all the possible experiences that the neighborhood has to offer.  

Some of the most loved attractions near our Hell's Kitchen apartments include:

  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - Head here for an interactive experience with history and science. With the world's fastest jets, space shuttles, missile submarines, and historic aircraft, from spy planes to restored aircraft on display, this is a very fascinating site to be in and a deserving representative of the Clinton neighborhood. 
  • Times Warner Center - This is one of the representative attractions of Hell's Kitchen. With a fantastic view of the Columbus Circle and the surrounding park, modern architecture on the outside, and a plethora of high-end shopping options on the inside, this is a lovely site to spend an entire day. 
  • Ninth Avenue International Food Festival - This is exactly what food bliss looks like. Chase this massive food fest between 42nd and 57th Street on a May weekend. Expect live performances, coupons and more coupons, and also samples on-the-go. Just imagine the coming together of the endless cuisines of Hell's Kitchen at a single place, surreal isn't it? 
  • Westside Theatre - This is a place in Hell's Kitchen that is all about a simple time with your partner or your loved ones. Enjoy a soothing show in this small private theatre which is perfectly managed and offers a very pleasant experience. Something not very expensive yet worth every penny.
  • The Pershing Square Signature Center - A theatre that is exclusively famous for its intimate setting and excellent choice of plays to host. With a bookstore, a full-fledged restaurant, and an elaborate bar in the same building, it is quite loved by both locals and tourists who want to spend an entire day in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. 
  • Hearst Tower - Don't miss this breathtaking piece of architecture while walking on 8th Avenue. While it still preserves the old building on the inside, the chrome-finish of the magnificent renovation on the outside is a fantastic example of modern architecture. Believe it or not, it blings like diamonds! 
  • Stage 42 - Head here for classic Yiddish plays with English and Russian subtitles. It is one of the iconic sites in Hill's Kitchen for classic stage plays. The admirers of theatre and the craft of acting will love it despite the language barrier. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Hell's Kitchen Apartments

As unbelievable as it may sound, but this wonderful little neighborhood serves food from all around the world. From Bolivian dishes to traditional Uzbekian food, authentic NYC style Pizza slices to Middle Eastern kebabs and polo, your list of expectations is surely going longer than your bill. Our carefully crafted Hell's Kitchen apartments have made sure to find prime spots right in the center of the neighborhood. Whether your kids crave the delicious soupy ramen or you wish to try something as different as the Ethiopian food, the fantastic locations allow you utmost proximity to the bustling food scenes of Manhattan.

Some of the best restaurants that you must not miss near our Hell's Kitchen apartments are: 

  • Farida Central Asian Cuisine & Grill - An eclectic hub of pan-Asian delicacies made with love on charcoal-grills. Must try their dumplings and the very celebrated delicacy called plov which is the national dish of Uzbek. 
  • Bolivian Llama Party - Enjoy the wonderful Bolivian cuisine here with Llama masks and a lot of fun. Their stellar sandwich stuffed with garlic chicken and bacon, and salteña are the two traditional specialties of this Instagrammable restaurant.
  • Tori Shin - With an entire range of coal-fired chicken and other meats, this is one of the most celebrated Yakitori spots. With A La carte option available as well, you can opt for their entire chicken platter here. 
  • Pure Thai Cookhouse - From sticky rice and homemade noodles served in cute pastel noodle bowls to the Instagrammable outlook of the restaurant, this Thai restaurant is ideal for your soupy cravings. 
  • Corner Slice - If you are here on a work trip and crave a decent on-the-go restaurant, this slice hub is the finest to check out here. Find the classic tomato pizza slices inside Gotham West Market post 11 am. You can taste some heavenly cinnamon buns and cakes early in the morning. 
  • Kebab Empire - Enjoy the lost taste of this Turkic minority community at this cozy restaurant. An entire platter coming with polo, cumin flavored skewer meat and a lot of side flavors as add-ons is among the must-try dishes here.
  • Totto Ramen - Find this insanely popular spot on 9th Avenue and enjoy the most popular Hell's Kitchen ramen. Porky tonkatsu and chicken paitan ramen are the stars of the show here. Expect lines here at all times of the day, up until midnight.
  • Meske - Enjoy the traditional Ethiopian cuisine in the heart of West Manhattan near our Hell's Kitchen apartments. The traditional and edible fluffy bread is used to serve the dishes which makes it quite an interesting eating experience. Do try their massive platter with your group because it is almost impossible to finish alone.
  • Shake Shack - This is one of the most popular food chains across New York City. Your ideal place for hardcore American, on-the-go cuisine which is affordable, has variety and opens up until midnight. 

Transport Near Our Hell's Kitchen Apartments

As far as the convenience factor from our lavish serviced apartments in the area is concerned, 42 Street Port Authority Bus Terminal is the closest. It is the main transport center which most travelers consider for a majority of their travels from here. Its strategic location allows you access to the best parts of Manhattan and New York City. With Times Square just a hop away to Brooklyn less than 50 minutes away, this is a wonderful site to experience the finest experiences that New York has to offer. 

Some of the buses that pass nearest from our Hell's Kitchen apartments include:

  • 161
  • M50
  • M42
  • 199
  • M20

Some of the common public train stations near our Hell's Kitchen apartments include:

  • Far Rockaway
  • Path 
  • NC
  • Hudson
  • Port Washington

Some of the nearest subway stations include:

  • 2, F, Q, 7X, A, R
  • 10 Avenue/W 42 Street
  • W 42 Street/10 Avenue
  • W 49 Street/10 Avenue
  • 11 Avenue/ W 47 Street
  • 9 Avenue/W 42 Street
  • Sixth Avenue
  • East 57th Street
  • West 15th Street

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