High Rise Apartments in NYC

High Rise Apartments in NYC

When guests need a view to go with their NYC stay, they go for our high rise apartments. Ideally located in the top neighborhoods of the city, they have everything that a guest requires for a short or long term trip, and they can be found in very elegant buildings that also have their own amenities to add to the experience. With suitable rates and interiors that are simply divine, the worlds of corporate and leisure can be easily combined into a sensuous mix of comfort and convenience.

Our Best High Rise Apartments in NYC

While our award-winning portfolio boasts over 150,000 apartments across the world, and many in New York itself, even then we have our crown jewels hidden amongst the collection. The high rise apartments that have that special streak of character and finesse that goes above and beyond the usual layout and design. All apartments feature the usual amenities, but these have that special something that the rest don’t have. 

Some of our best high rise apartments in NYC include:

Facilities in Our High Rise Apartments in NYC

At TheSqua.re, we pride ourselves on providing apartments that our guests can call home. That’s why each one is furnished with all the amenities of their own home and more. And our high apartments in NYC are no different. With fully equipped kitchens, flat screen TV and cable, gorgeous interior designs, comfy furnishings, cozy beds, great views and other additional features, the perfect stay is easy no matter how high up the apartment is. Enjoying a morning brew or evening glass of wine is simple and easy for guests of corporate and leisure; in fact, it’s encouraged in our high rise apartments. As soon as they enter, they will have everything they require to chill and curl up after a long journey and get freshened up for the evening ahead or the next day of adventure. 

If there’s one great thing about our high rise apartments in NYC, it’s their possibility of other assorted facilities and amenities within the buildings themselves that make the apartments what they are. From gyms to saunas, business centers, and so much more, our guests can keep fit and relax at all times of the day. In short, their NYC stay will be more than exceptional when they book our high rise apartments.

Types of High Rise Apartments in NYC

Our portfolio has an array of serviced apartments in high rise buildings that will suit a variety of group sizes and other requirements. We all know that each booking has its own set of needs and that one size doesn’t fit all.  That’s why we have apartments that have their own unique characters and come in a set of scales and sizes so that everyone who books with us can be happy. Whether it’s a compact space for one person, a roomy apartment for a couple or a spacious apartment for a family or project team, all guests that stay with us can be happy with what our portfolio offers. 

These are some of the types of high rise apartments in NYC that our portfolio boasts:

  • Studios - These smaller but fairly spacious apartments are ideal for the solo traveler that wants everything in one place or a couple that wants something that’s easy to manage and maintain.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - When studios don’t tick the boxes for couples or solo corporate travelers, then these are the next go-to option. 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - For small families, friends and project teams that need a little more space to go with the impressive view, these apartments are what’s needed. 

Where Can You Find Our High Rise Apartments in NYC?

Every neighborhood in NYC has its own vibe and character. There are the trendy hotspots where young professionals live and play, the corporate districts where the sharp-suited risk-takers mix with the pinnacle attractions of luxury and then there are the flashy and modern areas suitable for families looking to enjoy a top rate New York experience. Either way, no matter what kind of trip our guests need, we can find the perfect high rise apartment in the ideal neighborhood that suits their requirements and disposition.

These are the neighborhoods where our guests can book high rise apartments in NYC:

  • Upper East Side - The poshest and most affluent neighborhoods of NYC, this is where luxury fine dining can happen as well as where other attractions like The Met and Central Park can be enjoyed.
  • Financial District - The go-to spot for business travelers needing to be close to corporate offices, this neighborhood has the large Wall Street offices and the top restaurants that are populated by stock traders perpetually throughout the day.
  • Chelsea - The trendiest part of the city, Chelsea boasts its own market that is exponentially popular with foodies, as well as a stream of art galleries that showcase some of the best works of modern art. The Empire State Building is also not far away.
  • Midtown - The center of everything, this neighborhood is where the likes of Times Square, Central Park, Broadway Theaters and more can be indulged. If anything, this is the must-book area for leisure travelers or corporate bookers that want to be away from the office but still have the best of the city in a fair distance. 
  • Upper West Side - Another wealthy area of NYC, it’s got its own skyscrapers and has a heritage with some of the wealthiest dynasties in the city and in the nation. With easy access to Central Park and other such pivotal NYC attractions, staying here really is a treat. 
  • West Village - Artsy and hip, young professionals and leisure seekers will find the vibe here will more than fit easily alongside their own. Art galleries and cool eateries and markets make this very popular with the rights sorts.

Attractions Near Our High Rise Apartments in NYC

New York has a wealth of landmarks that make modern travel what it is. Whether it’s the standard icons that fill the travel guides or the hidden delights that only locals know about, NYC is a destination like no other and guests will find that they have much to explore. And we all know that the attractions make the trip what it is. We recognize that more than anyone, which is why our high rise apartments can be found close to the top landmarks so our guests will never have to travel too far to find entertainment. From galleries to museums, submarine and aircraft carriers, markets and the world’s tallest buildings, we put all guests of corporate and leisure in the top NYC locations.

These are some of the top attractions in New York that can be found not too far from our high rise apartments:

  • Statue of Liberty - Plastered all over the travel guides is this symbol of freedom. Visitors will have to take one of the tour boats to get a shot of seeing it, but it is more than worth it. While the gift shop might be expensive, maybe a shot of the lady liberty is better than owning a minuscule version. 
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - One of the top galleries for those that love modern art in all its many forms, The Guggenheim, as it’s usually called, holds many classic pieces throughout its stunningly designed building. Not to be missed by art world fans.
  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum - The long and fascinating history of the US being a sanctuary for refugees and those looking for opportunity is given an honest, uplifting and sometimes upsetting account. Tourists that head towards the Statue of Liberty can stay on the boat and then spend the afternoon here. It may not always be top of the list, but it’s one of the most interesting and revealing attractions that the city has.
  • Chelsea Market - The eponymous market serves a host of tasty treats and has a variety of other stalls and shops that can entertain tourists on a sleepy weekday morning or a hectic Saturday afternoon.
  • Empire State Building - Made even more famous as being the finale of King Kong, one of the tallest buildings in the world is a real treat for those that want unrivaled views of New York City. Plus, loved-up couples end up proposing here so visitors can always try to ruin the engagement photo.
  • Central Park - The huge park is more than just the tall trees and horse carriages. Buried within is also the city zoo as well as curving paths that can help one to get lost and not care.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - Featuring thousands of works of art from around the globe, as well as important works of American masters, it’s not surprising that the halls and passages are filled to the brim every day with visitors looking to appreciate the greatest works that the world has ever produced.
  • American Museum of Natural History - Dinosaurs, tigers, insects, tribal objects, human evolution and the wonders of space are all here for visitors to appreciate in all their splendor. Frequently seen in the Night at the Museum film series, guests will be happy to know that the caretakers aren’t looking to take over the world.
  • Times Square - The center of hectic traffic and crowds, this spot takes everyone aback with its volatile sounds and screeches that are the epicenter of New York life. The best place to meet up with friends, family and to find the best restaurants to eat at, it is a worthy pic for the social media channels.
  • Top of The Rock - With views of NYC that could give the Empire State Building a run for its money, this shouldn’t be left off the list. It may not always be a part of the most essential landmarks to visit, but everyone that goes up there believes it should be.
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - With the USS Intrepid, USS Growler and the Space Shuttle Enterprise all up for exploring, this is a top day out for any NYC tourist that wants something out of the ordinary. 
  • Rubin Museum of Art - With paintings, statues, textiles from Tibet, Bhutan and other Asian nations, this gallery sets itself apart from the competition with works that none of the other places have, and a broad selection that will appease anyone who respects the arts.
  • Broadway Theater District - From comedies that will tickle the funny bone to dramas that will devastate, Broadway is full of shows that will entertain and excite all guests of corporate and leisure when they need a break from reality. 

Restaurants Near Our High Rise Apartments in NYC

New York has a great restaurant scene and our high rise apartments are sitting right next to them as well. When our guests no longer wish to utilize their fully equipped kitchens or simply want a change of scenery, they head to the many restaurants that the city has. Global cuisine is easily accessible so everyone can find what they’re looking for from a meal out. American, European, Asian, Caribbean, Indian - all these and more can be harvested. 

  • Liebman’s Deli - Serving overstuffed sandwiches, this Jewish deli is a real treat when a full lunch is needed halfway through the day. Not to be missed.
  • Flora Bar - This Upper East Side restaurant sits in the basement of the Met Breuer museum and serves simple seafood dishes like a tuna tartare or raw clam, all with their own sophisticated charm.
  • Farida - Sitting on Ninth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen, south of the Port Authority, it serves Central Asian food from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Kebabs and more greasy food can be indulged here.
  • Superiority Burger - This tiny East Village cafe speaks for itself. It’s a veggie burger place that may not be big seating but is on alternatives to the very best of American foods.
  • Scarr's Pizza - This narrow space on the Lower East Side is an exceptional spot for a slice of pizza that is classically made and even has vegan options too so not everybody is left out.  

Corporate High Rise Apartments in NYC

Business travelers that want a unique and sleek form of accommodation always choose our high rise apartments. They have the “power views” of the city that they love and have all the amenities that they need to be able to call it home for 30 days or more. With extra facilities like a gym and sauna, as well as good access to their office, city attractions and top restaurants, their corporate experience in NYC is one that they can find more than rewarding. 

High Rise Apartments in NYC for Leisure Travelers

True comfort needs a view, and with our high rise apartments, leisure travelers can do just that. They can have their astounding view and still have all the amenities that their stay in the city requires. Guess can wake up in the morning, relax in front of the flat screen TV to watch the morning news and programs, get a cup of coffee ready, eat a wholesome breakfast in the fully equipped kitchen, get ready and then head out to the top attractions in NYC that are only a few subways stops away, or even just a short walk from the front door.

Transport Near Our High Rise Apartments in NYC

New York’s transportation network involves an ever efficient but perpetually crowded subway system, as well as the normal train stations that connect other states and cities to the metropolis. At TheSqua.re, we know that being close to the subway stations is an essential requirement on any list. Guests of corporate and leisure don’t want to be traveling for hours to where they need to go, nor do they want to be too far from the subway stations either. That’s why our high rise apartments in NYC are near the top stations that everyone uses so guests will have no trouble navigating the Big Apple.

The following subway and train station are in close proximity to our high rise apartments in NYC:

  • Lexington Av-63 Street Subway Station
  • 72 Street Subway Station
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 28 Street
  • Times Sq-42 St
  • Pennsylvania Station
  • Prince St Station
  • 50 Street Subway Station
  • 23 Street
  • 14 Street Station
  • 77 Street Station
  • 96 Street Station

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