Loft Apartments in Brooklyn

Loft Apartments in Brooklyn

One of the popular tourist destinations of New York, Brooklyn is a quiet, affordable, and ideal place for tourists traveling to NY. One of the five boroughs of New York, this neighborhood is well connected with Manhattan and all other parts of New York. A historic neighborhood with amazing food, Brooklyn offers a few of the best accommodation options in the entire New York. However, finding a spacious, well-managed, and fully-furnished place to stay in New York might be difficult if you are traveling to the town for the first time. Our loft apartments in Brooklyn are located in all parts of the neighborhood and easily accessible through road or subway. No matter if you are traveling for a week or a month or a few months, our premium, elegant, and fully-equipped serviced apartments are perfect for your stay. 

Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn 

Located in all prime locations, our loft apartments in Brooklyn offer the best experience, with all of your needs taken care of. From a fully-equipped kitchen, for you to cook your meal to a spacious living and dining area to relax, watch TV, or work to a comfortable bedroom for a good-night sleep, everything is taken care of. Minutes away from subway stations, while staying at our services apartments you can easily travel to work or visit a tourist spot. From a flat-screen TV to Wi-Fi to luxury amenities like a gym, swimming pool, cafe, and more, our loft apartment in Brooklyn has everything with top-notch hospitality. 

A few of our best loft apartments in Brooklyn are:

About Brooklyn

One of the most popular boroughs of New York, Brooklyn is a popular neighborhood filled with tourist attractions, hipster pubs, great restaurants, open green areas, and parks, and a lot more. Our loft apartments in Brooklyn provide you a staying experience with spacious rooms and world-class amenities in a safe and secured neighborhood. 

A few of the interesting facts about Brooklyn are: 

  • Brooklyn is larger than Manhattan, the entire area of Brooklyn is 71 square miles whereas Manhattan has only 23 square miles of area. 
  • Brooklyn has more population than Manhattan, however, as the area of Manhattan is less, population density is more in Manhattan compared to Brooklyn. 
  • There are many beautiful beaches in Brooklyn that tourists can visit, the shoreline is approx 30 miles. 
  • Brooklyn is in Long Island geographically as they share the same landmass but Brooklyn is not a part of Long Island. 
  • Brooklyn is filled with art and culture, there are more than 700 institutions on art and culture in Brooklyn.
  • Till 1898 Brooklyn was merged with New York City, before that it was a city on its own. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the entire United States of America. Also, this is the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge.  
  • Brooklyn was called the Coffee Capital in the early 1900s as there were 25 million pounds of coffee roasted in a month. 
  • The entrance to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is one of the first places where brownstone was used in Brooklyn. This 106 feet tall Gothic-Revival style architecture is a great place to visit. 
  • To prove the strength of the Brooklyn Bridge, once it was built, there was a parade that happened with 21 elephants across the bridge. 

Why Pick Our Loft Apartment in Brooklyn 

Brooklyn is a place for all, be it for corporate or leisure travelers. With great connectivity and a peaceful neighborhood, this place also offers a few of the best tourist attractions of New York. If you are traveling to New York for work, our loft apartments in Brooklyn are perfect for you. Giving you a fully-furnished apartment that is minutes away from the nearest subway station, you can easily travel to work. For travelers who are visiting New York with family or friends, our loft apartments in Brooklyn will give ample space, a peaceful environment, and all amenities within an affordable range. Great nightlife, parks to go for a walk or jog in the morning, great serene beaches, brownstone apartments with beautiful streets, Brooklyn is one of the best places you can live during your short or long period of stay in New York. 

Facilities in Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn

Tastefully done keeping all the requirements of our guests in mind, our loft apartments in Brooklyn offer a premium and comfortable stay experience. No matter if you are in New York for a few weeks, months, or more, we have everything ready to give you the best hospitality. From a comfy sofa and flat-screen TV for you to enjoy your evening or a work desk and Wi-Fi to finish your work, all you need are taken care of. A cozy and spacious bedroom with an attached bathroom filled with all amenities to a kitchen with all modern appliances like coffee maker, oven, hob, and dishwasher, you will find it all. If you do not want to miss out on your fitness regime, there is a gym for you as well. While all our loft apartments in Brooklyn have aesthetically designed with every minute detail, one can add more facilities based on the availability in the apartment. 

Tourist Attractions Near Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn 

Brooklyn has few of the best tourist attractions of New York, from the sprawling green area of Prospect Park to the historic Brooklyn Bridge, this place has a great history and culture. Also, being well connected with all parts of New York, our guests can travel to Manhattan and other corners of NY easily and quickly. If you are staying in our loft apartments in Brooklyn then traveling to places within or outside Brooklyn will not be difficult at all. 

  • Coney Island - Coney Island is a renowned summer destination at the southern tip of Brooklyn. You should keep aside an entire day to make the most of your time at this wonderful tourist attraction, which features exciting roller coasters at Luna Park amusement park, amphitheater, and an aquarium.
  • Brooklyn Bridge - This historic suspension bridge was made available to the public in the year 1883. New Yorkers still use this iconic Brooklyn attraction to travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Whether you choose to walk or ride a bike, Brooklyn Bridge will give you a remarkable view of the city’s skyline.
  • Barclays Center - In the heart of Brooklyn, Barclays Center has set the standard as the showcase venue for the world’s most thrilling entertainment and sports events since its opening in 2012. The arena’s iconic exterior is built from thousands of uniquely-shaped panels in weathered steel that recall the color and scale of adjacent brownstone blocks.
  • Prospect Park - Situated at the center of Brooklyn, Prospect Park offers a range of events and activities throughout the year. There are several things to do in Prospect Park including- taking a boat tour at the Audubon Center, going fishing, renting a pedal boat, horse riding, or taking a walk through the beautiful park.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden - If you love Mother Nature then this place is for you. Walking through the well-maintained gardens give you a relaxing feel. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is filled with various types of gardens that include: Fragrance Garden, Herb Garden, Magnolia Plaza, Cranford Rose Garden, Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, Shakespeare Garden, and the new Woodland Garden.
  • Brooklyn Museum - Home to the masterpieces by Monet, Bierstadt, Rothko, and other prominent artists, this beautiful space is located near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park. The Museum has a massive collection of Egyptian antiquities, along with African, European, Japanese, Oceanic, and American art.
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade - It is a 1,826 feet long platform and pedestrian walkway next to the East River that continues from Downtown Brooklyn to Cobble Hill. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is also called the Esplanade and it has been open to the public since October 1950.

Best Restaurants Near Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn 

Brooklyn is a place for everyone, from serene green neighborhoods to buzzing shopping areas to hipster pubs and restaurants. This neighborhood of New York has something for every traveler. From street food to plush dine-in, finding a good place to eat is not a task while staying in our loft apartments in Brooklyn. 

Here are the best restaurants and pubs near our loft apartments in Brooklyn 

  • Juliana's - The New York classic, pizza is always a comfort food for travelers. Juliana’s is one of the best pizza places in New York with coal-fired oven pizzas and modern pies. 
  • Ugly Baby - A great place for Thai food in Brooklyn, this restaurant has a delicious food menu. The food is spicy here so order some deserts or coolers. 
  • Hometown Bar-b-que - New York’s best barbeque joint with a wood-paneled 120-seats, this place is a meat-lovers paradise. 
  • Lilia - Located in Williamsburg, Lilia offers the best pasta in the town. With sheep’s milk cheese, dried tomato, honey, and corn, the food are delicious and the place has an airy open seating. 
  • Bunna Cafe - A great place for vegetarians, this Ethiopian restaurant has delicious traditional food. A few of their best dishes are red lentils in berbere sauce, mashed split peas simmered with tomato, and a chickpea stuffing with kale.
  • Oxomoco - A Michelin-starred restaurant that focuses on wood-fired dishes. A great place for dine-in with a delicious cocktail and tasty food, this is a must-visit in Brooklyn.
  • Mekelburg’s - One of the best places you are craving for a sandwich while staying in Brooklyn. A few of their best dishes are wagyu roast beef, meatloaf with ricotta, and red gravy. 
  • Fort Defiance - Visit this place for a weekend brunch or a beer after work. Fort Defiance has some great food and drinks with a cool comfortable vibe, so you can enjoy it with your friends. 

Cost of Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn 

Staying in New York is never cheap, but our loft apartments in Brooklyn are one of the very few options that you will find within your budget with luxurious amenities and an ample amount of space. Staying in Brooklyn is always more affordable than Manhattan, plus you get to live in a peaceful serene location with more space and plush amenities. 

Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn for Corporate Travelers 

The most important criteria for any corporate traveler traveling to New York is a fully-furnished apartment with excellent connectivity to the place of work. Our loft apartments in Brooklyn are perfect for travelers traveling to New York as they are located in prime locations close to subways and give an excellent staying experience. With facilities like free Wi-Fi, gym, and fully equipped kitchen for you to work, stay fit, and cook your healthy meal. You can also avail of more luxurious amenities like a concierge service, onsite cafe, and lounge access, and more if you wish to. 

Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn for Leisure Travellers 

Friends or couples traveling to New York might find it difficult to find an affordable yet fully-furnished place to stay while enjoying everything NY has to offer. Our loft apartments in Brooklyn fit your requirement perfectly. From a studio or 1 bedroom apartment with finer furnishing with luxurious amenities to a happening neighborhood with great nightlife and restaurants, these apartments provide a memorable staying experience. A comfortable bedroom with an attached bathroom, a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, and sofa for enjoying your evenings, a fully-equipped kitchen to enjoy a home-cooked meal, your stay at these lofts will be a memorable one. 

Transport Near Our Loft Apartments in Brooklyn 

Our loft apartments in Brooklyn are strategically located near most of the tourist attractions and corporate or business hubs. Brooklyn has great transportation facilities, so, you’ll find subways the most convenient way to travel to any part of New York. You’ll find a subway station near all our serviced apartments in Brooklyn.

Some of the easily accessible subways from our sublet apartments are:

  • Bedford Avenue Station
  • Atlantic Terminal
  • Nostrand Avenue Station
  • Marcy Avenue Station 
  • Grand Army Plaza Station

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