Luxury Apartments in NYC

Luxury Apartments in NYC

Booking luxury apartments in NYC will be a good idea, particularly if you are looking to land in the city for business or leisure. New York City is the world’s economic and commercial hub along with being one of the major technology and startup centers in all of the USA. It goes without saying that the city attracts a large number of business travelers and families around the year along with a sizable volume of tourists as well. Whatever be your purpose, you can always consider getting your own apartment in the city for longer stays. 

We offer a vast portfolio of luxury apartments in NYC complete with all the amenities and facilities that you could desire. Find centrally located apartments in close proximity to public transport facilities and all major business destinations in NYC. Our award-winning reservations team will help you find truly luxurious and signature residences for your stay in New York City.

The Best Luxury Apartments in NYC

There are several luxurious apartments that we offer in New York City. Here’s taking a look at some of them: 

We understand the needs of luxury business or leisure travelers who desire nothing but the finest in terms of the ambience, facilities and location. Let us help you zero in on the most premier accommodation for your needs in NYC for an ultra-comfortable stay.

Cost of Luxury Apartments in NYC

Agreed, luxury does come at a premium. However, it may not always be a king’s ransom! We make it a point to keep our rates well in sync with industry standards and in sync with fair and reasonable market rates. Even though we do have peak seasons with a sizable rush of travelers, we do not charge exorbitant rates that are a heavy burden on your pocket. Add to that round the clock (24 hour) management, support and assistance and you get greater value for your money at all times. We also make sure that you get the most exclusive apartment units in the most coveted areas of the city.

Why Book Luxury Apartments in NYC? 

You should definitely endeavor to book luxury apartments in NYC since there are multiple options present at highly strategic and prime locations. Our vast portfolio has all the options that you require and that too at really competitive prices. We make sure that you get a true home away from home, an oasis of calm and peace that helps you unwind and relax after a hard day at business or sightseeing tours around the city. 

Chill with your pals over a drink or two at your own apartment or have a quiet movie night with the family courtesy the flat-screen television and American cable. The choice is yours! From lovely views and strategic proximity to the city’s best restaurants and nightlife destinations to gorgeous ambiences and contemporary facilities, you will find it all at your dedicated apartment. True luxury is having ample scope to relax and get comfortable at your own pace without having to adhere to establishment-centric regulations like in a regular hotel. That is what we seek to offer in addition to round the clock management and assistance for all your queries. 

Facilities at Our Luxury Apartments in NYC

We offer a wealth of amenities at our luxury apartments in NYC. These include almost everything that contemporary and discerning families/travelers require. Facilities do vary from one apartment to another although each unit has its own special ambience, vibe and bevy of features that make it more attractive to guests. On that note, here’s taking a look at some of the amenities offered in our luxury apartments throughout the city. 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Underfloor heating
  • Onsite gym
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Onsite Security
  • 24 Hour Management 
  • Intercom System 

Several apartments also come equipped with onsite additions including swimming pools, sports and fitness facilities, sauna and Jacuzzi provisions, rooftops or terraces and the like. Some are even equipped with cafes, restaurants and bars in tandem with business centers and similar facilities. It all depends on the type of apartment, location, scope and other parameters. Rest assured that every unit has its own plethora of features to keep you entertained, comfortable and safe during your stay in NYC. 

Discovering New York’s Most Luxurious Experiences

What is true luxury? This is a question more asked by connoisseurs of luxury and the swish global set rather than those aspiring towards the same. Not surprising since the definition of luxury evolves rapidly and changes not just each day but every hour! New York City (NYC) is synonymous with some of the world’s most luxurious and premier experiences for those who can truly afford it! There is a lot to do for luxury travelers in the city, perhaps even more than many other global haunts for nightlife, dining, culture and landmarks. 

If you’re in NYC and have some time to yourself, here’s taking a look at some of the ultra-luxurious experiences that you must invest in (assuming that you can afford it easily!). These experiences will leave you feeling like the High Priest/Priestess of Fashion, Culture and Society, a kind of taste in the mouth that only gets better with the passage of time (and just like fine wine in turn!). Without further ado, here are the top luxury experiences on offer in NYC. 

  • Go on a shopping spree at the famous Bergdorf Goodman - Drop your luggage, get dressed for the occasion and venture out to Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue, the world’s biggest high fashion street and a major NYC landmark. You’ll find curated and exclusive selections from the biggest luxury labels worldwide including Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. Bergdorf has a single location unlike Barney’s or Bloomingdale’s and the site once housed an imposing Vanderbilt mansion. The site is literally so famous that it was featured in a documentary named Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s that has commentary from legends in the industry like Anna Wintour, the editor at Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang among others. Premier fashion is truly synonymous with cutting-edge luxury. If that’s what drives you, a jaunt at Bergdorf Goodman is definitely par for the course! 
  • Embrace exclusive fine dining at Eleven Madison Park - After a truly hectic morning spent shopping for your favorite apparel and accessories, you’ll definitely look to satiate your hunger cravings. There is no better luxury restaurant in NYC than Eleven Madison Park. Catering to upscale visitors, it is regarded as one of the biggest gastronomic hubs of the City, being ranked as the best restaurant in all of North America. A major facelift in 2017 has also gone a long way towards scaling up its overall appeal for diners. Although it came down to number 4 on the list of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants sometime back, it still has plenty of punch to literally amaze your taste buds. From charming host and co-owner Will Guidara and star chef cum owner Daniel Humm to the supremely sublime tasting menu with 10 courses, there is a lot to admire here! New York flavors come alive at this exclusive restaurant, complete with neat infusions of French techniques and culinary flair. You will truly not be disappointed! 
  • Take a mesmerizing helicopter ride over NYC - For a truly luxurious experience during your time in NYC, book a fabulous helicopter ride downtown from the Liberty Helicopters Tours launch pad. Flights vary between 12-20 minutes and up to 5 people are accommodated in comfort minus the pilot. See New York from different dimensions with your camera for company (after all, there are breath-taking snaps in the offing!). Soar in style above the beautiful Hudson River, go by the imposing Statue of Liberty and take in a bird’s eye glimpse of NYC’s most acclaimed landmarks and monuments. Fuse your helicopter tour with an afternoon harbor cruise that gives enthralling views of the New York skyline as well. For those who believe in luxury as a way of life, it will surely be time (and money) well spent. 
  • Catch the latest Broadway Shows - Broadway is the Holy Grail for culture, theater and music lovers. What better way to savor a luxurious evening than catching the latest and biggest Broadway shows as they unfold right here in New York City. There are a plethora of popular and acclaimed shows running throughout the year at Broadway. From the big hit Hamilton to Dear Evan Hansen (winner of 6 Tony Awards including the award for the Best Musical), Frozen, The Lion King and Aladdin or even King Kong, Broadway is a land of delights for culture and theater lovers alike! Do something which is quintessentially New York in all its dimensions and you’ll thank us later for the recommendation! 
  • Savor a scintillating late dinner at Le Coucou - Once you’ve grabbed your Broadway show, venture out for a lovely late dinner at Le Coucou which has eventually obtained its highly desired Michelin star recently. Ever since it opened doors in Soho back in 2016, this uber-posh restaurant (designed by none other than Roman and Williams) has been one of the hottest culinary properties in the city, helmed by expert chef Daniel Rose. With experience at Spring in Paris, Rose brings his unique style and vast experience to bear on classic French eats including dover sole, chicken with foie gras and pike quenelles among a bevy of other delights. 
  • Round off a wonderful night at Attaboy - Attaboy is where you can cap off your night in NYC with oodles of glamour and style for company! A 10 minute walk eastwards from Le Coucou will get you access to Attaboy, one of the most legendary speakeasy joints in the city and a favorite for the top bartenders in the city. You’ll find many contemporary bartending legends heading here after their bars shut down for the night! Founded by iconic bartenders Michael McIlory and Sam Ross (two protégés of the famous bartender Sasha Petraske), this seating room-only bar is truly a must-visit. Pint-sized as much as a typical subway car, it is located at the former Milk & Honey site and comes with hundreds of cocktails on the menu. If you don’t want to bother with a menu, simply tell the folks your preferences and they’ll whip up something truly exotic to tingle your taste buds! 
  • Experience auction hour at Sotheby’s - The haunt of the truly rich and famous in NYC along with revered global collectors, Sotheby’s is where all the action (read auction) takes place round the year! Simply venture to Sotheby’s that spans York Avenue and 72nd Street and rub shoulders with noted art lovers, collectors and even locals who come to explore 6 floors worth of gallery space or simply to experience more than 85 live auctions held annually. In 2019 (April), the 1890 painting by Claude Monet titled Meules, set a record when it sold for a whopping $110.7 million, one of the biggest sums for any Impressionist artwork. Gallery showings change on the basis of upcoming auctions so stay in the loop for getting more specific information. Having started in 1744, the galleries gradually made New York their home from 1955 onwards. 
  • Delve deeper into the intricacies of caviar at Petrossian - Is the world’s finest caviar synonymous with true luxury for you? Take a dekko at Petrossian, founded back in 1920 in Paris. Nestled at 911 Seventh Avenue (right between the 57th and 58th Streets and near Carnegie Hall) in NYC, this ultra-luxurious dine destination has special Caviar Master Class sessions in the evenings, giving you an opportunity to literally delve deeper into the intricacies of this revered global dish. Petrossian opens each day between 10 AM and 8 PM (open till 7 PM on Sundays) for lunch, dinner and brunch where you can sample several signature creations. These include smoked salmon with toast points and even crème fraiche or even caviar pasta with crème fraiche and salmon avocado tartare. Top off your scintillating meal with wine, champagne, tea of coffee. You’ll also find a charming selection of caviar-related gifts for your loved ones or friends (and even yourself!). 
  • Rent that yacht for a relaxing ride - One of New York City’s most unusual yet luxurious things to do, renting a yacht is a great way to truly experience the vibe of the city. Feel like a VIP, traversing the waters (and paying a hefty price at the same time) in style with premier service, drinks and food for company. Get up close with the Statue of Liberty, drift along the water and relax with your family or friends or simply take some captivating lifetime photos for that Instagram feed. It is certainly one of the best luxury experiences that NYC offers to travelers! 
  •  Enjoy a brush with gold at The Ainsworth - If it’s a taste of bling that you desire, you’ll literally come across the same at the Ainsworth, the noted fine-dining restaurant in New York. Sample the famous chicken wings here that come draped in (wait for it!) 24 karat gold! Ordering approximately 50 gold wings will get you a complimentary bottle of the super exclusive Armand Brignac Champagne as well. Do not miss out on this luxe dining joint for literally the most luxurious meal in your life! 

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