Madison Square Apartments

Madison Square Apartments

Known for the crazy love of The Garden or Madison Square Garden, the epitome of sports that it is, Madison Square is a treat for the lovers of live sports. If proximity to the home of 3 iconic teams of Basketball and Hockey is something that excites you, our Madison Square apartments have exactly what you need. The exclusive neighborhood, named after the 4th U.S. President James Madison majestically sits between Broadway Theatres and Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan borough. While the Dover Street Market and Flatiron Building are just a hop away from our serviced apartments, we are proud to share with you an elaborate catalog of modern abodes in the finest parts of the neighborhood.

Our exquisite range of modernly-furnished apartments offers the rare combo of a homely ambiance combined with hotel-like amenities. With amenities like a balcony, CCTV surveillance, a kitchenette with modern appliances, dining sets, lavish bedrooms, and whatnot, our Madison Square apartments offer the finest living experience in Manhattan.

Our Best Madison Square Apartments

Talking about our urban pads, we can already picture you having the coziest time on our balconies with our fancy crystal glasses filled with aged wine. With everything available from an espresso machine to pancake mixes, toasters to ovens, our kitchens have the finest set of appliances. Not only do we care for a good night's sleep on our king/queen size beds but your entertainment is on our priority as well. Apple TV, Netflix, Prime, you name it and we have it. From top-class furnishings to all kinds of comforts, you are free to raise your expectations from our Madison Square apartments.

Each of our apartments except the studio apartments offers you the option of upgrading the apartment with as many rooms as you want. Usually, you can choose between 1 and 4 among our varied range of apartments under the Standard and Deluxe range. From penthouses to high-rise apartments, Madison Square offers you a thorough catalog which allows you to be as precise with your preferences as you wish to be. 

Some of our top picks from the wide range of Madison Square apartments and the surrounding Manhattan area include:  

Why Should You Book Madison Square Apartments?

Madison Square is one of those neighborhoods which give you the complete advantage of being closer to the “Most Famous Coliseum in the Word” as they call it. From NBA Championship to Muhammad Ali’s iconic 1971 match, this is the most iconic sports center to experience. Apart from all the sports fun, you can also enjoy closer distances from the high-end areas of Manhattan like Madison Avenue, other luxuries of 5th Avenue, and still enjoy the options of affordable price ranges. If you have a wealthier lifestyle, this neighborhood surely has all the varieties to offer you. 

Each of our state-of-the-art apartments comes with comforts like; a lavish master bedroom with an attached bathroom, a fully-functional ready-to-use kitchen, a cozy living room with a dining area in most options, and even a balcony with a green view of the Square. A lot more amenities accompany these facilities to make each apartment feel closer to your home. 

Facilities in Our Madison Square Apartments

We at have been extremely cautious about bringing to you the absolute best and filtered set of facilities that can help you enjoy the finest living experience. From the quality of the groceries that you will receive to that of the mattress that you will sleep on, everything has gone through multiple stages to reach you. While you have the amenity of a lavish bathtub to enjoy a relaxing bath, you can always hop in the kitchen and let something bake in the oven until you finish bathing. The additions of CCTV cameras and almirah safes let you be assured of the confidential things that you carry, and of your family's security. Complimentary Wi-Fi is a boon on lazy days while the widescreen TV is the cherry on top with quick order-ins of pizza and fresh microwave popcorn. Such is the wholesome and collective living experience that each of our Madison Square apartments provides in the heart of Manhattan. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our Madison Square apartments stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony

Corporate Accommodation in Madison Square 

Business travelers are often delighted to know that the Financial District is less than 4 miles from Madison Square. With the very convenient availability of both subway and buses from near our apartments, you can easily travel to and fro daily. Not only will it save you the very high cab fares but also let you stay closer to the fun without paying a bomb. Even though Madison Square is not entirely among the least expensive neighborhoods of Manhattan but it still offers way better prices than Times Square and the Financial District. Get done with the office work on weekdays and enjoy a wonderful game at The Garden on the weekends or party your heart out at the Times Square nightclubs. There cannot be a perfect plan, can it? 

Not to forget, you will always have your cozy beds to get you to sleep and our lovely kitchen with your favorite Espresso Machine and sunlight in the morning to wake you up. The groceries and cleaning will be taken care of, the dishes and the clothes can be done in our washing machine and dishwasher, and you will be all sorted for Monday. 

Madison Square Apartments for Families

From Madison Avenue, Dover Street Market, and adjoining Chelsea Flea Market, the beauty of Madison Square is how effortlessly it caters to all kinds of travelers and budgets. Not only does each abode give you access to the finest parts of this wonderful neighborhood but also lets you stay closer to the neighboring areas. While the Square itself has fun places to take kids like the iconic Garden, the ice rink in Bryant Park to the National Museum of Mathematics, kids of all ages tagging along can be easily entertained. With Times Square right around the corner, the adult fun is at proximity as well. You can always take the entire fam along for a match. 

Now, where does our Madison Square apartment range hops in? The fact that the precise, safe, and highly convenient locations of each of our abodes makes your access to all these places and so many more so easy makes us a very preferred choice for family groups. Apart from that, the eclectic list of comforts that we provide inside the house makes it even better. From the hassles of changing bed linens to buying groceries, tirelessly finding something home-like and healthy for the kid to taking care of your workout schedules amid the travel chaos, our apartments take care of even the tiniest of travel problems that you might have otherwise. That's exactly the kind of confidence that comes from a decade-long experience. 

Best Attractions Near Our Madison Square Apartments

With fine neighborhoods like Chelsea, NoMad, and Rose Hill surrounding our fine set of Madison Square apartments from all sides, there are plenty of attractions to check out nearby at the shortest possible distances. From wealthy high-end attractions to fun second-hand flea markets, from something as unusual as a Maths Museum to as fascinating as a building shaped like an iron, there is something for all here. We are proud to bring to you such celebrated locations for the serviced apartments exclusively picked for you. It can't get better than this, right? 

Skim through our top picks of attractions near our Madison Square apartments below:

  • Madison Square Park - This is the absolute star that alone is a sole synonym to the entire neighborhood. With lots and lots of live sports events to just the feels of being the icon that it is, from live performances to food fests, public installations to dog runs, this is an 1847 gem that you must experience at all costs. Apart from eyeing the engineering marvel that it is, don't miss the annual month-long food fest called Fall Eats here. 
  • Houdini Museum of New York at Fantasma Magic - Ever wondered how Houdini mastered his craft? Head to this magical paradise of the art of magic with some of the most unusual magic tools that he used during his career. You will have 4 storeys full of props to choose from. 
  • B&H Photo Video - How about hitting the largest independent electronics store in the world? While the world is going gaga over video filming and editing with this digital Tsunami of vloggers on Youtube and Instagram, this is a fine spot to grab some world-class equipment. A little bonus for you is that they even host occasional workshops in photo skills. 
  • Bryant Park - Enjoy everything from food fests and live music concerts in summers to ballet and theatre themed public picnics. Winters are even more fun here with free ice rinks, winter delicacies on the pop-up stalls, elaborate skating classes, and even live booze. This is the ultimate attraction to experience across seasons. 
  • Flatiron Building - As you must have guessed by the name (break it in half and read separately), it is a building in the shape of an iron. It has a long history behind its fantastic design and architecture which makes it even more fascinating. It is one of the representative attractions of the neighborhood.
  • National Museum of Mathematics - If you have hated Maths all your life like me, let this museum change your mind. Marvel at the power of creation that the lovers of mathematics celebrate. Take your kids to the interactive exhibitions here and let the Math Square within the premises take you by surprise.  
  • Chelsea Flea Market - While technically it shouldn't have been on the list but it is just 2 minutes away from our Madison Square apartments, thanks to their proximity with multiple adjacent areas. This popular market is all about vintage things including antique pieces and jewelry. It is quite a fun place to explore nearby.

Best Restaurants Near Our Madison Square Apartments

Madison Square has plenty of restaurant options to take your taste buds on a memorable ride. With a central and highly sought-after location, our serviced apartments give you the advantage of tasting all that variety at walking distance. Expect to try anything from steaks to Irish food, Japanese delicacies to anything to fill you up after partying empty stomach post-midnight. 

Some of the best restaurants near our Madison Square apartments are: 

  • Tír Na Nóg - Want to see how the best Irish pub in the world of 2018 looks like? Head straight here for a hearty meal and drink beer towers post a game. While their shepherd's pie and branzino deserve a special mention, they are known to serve a classic mix of Irish and American cuisines. 
  • Keens Steakhouse - From their legendary secret recipe of mutton chops to a collection of over ninety thousand smoking pipes, this is one of the finest steakhouses to check out. From Turkish carpets to the portrait of Miss Keens, enjoy the lavish dining experience here. 
  • Hanamizuki Cafe - From Japanese curries to stuffed rice balls, pork delicacies to a spread of edgy dishes, this minimalist Japanese cafe is a treat for your taste buds. You can even choose a very affordable per person assorted lunch spread and don't forget their special matcha cake. 
  • Pocha 32 - Known for its extra hearty meals, this restaurant is your answer to overnight meals after the rest of Madison Square is asleep. Their fruit cocktails and army stew are most popular among locals. Just a heads up, don't Google the meaning of the restaurant's name in the Hindi language. 
  • Eataly - Head to this heaven of cheese and cannolis straight out of Italy on 5th Avenue. While their Tiramisu is hands down the best, the entire range of workshops and dishes here will impress you like nothing ever did before. From kinds of pasta and groceries to Charcuterie boards, there is everything here. 

Transport Near Our Madison Square Apartments

Getting around Madison Square is a piece of cake. The main station to remember is the Penn Station here as you can find the Madison Square Garden right above it. It is interesting to note that it is even easier to opt for a ferry to travel surrounding neighborhoods and cities from here, thanks to the butter smooth NY Waterway system. You can reach here in as quick as 8 minutes from Midtown. Guess what? You would also get direct access to the free shuttle which will take you straight to the Madison Square Garden. As far as other modes are concerned, Time Square is as near as a 2-minute subway ride. Easy peasy, isn't it?

Thanks to the efficient and frankly, seamless transportation systems available in the neighborhood, and of course, to our strategically located Madison Square apartments, you will get the easiest possible access to all of them. You can choose from the variety of public transport options that you just read about and reach anywhere around the city in no time. 

Some of the MTA buses frequently available near our Madison Square apartments include:

  • M4
  • M10
  • M16
  • M34
  • Q32 to Penn Station.

Some of the common public transport stations near our Madison Square apartments include:

  • 50th Street (A, C, E Line)
  • 50th Street
  • 8th Avenue
  • 49 Street (N, WR Line)   
  • West 50 Street Midtown
  • Wall Street
  • 3rd Avenue Gramercy Park
  • 86th West Street
  • East 92nd Street Upper East Side
  • East Houston Street East Village
  • West 48th Street

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