Manhattan Luxury Apartments

Manhattan Luxury Apartments

What makes Manhattan the absolute star of the Big Apple is the dynamic ambiance and the energy that flows through the entire borough. With neighborhoods like SoHo and Hudson Square, which are among the most expensive ones in the entire New York City, what better place to consider a luxurious stay? With our fine range of Manhattan luxury apartments spread across its best parts, you are up for a delightful living experience with us. After years of research that has gone into curating each of our fully-furnished accommodations around the world, take it for a fact that you will fall in love with our thoughtful abodes. 

Our Best Manhattan Luxury Apartments

With neighborhoods like Chelsea to provide us with as many high-end amenities as we like, Manhattan is the most potent borough to offer you luxury at its best. With access to swimming pools and in-house jacuzzis to exquisite interiors, finest qualities of linens and upholstery to kitchen appliances, thickest mattresses to luxury toiletries, expect the best of everything in our serviced apartments oozing with high-end vibes. From the decor of the living room to the leather of its couch, every little detail counts. 

Some of our most loved Manhattan luxury apartments include:

About Manhattan

One of the 5 massive boroughs of New York City, Manhattan is the most populous of them all. It is not only the entertainment center of the city but also one of the most popular ones across the world. It is surrounded by 3 very popular rivers while its streets are full of the bustle of tourists and locals alike. With some of the classiest restaurants mushroomed here to some business giants making it a neighborhood equally ideal for work, living in Manhattan is the best decision you could make on this trip. When living here, do go around to experience the Wall Street craze for stock exchange from up close. Business investors find Manhattan quite fascinating because of the same.

Why Should You Book Manhattan Luxury Apartments?

Living in Manhattan is like being surrounded by most NYC gems at once. From Rockefeller Center to Times Square, the Chrysler Building to UN Headquarters to even the absolute art goldmine Broadway Theatres, the borough is a star-studded affair. The advantage of being in the city center is exactly why you should consider Manhattan luxury apartments in New York City. 

Coming to why choose our perspective of luxury; it is because of the elaborate amenities that we offer in each of our state-of-the-art apartments. Living in the most elite of all residential areas, offering you endless additional facilities that bring us in comparison with 5-star and 7-star hotels. This is exactly the kind of luxury that we aim to provide but at affordable rates and hassle-free decisions. We will make sure that your expectations are not only met but surpassed. 

Facilities in Our Manhattan Luxury Apartments

From bathtubs to seamless Wi-Fi, queen size beds to an entire hotel-like dining area to welcome you with goodies, such are the facilities that come with our Manhattan luxury apartments. Everything right from getting up on the fluffiest mattresses ever to making espresso right after you wake up, from the luxury of an unmatched view of vibrant Manhattan to getting access to whichever attraction you name, the kind of facilities that we provide have been decided under a very holistic perspective. 

You can come back to a homely dinner with your group or your partner in our in-house dining made with the smoothest of wood. Our concierge and service team are always just a call away from you, for clearly any emergency or assistance. This is the level of security that we make our travelers feel. 

To list a few, some of our most comforting facilities include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony

Where Can You Find Our Manhattan Luxury Apartments?

All it takes is a sophisticated eye for aesthetics to squeeze out all possible destinations from the finest parts of New York. From star-studded West Village to the ever-popular Midtown, the high-end Chelsea to the fantastic Central Park South, the handpicked list of premium neighborhoods are each irresistible. From the unmatched location of the effortlessly gorgeous abodes to every precious piece of interior decor, each of our Manhattan luxury apartments will take you closest to experiencing the NYC bling. 

Our Manhattan luxury apartments can be found in the following posh neighborhoods of New York City:

  • Midtown - From penthouses to skyscrapers, suites to magnificent serviced apartments and aparthotels, Midtown is the hub of variety. If you wish to go all the way and find an abode that looks nothing less than a luxurious 5-star hotel, Midton allows you that variety.
  • Flatiron District - This is a fine option to immerse yourself in a living experience oozing luxury. From fine residential buildings to precious amenities, top-class location to a high-end outlook, our Manhattan luxury apartments here will sweep you off the floor. 
  • West Village - A mix of high-end vibe, art, trendy attractions, and a surprising flavor of bohemian culture, West Village is your one-stop neighborhood for all your moods. 
  • Central Park South - This is a neighborhood that attracts luxury real estate buyers from all across the world. If you need to know what makes it so demanded despite being so pricey, choose our Manhattan luxury apartments here and enjoy a sophisticated stay to know it yourself.
  • Chelsea - With a very famous market in its name, the popular High Line to review your evenings, residential vibe, and lots of restaurants like Toro, Chelsea is an apt neighborhood to go for. Look forward to trendy but expensive surroundings. 

Corporate Accommodation in Manhattan 

This beautiful part of Manhattan is a celebrated hub of creative business opportunities. With clusters of business giants in the design and architectural fields, our corporate accommodations in Manhattan are quite a boon for creative officials. If you are looking forward to a corporate trip to New York City, you have come to the right place. 

Our fully furnished accommodations make sure that you don't miss any comfort of your home. From clean wooden floors to spacious almirahs for organized luggage to feel like home, from pre-set toiletries to additional comforts of groceries; we aim to prep the apartment for you in a way that it doesn't feel unfamiliar. As far as traveling to and fro from the workplace is concerned, thanks to the prime locations chosen for each modern abode, you will never be farther than 15 minutes from the nearest public transport station.

Manhattan Luxury Apartments for Families

A long cozy dip in the bathtub with your partner or a Netflix all-nighter with the kids, what does your idea of a family vacation look like? Our Manhattan luxury apartments have taken into consideration every possible aspect of your staycation. With enough space for everyone in the large group tagging along to a dining table to help you sit together over dinner, such is the intensity of our intention to make it a perfect get together. From preparing homemade food in the home-like kitchen to dozing off on the couch, if you feel like, expect anything and everything from our luxurious abodes in the heart of Manhattan. 

If traveling around the city is what is bothering you, leave that to us. While our concierge team will always be available to guide you through cabs, maps, and theatre tickets, the fantastic locations of each of our family accommodation will help you reach the subway in a quick hop (quite literally). With all these parameters sorted already, we are all set to welcome you to NYC. 

Attractions Near Our Manhattan Luxury Apartments

The luxurious side of Manhattan is no different from the regular one. The crazy vibe high on energy every hour of the day runs quite the same throughout. However, what makes the borough so irresistible is the fact that it is not only that bling which the world knows it as. Head to some of the most historically significant attractions near our high-end abodes. From churches to a keeper of over a million artifacts from the past, stock exchange craze to an entire history of African Americans, such is the eclectic variety that layers and layers of Manhattan streets hide within. 

From Times Square to Trinity Church, nightlife to history, museums to whatnot, don't expect the areas around our chosen abodes to fall into a pattern. That is one thing that Manhattan will never allow. The good news is that with us taking you closer to its lesser-known legacy, you will be able to explore Manhattan in a whole new light. 

Some of the most loved attractions near our Manhattan luxury apartments include:

  • Times Square - Don't even think of missing out on the electrifying energy of this place. Head straight to this wonderful bright hub of shopping, food, and nightlife in Manhattan's heart. It is everything that a central attraction of any city should be. 
  • Alexander Hamilton US Custom House - This place alone is the bearer of thousands of years of the native American history. With over a million artifacts to celebrate, it is proud to be the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.
  • Schermerhorn Row - Once home to the oldest seafood spot, it is now the South Street Seaport Museum. The restaurant went as far back as the 1990s. Don’t forget to observe the glorious Georgian architecture in the red-brick buildings here.
  • Trinity Church - This historic landmark is a legacy that dates back to 1842. This brownstone church is the 3rd and the final one standing strong even today. From William Bradford to Hamilton and his wife, its cemetery holds the graves of some notable people from history. 
  • India House - Majestically sitting on the Hanover Square, this architectural marvel is known for being a proud center of NY Cotton Exchange, Hanover Bank, and more. It is also a maritime museum and a very active social club now with a restaurant in its basement.

Best Restaurants Near Our Manhattan Luxury Apartments

If there is a food paradise anywhere in New York City, Manhattan would be a very tough competitor. With our premium range of Manhattan luxury apartments plotted in the most exclusive neighborhoods of the borough, the restaurants will surely match up to your fine taste. Spot some very posh restaurants carefully curated around our abodes and enjoy the best vacation of your life. With French food being served in the perfect setting that overlooks Central Park to Italian restaurants as an extension to some celebrated chefs of the city and the world, Manhattan food scenes will take your trip top-notch. 

Some of the best restaurants near our Manhattan luxury apartments are: 

  • Daniel - A high-end French restaurant very particular about its outlook and its customers. You might as well have to wear formals to be here and be ready to feel like royalty because you sure will be paying like one. 
  • Marea - It is high-end, it is Italian, it is exquisite, and the food is delicious. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants and serves the most wonderful pasta. The oyster spread and the food presentation is particularly impressive.
  • Le Bernardin - If seafood is your bae and high-end restaurants are your thing then this French restaurant is the perfect combination of them both. The interiors and the taste here live up to Chef Eric Ripert's reputation. 
  • L'Artusi - All your Italian food fantasies can be satiated at this gorgeous restaurant on 10th Street. The elaborate wine collection to go with the wonderful food here is what particularly makes it so popular. 
  • The Modern - When in Manhattan, MoMa is not something that you can miss. Find this classic restaurant right near its garden and enjoy some new American and French delicacies amidst all the tourist bustle. 
  • The Nomad Restaurant - This elite and elegantly decorated French restaurant is everything that your taste buds and your Instagram would instantly fall in love with. With its gorgeous outdoor seating and comfort food, this is a must-try restaurant in Manhattan.
  • Keens Steakhouse - The lavish wooden floors and walls of this steakhouse are what make its vibe so irresistible. It is one of the top local favorites for its lip-smacking mutton chops and slow roasts.

The chef has surely mastered the steak craft well.

Transport Near Our Manhattan Luxury Apartments

First thing first, getting to our Manhattan luxury apartments from the airport is the easiest. It takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to reach most of our Manhattan abodes from JFK Airport. With over 10 million daily commuters, public transportation in NYC is worth celebrating for its seamless connectivity. With our accommodations located in the most cream locations of the city, traveling across the city is as smooth as butter.

Apart from the unbeatable popularity of buses and subways in Manhattan and New York City in general, there is a 3rd popular alternate. It is the ferry system. The Staten Island Ferry, with its landing in Lower Manhattan, is the busiest in the entire United States. Apart from record-breaking figures of commuters, it is fantastic to know that the ferry runs day and night. Without even an ounce of exaggeration, the ferries to and from Manhattan run 24x7.

Some of the common public transport stations near our apartments include:

  • 96th Street
  • 34th Street
  • Lexington Avenue 59 Street
  • West 50th St

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