Manhattan Studio Apartments

Manhattan Studio Apartments

All of us probably know already that Manhattan is quite expensive. While there are endless things to experience in this iconic NYC borough, it is also a fact that each of it will cost a bomb. If a 30-day long stay is something that you are considering for your upcoming trip, and it comes with a budget, there is no better recommendation than our Manhattan studio apartments. They are compact, convenient, cozy, and quite cool in their efficient setup. While it is the comfort that tops the game for our studio abodes, it cannot be ignored how affordable they are for a long stay in an expensive city like NYC. 

Our Best Manhattan Studio Apartments

From an elegant kitchenette to spacious bathrooms, classy American wood flooring to finest quality mattresses just for you, expect fine details from our exclusive Manhattan studio apartments. With exquisite interiors, a lot of space, and uncompromised facilities, we have managed to curate apartments that can be called home. While it can get quite expensive to find a place to stay that has all the advantages of a central location, we have managed to crack it with our decade of experience. Such are the details that have earned our apartment range the reputation that it deserves and allows us to call them our absolute best. 

Below are some of our most sophisticated Manhattan studio apartments which we proudly call our best:

About Manhattan

If there is a place where Big Apple’s heart lies, it is in this trendy borough of Manhattan. With the Times Square and its Broadway Theatres, the lavish skyscrapers, and the dynamic nightlife, Manhattan is the center of attraction and all the NYC action. With attractions like Koreatown and Central Park, the borough stands confidently to warmly welcome you and impress you with its variety. It is also known for its financial and commercial opportunities, which is why it is a fantastic choice to stay in for both leisure and business travelers. 

Why Should You Book Manhattan Studio Apartments?

With Central Park for the evenings and Times Square for the nights, Manhattan is a representative borough of the city. With most of our efforts that go into creating an accommodation that lets the traveler stay closest to all the bustle, you must experience Manhattan with us. Frankly, there is no other way to live among such a posh set of neighborhoods with a budget, and with such strategic locations right in the center. With an array of specialty restaurants, cafes, and street food to enjoy right around our Manhattan studio apartments, it is a complete stay that you are looking at. 

These compact abodes are all about comfort to manage accommodation in a new city and finding a place that feels as secure as a home. Our studio pads can be easily managed even on a business trip or an internship that occupies most of your day. With such hassle-free features that come with our abodes, I am sure you would be looking forward to a stay with us already.

Facilities in Our Manhattan Studio Apartments

A few parameters which decide a long term stay in a new city are; budget, comfort, and security. The least it makes you compromise with your lifestyle, the more chances it stands to closely replicate your home. Each facility in our Manhattan studio apartments collectively works towards the same.

 Is it your gym routine that you don't want to compromise with over a month in NYC, or you like your weekend swims way too much to skip; you always have the option to customize your amenities as per your tastes. With fluffy mattresses, microwave, elite interiors, minimal to vibrant interior options, and a lot of style, our apartments add to the class of Manhattan with every single facility. Even if anything goes wrong, our service team will always be a call away to assure you of our complete cooperation throughout your stay. 

To list a few, some of the most comforting facilities in our Manhattan studio apartments include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix membership
  • Balcony

Where Can You Find Our Manhattan Studio Apartments?

Manhattan is the hub of nightlife, nature, culture, food, clubs, and even shopping. In short, an ideal borough to consider in the heart of New York City. With so much to explore and experience here, living in some of its finest neighborhoods and closely observing the beautiful details of this part of the city is the best way to go about it. With our exclusive fully-furnished accommodations curated in the most popular and affordable parts of the area, your stay here already looks fantastic from where we can see it. 

Our Manhattan studio apartments can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Midtown - With a theatre district, Times Square, lots and lots of food and shopping, and a chill vibe in most parts of this neighborhood, it is a great option to stay in. With a secure vibe, you can trust Midtown with the most affordable Manhattan studio apartments and the most high-end as well. 
  • Flatiron District - It is the breathtaking architecture of this neighborhood that makes it quite a classy choice to stay in. Each apartment here comes with elegant and minimal interiors to suit the high-end taste. It is a great option for business trips because of their commercial advantage.
  • SoHo - How can one not talk about SoHo while discussing Manhattan in general? It is the ultimate center of art, trend, nightlife, and hip culture of Manhattan. Get a true taste of NYC in our Manhattan studio apartments in SoHo.
  • Washington Heights - An affordable neighborhood of Manhattan which has a plethora of ethnic food variety to explore. It is quite wonderful to live with the New Yorkers of this part of Manhattan to experience the community vibes of NYC. 

Corporate Accommodation in Manhattan 

Apart from the globally renowned Wall Street, Manhattan is the hub of the creative industries of New York City. If you are looking forward to a client meeting, an internship, or any business project in general, Manhattan is the ideal place to be in. With so much to enjoy, especially the hyperactive nightlife and fun vibe, living here would be a great experience on this trip. 

While we understand the difficulties that one might face while living alone, we are also confident that we have cracked all the amenities that are needed to ensure a perfect stay. Not just the ones that you know but also the ones you might not even know you needed. From exclusive minimal furnishings that don't waste your time looking for stuff in the new house to a fully-furnished kitchen for quick hassle-free meals. We have duly taken care of your work life with seamless Wi-Fi to your budgets, your good night’s sleep in our fine quality beds to quickest possible order-ins from nearby restaurants. It is a complete living experience to look forward to. 

Manhattan Studio Apartments for Families

Families love our studio apartments, especially couples. Our travelers are delighted how a tiny home lets you snuggle together in a new city, with a new vibe to get used to, and how cozy it feels altogether. Our cute kitchenette has everything that you might need during this stay. From the right utensils to the modern kitchen appliances including a microwave, your homemade meals are completely sorted at our accommodations for families. Thanks to the active areas and neighborhoods, you don't have to worry about finding something you might need. From all your daily essentials, emergency stoppages, shopping, restaurants to everything that you might need during your trip, or even in the middle of the night, you can count on our Manhattan studio apartments and their impeccable locations.

Attractions Near Our Manhattan Studio Apartments

This list of Manhattan favorites will be slightly different and surprising than most lists of NYC attractions that you might have come across. It is overwhelming to realize and explore that Manhattan is so much more than just the nightlife of Times Square and food that most of the travelers talk about. Not only has it managed to preserve some exquisite architectural beauties from the 18th-century but also managed to celebrate its rich past. From African American museums to Federal Hall, a view of the borough that might steal your heart to an entire celebration of being the global stock exchange giant that it is, you will be shocked to see how much beauty it hides within. 

Some of the most loved attractions near our Manhattan studio apartments include:

  • One World Center - Thanks to its whopping height of 1,776 feet, it boasts of being the tallest building in the entire W. Hemisphere. Isn't that marvelous? With a 90 feet mural to welcome you, this office building offers the most stunning view of the NYC skyline.
  • Times Square - No stay in Manhattan can be complete without visiting this breathtaking center of the action. With some of the most significant attractions of the city and restaurants clustered right here, it will keep you sorted for most nights.
  • Schermerhorn Row - If you are into architectural beauties and enjoy observing the last remains from the past, head here in Lower Manhattan to see the last 14 red-brick buildings. These are known to preserve the Georgian-Federal architecture amidst the rapidly changing Manhattan outlook. 
  • Federal Hall - Head to this gem in Lower Manhattan which is now a wonderful museum with a massive statue of Washington in bronze.
  • New York Stock Exchange - Notable for being the witness to most share exchanges than anywhere in the world, this is a must-visit place for share investors and business enthusiasts.  

Best Restaurants Near Our Manhattan Studio Apartments

With lip-smacking steakhouses serving delicious pork and slow roasts to Asian paradise of food, restaurants offering cozy outdoor settings to regal interiors worth Instagramming, Manhattan food culture is one step ahead from most cities in the world. With your studio apartments snuggled in its heart, it would be an absolute delight to hop from one restaurant to another and try as many varieties as you can. If you are staying with us for an extended vacation, you can thank us later for making you access the best food gems at such proximity to your chosen apartment. 

Some restaurants near our Manhattan studio apartments which top the charts of local favorites include:

  • Harry's Cafe and Steak - This is an iconic restaurant in the very popular India House on One Hanover Square. This brownstone beauty in all its charm has this delicious steakhouse in its basement. 
  • The Nomad Restaurant - This refined French restaurant is everything that your taste buds and your Instagram needs. With the most elegant interiors, outdoor seating, and delicious food, this is a must-visit restaurant.
  • Keens Steakhouse - The wooden interiors, the long royal table spread, the iconic mutton chops, and the endless variety of steaks is what you have to look out for to get impressed instantly. Its well-crafted steak recipes are a hit. 
  • Momofuku Ko - This is a paradise for an Asian food lover with an American taste. The combo of the two cuisines is commendable and on its way to becoming legendary. The place is tiny but the food is worth everything. 
  • Per Se - With a delicious view of your plate with finely decorated dishes to that of the Central Park right outside, this is a fantastic hotel both in terms of its lavish color-coordinated interiors and marvelous taste. 
  •  Le Bernardin - If seafood is your bae and high-end restaurants are your thing then this French restaurant is the perfect combination of them both. The interiors and the taste here live up to Chef Eric Ripert's reputation. 

Transport Near Our Manhattan Studio Apartments

An extensive network of buses and Subway under the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) guides the transportation in and around Manhattan. It is fast, cheap, and as efficient as it could be. As soon as you reach the city, the first thing to do is to buy a MetroCard. It is the easiest way to make cashless transactions for each ride within the city. The JFK airport is the nearest airport from each of our compact Manhattan studio apartments which can be reached in less than 45 minutes. The ferry is another extremely popular and aesthetic medium of travel in the borough, thanks to the multiple rivers surrounding it. With such an extensively built transportation built guiding you through the city, hopping from one part of the city to the other will be as convenient as it could get. 

Some of the common public transport stations near our apartments include:

  • 86th Street
  • 34 Street, Herald Square
  • Grand Central
  • 59th Street
  • 50th Street
  • 8th Avenue
  • 96th Street

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