Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

Manhattan is one of New York’s most populous and recognized boroughs, being the center of culture, business, finance and the arts. Offering so much to every likely NYC traveler, it’s not hard to see why so many choose to stay in this part of the city for business and leisure. For guests that might be coming here, our furnished apartments in Manhattan are the go-to source for comfort and convenience for short and long term stays in NYC. They can have everything they need to relax inside their living space whilst having the best of the city not too far from the front door.  

Our Best Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

Even in an NYC accommodation portfolio like ours, there are the gems that represent the very best that we offer. The furnished apartments that exude all the key features whilst possessing a special something that puts them right to the top. They are in all the prime locations of the city and offer the essential amenities that make the perfect stay possible. With their own splashes of character, they are the stylish abodes that anyone requires.

Some of the top furnished apartments in Manhattan are:

  • West 50th Street Midtown - 6D 
  • West 48th Street - 28P
  • West 48th Street - 37M
  • West 48th Street - 41C
  • 34th Street Furnished Apartment, Chelsea
  • East 52nd Street
  • Bridge Tower Place Furnished Accommodation
  • West 38th Street Apartment
  • Ivy Tower
  • West 51st Street Suite
  • The Tate Furnished Apartment
  • West 24th Street #7N

Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

We pride ourselves on delivering accommodation that is fully furnished and has everything that the modern corporate and leisure traveler desires for their stay. They will enter their apartment and find that their bespoke apartment has the sleek interior they dream of, as well as all the essential furnishings that make a house a home. The fully equipped kitchen is here to provide easy access to healthy living and homemade meals (ideal for groups and families), the flat screen TV and cable bring US entertainment straight to the living room, the bedrooms make the perfect night’s sleep possible thanks to cozy linen, the potential balcony gives excellent views of the city that go well with a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and the extra features like a gym, sauna, business center and other amenities make our accommodation exceptional. Guests should be aware that gyms, saunas etc are no guarantee and depend on the residence, length of stay and package that’s booked.

Types of Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

There are a variety of options available for guests when they choose our furnished apartments in Manhattan. Regardless of how many people will be staying in our apartments, we can cater to everyone. Solo travelers, groups of friends, families and project teams will be more than happy with the apartment types that we have.

These are the types of furnished apartments that we have in Manhattan:

  • Studio - Compact living spaces, they are the chosen form of accommodation for solo travelers and couples that want everything in easy reach. Some may even come with a balcony, which is perfect for the morning coffee or to see the romantic sunset.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - The next step up are these apartments. They are great for romantic getaways for couples and lonely travelers that want a spacious place all to themselves.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - For small groups and families, these are the go-to choice for space and amenities suitable for all. Everyone will have their own space to enjoy while the family and group can come together in the evening with the dining area or sit around the TV and watch the best of US entertainment.

Where Can You Find Our Furnished Apartments in Manhattan?

Manhattan, and New York in general, are huge, with a variety of districts that make up the city. Each one has its own characteristics and vibe that will suit different travelers. From corporate districts to artsy neighborhoods, trendy areas, posh and affluent districts and cultural hotspots, there is an area for everyone regardless of why they’re in Manhattan.

Our furnished apartments in Manhattan can be found in the following areas:

  • Chelsea - Manhattan’s trendiest district, guests can expect a horde of art galleries and markets to dominate the proceedings and to have ample access to the Empire State Building. 
  • Upper East Side - Home to some of the wealthiest residents in New York, this is the spot to go for apartments that are as upscale as the neighborhood itself. Fine dining options will be found around here too. Attractions in short distance will include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Neue Galerie New York, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
  • Upper West Side - Another one of the affluent neighborhoods of NYC, apartments and the area itself will be luxurious and there will be ample access to other parts of the city. The American Museum of Natural History is here as is Central Park.
  • Financial District - For corporate stays, this is the most convenient neighborhood to book as Wall Street is right there as are other corporate headquarters. 
  • Midtown - Full of all the key attractions including Times Square, Broadway, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Plaza, this is a leisure traveler’s paradise to stay in.
  • West Village - Full of designer boutique stores, trendy restaurants and quaint streets, this is a pleasurable neighborhood to call home with so much to offer and easy access to the essential parts of the city.

Attractions Near Our Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

Manhattan has an army of landmarks and sights that make the city of New York so popular. All the attractions that fill the travel guides and New York blogs can be found in this one borough. Icons, pillars of culture and remarkable feats of innovation and imagination fill the streets at every corner. When guests are ready to venture out of their furnished apartments or corporate travelers want a break from their hectic schedule, they’ll find that there’s much to explore. 

Some of the attractions near our furnished apartments in Manhattan include the ones below:

  • Statue of Liberty - Arguably one of the most iconic attractions in NYC, this is not only just the landmark that defines the city but it defines the whole of the USA. Guests can take a snap from the boat as they approach Liberty Island, and then they can take another as they get up close to it. Afterward, they can go to the gift shop and buy their own mini Statue of Liberty that they can take home with them.
  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum - Next door to the Statue of Liberty (well, on the next stop along on the boat), this gives a detailed look at how people from around the world have been calling the US home for decades, the contributions they have brought with them and the policies (good and bad) that have been levied. A very honest account, this is a heartwarming and spirited attraction.
  • Chelsea Market - Full of wholesome treats and stalls that sell unique items, guests will love coming here to see what the market has to offer and to pick up tasty street foods that will add their own punch to the proceedings.
  • Empire State Building - Another one of the major attractions in the city, the views from the top are beyond exceptional and will leave any visitor dazed and amazed. Long term couples can be seen proposing here and everyone will have their phones out taking different angles of the view below them.
  • Central Park - The largest green space in the city, morning joggers are always here as are dog walkers and those needing a breath of fresh air and tranquility from the noise of the traffic. With the zoo found within the expanse, Strawberry Fields, horse carriage rides and Victoria Gardens Amusement Park, there is much within the park to enjoy apart from the usual walking around.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - One of the largest art galleries in the world, The Met has a wide collection of artworks from European and American masters as well as extensive holdings of African, Asian, Oceanian, Byzantine, and Islamic art. 
  • American Museum of Natural History - Journeying through time is always fun, and this museum makes it even more so. Dinosaurs, ancient beasts, tribal collections and the wonders of space can all be experienced here. This is one attraction that no one should leave off their list.
  • Times Square - Always crowded with tourists taking pictures of the hectic atmosphere, this is another of the go-to places that complete any New York experience. With shops and restaurants all around the area, there’s more than just the wild noise for visitors to enjoy.
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - The USS Intrepid (an aircraft carrier), USS Growler (a submarine) and the Space Shuttle Enterprise are all here to be explored. An unforgettable way to spend the day, this attraction comes highly recommended.
  • Broadway Theater District - Whether it’s a bright and shiny musical full of good vibes or a hard-hitting drama that analyses the complexities of the human soul, the theaters on Broadway have much to offer those that need such entertainment. 

Restaurants Near Our Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

As New York is one of the major cities that the whole of the world economy rests on, it only makes sense that it has global cuisines too. Thankfully, it has a wide array of restaurants that will test and complement all taste buds. From Italian finesse to French delicacies, American hits, Chinese noodle dishes and so much more, Manhattan boasts many great restaurants that are modern, hip and luxurious. So when our guests want a change from their fully equipped kitchen, they can head to the best restaurants in Manhattan. Plus, because we know how important eating out is, our furnished apartments are very far from the big hits which means guests can hop on the subway for one or two stops, or they can just take a short walk. Eating out hasn’t been more simple.

The restaurants near our furnished apartments in Manhattan are:

  • Le Coucou - Chandeliers sparkle along the length of the ceiling, a gorgeous bar sits waiting for attention and French food wafts through the whole establishment. Guests can indulge in beurre blanc, sweetbreads with tarragon, or filet de boeuf with bone marrow.
  • Roberta's - Those that love pizza will find the slices here immense. In fact, it’s the pizza that cemented this establishment’s reputation in the first place. All guests need to do is turn up, order their favorite one and tuck in straight away. 
  • Buvette - A Parisian delight, customers are encouraged to go for gigot d'agneau or one of the croque monsieurs, and tarte tatin. The wine here is great to swill it all down with.
  • The Four Horsemen - A cool and popular establishment, some of the best foods here include the likes of fried squash blossom, yellow wax beans, Montauk bluefish with chervil, and Rainier cherry sorbet.
  • Wildair - As the name suggests, it does get wild in here. But customers are encouraged to embrace all of this as they get to indulge in some of the best food in the city that even has professional chess gushing over. 
  • Polo Bar - Steaks and burgers are all here for the taking in this restaurant that is plastered with paintings of famous horses and saddle-leather banquettes, plaid pillows, and stained pine. 

Corporate Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

We know what corporate travelers need from their accommodation. They want somewhere that is suitable to relax in whilst also being suitable to work from when they don’t want to go into the office. And given how comfortable our Manhattan furnished apartments are, the office will not be tempting in the slightest when corporate travellers can simply curl up on the sofa with a blanket and do all their calls and stuff in true comfort. Aside from that, they can make their food when they get home, watch the TV and live just as they would at home. If anything, our furnished apartments make corporate travel super easy for all.

Furnished Apartments in Manhattan for Leisure Travelers

When it comes to leisure, our furnished apartments are fully equipped to make all relaxing adventures in the city one to remember. However our guests may live back at home, they can do the same here. They can enter their apartment and prepare an evening meal, stream content using the Wi-Fi, watch the latest sports games, chill with a glass of wine as they look out over their balcony and jump into bed for a good night’s sleep. Plus, given their central location, leisure travelers can access all the big attractions with ease without having to cram onto the subway in rush hour.

Transport Near Our Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

If there’s one thing that New York is known for, it’s the cramped New York subway stations and carriages during rush hour. Those that want to be sardines can easily find out how it feels. But transport, regardless of how annoying it may be at times, is essential for guests to get around their destination. We recognize this, which is why our portfolio features accommodation options that are close to the New York subway stations and train stations so that guests can easily get to the office or get to the parks, galleries, museums, restaurants and other attractions.

Our furnished apartments in Manhattan are close to the following train and subway stations:

  • Lexington Av-63 Street Subway Station
  • 72 Street Subway Station
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 28 Street
  • Times Sq-42 St
  • Pennsylvania Station
  • Prince St Station
  • 50 Street Subway Station
  • 23 Street
  • 14 Street Station
  • 77 Street Station
  • 96 Street Station

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