Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side

Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side

From being the Silk Stocking District to Upper East Side or UES, the posh neighborhood of Manhattan has come a long way. While most know and some don't, UES has been featured in a plethora of films and TV shows like The Great Gatsby and Sex and the City. A lot of politicians and celebrities call this high-end neighborhood their home. 

With an array of museums, restaurants, history and quite aesthetic appeal that the neighborhood comes with, our fully-equipped apartments have been settled in the finest parts here. Considering how people from around the world are choosing this comforting area over some of the most popular neighborhoods, our accommodations have been responsibly designed to even surpass those high expectations. 

Our Best Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side

Our team has gone the extra mile to do justice to the beauty that the Upper East Side beholds. With the brownstones and leafy trees paving the residential ways, everything had to be top-notch. From the most stunning views from the living room to the most elegant upholstery, the most popular apartment building access to the most extensively researched interiors. Each room has gone through multiple stages of refinement to achieve the desired level of sophistication to suit your excellent taste. Now that these accommodations have managed to win hearts across the world, our team takes pride in offering the best in the industry for your most awaited trip to New York City.

To match your taste and expectations from us and the neighborhood, check out our most admired catalog of furnished apartments in Upper East Side below:

Why Should You Book Our Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side?

The Upper East Side has the biggest advantage of keeping you closest to all the Manhattan fun. With Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, and Madison Avenue being a part of the larger neighborhood; attractions like the Museum Mile and Bethesda Fountain adding to its beauty, the Upper East Side offers the most wholesome living experiences in NYC. 

While the surrounding area sounds perfect already, our accommodations planned for you right in its heart ensure nothing less but slightly more than a warm cozy home to come back to. While the list of amenities is luxurious in all senses, the vibe that each abode provides is welcoming. The stylish urban pads are fully-equipped, gorgeously decorated, warmly maintained, and with all the tempting features they await to comfort you.

Types of Apartments Available in Upper East Side

Thanks to its variety, the Upper East Side facilitates a whole range of serviced accommodations ranging from Studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, high-rise apartments, and several others.

All our abodes come in three different budget scales ranging from Standard to Executive and then comes Deluxe. The amenities keep getting luxurious as you move up the scale. Say, a standard apartment would come with a shower, the executive might have a bathtub while the deluxe can even have a jacuzzi. After deciding your budgets and requirements you can always check for the minimum days for which the chosen rental accommodation can be booked for.  

Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side

Our apartments have earned a lot of love and admiration from a lot of travelers from several nationalities. No matter how diverse our customer base is, everything ultimately boils down to comfort as the topmost priority. Each part of the serviced apartment is laden with the smallest possible efforts to ease the process of adjusting to the new city in the shortest possible time. From spacious almirahs and bedside tables in the sunlit master bedrooms to attached bathrooms with hotel-like amenities, we have a complete experience designed for you. Your cleaning and laundry will be taken care of by our team and the kitchen will be ready to use from the moment you enter. From breakfast pancakes to cakes in the oven, popcorns to accompany your Netflix show to re-heating your pizza, every little comfort has been taken care of. 

The elevated set of top-notch amenities clubbed for you in your potential furnished apartment in Upper East Side include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Corporate Accommodation in Upper East Side NYC 

If there is one thing that startles business travelers booking accommodation with us for the Upper East Side, it is the transparency of cost. Since the neighborhood shares proximity with some of the poshest Manhattan neighborhoods, people often assume it to be highly expensive. Thanks to our team that manages to find the most accessible area in every borough and curates each apartment in a way that squeezes in even tighter budgets without costing a bomb. All this is done without compromising on the work needs, in-house meetings, travel time, entertainment, and most importantly hot morning pancakes. You can surely expect a similar or even better experience with us on the Upper East Side.

Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side For Families

When living in an apartment in a new city with family, the concerns of security are most alarming. Considering this concern of most of the travelers, security has been our top priority. Each of our modern abode has been curated in the safest residential neighborhood areas, and the Upper East Side is no exception. Apart from that, most of our apartments come with complete CCTV surveillance and even a video door camera for added security. After that comes our second priority from the top, which is food. Our fully-equipped kitchens are well stocked with groceries, dry ingredients, cooking appliances and more. This not only ensures hygiene for kids but also helps you cut down on unnecessary dependence on unhealthy order-ins. With such a holistic outlook for your stay with us, we make sure that your trip to NYC is as comforting as it can be. 

Best Attractions Near Our Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side

Upper East Side is one of those Manhattan neighborhoods which is mostly chosen by the admirers of art. Travelers who are traveling solo or groups which share the same profession or interest pick the highly informative experience of this neighborhood. From the elaborate Museum Mile to Gracie Mansion, the highly popular Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to Frick Museum, our furnished apartments in the Upper East Side brush with most of these museums loved by tourists and locals alike. 

Hop from one museum to another in this gem of a neighborhood. Give a quick scan to our list below of iconic museums of Manhattan, based around our furnished apartments in Upper East Side:

  • Museum Mile - What can be better than a place where you could see 10 museums together at once? Observe the most fascinating artifacts and exhibits. If you are visiting anywhere around June 2nd, don't miss the Museum Mile Fest at any cost!
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - One of the most visited attractions of the entire borough, it is most popular because of its globally acclaimed architecture by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright. The art collection and antique archives are excellent.
  • Carl Schurz Park - With playgrounds, fountains, river vistas, and most importantly, wheelchair accessibility, this park enjoys a direct view of the wonderful waterfront of the serene East River. Unlike other big parks, this is fairly less crowded.
  • Frick Museum - If you particularly incline towards European arts and artists, this popular museum named after Frick Henry is an excellent choice to go through. Their outdoor garden is great for your Instagram.
  • Bethesda Fountain - This representative icon of NYC brushes with multiple neighborhoods, the Upper East Side is one of those. It is one of the tallest fountains in the city and is a star attraction of Central Park. Enjoy a read or watch birds around this lovely attraction. 
  • Park Avenue Armory -  The incredible venue hosts visual and performing arts. One of the oldest NYC structures, the armory is loaded with history and antique beauty inside out. The staff here is gracious and the entire energy is nothing less than magical. 
  • Gracie Mansion - Whenever looking for a quieter attraction to observe and unwind, this is a historic site to consider. Mayor’s house is set in an old colonial building with several antique embellishments. Do take its tour if you can.
  • Sotheby's - If you are into buying expensive arts, this is your go-to place to do some art investments. Artworks of some of the finest present-gen artists are displayed here and also auctioned. Their terrace cafe will make even the window shopping worth it. 
  • Bloomingdale's - If you are a die-hard Friends (TV show) fan, you would love to see where Rachel used to work in the show. Enjoy an elegant NY apparel collection in this iconic brand showroom. 
  • Neue Galerie - If you wish to explore the incredible works of legendary artists and designers straight from Austria and Germany, this specialty museum is a great option to consider.

Best Restaurants Near Our Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side

From the most breathtaking antique decor embellished with chandeliers to the simplest restaurants serving the evergreen delicacies like authentic Pastrami, UES presents a fine balance of affordable and upscale eateries. While our furnished apartments in Upper East Side offer the most elaborate and finely equipped kitchen, the gems reachable within a radius of 5 kilometers from your doorstep allow you to savor the real flavors of Manhattan, New York. 

From high-tea to luxe dining, skim through our top 10 picks of restaurants below which are spread around our furnished apartments in Upper East Side: 

  • II Divo - From antique white furniture to exquisite sparkling chandeliers, this plush restaurant is everything that you would expect from the UES and its luxurious reputation. The Italian menu is a hit here. 
  • Sfoglia - When looking for the finest seasonal menus served by chefs who know what they are best at, go for Sfoglia for its intimate setting which is both Pinterest-worthy and romantic. 
  • UVA - If the most antique restaurant decor wins your heart before the food, this is a unique gem to behold. The charming range of antiques complements the excellent Italian taste. 
  • The Penrose - Whenever craving affordable cocktails in the Upper East Side, come here to taste the not so fancy side of the urban neighborhood. Sundays are all about classic live jazz. 
  • Two Little Red Hens - Sweet tooth or not, this cheesecake paradise is what you would want to go to after almost every meal in the Upper East Side. Their fruit pies and seasonal pumpkin dessert menu is everything!
  • Sushi Noz - Charming Chef Nozomu Abe has kept the restaurant adorned with ancient highlights. From the 200-year old wood counter for his special sushi to ceramics that date back to centuries, this expensive restaurant does justice to its price. 
  • Naruto - If you think you will get bored of all the fancy dining, this Ramen shop is the break that you would need. From chicken curry to sweet corn and pork, the menu here is affordable and fulfilling. 
  • Pastrami Queen - While most restaurant lists of the neighborhood will be loaded with upscale restaurants, ours is an exception. Enjoy the classic corned beef and pastrami sandwich of this locally lived gem which must not be missed.
  • Up Thai - Enjoy a hearty Thai meal in this cozy restaurant that serves the finest coconut flavor which will take you back to your Thailand trip. The Panang Curry is delicious and a must-have here. 
  • Quality Eats - If you want to savor the taste of what locals love here, head for a hardcore non-vegetarian meal. Its innovative menu showcases the most innovative desserts and the most delicious meats. Most dishes hover under the $30 bracket.

Transport Near Our Furnished Apartments in Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is one of those Manhattan neighborhoods that enjoy a central position in the city. We have a separate team responsible for researching for the most secure localities which fall nearest to the prominent modes of transportation available in the city. Buses, subway, and trains are the three major travel modes preferred by travelers to move within Manhattan and around the city. New York JFK Airport is 13 miles away from the neighborhood. 

The major bus routes that cross this fine neighborhood include: 

  • The M1 Bus Line
  • The M15 Bus Line
  • The M66 Bus Line

You can easily reach any of our furnished apartments in Upper East Side from anywhere in the city from the following subway and train stations:

  • Lexington Avenue/59th St
  • Lexington Avenue/86th St
  • 68th St
  • 72nd St
  • 4 Train
  • Q Train at 86th St
  • From at Lexington Ave & 63rd
  • 96th St

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