West Village Furnished Apartments

West Village Furnished Apartments

Not everyone wants to stay in the loudest parts of NYC, nor do they want to stay in corporate headquarters that are brimming with sleek Wall Street types. Some want to mix business and leisure, or simply just have leisure. And when either of those options become the case, they head for our West Village furnished apartments. The area itself is sleek and uniquely modern, with a hipster vibe that wafts from restaurants to galleries and even the boisterous nightlife. It’s no wonder that West Village has become a great place for a good time. When it comes to our apartments, they are uniquely furnished so the stylish and exuberant spaces that travelers want are ready to be moved in and the second home feeling is more than evident.

Our Best West Village Furnished Apartments

Naturally, there are always going to be the cream of the crop. While every last one of our apartments is a testament to the values that we hold dear, there are always going to be those few that hit the stratosphere and go beyond the norm. The top apartments have that special spark about them, that extra dash of sleek and style that might not be so readily apparent in others. Interior designs that have a colorful streak, extra amenities that add the first-class touch; there’s a reason why the best is called the best.

Some of our top West Village furnished apartments include the ones below:

Facilities in Our West Village Furnished Apartments

Giving our guests the perfect stay is what we do. To achieve this, our furnished apartments must exude the very best features and amenities, whilst representing our pivotal values. That’s why they have all the necessary essentials that our guests will find in their own home, and maybe a few other surprises too. An apartment can’t function as the top form of accommodation without having the key attributes that most guests desire on a daily basis. So, to make all stays with us unique and wholesome, our furnished apartments in West Village include a fully equipped kitchen to ensure all solo travelers and groups can cook at their own leisure without resorting to expensive restaurants, a flat screen TV and cable for evening entertainment, a cozy living area to relax, bedrooms with high quality linens for a good night sleep, free Wi-Fi to connect and work from home if needs be, and so much more.

Then there are the additional amenities that add a touch of class to the proceedings. These include the likes of a gym, spa and sauna for those that want to work out or chill in a new way. Not all apartments or buildings will come with such things but they can be there for those that have long term bookings or are in a building that has such things available.

Types of West Village Furnished Apartments

Not every stay is the same, and our collection recognizes that. With a wide array of furnished apartments to choose from, groups and solo travelers will have enough choice to make the perfect stay more than attainable. They can choose to have all the space that they want, or cut down on space for a grand location. Whatever our guests need and desire, our award-winning collection of apartments can more than accommodate. 

These are the types of West Village furnished apartments that will be available for 

  • Studio - Couples and solo travelers will find these apartments to be indispensable. They have all the amenities and features that they require and still have the open-plan space that people love about booking studios.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - Next are these types of apartments. They have all the features of the studios but not so much the open-plan feel. Those that want a more contained feel will find these to be in their range.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - Friends and small families will want to book these apartments so they can utilize that extra bedroom and space. The features and amenities are included for smaller groups so everyone can help out in the kitchen and have their own space when they want to be on their own.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - Whether it’s a family, a project team or a group of friends wanting to experience the best of the Big Apple, these apartments are built for such groups that adore spaciousness, being together when it matters most and being apart when they want some added privacy.

Attractions Near Our West Village Furnished Apartments

West Village may not be home to the Empire State Building or Central Park but it does have its own array of attractions close by that can more than create a few memorable experiences. While guests can catch the subway of the grandest sights overall, there is still much to see on their own doorstep and vicinity. Galleries run amok as do parks and remarkable pieces of sublime architecture. In short, there’s still plenty to see here, even if it may not seem it at times. Plus, our West Village furnished apartments aren’t very far from the top sights so it won’t take long for our guests to entertain themselves in the Big Apple.

Our West Village furnished apartments are near the following major attractions:

  • Washington Square Park - For those wanting a quieter experience than the loud bustle of Central Park, then this is one of the many other green spaces to attend. It may be familiar for those that read the novels of Henry James, but it is still a place to chill and relax when long days have taken their toll.
  • Whitney Museum of American Art - Featuring over 25,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, films, videos, and so many other treasures that will blow all minds away, this gallery/museum is a must-see for everyone that loves a bit of artsy fun.
  • Chelsea Market - From foodie treats that will hit the soul to shops that show off unique gifts and other such precious delights, this is another one of the top attractions to see in West Village.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - With hordes of Tibet, Bhutan and other Asian exhibits, this unique gallery has a collection that boasts so much more than the average gallery. It rightly has a special place in the artsy world of NYC and shouldn’t be missed at any cost.
  • Broadway Theater District - With shows taking place throughout the year, with some long riders and limited showings, seeing the best of Broadway will be very expensive but so worthwhile. Comedies, dramas and musicals will take up the listings so every emotion can be tickled.
  • Flatiron Building - A spectacular piece of architecture, the top part, and the exquisite shape are what make it the eye-popping attraction that it is. One for everyone’s gallery on social media, it may not rival the Empire State Building but it deserves a bit more love than what it gets.
  • The High Line - This 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park may well be one of the underappreciated attractions of NYC compared to some of the others, but it is still worth a visit for those that love a good view and want to see everything that the city has to offer. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is still worth a look.

Restaurants Near Our West Village Furnished Apartments

Eating out in West Village is always a treat, just like in any neighborhood in New York. There’s always a global vibe and a unique feel that the expansive cuisines represent the incisive atmosphere of the city. While there are many scrumptious dishes to tuck into, there are going to be places that will be within budget and some that will not. Also, vegetarians and vegans will be able to find options that suit their tastes as most restaurants will have a few things that cater to their greener sensibilities. Plus, our furnished apartments are fairly near to the top eating spots so it isn’t far to walk if guests have a last-minute change of heart to home-cooking. 

Our West Village furnished apartments can be found near the following selection of New York restaurants:

  • I Sodi - Those looking for the best Italian food in West Village have an entire negroni menu and traditional foods to indulge in here. All guests need to do is bring a friend or family member along for the ride. Nothing is better than sharing Italian food with those that love it just as much.
  • 4 Charles Prime Rib - Big hunks of prime rib, scrumptious burgers, and fries complement the American menu of this supreme eatery. Not to be missed at all, there is so much that’s waiting to fill up exhausted travelers and their empty stomachs.  
  • Sushi Katsuei - Anyone looking for good fish, firefly squid, ocean trout, and toro a will be more than happy with what this joint offers. With the delights of the sea waiting to be indulged, it’s no wonder that this spot is so popular with seafood lovers. 
  • Via Carota - Fine pastas and all the other favorite Italian recipes are here for those that want a good slice of the best grub around. Not to be indulged in solely, this is where meetings and gatherings should be held so everyone can tuck into the scrumptious food together and talk about their long day.
  • Llama San - One of the very few Nikkei restaurants in the Big Apple, there’s so much to enjoy here including duck nigiri, lobster with beef heart, and hamachi tiradito with uni and matcha foam. A Japanese-influenced Peruvian establishment, this exquisite place is not to be missed under any circumstances. 
  • L’Artusi - A very particular favorite of the locals, this fine establishment serves a wide array of more Italian foods that will leave everyone wanting to come here again and again, just like the locals do. Absolutely delicious and fantastic. Best to bring a few acquaintances along for the enjoyment.
  • Anton’s - If martinis and broiled oysters sound good to some, then this is a fine spot in the evening. Clientele can sit in a candlelit room with oil paintings and wood-paneled walls and experience for themselves a key favorite of the New York dining experience. 
  • Emily - Thin, crispy pizzas and thick, cheesy Detroit-style pies are what make this joint one of the top places to enjoy American style food. Tasteful portions create the ideal experience for those that want to end their day with something mouth-wateringly scrumptious. 
  • Rahi - With dishes that include prawn curry with uni butter, housemade paneer with guava compote, and duck over a mildly sweet green curry, every fan of the Indian subcontinent will find this establishment to be the ideal place for setting a few taste buds on fire.

Corporate West Village Furnished Apartments

Business travelers that want somewhere with a bit more character and a bit of flash after a long day in a drab corporate office will want to book our West Village furnished apartments. Not only are they ideally furnished with free Wi-Fi to make working from home sublime, but they also have a light atmosphere that can brighten up any exhaustive day or week of meetings and failed pitches. Situated near the nightlife and calmer aspects of the city, the business world can be given an added shot in the arm when corporate guests book these apartments.

West Village Furnished Apartments for Leisure

If the business world can be upgraded, then leisure adventures can be too. For leisure travelers, they want to be close to everything and have a space to return to that echoes the best parts of their home far away. Thankfully, our apartments do exactly that so that guests looking to explore the Big Apple can do so from one of the top neighborhoods and wine and dine whenever they wish, and have a home to return to that welcomes them with open arms. Families and groups of friends will find our West Village furnished apartments to be completely indispensable when it comes to enjoying the perfect stay in New York.

Transport Near Our West Village Furnished Apartments

The New York Subway, despite its mixed reputation from locals and tourists alike, is the essential tool to make all stays in the city easy and efficient. Yes, the rush hour is not fun, and neither is being crushed against a stranger. But, getting from A to B has never been quicker and is easier than calling a taxi. Given how pivotal the subway is to short and long term stays in the city, we’ve done our best to situate our apartments next to the key stations in West Village for added convenience.

Our West Village furnished apartments can be found near the following stations:

  • Christopher St - Sheridan Sq
  • Christopher St/Waverly Pl
  • 7 Avenue 
  • W 4 St 
  • Christopher Street 
  • Av of the Americas
  • 14 Street

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