Midtown Apartments in NYC

Midtown Apartments in NYC

Midtown is the ultimate star district of the Manhattan borough of the iconic city of New York. With Times Square and Broadway Theatres embellishing Manhattan’s tourism, it is Midtown alone that is the residential cluster of the city. Since the area enjoys such undeniable popularity and an obvious dominance over other parts of the city, we have made sure to treat you with plenty of options to consider. With a highly impressive portfolio of our cautiously curated Midtown apartments in NYC, we have given utmost importance to keeping you closest to the endless attractions to see here. Apart from the central locations, it is the premium quality of furnishings, a minutely detailed set of amenities, and a rare combination of a home and a hotel in a city like NYC that makes us stand out. 

Our Best Midtown Apartments in NYC

From exquisite oak floors to the most lavish bedrooms, sunlit living rooms to an extremely elaborate kitchen setup, our Midtown accommodations have made use of the opportunities of the rich area to its full potential. Not only is each apartment well placed considering its convenience to travel to nearby attractions but also well furnished to make it stand out. To be the best in your books, each of our urban pads competes to be worthy of serving you for your upcoming NYC trip, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Below are some of our hand-picked exclusive Midtown apartments in NYC:

Why Should You Book Midtown Apartments in NYC?

What makes Midtown such a preferable district of Manhattan is its clear passage to all kinds of experiences. From Lexington and 5th Avenue for a high-end evening to endless parks overlooking a waterfront, the moods and the tastes that it collectively caters to is unbelievable. Not to forget, the upscale shopping area is at a walking distance from most of our Midtown apartments in NYC while there is never going to be a lack of variety of food. Tons of restaurants are already flooding Manhattan and the numbers are not going down any time soon. 

What we specialize in offering as housing experts is the ambiance; from the balcony of every house overlooking the stunning skyscrapers, parks, or the soothing leafy streets to intriguing architecture and lots of specialty restaurants to look forward to. If this diversity of experiences and luxury excite you then you will most definitely love our urban pads here. We hope now you have all the reasons to help us host you with all our hearts. 

Facilities in Our Midtown Apartments in NYC

From Wi-Fi routers in every room to Bluetooth speakers making your in-house party scenes even more happening, from little things like premium wine glasses to bigger amenities like a fully-stocked kitchen, our Midtown apartments have everything to offer. After a few days of living in a new place and a new city, we often start missing those little cozy nooks of our home or our rituals of enjoying a morning cup of coffee on the balcony or reading the newspaper on the dining table. Such are the experiences that cannot be relieved in hotels, no matter how luxurious they are. To save you from missing your home on a long business trip or family trip, we have brought to you a perfect bunch of all those things that you usually miss on a staycation. 

Our amenities range from CCTV to dining table, the 24x7 concierge desk availability to the most vibrant interiors. With facilities like the fluffiest mattresses, modern kitchen appliances, dishwasher, washing machine, bathtub, free Wi-Fi, balcony, and whatnot, our Midtown abodes stand out to your rescue all year long. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our Midtown apartments in NYC stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony

Corporate Midtown Apartments in NYC

Believe it or not, Midtown is not only a commercial giant but a very celebrated financial, media, and entertainment center across the country. Hosting a majority of the city’s most corporate hubs, headquarters, and the tallest of all skyscrapers, the area is laden with endless business opportunities. When there is already so much to explore the potential of, it would be extremely unfair to keep you away from any of it. Therefore, we have chosen the accommodations for you which are a binding center to most of these corporate clusters. With bus, taxi, and Subway just a hop away, you are never getting late for office with us. Nonetheless, you will always have a cozy space to get back to, snuggle in warmly, and call your home.

Midtown Apartments in NYC for Families

Ample of restaurants around, parks to play with kids, museums plus galleries to peep into the world of history and art, and attractions like Times Square to hit it all off by midnight, isn't this the perfect mix for a family stay? Our Midtown apartments in NYC have been placed closest to all these fun things to experience. Whether you are coming over with your partner, with little munchkins, geeky teenagers, or even parents and in-laws, there is something for all to experience. 

As far as the interiors of the serviced apartments are concerned, one thing we assure you is enough space for everyone's privacy. From teenagers who want a Friends marathon on TV and popcorn on the side table to partners wanting a cozy nook with a dining table for 2, your mother wanting a lavish bathtub to herself with premium wine to anyone just wanting to sleep for hours, expect all kinds of familial comforts with TheSqua.re.

Best Attractions Near Our Midtown Apartments in NYC

Out of all the attractions that you have read for New York, chances are that a good 70% of them sit in Midtown itself. With historic sites like the Empire State Building, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center and so many more embellishing the district, expect a lavish and quite an extended itinerary from Midtown already. However, you don't need to worry about going through them all before it is time to leave because the central locations of each of our state-of-the-art serviced apartments ensure to keep your trip well-timed. From our concierge team to our comfortable homes, chances of anything going wrong are extremely bleak. 

Below are some of the best attractions near our Midtown apartments in NYC:

  • Empire State Building - This 102-story state-of-the-art skyscraper is an integral building laced in Midtown. Its indoor and outdoor observation deck on the 86th floor gives an extraordinary view of “the city that never sleeps”. Home to incredible exhibits, the Empire State Building also houses top-notch shopping brands and restaurants. 
  • Times Square - This is a major commercial intersection, tourist destination, and cultural hub of the city. Embellished with bright lights, flashing billboards & gigantic skyscrapers, this “Centre of the Universe” is a vibrant and the most sought after attraction for tourists all across the globe.
  • Rockefeller Center -  This famous art deco complex is composed of 19 grand buildings. A pinnacle of artwork and architecture, Rockefeller Centre is a national historic landmark in Midtown. Whether it’s skating at the Rink or observing the Christmas tree lighting, enjoy a day at the Centre with friends and family.
  • New York Public Library - Marvel at the library’s extensive collection of more than 10,000,000 books and manuscripts. Feel at peace amidst the thousands of years of history. The third-largest public library in the world, New York Public Library is one of the most famous attractions for bibliophiles and tourists.
  • Madison Square Garden - Catch ice hockey matches, wrestling pros, basketball matches, and concerts at The Garden. Don’t forget to grab a bite at the famous Paulie Gee’s & Mike’s Hot Honey Fried Chicken, during and after a spectacular extravaganza at “The World's Most Famous Arena”.
  • The Museum of Modern Art - Visit this influential museum to catch a glimpse of the greatest works of avant-garde painting, sculpture, film, and multimedia art in the world. MOMA is a must-visit for all art lovers and philosophical thinkers.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral - Behold the grand symbol of the Catholic Church in America. Known as St. Pat’s by the locals, this neo-gothic marble-clad architectural masterpiece is an iconic landmark of Midtown Manhattan with a rich cultural history of the city.
  • Bryant Park - An oasis of green in the heart of Midtown city, Bryant Park organizes events and activities all year long. From an old fashioned carousel for kids to concerts and picnics, spend a leisurely day at the winter wonderland with your loved ones and family. 
  • Top of the Rock - Take in the sweeping views of Manhattan’s midtown and downtown skyscrapers on a sultry summer day. The three levels of a 360-degree view across the Central Park and an unobstructed NYC landscape is sure to leave you spellbound. 
  • Grand Central Terminal - Located at the heart of Midtown, the terminal’s breathtaking architecture and romantic grandeur is one of the most beloved attractions of Midtown. Visit this transportation hub to roam and admire the tenacious humdrum of thousands of passengers every day

Best Restaurants Near Our Midtown Apartments in NYC

Midtown is all about the bling, the variety, and the food! From Michelin-starred restaurants to the most famous soupy Ramen spot in the city, from the most elaborate dining experience to a banana ice cream without a banana, Midtown will treat you with food heaven. We want you to taste most of what the district has to offer, therefore, you will find most of these specialty restaurants right around the corner from your NYC abode. 

Some of the best restaurants near our Midtown apartments in NYC are:

  • Ophelia Lounge NYC - Come here for a surreal experience that has everything from never seen before antiques to fanciest cocktails in town. This rooftop bar should top your list of must-visit places too. 
  • La Grenouille - Taste the remaining of the mid-century Gallic fare in this stunning French restaurant. It has been serving delicious seafood made in the most traditional French way since 1962 which makes it all the more fascinating.
  • Aquavit - A high-end Scandinavian restaurant known for its unbelievable details. If you are okay spending for a premium experience, don't miss the Chef's specialty called Arctic Bird’s Nest.
  • Totto Ramen - Every popular city has to have a popular Ramen stop, this is the one for NYC. In close competition with Hide-Chan using pork bone, Totto serves chicken broth-based iconic soupy ramen which will win your over.
  • Agern - A Michelin-starred gem counted among the pedestals of NYC, Agern is your go-to choice for a high-end brunch which is delicious and yet doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Empellon - What if you ordered a banana and got a goat milk ice cream with a banana flavor in it but without the actual fruit being used? If this is a food experience that excites you, Empellon has got you. 
  • Hutong New York - From jet black dumplings with crispy pork inside to bright pink ones, this is a quiet Hongkong-based restaurant serving a fusion menu in Midtown. A mix of Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and a lot more cuisines.
  • Smith & Wollensky - Did someone say steak? With some of the iconic dishes being served since 1977, this delightful steakhouse is a paradise for meat lovers. Colorado rib steak and prime rib are two of the best options to consider.
  • Gallagher's Steakhouse - Another one of the most popular steakhouses, Gallagher's is regal, vintage, and not for vegans. The dining experience here is a combined impact of the eclectic menu and the antique decor with frames covering the deep red walls. 
  • Tony's Di Napoli - Majestically sitting just 0.2 miles from Times Square, this lavish Italian restaurant is the first choice of every tourist heading to the theatre. It is an excellent choice for late-night meals and hearty portions so head here when you are really hungry. 

Transport Near Our Midtown Apartments in NYC

Since Midtown is preferred by a lot of tourists from around the world for a variety of reasons, we have arranged our apartments in the most central areas of the district. While the reasons range from business to entertainment, shopping to a complete tourist experience in NYC, our Midtown apartments treat you with direct access to either of the handful of the most important bus and subway stations. 

For railroad stations, Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania or Penn Station are the 2 prime ones. The latter is the busiest in the entire Western Hemisphere, which is a huge deal. The MTA buses and the NYC Subway move through multiple routes around Midtown. The Port Authority Bus Terminal can be accessed on the extreme west end of the district at 8th Ave. It also boasts of being the country's largest with an annual passenger count of a whopping 65 million. Unbelievable, isn't it? Such is the extensive and extra efficient transportation network of Midtown.

Some of the common public transport stations near our Midtown apartments in NYC include:

  • Lexington Ave-59th St and 53rd St
  • Grand Central
  • 53rd Street
  • 33rd Street
  • 51 St
  • Grand Central- 42nd St
  • 28th St

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