Midtown High Rise Apartments, New York

Midtown High Rise Apartments, New York

Midtown Manhattan is the famous district of New York city attracting millions of business and leisure travelers every year. It is the largest central business district in the world and is an expensive real estate location by all means. Midtown is also known for being the commercial, entertainment, and media hub of the city. At TheSqua.re, we feel proud to enlist our best-serviced Midtown high rise apartments for discerning guests. We know the needs of our customers and always try to give our best accordingly. Our Midtown high rise apartments are at central locations and come equipped with modern amenities. They offer luxurious stays for solo travelers, couples, and families.

Our Best Serviced Midtown High Rise Apartments

Midtown has a majority of skyscrapers in New York City. With millions of travelers from every corner of the world, Midtown has become the busiest business and tourist hub of the world in a manner of speaking. Our Midtown High Rise apartments serve the desires of every traveler for an experience that feels like home. We provide the best quality services at all times. Our Midtown High Rise Apartments can be accessed easily. These Apartments have almost all the amenities that you could want. We offer a comfortable stay with a separate living area, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It becomes difficult for us to categorize the best ones among them, however.

Here are some of the top picks for you:

Why Choose Our Midtown High Rise Apartments?

We provide a comfortable and luxurious stay in our high rise apartments, along with the availability of all the base amenities that you need in your day to day life. Don't worry about transportation problems as our apartments are centrally located. Besides this, we are at your service 24/7, offering you a home-like stay by all means. 

Our prices are fair and within your budget. At TheSqua.re, we always satisfy our customers with a wide range of exciting possibilities. Our apartments are well decorated and have all modern appliances to boot. These include comfortable beds for relaxing naps, living areas for relaxation and entertainment and fully equipped kitchens for preparing home-like delicacies. Our bathrooms come equipped with premier fittings and fixtures as well. You do not have to worry about any hidden charges as well. 

Facilities Offered in Our Midtown High Rise Apartments

We offer a fully furnished and well-decorated high rise apartment with easy access to modern amenities for a comfortable and luxurious stay. Our Midtown High Rise Apartments have a separate living room where you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows on the flat-screen TV. Our Midtown High Rise Apartments are decked up with the latest entertainment facilities and also have complimentary Wi-Fi service.  We provide you with this internet connectivity so that you can work at ease from your apartment and stay connected with your close people from another part of the world. 

Dining outside whenever you are craving for food is costly and may exceed your budget. To ensure cost savings on food, we provide a well-equipped kitchen with all contemporary equipment. Our apartments may have up to 3 bedrooms, depending on your requirements along with stylish bathrooms. We even provide many other facilities along with it.

In general, we offer facilities like:

  • A minimum stay of 30 days
  • Access to lift services.
  • Central and underfloor heating.
  • Some of them allow pets along with you.
  • You can get an extra bed with additional cost. One bed is sufficient for a maximum of two people.
  • Cots & Crib, Laundry service and Dry cleaning services are available with additional charges.
  • All safety measures are taken by our team to ensure your safe stay here. Be it electrical, fire issues, gas checks, or personal security, our team members are always on their toes to avoid any such eventuality. First aid kits are readily available for your immediate treatment.
  • Energy-saving appliances like CFL lighting.
  • The bathroom is well furnished. It has stylish fittings and modern toiletries.
  • The bedroom has a bedside table, chest of drawers, a wardrobe, and a beautifully stylish bed with extra linens, blankets, and pillows.
  • The kitchen is well-equipped with modern appliances like Microwave, Oven, Pans, Toaster, Dishwasher, coffee, and tea maker. This home-like kitchen has Utensils, Crockery, Cutlery, Knife block, etc.
  • The living room is well furnished too, with a sofa, chair, dining table, and flat-screen television.

With some extra charges, some of our apartments provide additional services like a parking lot, Gym, swimming pool and so on. 

We offer 24/7 services to all our customers. For any inquiry, you can contact our service team.

Where Can You Find Our Midtown High Rise Apartments?

We provide high rise apartments in all the top areas of Midtown. All our apartments are in a central location, where convenient means of transportation are available in the vicinity of major business centers. Our Midtown High Rise apartments have the advantage of proximity to tourist destinations as well. Midtown Manhattan has several districts and our apartments are located across almost every district. The whole of Midtown Manhattan includes the following areas- 

  • Center of Manhattan - This is the area between the fourteenth and eighty-sixth streets
  • Midtown proper - This is the area that lies within the boundary of Manhattan Community District 5 but excludes the overlapping neighborhoods. It lies within 34th Street and 59th Street or 3rd Avenue and 8th Avenue.
  • Manhattan Community District 5 - The area between 14th Street and 59th street, basically lying between Lexington Avenue and Eighth Avenue, is called Community District 5. It lies within Midtown but also is a part of neighboring districts that includes NoMad, Union Square, Flatiron District, some parts of Gramercy Park, and Rose Hill.
  • Plaza District - This is the largest commercial real estate area lying between 42nd and 59th Streets, which are basically between third and seventh Avenues.
  • Midtown West - The area is located within 34th Street and 59th Street or fifth and twelfth avenues.
  • Midtown East - This is the area lying between 42nd Street and 59th Street, which is generally between the Fifth Avenue and the East River.
  • Midtown South - Located between 23rd and 42nd Streets. 
  • Manhattan Core - This is also known as the Central Business District.  This area includes regions slightly north of 86th Street and below 14th Street. It is a major business hub, having most of the educational institutes, business centers and parks. 

Types of Midtown High Rise Apartments

Our Midtown High Rise Apartments have been designed thoughtfully to accommodate solo travelers, couples, and families. The types of apartments available are:

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - These are the luxurious apartments that can accommodate solo travelers as well as couples. A maximum of two people can share a bed.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - These apartments are quite spacious and designed for small families of parents and one or two children.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - These spacious apartments are designed to fit families with grandparents and kids.
  • Studios - These are the most preferred stays for solo business and leisure travelers. They give you a home-like feeling with easy access to all the facilities, thereby ensuring a cozy and comfortable stay. 

There are two main types of accommodations that travelers usually go for when they book serviced apartments. These are below:

  • Corporate Accommodation - Travelers who visit Midtown for business purposes prefer to opt for corporate accommodation. Here we provide complimentary Wi-Fi facilities, a working desk and other facilities so that you can complete your business deals easily and comfortably. With some extra charges, we even have a conference room arranged for business meetings. The apartments are close to places with well-connected transportation networks, relaxation zones, nearby restaurants, pubs, and entertainment centers.
  • Leisure Accommodation - Leisure travelers are generally accompanied by families, but at times there are solo travelers too. At TheSqua.re, we have designed several high rise apartments for their comfortable stays with all the basic facilities. 

Things to Do Near Our Midtown High Rise Apartments

Whether you are a leisure traveler or a business traveler, if you are staying in Midtown, then you must enjoy to your fullest. Our high rise apartments are offered in proximity to important tourist destinations along with having available transportation services to anywhere you want to visit. Midtown is home to several fun places, places to relax, street food carts, classy restaurants, and pubs. The nightlife in Midtown is impressive and mesmerizing.

Places to Visit Near Our Midtown High Rise Apartments

When you are traveling to Midtown you already have a picture of the place in your mind that you came across in movies and television shows. Midtown looks the same and as mesmerizing as you would have thought! Some of the famous places to visit near our Midtown High Rise Apartments are – 

  • Empire State Building - This is the most recognizable skyscraper of New York City that lights up every night, giving a mesmerizing view to citizens. On special occasions, the color of the lighting changes as well. 
  • Grand Central Terminal - One of the historical train stations that were built in 1913 and reconstructed in 1998, this is one grand landmark. The building is illuminated with thousands of lights at night, with its famous Grand Central Oyster Bar, and several classy restaurants and pubs near the terminal.
  • Rockefeller Center - This is popular for the Christmas tree lighting, summertime ice skating, and enjoying the scenic beauty of NYC from the Top of the Observation Deck that is 70 stories high.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral - Decorated with stained glass and ornate marble, this majestic church is one of the largest cathedrals of the country.
  • Times Square - This is the heart of Midtown. Decorated with neon lights, surrounded by giant billboards, and Broadway theaters, this is truly the place to be in Midtown! One can buy theater tickets at a 50% discount from the TKTS Discount Booth. This place has an enormous red staircase. On climbing to the top, one can enjoy the sweeping view of the entire area.
  • Gulliver's Gate – This charming art museum has a collection of incredible miniature models that are unique pieces, collected from different countries of the world.
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not! - A unique museum in Times Square and named after the popular show, this is suitable for families to visit.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - A museum that showcases ancient and modern Himalayan artwork, this one should be right up your itinerary. 
  • National Geographic Encounter - This place is perfect for kids as well as families. Here you get a realistic and animated oceanic experience. 
  • Bryant Park - This private park is mostly visited during Christmas for the tree decorations and also to enjoy ice-skating. 

Restaurants Near Our Midtown High Rise Apartments

While at Midtown, everyone loves to dine at a classy restaurant, since this place has several eateries and Michelin-starred restaurants alike. Our Midtown High Rise Apartments are near some of the best eateries in the country.  Some of them are –

  • Bevy - This is a very popular American restaurant at Park Hyatt, well-known for golden-seared scallops with romesco, deeply flavored rib-eye cap steak, and opulent lobster bisque with wild sturgeon caviar. Desserts are immensely popular too. 
  • Bang Bar - You can enjoy some very popular items for breakfast which are usually sold out very early in the morning. Some of the popular dishes available are the mortadella, American cheese stuffed in griddled flatbread, flatbread with spit-roasted pork, chicken plus vegetarian-friendly chickpea dip and more. For wholesome meals, you can enjoy Korean cuisine from the Momofuku Noodle Bar next door.
  • Becco, Bar American, and Ellen's Stardust Diner - American food awaits in these top restaurants. All the favorites are here on the menu.
  • Burger Joint and Five Napkin Burger - For burgers that are as scrumptious as American’s like them, these are the places to go.
  • Danji - A popular restaurant for Korean food, it certainly deserves a mention. 
  • Benoit and Brasserie Ruhlmann - French restaurants that just have to be visited for their delicate cuisine arrangements.
  • Hutong - Enjoy the ma la chili prawns with garlic and ginger, at this popular northern Chinese restaurant.

Cost of Accommodation in Our Midtown High Rise Apartments

At TheSqua.re, Midtown High Rise Apartments are available at fair prices and well within your budget. The prices for stays change during some seasons of the year. There are no hidden charges levied on guests as well. What you see while booking is what you need to pay. 

Transportation Services Near Our Midtown High Rise Apartments

The transportation network around our Midtown High Rise Apartment is very promising. Bus and rail services offer affordable transportation throughout Midtown. The two major railroad stations are Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Terminal. The bus services throughout Midtown are served by the Port Authority Bus Terminal as well. 

There is also the New York City Subway and MTA Regional Bus Operations.  At a distance of 19 kilometers approximately from lower Manhattan, you will find the John F. Kennedy International Airport. This airport serves domestic US destinations and has international connections with Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, and the Pacific. The other international airport is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Manhattan, towards the southwest. It is a major hub for United Airlines, Fed Ex, and Continental Airlines and is named as the Newark Liberty International Airport. LaGuardia Airport is primarily a domestic airport but also has connections with Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.

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