Midtown Manhattan Apartments, New York

Midtown Manhattan Apartments

Midtown is a cultural hub and offers a quintessential New York City experience. From soaring skyscrapers to bustling squares, this district of Manhattan NYC offers some of the most didactic attractions all year long. To accommodate the tastes and expectations of travelers from around the world, we have curated an elaborate portfolio of Midtown Manhattan apartments. With the convenience to live comfortably, bathe lavishly, cook food just like home, and travel as much as you want to, our centrally located serviced apartments here are luxuriously curated only to exceed your expectations from this trip.

Our Best Midtown Manhattan Apartments

What makes our eclectic portfolio of Midtown Manhattan apartments so worthy of their unmatched reputation is the range of luxury amenities that we offer. Thanks to our thorough experience in the NYC housing industry, we offer you the classiest and highest quality services at the most transparent costs. You will get all the options for customizing your stay with us. From the types of beds to gym memberships, bathtubs to swimming pool access, we offer you the most personalized approach to choose your stay. Such is the complete living experience that keeps you closest to the most happening action of Manhattan which makes us so confident in offering our best abodes for you. 

Some of our top picks from the wide range surrounding our Midtown Manhattan apartments include:  

Why Should You Book Midtown Manhattan Apartments?

Simply put, Midtown is the center of all Manhattan fun. From endless museums and galleries like the Museum of Modern Art, parks including Bryant Park, very hip nightlife clustered closely around Times Square, shopping, and artsy theatre doze at the Broadway, Midtown Manhattan is the ultimate place you have to checkout at all costs. To enjoy the finest taste of quintessential NYC vibe and features, there cannot be a better place. 

The good thing about our serviced apartments adorning the streets and posh buildings of the area is that most of this fun can be spotted and closely experienced in less than 20 minutes from your central abode. That is the kind of precision you will enjoy with our elaborate modern abodes. Not to forget, the interiors of the apartments are nothing less than an upscale hotel. The only difference is that we make it personalized and homely for you with our extra touches like that of a full-fledged kitchen and a home-like balcony to feel comforted like a local. 

Facilities in Our Midtown Manhattan Apartments in NYC

Holidays in New York City must not be only about shopping or hopping from one attraction to the other because frankly, the pressure of squeezing the endless attractions to see here in a limited itinerary is real and daunting. Our facilities inside our exquisite accommodations insist on keeping some time for yourself. While our concierge team is always a call away to book you the best deals on a private show or a romantic posh dinner, our in-house amenities like jacuzzis and bathtubs let you soothe your sore muscles on weekends. Why just weekends, every evening will demand a hot water salt soak after a hectic day of walking around the city. With little things to pay attention to, we are delighted to know what more would you want us to add and make your trip a truly memorable one. 

The eclectic list of amenities that make our Midtown Manhattan apartments stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony

Corporate Accommodation in Midtown Manhattan

With the largest of corporate houses sitting majestically in Midtown, 6th Avenue is home to 3 out of the 4 prime television network houses of the entire country, Manhattan enjoys a celebratory position in the corporate game of NYC. Our accommodations have been designed in a way to suit all the needs and preferences that you might have in such a massive city. With an office space of 400 million sq. ft. and endless corporate HQs resting here, Midtown is well-deserving of being called the world's largest central district for business. From proximity to company HQs like Ernst & Young, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and so many more, our corporate accommodations, with additional proximity to restaurants and attractions, make it an entire package to make your business trip a big hit!

Midtown Manhattan Apartments for Families

We believe that all families deserve separate personalized attention on their vacations because holidays are a very private affair. Each member of the family comes with a different set of expectations from their holiday and our Midtown Manhattan apartments have been designed in a way that they can cater to all those needs alike. From privacy in the bedroom to bathing for as long as you like, to watching your favorite TV shows, stealing some private time on the couch while kids are asleep in the bedroom to eating like a closely-knit family on the full-fledged dining table in the living room. Such is the wholesome family experience that our eclectic catalog of Midtown Manhattan apartments offers all year long. 

Best NYC Attractions Near Our Midtown Manhattan Apartments

While certain parts of the city get shoved under the rug, the best attractions of Midtown draw palpable eye-balls and attention. Unsurprisingly, being a tourist can get incredibly daunting due to the plethora of options. Our diverse portfolio of the best attractions of Midtown around our abodes serves as a unique concoction of cultural, historical, and architectural importance. Whether it’s an intimate visit to a museum or a chill evening at a jazz club, our Midtown Manhattan apartments give you access to all. 

Some of the most historic attractions near our Midtown Manhattan apartments include:

  • Grand Central Terminal - Located at the heart of Midtown, the terminal’s breathtaking architecture and romantic grandeur are two of the most beloved attractions of Midtown. Visit this transportation hub to roam and admire the tenacious humdrum of thousands of passengers every day. 
  • Broadway - Explore the heart of America’s commercial theatrical industry and NYC’s oldest home of artsy theatre. Stroll through Columbus Avenue – home to performing arts landmarks like Juilliard School and Lincoln Centre. Grab a peep into the park-like intersections of Northern Manhattan and the Bronx.
  • Fifth Avenue - Indulge in a shopping spree at one of the most elegant streets in the world. Nicknamed as a “Millionaire’s Row”, Fifth Avenue is home to the world's most expensive retail spaces like Armani, Apple, Cartier with the shopping areas running from Washington Square to the Flatiron building. 
  • Central Park – Set amidst this bustling metropolis of architecture and lavish hotels, Central Park is a comfortable spot to read, relax, and have an impromptu picnic on the grass. Indulge in the Halal Guys’ world-famous gyro platter across the street or catch a Broadway show just a few blocks south.
  • Roosevelt Island Tram - Enjoy this 4-minute aerial ride that spans across the East River to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Offering a stunning view of the spacious parks and historic landmarks, the Roosevelt Island Tram was praised as "the most exciting view in New York City!" by the New York Times.
  • United Nations Headquarters - Witness the 505-foot tall UN Secretariat Building that stands on the international grounds of Midtown Manhattan. Take an hour-long guided tour and explore the restaurants, crafts shops, and donated artworks by member countries, apart from the beautiful rose gardens that overlook the East River. 
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum - Get up-close and personal with more than 220 life-like wax figures of celebrities and icons. Experience their 3D & 4D feature films with digital surround sound and immerse yourself into the real essence of NYC and midtown. 
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not - Venture through Ripley’s themed galleries that engrosses you with incredible art, animal oddities, pop-culture memorabilia, interactive games, and unusual artifacts. Don’t forget to visit Ripley’s Aquariums, Ripley’s Moving Theaters, Ripley’s Mirror Mazes, and more for the perfect family entertainment day!
  • Hell’s Kitchen -Take a day off at the neighborhood in Hell's Kitchen that sprawls across Eighth Avenue to the east and the Hudson River to the west. Gorge on the small but diverse economical restaurants, delicatessens, bodegas, bars, and participate in their illustrious nightlife.
  • Birdland Jazz Club - Known as the "The Jazz Corner of the World", Birdland is NYC’s finest modern virtuoso nightclub. This historic institution also features a full bar & restaurant where one can enjoy an intimate dinner with sensational music. 
  • Macy’s Herald Square - Experience the original wooden escalators in this 2.2 million square feet iconic building. Explore the shopaholic's 11 storied havens with designer labels and brands. Don’t forget to carry your passport to get an additional 10% discount card for foreign visitors.

Best Restaurants Near Our Midtown Manhattan Apartments

From breakfasts to brunches, elaborate evening snacks to heavy late lunches, a quick on-the-go bite to a lavish Michelin-starred meal, our accommodations in Midtown Manhattan allow you to try them all. While most are open at a walking distance, some will need a quick bicycle or a cab ride; we have tried our level best to cover most parts of this huge Manhattan district. In times of emergency, just make a quick skim across the street and we are sure you would find something worthwhile to treat your taste buds with. Don't forget to look for the hidden gems in the nooks and corners. 

Some of the must-try restaurants right around our Midtown Manhattan apartments include: 

  • Patsy's Italian Restaurant - This specialty restaurant serves food from all parts of traditional Italy and brings its flavors straight to your table. Its popularity is unmatched. With a varied menu and cozy vibe, this is the perfect place for the first meal in Midtown.
  • Le Jardinier - It is one of the most celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants known for its elaborate vegan menu and luxe outlook. Quite particular about what they serve, from gluten-free loaves of bread to cashew ice creams, they have earned every bit of it.
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant - Taste the subterranean flavors under the magnificent tiled arch of this gorgeous restaurant. While the Oyster Pan Roast must not be missed, it is the award-winning design of the interiors that will sweep you off the floor.
  • Empellon - What if you ordered a banana and got a goat milk ice cream with a banana flavor in it but without the actual fruit being used? If this is a food experience that excites you, Empellon has got you. 
  • Sakagura - Head here for authentic Japanese small plates. Their cold appetizers are a hit but they also serve grilled and combination dishes along the way. It has stood since 1996.
  • Hutong New York - This Hongkong-based restaurant serves pork dumplings in jet black color, yes you heard that right. A mix of Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and a lot more cuisines can be enjoyed in this fusion restaurant.
  • Best Bagel and Coffee - This vegan-friendly American restaurant brims with coffee and classic baked goods. With gluten-free options readily available, this is a great spot for brunches and breakfasts. 
  • The Modern - Soak in the garden views of the MoMA from this effortless museum restaurant serving delicious small plate meals. The cuisine ranges from New American to French majorly.
  • Totto Ramen - Known for their classic soupy chicken Ramen, Totto is the go-to restaurant for all your ramen cravings. It is a healthy, hearty, on-the-go meal for mid-day brunches. 
  • Loi Estiatorio - Located at walking distance from MoMA, this is a top-ranking seafood restaurant serving delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in the most authentic style. It is ideal for business meetings and romantic dinners. 

Transportation Around Our Midtown Manhattan Apartments

Thanks to the central position that Midtown enjoys in Manhattan and the rest of the city, most places across NYC can be seamlessly accessed from here. Most of our apartments either share proximity to either of the 2 prime stations here, namely Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal Station. While the MTA buses running extensively through the city can be easily accessed a few steps from your doorstep, the Subway stations are a hop away as well. Talking of travel within the area, it is beneficial to note that a free shuttle called the 42nd St Shuttle connects Midtown to Times Square. This will help you save that hopping because Times Square is the life of Manhattan, and without a doubt, our apartments will keep you just around it. 

Some of the common public transport stations near our Midtown Manhattan apartments include:

  • 50th Street (A, C, E Line)
  • 50th Street
  • 8th Avenue
  • 49 Street (N, WR Line)   
  • West 50 Street Midtown
  • Wall Street
  • 3rd Avenue Gramercy Park
  • 86th West Street
  • East 92nd Street Upper East Side
  • East Houston Street East Village
  • West 48th Street
  • East 40th Street Apartment
  • Sixth Avenue
  • East 57th Street
  • West 15th Street

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