New York Accommodation in Central Park

New York Accommodation in Central Park

Central Park sure needs no introduction because of the huge global popularity that it enjoys. However, it takes an expert experience in the area to do justice to its legacy. Our exquisite range of New York accommodation in Central Park assures just that. With the fine quality of living, prime locations, proximity to the best attractions of Manhattan as our top priorities, our team has come up with the best possible living experience for all our travelers. While lots of food and sightseeing experiences await you in Central Park, it is its combination with our unmatched quality and service standards that will make you fall for NYC.  

About Central Park

Officially completed in the year 1876, Central Park is one of the largest public parks in not only Manhattan but the entire city of New York. Apart from being an achievement in its time, the park is a whole other world of its own. From gentle slopes to grassy stretches, steep mini hills to rocky lands, its terrain is as diverse as it can be. With an iconic zoo, a massive reservoir, smaller lakes, restaurants, open theaters, fountains, and whatnot, one can never get enough of this NYC attraction. Don't forget to spot some of the world-known sculptures sitting in various parts of the park. 

Some fascinating facts about this Manhattan gem that just cannot be missed are:

  • The popular urban park ranks 5th largest one in NYC which makes it quite a popular tourist attraction.
  • So much so that the annual visitor count has been consistently around a whopping 42 million every year from 2016 to 2019. 
  • It boasts of being the first-ever park in the country that is landscaped. 
  • While it can be spotted in several renowned movies like Manhattan, it has been extremely popular as the most filmed location on a global scale. 
  • With a massive size of 843 acres, the huge park is even bigger than the entire country of Monaco.

Our Best New York Accommodation in Central Park

TheSqua.re team has managed to curate some of the most dreamy accommodations in Manhattan’s heart. With restaurants lined across the street, each of our serviced apartments let the traveler enjoy the hidden gems and food like a local. While one can easily hop on a Subway from the doorstep, the lavish interiors, locations, and comforts of the urban pads will constantly hold you back. After all, a vacation demands some lazy afternoons in the coziest setting of your home away from home.

With a fully-functional kitchen, dining table set, living room, TV, couch, and the comfiest private bedroom among so many other facilities, each of our state-of-the-art abode does complete justice to the potential of Central Park and Manhattan at large. 

Right below are some of our most elite accommodations in and around Central Park:

Types of Apartments Available Near Central Park

One of the most irresistible features of Manhattan is how welcoming it is for all budgets. One can go as extreme on the scale of luxuries as one fancies. From a tucked-in studio apartment with a cozy ambiance amid the hidden street gems to a lavish high rise apartment with a direct view of the iconic park right on the front, Central Park with TheSqua.re facilitates them all. 

You can pick from some of the apartment types below which can be spotted in the finest neighborhoods of Manhattan brushing with Central Park: 

  • Studio Apartments - These are compact, accessible, and available in all budget scales.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - These are affordable serviced apartment types ideal for a private stay with a partner. 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - These are convenient options to stay with a nuclear family or on a sharing basis for academic or work purposes. 
  • 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments - These are the most spacious apartments which are ideal for large groups of friends and family.
  • High-Rise Apartments: These are luxurious, high-end, irresistible, and can be spotted in some of the poshest areas of Manhattan.

Why Should You Book Our New York Accommodation in Central Park?

There is no better way of getting the finest taste of Manhattan than staying in the heart of Central Park. With a whopping 843 acres of green land brimming with a variety of experiences, it is the best landmark to stay around in NYC. Our exquisite range of serviced apartments curated here not only ensures proximity to restaurants and departmental stores but also offers utmost comfort right from your living room. While you have everything at your disposal inside, you can always enjoy some wine in the evening with a view of one of the largest parks in the country. Sighting a cherry blossom from a corner would be marvelous, wouldn't it? 

Facilities in Our New York Accommodation in Central Park

Central Park is one of the most loved neighborhoods of Manhattan borough. While the area and the surrounding neighborhoods have a plethora of activities to offer, our team has used all its strengths to curate the best in-house experience for you. Travelers can expect everything from the comforts of fluffy beds in chosen sizes, a hygienic kitchen to ditch the unhealthy order-ins, flat-screen TV with Wi-Fi, and speakers to little comforts like in-suite washer and even microwaves. From the living room to the master bedroom, kitchen to bathrooms, each of our facilities is carefully chosen for you.

The eclectic list of amenities that make our New York accommodation in Central Park stand out include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Oven and microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony with a view

Corporate Accommodation in Central Park 

We have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in decoding the needs of our corporate travelers. Only after cracking it impressively well, we have managed to bring to you a whole range of irresistible features. Whether it is social networking with your clients or partying your heart out after office without going too far away from your apartment, the variety and distances have been our two prime targets. Talking of the inside comforts, the top-notch kitchen appliances let you focus all your energy on your work while the microwave, dishwasher, and oven take away the cooking and cleaning hassles.

Everything from a warm bath in the tub to Netflix and chill, last-minute Zoom meetings to a lazy nap on the couch, your vacation amidst work is guaranteed!

New York Accommodation in Central Park for Families

It is no secret that the Central Park region has endless unique experiences to enjoy with family. From green parks to ice rinks, the fountain to the mini castle, zoo to fishing programs, there is so much to enjoy for families. The role that our abodes play here is that their locations help you waste no time in traveling. Apart from saving the travel hassle with little fireballs hopping around, it is the in-house comfort that steals the show. While parents can rely on our hygienic kitchens for the tiny tummies tagging along, the balconies with a view of the park allow the couple to steal a romantic evening for themselves. 

Expect enough space in your chosen abode for kids to enjoy their playtime and still give you some privacy. Such is the complete holiday picture that our team strives to provide.

Best Attractions Near Our New York Accommodation in Central Park

Central Park enjoys all the combined advantages of the most authentic New York vibe and the most happening Manhattan vibe. With Times Square, ice rinks, Broadway, and some of the finest museums across the globe just a hop away, this is the best location you could choose in NYC. Our elite abodes grant you the easiest and the shortest possible access to all these attractions. Whether you are traveling with kids or enjoying your stay with your beloved partner or even with a large group of friends, our strategic locations have something for all. 

Some of the most popular attractions near our New York accommodation in Central Park include:

  • Delacorte Theater - This open-air theater carries a tradition of hosting Shakespeare in the park plays every summer. The gorgeous sets, the passionate actors, and the whole vibe makes it quite a notable attraction. It's free!
  • American Museum of Natural History - Expect a plethora of experiences ranging from a laser light show, a recreated rainforest to the Hayden Planetarium, and the Butterfly Conservatory in this elaborate museum. A fantastic attraction for kids and science lovers. 
  • Bow Bridge - This majestic 60-feet bridge is built of cast-iron, dating back to the 19th-century. The Greek design of the bridge makes it equally fascinating and aesthetic even today. The water reflections from up there are breathtaking. 
  • Bethesda Fountain - Historically known as the Angel of the Waters, this neoclassical fountain will win your heart with its grandeur. With a height of 26 feet, this will be a gorgeous addition to your bucket list. 
  • Central Park Zoo - From California sea lions to Asian animals to Polar Circles, this popular zoo is full of experiences. From animal enthusiasts to kids’ day out, this is a wonderful attraction brushing Central Park.
  • The Charles A. Dana Discovery Center - What if your kids could pick a skill during your stay with us near Central Park? This historic center offers environmental programs for kids all year long. Their Fishing Program is quite appreciated globally. 
  • Belvedere Castle - With a memorable view of the huge park, this popular 1865 miniature of a castle is quite fascinating even in its renovated outlook. The direct view of in-house attractions like the Turtle Pond and Delacorte Theater is quite loved by tourists.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art - 3 miles from Central Park, this iconic museum is all about multiple stages of art, a great in-house cafe, an artsy vibe, and a lot of knowledge to take back with you. Travelers with all tastes enjoy their experience here. 
  • Wollman Rink - Learn to skate at what is called the country's largest skating program. The rink is flooded with first-timers, kids of all ages, and groups of friends and families. It isn't very fancy but it is the vibe that counts. 
  • Times Square - Located just 2 miles from Central Park, one simply cannot miss it while living in the area. Go for a Broadway show or shop your heart out, just stroll around and immerse in the NYC vibe. 

Best Restaurants Near Our New York Accommodation in Central Park

Based on first-hand travel experiences and the ones collected during our research, food sure beats all priorities on most travel lists. There was no way we could let you stay in NYC without getting the diverse taste of the Central Park area. Expect anything and everything from hardcore American cuisine to German tastes, authentic French menus to a mix of them all. A romantic dinner with your beau in the most aesthetic setting or a quick burger that doesn't cost a dime, our exclusive accommodations here are close to all your potential needs. 

Some of the most popular restaurants near our New York accommodation in Central Park include:

  • Tavern on the Green - This is one of the most charming restaurants within Central Park. With its endless yellow lamps hanging on the outside and seasonal menu, this gem from 1870 is also a makeshift live beer garden in summers. 
  • Loeb Boathouse - Enjoy a memorable meal at the edge of the lake in the iconic Central Park. Enjoy hot coffee or an elaborate romantic dinner with a view of calm shining waters. 
  • Cafe Sabarsky - Located just half a kilometer from Central Park, this elegant cafe serves the finest German delicacies. The delicious range of desserts available here makes it even more impressive. 
  • Bemelmans Bar - An exquisite local favorite when it comes to elaborate cocktail menus and excellent taste. This music bar cum restaurant enjoys a vintage yet upbeat vibe and a lot of history.
  • Asiate - If something very elegant and expensive is what you are looking at, this is your best shot. Immersed yourself in the view of Central Park and its marvelous skyline while you enjoy an incredible meal here. Their wine selection is unparalleled. 
  • Shake Shack - Central Park Area is great for all tastes and budgets. Your NYC trip cannot complete without tasting a burger from this famous franchise. Don't miss their custard shakes too. 
  • Osteria Cotta - A cozy restaurant ideal for pizzas and small plates. The rustic setting is quite appealing while Italian cuisine counts as one of the top favorites of locals and travelers alike. 
  • Cafe Boulud - This Upper East Side restaurant is aesthetic, cutely decorated, vegan-friendly, and French at heart in its authentic taste and eclectic menu. 
  • Robert Restaurant - This popular restaurant is known for its special Sunday brunches and jazz weekends. Its poppy taste in furniture upholstery is quite impressive as well. 
  • The Milling Room - Pick this restaurant for a romantic dining experience in a pleasantly aesthetic setting. A mix of American and Italian cuisines can be enjoyed here. 

Transportation Near Our New York Accommodation in Central Park

Central Park enjoys a very extensive transport connection across the Subway, bus routes, and roadways. Apart from quite a few buses and Subways available at a short distance from our abodes and the Central Park itself, there are 4 transverse roadways at work as well. The roadways are accessible only after the park closes but they connect the carriage and bicycle traffic from Midtown to different attractions and neighborhoods of Manhattan. 

Below are some of the buses and routes which brush across Central Park and share proximity from our New York accommodation in Central Park:

  • M2, M3, M4 (Central Park North)
  • M5 & M7 (Central Park South)
  • M10 (Central Park West)
  • M66, M72, M96 & M106
  • M86 & M79 SBS

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations near our New York accommodation in Central Park include:

  • 96th St
  • Wall St
  • 50th Street (A, C, E Line)
  • 2nd Avenue
  • 42 St
  • 14th St-8th Avenue
  • 33rd St
  • Lexington Av-59 St

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