Manhattan Accommodation

Manhattan Accommodation

Manhattan is the top borough of New York City. It has all of the great sights and attractions, as well as the most luxurious, trendy and scrumptious restaurants. When people think of New York, what they’re really thinking of is Manhattan. Its clogged streets, vibrant sounds, eons of culture and food carts are what give it its much-deserved character. And when travelers of business and leisure want to experience this jewel of a destination, they choose our Manhattan accommodation, fully equipped spaces that have their needs and requirements all sorted before they enter.

Our Best Manhattan Accommodation

When it comes to our award-winning furnished apartment portfolio, we have thousands to choose from that can create the perfect stay for business and leisure travelers. However, even we have top-tier options that go above the usual standards and tick all the usual boxes that standard accommodation does not. The apartments that hit the stratosphere in design, layout, amenities, location, proximity from vital services and extra facilities. 

Our best serviced accommodation in Manhattan can be found below:

Facilities in Our Manhattan Accommodation

Short and long term stays in Manhattan are made all the better when accommodation comes with everything that a traveler needs. There’s nothing worse for a guest to arrive and find that they are left wanting in particular areas. Within our apartments, guests will find a fully equipped kitchen, cozy living areas, sublime sleeping quarters and all the utilities that make comfort and convenience possible in Manhattan. They can make their own healthy meals, curl up on the sofa, read in bed, watch trashy TV and all the other things they do in their own apartment. With access to free Wi-Fi, they can connect to friends and family, or even the office when they want to work from home. Even more, they can have access to a variety of additional amenities like a gym, sauna, spa and business center if the building has access to such utilities. All this and more adds up to all guests having the best stay in New York.

Types of Manhattan Accommodation

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to serviced accommodation in Manhattan. Some bookings are for one person, others can be for small or large groups. We recognize that modern travel comes in all shapes and sizes which is why our award-winning portfolio has a variety of apartments to choose from that will make any corporate or leisure trip complete.

Below are the forms of accommodation in Manhattan that can be booked:

  • Studios - These compact apartments have everything in one layout and make the whole living experience simple with everything in easy reach. Perfect for couples and solo travelers.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - When studios don’t quite offer the space, these are the next one up. With everything having its own place, and more space guaranteed, these are the ideal romantic getaway spaces and corporate hideaways.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families and project teams will find these types of apartments to be perfect for their stay in Manhattan with all the amenities and space that they require for short and long term trips.

Where Can You Find Our Manhattan Accommodation?

Every neighborhood in Manhattan has its own characteristics and vibe that makes it unique to specific travelers. From the hip and trendy spots to the corporate districts, artsy areas, affluent neighborhoods and other assorted spots, Manhattan has it all so everyone can have the kind of environment they can call home and that suits their disposition happily. 

The following neighborhoods are where our guests can book Manhattan accommodation:

  • Upper East Side - The poshest part of NYC, this is where the wealthiest of locals set up camp. Travelers that want a first-class and luxurious stay should book accommodation in this neighborhood. It also has easy access to The Met and Central Park.
  • Financial District - A corporate traveler’s perfect destination, there are apartments close to Wall Street and all the other big corporations that bring business to the top of the menu. Then there are the luxurious restaurants that serve the finest of delicacies that go easily alongside the top-rated serviced apartments in the area. 
  • Chelsea - A trendy neighborhood in the heart of the city, this is where the young professionals set up shop. This is great for those that are coming to the city for leisure. Also, the Empire State Building is close by too.
  • Midtown - Where Times Square sits waiting for attention, Midtown is always crammed to the top with tourists and travelers looking for the very best of the city to add to their photo albums or social media feeds. 
  • Upper West Side - Another one of the most affluent parts of NYC, posh restaurants and tall high rise buildings are where some of the richest New Yorkers and Americans spend their time. For fancy trips, this is where guests need to book.
  • West Village - For artsy travelers, the hipster eateries and the galleries make up this cool neighborhood. Worthwhile for young adults and those that simply feel young at heart, the night scene is vibrant and alluring.
  • Lower East Side - With great views of the river and a whole other lot of landmarks and essential places to visit, corporate and leisure travelers can feel equally at home here no matter how long they book for.
  • Kips Bay - The Flatiron Building and Union Square Park don’t sit too far away from this characteristic neighborhood. Stunning views and easy access to the rest of Manhattan make it popular for everyone.
  • Washington Heights - Sitting at the northernmost part of Manhattan, guests stay here for quick access to New Jersey and other areas that sit outside Manhattan. Plus, its wide array of restaurants make it even more popular.

Attractions Near Our Manhattan Accommodation

Everyone knows the key attractions of New York; they’ve been plastered on travel guides and have dominated the silver screen for decades. And while these are certainly the top landmarks in the city, nevertheless there are others that deserve a bit more attention too. With our serviced apartments being centrally located across the city, our guests can see all the landmarks with ease and not be too far from where all the action is. They can see the most alluring of attractions, as well as the hidden secrets or ones that desire more exposure.

These are just some of the attractions near our Manhattan apartments:

  • Statue of Liberty - The most sought-after attraction in New York, a trip is not complete without paying a visit to this great monument of liberty. Taking the perfect is easier than what most people would think. And the gift shop sells its own smaller monuments of liberty.
  • 9/11 Museum and Memorial - A more somber attraction, the memorial is a place for reflection, while the museum is for understanding the horrific events and the brave people that sacrificed their lives in one of modern history’s most devastating attacks.
  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum - Across the river from the Statue of Liberty, the immigration system of the US is put under the microscope to powerful effects. Stories of triumphs, sadness and the unspeakable fill the exhibition rooms. It may not top the travel guide lists but it should, given its power to leave visitors in awe.
  • Empire State Building - One of the tallest buildings in the world, the structure can always be seen on the bug screen and was actually cemented in 1933 thanks to King Kong. With incredible views of the city, this is a top spot for the camera to do its work.
  • Central Park - One of the great green spaces in the city, it is simply huge and can take many hours to walk through and see properly. Plus, the New York Zoo can be found amongst the green land.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - Full of the greatest artworks that the US archives have, this is a rare but essential treat for all art lovers who want to see the very best from across the world. While the crowds are persistent, the collection is one that’s worth braving them for.
  • American Museum of Natural History - From the beginnings of time, to the natural world and depths of outer space, this museum has it all to keep every guest, no matter how old, entertained as they wander through the esteemed exhibitions and enjoy the magnificent items, bones and more.
  • Times Square - The most vibrant spot in the whole of New York, this is where the loud noises of cars and people come crashing together to create something that’s almost deafening. More than worth a pic for social media feeds.
  • Flatiron Building - The architectural grandiose building may not be like that of the Empire State Building, but it does have its attractors and those that hold it as one of the top buildings in the city. 
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - With an aircraft carrier, submarine, space shuttle and spy planes making up the attraction, it’s fair to say that all who venture here will be left more than impressed by what it offers.
  • Chrysler Building - Once the arch-rival of the Empire State Building, this now takes its new reputation well and still adorns the gift shops and architectural landscape of the city. Visitors are only allowed to enjoy the view from the outside.
  • Broadway Theater District - Musicals, dramas, comedies; all of these can be found amongst the streets. So many hits are performed here every year that it’s not hard to see why so many people come here for the old fashioned way of entertainment.

Restaurants Near Our Manhattan Accommodation

New York is more than renowned for its worldly cuisine. And Manhattan is where it’s all. With luxury restaurants and hipster establishments, it is difficult to list them all but there are a few rare ones that have been singled out to show off its divine taste palette. As eating out is part of all travel experiences, our serviced apartments are near to some of the top dining establishments in the city. No more will guests need to crowd onto subways for extended periods of time before they tuck into their grub.

Some of the top restaurants that are near our serviced apartments in Manhattan include the following:

  • Atla - Serving Mexican food, in a hip environment on Lafayette Street, this is one for the taste buds to enjoy.
  • Atomix - A fine-dining Korean restaurant, the menu is very diverse and is suitable for beginners and regulars of the cuisine. 
  • Via Carota - Serving soulful Italian plates, those that love a slice of the Italian peninsula have come to the right place.
  • Superiority Burger - Veggie burgers are the top cuisine of this place, serving everyone’s favorite meal with an extra splash of healthiness.  
  • ABCV - One of many healthy food eateries in the city, this is for those that want scrumptious food without the grease and excessive salts that define American food.
  • Upland - A glossy tribute to chef Justin Smillie’s hometown, it serves many kinds of foods including pear-and-arugula pizza and crispy, yuzukosho duck wings.

Corporate Manhattan Accommodation

The world of business is ever-changing. But what never changes is our commitment to providing the very best corporate accommodation in Manhattan. Every business traveler that wants to have easy access to their office, as well as the rest of the attractions, pick our apartments for their central locations. Inside each one of our apartments is an interior that they can call home. Plus, the Wi-Fi connection and cozy surroundings mean that they can work from home when they don’t want to head into the office. With apartments situated in Wall Street, as well as other areas that are popular with corporate hotshots, the modern business trip to NYC is given a handsome upgrade thanks to our award-winning portfolio.

Manhattan Accommodation for Leisure Travelers

NYC is a popular spot for those looking for culture, wild nights and a place to relax. Our collection of serviced apartments makes it all happen. Guests of leisure can have an apartment that has everything they need to wind down after a long day of exploration and is in a top location so they can see the very best of the city without straying too far from their apartment. Lush interiors, essential amenities and more make them the popular living spaces that they are.

Transport Near Our Manhattan Accommodation

The New York Subway is a feat of engineering and gets the city’s residents and tourists around with ease. While the rush hour is notorious, nevertheless, the subway stands tall and gets the manic public home in no time at all. Getting from A to B through doesn’t have to be a nightmare. That’s why our serviced apartments are located near key stations in the city so all guests can get to where they need to go with ease and no hassle. Arriving at the office on time, and reaching the theaters before the plays start, has never been simpler.

The following subway and train stations are the ones that are closest to our Manhattan accommodation:

  • Lexington Av-63 Street Subway Station
  • 72 Street Subway Station
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 28 Street
  • Times Sq-42 St
  • Pennsylvania Station
  • Prince St Station
  • 50 Street Subway Station
  • 23 Street
  • 14 Street Station
  • 77 Street Station
  • 96 Street Station

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